Dan Hill - Never Thought (That I Could Love) Lyrics

Can I touch you?
I can't believe that you are real
How did I ever find you?
You are the dream that saved my life
You are the reason I survived

I never thought that I could love
Someone as much as I love you
I know it's crazy but it's true
I never thought that I could need
Someone as much as I need you
I Love You...

Can I hold you?
Girl your smile lights up the sky
You are too beautiful for the human eye
You are the dream that never dies
You are the fire that burns inside

I never thought that I could love
Someone as much as I love you
I know it's crazy but it's true
I never thought that I could need
Someone as much as I need you
I Love You...

You are the sunshine in the sky
You are the sparkle in my eyes

I never thought that I could love
Someone as much as I love you
I know it's crazy but it's true
I know it's true
I never thought that I could need
Someone as much as I need you

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Dan Hill Never Thought (That I Could Love) Comments
  1. Akihiro Ishitani

    December 2019??

  2. Kat B

    For my darling Keith.

  3. Ybasan Allan

    Para sa pinangga nako nga wife alon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH bisan sa akung mga kasalanan nimo imo ra gihapon ko gi pasaylo tnx!!!

  4. Merve Erginoglu

    Love song

  5. Hanbin Kim

    December, 19. 2019 Anyone?

    Josefina Domingo

    Dec 21,2019✋

    Al Benenoso

    Dec 24 2019

  6. Elena Serrano

    Baby I need u too

  7. sheila angeles

    still listening this song

  8. mard Tercio

    80s,90s lovesongs is looking back my past....and touch my heart......

  9. Tricia Moller

    My wedding song in 1994 🥰

    God saves

    Sorry for the loss. My prayers and the comfort of God be with you.
    Be strong dear Marlyn. Kindly, listen to this Ethiopian Orthodox song, it will wipe out your sadness.

  10. Jonathan Lumanog

    So much more romantic and in love song that 80's and 90's made us,... over today's garbage songs,..

  11. Jello Escabas

    I love you charmine lopez villaruel

  12. Hana Sione


  13. Joy tolentin

    Since i found u ...my life is meaningful ..i love u jelemar

  14. VladVentures

    grabee naman po to heheh daming subs heheh

  15. Raquel Arquiza

    I hate you Sandy! 💔💔💔💔😓😢😱😨😭😰😥

  16. Anthony Johnson

    first met back in 1991 mcdonough equipment

  17. Roxanne Higa

    Broken. Msuic.

  18. Roxanne Higa

    Broken. Ring. Roxanne

  19. Roxanne Higa

    Real. Ring. Real.

  20. BxGirl Blazin'

    I’m in love with JF. I told him.

    Him. “I had no idea and I’m flattered. I’m sorry. I don’t feel the same way. I don’t want to hurt you.”

    Me. Smiles with a crushed heart.

  21. Jhon Payumo

    I Love You Sweety!!!!

  22. Alys Riego

    Obey Him brought me here💖

  23. Jacqueline T

    My wedding song from 1997.

  24. Vivian Maria

    This beautiful song Makes me think about my love Lee💑

  25. Honeybeb Lifestyle

    Its look good song music u choose I love to hear it before to sleep.

  26. Joseph Skuse

    From his 1987 album “Dan Hill (1987)”.

  27. Margie Lopena

    I like this song😍😍😍

  28. Rosebie Gabriel

    heart touching💗

  29. Windows Vista SP1

    Hot n so romantic voice he has.

  30. Linda Gangoso

    I love you too sseetheart and i need you more than you know cause you don't know my feelings because you dont believe that i love you too

  31. Cocumber Amber

    Nice love song

  32. Mike and yvonne Babygirl

    When you have a misunderstanding that the person who loves you very much hurts you love forgive and move on

  33. Evelyn Acervida

    I love you melfon!

  34. Betsy Abarquez

    i never thought that i could love the wrong person in the wronv time and wrong place💔

  35. Stacy Steele

    Looking at the ring and I'm thinking, why do women opt for massive diamonds when they can simply get a heartfelt message into a gold band. Literally wearing your heart on your sleeve.

  36. Alisa Annunziato

    Most beautiful song in all the world

  37. Rosarosal Mercadero

    I love old songs...

  38. Yuli Ervita

    Love it..

  39. Diana Hartley

    Stephen Jones my one and only true love 😘😍😢

  40. Shiela mae Ko

    Hello can you go to my chanel

  41. Shiela mae Ko

    I really like this song you made me cry now

  42. Shena Ilustrisimo

    Prem pandey songs that reminds me a lot of you...missing u a lot

  43. elle jay

    Wedding song of yours truly

  44. Carlos Vargas

    Hermosa hermosa cancion

  45. Mabeth Lacida

    2019 and i am still listening

  46. Matias

    Ysatis, gracias por existir. I love you My Queen ❤️

  47. Kiera Jen & Kaelynn

    i love this song

  48. bvwalker1

    At 2:55 the lyrics are incorrect.

  49. Rodelia karlsson

    I love these songs much.

  50. JohnDeereCat98

    ATTENTION ALL ADULT CONTEMPORARY STATIONS OUT THERE: This is the type of music we should be hearing on the radio, not Hip Hop and Rock. I miss the days when I could turn my radio to an AC station and hear music like Faith Hill, Celine Dion, The Eagles, Dan Hill, and Aaron Neville. Now listening to AC radio is about the same as listening to top 40.

  51. Xeis Cenco

    I like this song. I'd rather prefer to listen to old songs like this rather than listening to songs that contains lyrics full of profanities.

  52. Gerlie Endaya

    i love this song..

  53. Teresa Paradise

    Dreams come true...........

  54. Ynnah Lakwatsera


  55. Jonah Galino

    I love you Valiente Mojica 😓😘😘😘

  56. Judy Ranas

    November 18 2019 ,anyone?

    Jacqueline T

    Judy Ranas December 2019. My wedding song from 1997.

  57. Alice Gofron

    Is this song meant to be related to Lord of the rings

  58. I am Loraine

    listening this song today November eighteen.

  59. Gian Tan Kanakan

    Lagi mong tandaan babyko Mahal n Mahal kita mula noon hanggang ngaun....mgkahiwalay man taung dalawa hinding Hindi mabubura Ang mga alaala mo....sana maging masaya ka s buhay na iyong pinili....."precy 21"

  60. Bengie Palalon

    Paborito kung kinakanta sa videoke 😁😁

  61. Vin'z channel

    Very nice song

  62. Leopoldo Suniega

    I Love you Forever ❤️ Christine Jessa

  63. jamilah's vlog

    My favourite song

  64. Mai Lê Thị

    Me too my dear

  65. Marife Caimoy

    For no reason I ❤️ this song.

  66. Jenny Doronila


  67. Kristina Mccormick

    I love this kind of musci it makes me feel really happy and it mskes me smile all the time and it makes me think of my brother because I took dear of him in Russia all buy my self no different love h8em so much love kristina McCormack

  68. Zarra Saphire

    This is the song always make cried everytime ,cause I have been waitting for a lifetime to found a love of my life

  69. Jhay Rayahj

    That was 2010 when I post this song to my Facebook time line coz really love this song,

  70. Bambi Rarican

    kaka inlove ang kanta ahaha oldest but goodest my favorite

  71. Raquel Arquiza

    I love you Jahairah!❤️💑💏😘😍♥️

  72. Maribel Ranches

    Love this song.Very memorable.Kahit paulit ulit ko pang mapakinggan di ako magsasawa.

  73. Tami No name


  74. Joyce Nava


  75. speyburn10

    Spot on. These are a precious part of history. If you see one today, thank them. But don't expect it. We may never see songs as beautiful as this again.

  76. Shahana Gapdi

    I never though that i could love
    sana oneday masabi ko dn to sa sarili ko😊 melt my heart lyrics say it all

  77. Arcadio Aliganga jr

    Im still loves you babe

  78. Kenneth Scarborough

    The very first time I heard this song was on the TV show back in the days solid gold

  79. Raquel Arquiza

    I love you Sandy!❤️🧡💙💑😍💜👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💓💕💗💛💚🖤💜💙❤️💝💕💓😘

  80. marlyn visitacion

    This song reminds me of my mom who died a few days ago😭😭😭I miss my mom so much😭

    mark williams

    sorry for your loss god bless

    Carol Bair

    For comfort, on your search engine, type ELVISTEDDYBAIR and click onto CD icon PEACE IN THE VALLEY. May GOD bless you.


    This song was written for Dan Hill's mom. He was scared about his mom at hospital

  81. Paul Adrian Infante

    wow sarap pakinggan ng song na ito ok na saken at narinig ko na kahit hindi na ko mabuhay, ok na saken khit hanggng dito nlng thnk you and i love u sa pinaka mamahal ko.

  82. MD Habib khan Salam

    love is real best

  83. Joma Santos

    oct 28 anyone ??

  84. Nonilon jr Amias

    I never thought....
    I know its crazy but its true...

  85. Mavy SUAY

    Kahit sobrang layo muna.. prang andyan kparin😔

  86. Sarah Huang

    The songs that I wish I could sang before and now I’m still wishing for that🤣

  87. Paul Adrian Infante

    kung sino pa minahal mo ng lubos lubus sa kanya ka din pla masasaktan ng sobra she hurts me so much, kaya hindi na ko magmamahal kahit kailan.

  88. Cipi Lluch

    one might think the One Ring to rule the all is not apt for this love song. lol!

  89. Le Lamb

    😍 💝 👍 💐 🌹 Thanks for sharing video 👍💝😍❤️ beautiful song lyrics , it was touched my heart ❤️

  90. Airien Pagatpatan

    First dance music namin ng asawa ko to...i love this song...

  91. Maruyama yasuhiro


  92. Geraldine Gaggia

    I am petrified of losing my salvation. I love you bit I really need to sleep. My love for you is killing me. Can I sleep a bit please. I don't want to lose my salvation.

  93. Pauline Bhalai

    Such a beautiful song!

  94. Maribel Brucal

    Still listening oct.2019

  95. Perlita Concepcion

    This song melt my heart