Dan Hill - All I See Is Your Face Lyrics

Everytime the phone rings I pray it might be you
That you thought out all the answers
Wanna get back together again
Oh but a strangers voice rings thru my ears
And though I listen you are all I hear
And girl I didn't mean to drive you away
People come and go so fast
But all I see is your face

There's an old man on the corner
Just staring at the sea
I wanna hold him like a broken doll
Ask him if he's lonely like me
The waves crash like a violent dream
The mist flies and the seagulls scream
And the old man he sees nothing just stares into space
And me all I can see is your face

Now I know there are no promises in love
You've gotta give it all you have
And hope that maybe you can share
Maybe you can share your life with someone
A Stranger touches me and all I can feel
Is your embrace
A stranger looks my way
And all I ever see is your face

I've got my songs to protect me
I've got my friends to ease the pain
They say time will heal this emptiness
Girl without you it ain't the same
I don't see any stars tonight
Just the darkness of the city lights
I close my eyes once more and try to escape
And all I can see is your face

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Dan Hill All I See Is Your Face Comments
  1. Flyinghow

    I always thought he had the most amazing voice...this was my favorite Dan Hill song. I was a senior in HS and in love lol

  2. Ken Wickens

    A great song

  3. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Aug 12, 1978.. reached #41

  4. Joseph Velez

    If you have the sheet music on all I can see is your face maybe you can please find a way to an email it to me. I don't have the sheet music on this particular song but I play the piano very well and that would mean so much to me I thank you for sharing that with us people like us a rare breed we like beautiful music because we know that it touches all heart and soul this is my email in case you can send it kg 4 ACG 59 @gmail.com excuse the typo error Sincerely Yours Jose Velez musician that will mean so much to me I hope that you can think about it god bless you and have a happy holiday to all my friends who love Dan Hill music and may they be peace upon this planet that music brings memories of what life was before all the madness started there are still people like me and you who treasure true art may God bless you and keep you safe and may you have a wonderful holidays truly yours Joseph angel Velez

  5. Joseph Velez

    Thank you kate for watching this video . And putting it on your website it's been 21 years since we met in 4 months thank you for the words that you said to me on your website may God bless you forever it keep you safe cause like you all I can see is your face thank you kate love always Joseph angel

    scott martin

    there is no sheet music to this song,,,, dan never wrote it down...................

  6. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Thanks for sharing.  I have had the sheet music for years but this my first listen.

    Kelly Mark

    You are most welcome! Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the comment :) 

    Joseph Velez

    If you have to sheet music is there any way that you can email it to me I play the piano but don't have that particular music dan hill from is great album frozen in the night all I can see your face my email is [email protected] please let me know I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and may God keep you safe and sound your friend Jose a Velez

    Kelly Mark

    I am sorry Jose, but i do not have the sheet music for any Dan Hill songs :( 

    Joseph Velez

    If any of you would love Dan hill as much as I do half the sheet music to this song maybe you can find a way email to me I will greatly appreciated it is so hard to find this music and music stores where they sell actual sheet music I hope and pray send me one of you will have it available and if you do I will make a video playing the music and singing it may God bless you all and keep you safe never love of God be with you always and forever your friend Jose

    Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    It would be a copyright violation to email it, but I might sell it on ebay next year.