Dan Hartman - We Are The Young Lyrics

We're the ones with the runaway eyes
We're the ones who can improvise
Give us room in a hot situation
We believe in positive stimulation

(We are the young)
We are the young, with the modern attitude
Breaking down the walls, breaking all the rules
(We are the young)
Tomorrow comes and we might go away
So we don't worry about the price we pay
We are the young, (oh), we are the young
(We are the young), yeah

Every street is an arcade of dreams, oh
I found downtown exploding at the seam, ooh
With lights and sounds and the soul parade
Light and blue color promenade

(We are the young)
We are the young, with the modern attitude
Breaking down the walls, breaking all the rules
(We are the young)
Tomorrow comes and we might go away
So we don't worry about the price we pay

Another way to take control
A brand new day to rock and roll

(We are the young)
We are the young (we are the young)

Another way to gain control
When you need to rock and roll

(We are the young)
We are the young, with the modern attitude
Breaking down the walls, breaking all the rules
(We are the young)
Tomorrow comes and we might go away
So we don't worry about the price we pay

(We are the young)
We are the young, with the modern attitude
Breaking down the walls, breaking all the rules
(We are the young)
We are the young
We are the young
We are the young

We are the young (we are the young)
Young, young, young (we are the young)
Young, young, oh (we are the young)

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Dan Hartman We Are The Young Comments
  1. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy dan hartman

  2. Sandsculptor

    Dan Hartman grew up in Harrisburg, PA. He was without a doubt the best musically talented young man to walk the halls of our John Harris High School (he graduated in 1968, two years after me). We even went to the same church on 19th Street. He was such a talented young man. Rest in peace, Dan. Someday we'll join you again and we'll listen to your eternal jam sessions.

  3. Vetor Hamza

    Whos listening to lady Gaga!! 😏😣

  4. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1984 {December 1st} Dan Hartman performed "We Are The Young" on the nationally syndicated television program, 'Soul Train'...
    At the time "We Are The Young" was at position #28 on the Billboard's Top 100 chart, two weeks later it would peak at #25 {for 1 week} and it spent seventeen weeks on the Top 100...
    And on January 6th, 1985 it reached #1 {for 2 weeks} on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart...
    Between 1978 and 1985 the Pennsylvania native had seven records on the Top 100 chart, one made the Top 10, "I Can Dream About You", it peaked at #6 {for 2 weeks} in August of 1984...
    Dan Hartman passed away at the young age of 43 on March 22nd, 1994 {brain tumor}...
    May both he and Don Cornelius {1936 - 2012} R.I.P.

  5. G. Lopez

    R.I.P Dan Hartman.. never forgotten. I will always be an 80's kid no matter what. 😔

  6. Carlos Céspedes

    Where is it buried? I want to go see him and leave an offering in admiration.

    Emmanuel Peña

    He was cremated and his family has his ashes

    Carlos Céspedes


  7. Pablo Plaza


  8. Steph da nestor mix


  9. Christian Phoenix

    ******R.I.P. ******DAN HARTMAN******
    *I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU (c)1984

  10. Antòni Gèli

    Between R&B and pop, the dan of the 80's made his best not to disappear

  11. Maximus Prime

    I remember seeing this on Video Soul, man those were the days.

  12. Víctor Alburquenque

    Excelente tema

  13. Joachim Seifert

    I was 14 to 16 years old in the 80ies. This song had given power to me. I liked it really much. When I was young I had never seen how Dan Hartman looked like and who he was.

  14. Mark James

    Clearly there was a 'price to pay' Dan.

    Johnny MFan

    That's not nice. He didn't deserve to die like that.

  15. unleashed316

    Again a piece of gold from the 80's. What an awesome decade. The hair, clothes and...music!

  16. Carey Clevenger

    At 3:22, Hartman points to three African-American men dancing in the front row, who then join him on stage. They're three of "The Sorels," the fictitious soul group who performs Hartman's "I Can Dream About You" in "Streets of Fire."

  17. John Gavin

    Hit machine.

  18. GJ V

    Disco and rock together. Super song.

  19. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. Gone but not forgotten. R. I. P. Dan Hartman. Your music still lives on in my 💓.

  20. Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    1984: Great song!!!
    2019: Great song!!!
    3075: Great song!!

  21. andyegan1

    Almost made the Breakin' movie intro from 1984 but got pulled out. 'Gimme A Break' was also made for the Breakin' soundtrack intro but was pulled because of similarities to Dans track here, same bassline etc. The producers of that track ended up making 'Lil Lockers' for Breakin' when Turbo is teaching the kids in the driveway. I have both these unreleased tracks and you can hear a clip of them here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHZMuNNxpEg

  22. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I remember this song by Dan Hartman called. We Are The Young. When I was 9 Years Old in elementary school in The 4th Grade.

  23. Steven Pallet

    Wot even when we over 65+ the DAN since HART - MAN on YOU - TUBE ?

  24. Andres Lucero

    buenisimooo tema , que recuedossss de la Pelicula Calles de Fuego

  25. Bob Cummings

    This is STILL a JAM in 2019! I still feel young at 54!

  26. Argenis Alfaro

    Porque me siento que estuve bailando ahi, si en el 85' yo tenia 2 años? O sera porque mis padres escuchaban esa musica en esos años....vivan los clasicos del 80'

  27. Gerard

    Would have been such a great theme to the 21 Jump street series ... Always thinking of that when I hear this song.

  28. don pwner

    this masterpiece needs to be in GTA 6

  29. Jamie Bilich

    Love this song we are the young and I can dream about you

  30. Francesco D'Ostuni

    Wow quasi non ricordavo più la pelle d'oca che fuoriusciva con questa canzone

  31. Luiz Trapp

    Nice! Featuring The Sorels

  32. Tony Florisse

    Schitterende muziek jammer dat deze legende niet meer leeft

  33. Paul R.

    I like the man's music but this one is just a little too 1980's formula cookie cutter disco. If you like that, that is all right too. Yes, the 1980's had that "clean" and happy look to a lot of it's music. No tatoos, no piercings, not much suggestive clothing or filthy lyrics or auto tune. I kind of miss that and Dan Hartman too.

  34. Mileek Wood

    A Classic Classic... I'm still banging this in 2019 who wit me.!!!!!

    Maximus Prime

    Yessir. This entire album was hot. Still is.

  35. Johannes Buekkler

    Ich danke Gott, dass ich meine Jugend in den 80ern erleben durfte ... !!!

  36. Peter hatesJazz

    In Europe totally underrated. One of my absolutely favorites.

  37. Andrew Flood


  38. Jonathan L

    Top class front man on the stage!

  39. Eric Wright

    Rip Dan Hartman

  40. Bonus Baby

    Don't know why this song just popped into my head. Haven't heard it in probably close to 30 yrs.

  41. Elle Wall

    Dan. Forever Young. Love You.

  42. ThomasTankCollectables

    Dammm Daniel.

    Dan was clearly feeling the 80s vibes.

  43. perry angelozzi

    Tremendous artist. Rest In Peace

  44. Rudisbashar

    Love it,best years of music.
    Thanks Mr Dan

  45. Steven Pallet

    Mr HART - MAN the DAN

    Steven Pallet


  46. mike true

    Awesome.....whos a kid from the 80s? im one....cheers, good people, best decade ever...

  47. Marty Hutson

    RIP Dan Hartman A Man Taken Too Soon

  48. airdriver

    3:20 Cameo appearence by Stoney Jackson & The Sorells who performed Dan Hartman's "I Can Dream About You" in the movie "Streets Of Fire".

  49. G.J. KOSTER

    Guilty pleasure?

  50. Marty Hutson

    RIP To Dan Hartman Taken To Soon

  51. G.J. KOSTER

    Very American, prefer UK, European eighties but still this makes me dance like a madman.

  52. Jack White

    Surprised I never heard this.

  53. ricardoseg

    AIDS has taken several good singers of the 80s

  54. Frank Henry

    Dude had soul.

  55. яков горов

    super song!!! i remember 1984 years.....in nowember

  56. Lionheart Roar

    Awesomeness...Dan was a great talent

  57. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was it taken from in 1984?


    It was the first track on the I Can Dream About You album.

  58. Frank Carreto Encomendas Especiais

    live yers 80

  59. Frank Carreto Encomendas Especiais

    very cool yers 80

  60. sebas hess

    I WO/ANDER 0f the lady-writter yn EXTASE, gonna sell 2 billion coptes, then IM wrong, because I told her, yt would sell bilions, instead the 100000, She taught.greetings, 8 0f SWORDS yn HARRY S GAME.....and I HATE SMURFS,.....AVE!!!

  61. Esther Pino


  62. Rodolfo Gramaccini

    Ciao mr. Dan questa tua canzone e' semplicemente magnifica. Quante volte la ballavo. Grazie.

  63. Canal Tudo de bom

    Is a gay.

  64. Alex Monaco

    Uno dei miei brani dance preferiti del 1984.......Mr. Hartman e' stato un grande musicista /producer nei 70'- 80 nella scena pop disco'....RIP....

  65. BenHorror

    We were the young... now we're the old... :-(

  66. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I miss the music of the 80s and of the 90s that was some good music back in the Good Old Days.

  67. Laurence Hanley

    Still soo good in 2017

  68. Laurence Hanley

    Still sounding good 33 years later. DH soul legend

  69. unleashed316

    Never been a fan of his work but this song is awesome! One of 80's best.

  70. da_hooliii

    One of his best songs.

  71. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I love Dan Hartman. He is one of my favorite Male Artists of the eighties. One of my favorite songs by Dan Hartman is called We Are The Young. That's one of my favorite Old School Jams back in the day.

  72. Marcus Rob

    Wait, is that Stoney Jackson in the video as one of the dancers?! No way!


  73. Fabinho Pereira

    O pop dos anos 80 era muito contagiante , que legal .

  74. blebetalo

    The woman dressed in black (behind Dan) is dancing like a boss.

  75. wim Van Wielendaele

    the good times !!!

  76. Skull Truth

    Missed you Dan!

  77. Thomas Luedecke

    I'm a 80's Kid, count myself to the lucky ones

  78. shmuli9

    Oh, this song and video are BOTH so period...

  79. Mario Kbron

    This Spells 80's All Over It. The Sound, The Feeling, The Cleanliness of All of It, 80's was Just That, Organic!...And yeah, No Tats or piercings whatsoever!

    Mileek Wood

    A once in a lifetime era there never be music like that again .only in heaven

  80. Argyris Kalamaras

    such a great song.... I think it must be my favorite by Dan Hartman

  81. daniel tremblay

    très gros hit

  82. sebas hess

    my mothers familyname.....and Iam a bastard so IAM, inclusiv a runnaway eye.

  83. Marty Hutson

    It Is Sad That He Died So Young RIP

  84. Adriana Delgado

    Tomorrow is the anniversary of Dan's death. I will honor him somehow. He deserves it. Life is so unfair. : ( Like someone else mentioned he would of been 66 in December. A life cut too short.

  85. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Oct 6, 1984 ..reached #25 reached #1 on the Dance Chart

  86. daniel tremblay

    très bonne chanson

  87. Adriana Delgado

    What a great loss! RIP Dan. : (

  88. Enricom23

    bring back the 80s...

  89. Adriana Delgado

    It's a shame Steve Rubell Didn't tell Dan Hartman he was infected with the HIV virus. If Dan would of known he might still be here today.

    Adriana Delgado

    I read many articles that Steve Rubell the co-owner of Studio 54 was infected with HIV and never told anyone. That's how they got infected with HIV. Dan was one of them. He shouldn't of been selfish and let the others know.


    So Dan Hartman slept with Steve Rubell?

    Adriana Delgado

    I  believe so.

    Brad Deal

    He died of a brain tumour

    Adriana Delgado

    Brad Deal a brain tumor which was a complication from AIDS. How sad Dan didn't deserve such a slow, painful death. I've seen many patients with AIDs when working in a hospital and it's very sad.

  90. david Huber

    Wish could go back to the 80s

    Mandy A.

    Me too.

  91. Kevin Brady

    Who's the chick on Sax she seems really into it love her shades

    Sharon Sacks

    Kevin Brady check out the performance of I can dream about you on Soul Train. She is on it and she's amazing

  92. Adriana Delgado

    It's a great song. t's so sad Dan Hartman died. He was so talented. RIP : (

  93. Jacks Henhouse

    Saw The Sorels, there... :)

  94. Boogey On!

    This sounds like the kind of song someone who was gay and died of AIDS might sing......oops, guess I was right

    Boogey On!

    @Peter Buonanno What were you, his gay lover?


    +Your Master You're quite sad and pathetic, aren't you?! As a matter of fact, you come across as an imbecile. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

    Boogey On!

    Wow, you are one pathetic loser of a wretched human being, aren't you? What a brainless little moron you are. I'd pity you if you weren't that way on purpose.

    Willie Alexander

    Greatest1979 Sound and looks like a pathic mad scientists

    Justin Aames

    Boogey On! 🖕🖕🖕

  95. Aror EclecticMusic

    Bellisimo Dan, Bellisimos 80s

  96. pinkalgebra

    The keyboard riff is rich and meaty. Silly song and sillier video, but a solid entry from that magical pop music year of 1984. AKA the best year for pop music ever.

  97. david Huber

    Ya wanted a line.

  98. Peter van der Meulen