Dan Fogelberg - Our Last Farewell Lyrics

Once I loved you and you loved me
We believed our souls were meant to breathe as one
And could never come undone again.

And once I believed that you and I
Were the two that would defy the fickle gods
And win out against the odds
And go on forever more.

But now that you heart has turned away
I must try to find a way to let you go
Even though I know
You will never leave me.
Cause you were my life's one great romance
And I will always see you
Dancing through my dreams
And as hopeless as it seems
I will always love you.

And now if you think
We've said it all
Let the final curtain
Fall on us at last
And just put it in the past
And say our last farewell.

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Dan Fogelberg Our Last Farewell Comments
  1. Eboi Contreras

    You"re gone but not forgotten

  2. Donna Davis

    Oh man, do I miss this amazing talent. He can lift you up and tear your heart out with his lyrics and voice.

  3. StripeRich

    Ironic perhaps, that Dan's most plaintive, even melancholy songs relate to parting, made more evocative by his own premature passing.

  4. Rebecca Phillips

    A DanFan from the beginning.....I miss you Dan, everyday ! Thanks for the greatest music ever. Thanks for showing us your heart and soul. I was always right there with you. Still am....always will be! EVER ON my friends!