Dan Fogelberg - Anastasia's Eyes Lyrics

There's thorns on the cactus tree
There's thorns on the rose
There's thorns in the heart of me
That nobody knows
They tear at the flesh until
The tears start to rise
They form in my heart
But they fall from Anastasia's eyes

And I was lost in the wilderness
Without courage or hope
I was setting my signal fires
And watching the smoke
When out of the smoke appeared
The sweetest surprise
And I knew I'd been found
When first I looked into Anastasia's eyes

There's thorns on the cactus tree
There's thorns on the rose
There's thorns in the heart of me
That nobody knows

But finally I've found out where my salvation lies
It lies in the love that lives in Anastasia's eyes
It lies in the love that lives in Anastasia's eyes

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Dan Fogelberg Anastasia's Eyes Comments
  1. kurt krause

    For the ladies....who 'can' have tears! What a blessing.

  2. DragoBalboa

    EXCELLENT video !!! Thanks for posting !!!!!

  3. Christiane Dahl


  4. 仲國寧

    miss you so much...

  5. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #32 on the adult contemporary charts in 1991!!!

  6. lowkeycece

    I have never heard this song before. This song just shows you the beauty and the depth of Dan's voice. Pure and simple. I was blessed to have seen him 2 times back in the late 70's. I really need a turntable so I can play my.....no...His albums. Miss ya Dan but, your voice and story telling thru your songs and your voice will last forever!

  7. Miriam Samaniego

    My nephew survived 9/11/01, but has never been the same. But, the love of his life, his wife, pulled him from the thorns.
    Her name is Anastasia.

  8. bobby7771117

    Bill:You did a lovely job on this Dan Fogelberg song that I love so very much! Thanks always for putting up these precious,meaningful gems from Dan Fogelberg! In Christ's Agape Love,BobbyK

  9. Michele Beers

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  10. Scott Ferguson

    l like this song scott ferguson the real one Anastasia eyes the song by dan fogelberg

  11. Scott Ferguson

    if this is sharon i got your message you are a beautiful person love can open your eyes to all things considered scott ferguson friend

    Scott Ferguson

    Thank you God for opening up my mind and spirit with the things that you have sent me this morning and I will be in the best possible way and forfill the situation you have to finish becomeing one if you are looking for a couple of days for the presence of your own heart in mind scott ferguson

  12. Debra Geymayr

    I purchased a photo of Dan from Anastasia, LOVE IT.
    Also, a beautiful painting at Wolf Creek she did.

    Veronica Herrera

    Debra Geymayr
    She is pretty amazing!

  13. Veronica Herrera

    someone should put this song to Anastasia's art work. I wish I knew how to do that.

  14. Patchouli Essence

    simply beautiful

  15. Veronica Herrera

    one of the MOST beautiful songs EVER written!

  16. eugeniodgv

    Incomparable voice and lyrics. A Godsend to all of us!

  17. Craig Scharf

    One of my all time favorites. It reminds me of my Lucinda.

  18. Elaine Kevorkian

    What is the web page address for Anastasia Savage's artwork?

    Bill Chen

    You can try Google search "Anastasia Ealy" , (her name before married to Dan Dogelberg) and find some, good luck finding...

    Elaine Kevorkian

    Okay.  I never heard her name as "Ealy" before.  Thanks, Bill, for taking the time to respond :)

    Elaine Kevorkian

    Found her on LinkedIn :)

    william lee

    Anastasia Savage

    Veronica Herrera

    +Bill Chen she's one of my friends on Facebook. She's so talented in so many ways.

  19. richard wittmayer

    We all miss you so much Dan.   

    Bill Chen

    Thank you for sharing your thought my friend, please also watch 3 other videos created by me from this album: Bones In The Sky, Georgia O'Keeffe & Ever On Dan!

    richard wittmayer

    Thank you so much. 

  20. Larry Clinton

    Your image selections fit so well to this beautiful music. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Lermo Glover

    I was just playing and singing some old Fogelberg songs on my beautiful Takamine 12 string. But sadly it's no comparison to hearing Dans voice. I actually met him and partied with him in Santa Fe twice. He has long been an inspiration to me and my music writing. I know you're at peace now Dan , thank you so much for your beautiful lyrics, music and presence on this earth.

    Peter Eyles

    Lermo Glover That’s beautifully said!!🙏♥️😢👋🇦🇺

  22. John M. Evans Sr

    Bill, as usual, another beautiful video from you. Peace my friend. Be safe.I hope you find the peace ,you so richly deserve.

  23. Trish M

    Thank you Dan and you-JMEagle101-for the beautiful videos w/Dans' music. It's a shame that the only songs of Dans' that many people have heard are 'Longer' and ' Another Old Lang Syne'; hopefully - by now they have discovered his catalogue-vast and amazing; each song deeply poetic and emotional. I remember when I first heard his music [and saw his art] at a friends' dorm in Arcata [it was many years ago! The song was 'Souvenirs'; his music still touches my soul and takes my breath away.

  24. John M. Evans Sr

    Bill, thank you for another beautiful video. Live long my friend, and please continue to bring us Dan, and your fantastic videos.

  25. bobby7771117

    This is one of many Dan Fogelberg songs that has me crying each time I hear it! It is that poignant and beautiful! Love, BobbyIK

  26. JMEagle101

    @QueridaSandra Dan’s lyrics and melodies have inspired me to come forward to create tribute videos to him after his passing, and I am glad I have done it and accomplished many. May his timeless music and boundless love continue to heal us through the toughest times, bring joy and happiness to you and stays in our hearts for ever on... God bless you always!

  27. Simon Cowell

    rip dan...i've been listenig to your music since the 70's and i always will

  28. David Gray

    Simply beautiful. How restful it is to listen to DF's voice as he sings his powerful lyrics. We miss him greatly.

  29. TBoltL

    Incredibly beautiful video that matches the Love Dan is and always will be! Thank you!

  30. Larry Schardt

    Hello JMEagle,

    Another fabulous job. Thank you! I love this song and video. Rock 'n' Roll!!!

  31. bobby7771117

    I was a Dan fan since 1975 when I first heard "To The Morning" on the radio, and thought to myself, I must find out who's singing this beautiful song! Sincerely, BobbyK

  32. bobby7771117

    I have cried countless times to this song, but the tears fall effortlessly every time! Only when a man has lost true love, and is lucky to one day find it again, can he hope to understand this song! I miss you Dan! Love, BobbyK

  33. HiVybe

    ...see, hear, hope (a description can only fail to capture the breadth and depth)...

  34. Larry Schardt

    Amazing! Incredible song, fabulous images! How can anyone capture love in a song so well? Only Dan. Thank you for the video.

  35. charldrunner

    This is so Beautiful Bill and so touching!!! hugs, Charlene : ))

  36. asquare176

    Beautifully written as usual by Dan... he always seem to write the most beautiful songs about his women... for me the Maggie era had to be best... young love!

  37. JMEagle101

    @judyesther Thank you and I enjoy your piano very much too...

  38. JMEagle101

    @Hippie1944 Thank you my friend for your subscribe, enjoy!

  39. JMEagle101

    @Sandandthefoam Thank you, when I reviewed this project in the final stage, some thoughts came up to me strongly, inspired me that I should redo the video that Dan wrote for Jean in the Full Circle album, Jean is a beautiful caring person who gave Dan unconditional love and passions when Dan needed it the most. So I did it! Please continue to watch "This Heart ~ Dan Fogelberg", it's now the feature video in my channel. Thank you Jean!

  40. JMEagle101

    @headcaseworker You are welcome Bev, we found comfort through Dan's heartfelt melody, although Dan wrote about himself, sometimes I felt he was telling our story because if it's not, why his music touched me so much?

  41. headcaseworker

    Imagine Dan writing a love song just for you...how wonderful! Thank you, Bill, for this video, beautiful.

    We miss you, Dan....

  42. JMEagle101

    @MzRainbowConnection You are so sweet, we are blessed to have Dan's beautiful songwriting touch our heart, we sure gonna miss him for a long long time!

  43. JMEagle101

    @Mariaglenn Thank you Maria, some pictures are selected from your blog, they are so beautiful, I really appreciate your artistic creation, proud to be your partner! Merci

  44. Mariaglenn

    Bravo, Bravo...standing ovation Bill....fantastic!!!!
    River Hugsssss!!!

  45. Mariaglenn

    Lovely video work, as usual Bill...Bravo, loved it..!

  46. JMEagle101

    @AfsAnehAfairytale God bless you Rita! Get well soon!

  47. JMEagle101

    @billp1955 Thank you Bill.

  48. JMEagle101

    @vuenu Really appreciate your favorite comment, it's an honor to be able to share how I feel about Dan's music through this channel, you seems to know me so well, it took time and devotion, many revision and editing works, before I can "wrap the gift box" and deliver to your window, thanks for your encouragement! Truly Dan is such a gentle soul, even though he is gone, his unchained melody continue to touch our hearts, move our feelings, and bring inspiration to our spirit! We are blessed!

  49. JMEagle101

    vous êtes les bienvenus

  50. AfsAnehAfairytale Pelipa

    This is so Beautiful Bill, you always make Dan proud with your videos.
    Thank you!
    Hugs, Rita

  51. billp1955

    SUPERB my friend.....

  52. JMEagle101

    @charldrunner Thank you dear Charlene, wow, you are the 1st to comment, you are the winner, (while I am still editing some of more info.), it's Dan's heart felt voice and melody that inspired me to create this one, I am glad you like it, enjoy your weekend and good luck for your run! Hugs!

  53. charldrunner

    This is so Beautiful Bil!!! So very heartfelt, tender, and loving!!! You truly have captured every word and emotion here in Dan's song....so beautifully in your images here!!! Love it my dear friend! Hugs, Charlene : ))