Dan Bull - We Are Assassins Lyrics

Let me tell the story of Ezio Auditore
Adolescent, rowdy, brawny
Exceptionally hella horny
He's the sort of lout
That's surely doubtless purely out for glory
But something out of the ordinary
Happened to make his tale more gory
When a man's family is taken away
Anguish and hatred can make him change his aims
In the space of a day
He went from causing heartbreak
To causing heartbreak
Requiescat in pace

(We are Assassins)
We work in the dark
To serve the light
(We are Assassins)
Facilitate the fate
Of those who deserve to die
(We are Assassins)
Commited to the Creed
To which we have submitted
(We are Assassins)
Nothing is true
Everything is permitted

See your death throes
When I broke your brains like an egg yolk
And throw them on the wall
Like I'm painting a fresco
Techno retro
So let's go get those codex notes
Is the next bloke better than me?
He's lacking intelligence
While I'm actively elegant
Rapidly getting ever more Machiavellian
Even though my armour's a thin sheet like pyjamas
It'd simply need an army to lynch me
With half an inch each of yarn
I would nimbly fight my way out of the bondage
It's kinky
And since he's the father of ingenuity
Leonardo DaVinci's partly responsible
For the hard to believe half of your eulogy
So let me take this opportunity
To fluently and lucidly
Produce a piece of music
For the Creed to keep in unity
Now do please excuse me
I need some promiscuity
It's been too long for me
Like two mins since I've seen some nudity

(We are Assassins)
We work in the dark
To serve the light
(We are Assassins)
Facilitate the fate
Of those who deserve to die
(We are Assassins)
Commited to the Creed
To which we have submitted
(We are Assassins)
Nothing is true
Everything is permitted
(We are Assassins)
We work in the dark
To serve the light
(We are Assassins)
Facilitate the fate
Of those who deserve to die
(We are Assassins)
Commited to the Creed
To which we have submitted
(We are Assassins)

Pimping out the villa
Until it's as big as a Basilica
Villagers bringing in bigger income
In unlimited integers
Injurious extrajudicial inquisitor
Instant criminal conviction distributor
There isn't a bit of room in this system for prisoners
I whip out the scimitar
And administer a sinister signature finisher
So you're dead in the middle of the original Italy
From city to city
I'm an invisible visitor
My mission is to sit and listen
As the conspiracy thickens
I'm within your perimeter
But without parameters
My rapping is advanced a bit
Past iambic pentameter
Fricking amateurs
There's an Assassin in the Vatican
Attacking from the battlements
A man with an axe in his back?
It has to be an accident
A bloody baptism
Standing in for the sacrament
That randomly recurs
Until it's happened to the last of them

(We are Assassins)
We work in the dark
To serve the light
(We are Assassins)
Facilitate the fate
Of those who deserve to die
(We are Assassins)
Commited to the Creed
To which we have submitted
(We are Assassins)
Nothing is true
Everything is permitted
(We are Assassins)

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Dan Bull We Are Assassins Comments
  1. bob newman

    It really boggles my mind how this song isn't as popular as it should be 😣

  2. spider flow

    Everything is permitted broooooooo

  3. göktuğ özuğurel

    we work in the dark to serve the ligh

  4. connor kenwey

    Two years

  5. Leonardo Delogu

    Requiescat in pace

  6. HectorAndres YT

    A Y Es 2019 Y Lo Sigo Escuchando

  7. HectorAndres YT

    I Love Dan Bull Soy De Argentina Y Amo Tus Cansiones😍

  8. mari lol

    Alguien llamo al maestro eminem? Pero si es Dan Bull

  9. Cosimo Crespi

    Hands down the best part is 1:40

  10. Mr SainT

    best part of the song : literally , requiescat in pace

  11. Praveen Kumar

    like for ezio......we are assassin....!!!!

  12. The Sith Empire

    2:37 Ezio Broke all he`s legs

  13. Anonymous guy

    The Ezio series is best, Black Flag didn't feel like assassin's Creed to me.

  14. Ezio Auditore

    103 templars dislike this great video

  15. ACE 20022

    Oh man I think this has the best track

  16. TetaGama

    this is my ringtone for all eternity

  17. Lappu Coolguy

    98 Templars disliked
    And also The chorus was sick

  18. Mineformer Gaming

    Imagine The Voice actor of Ezio Rapping this

  19. Ce 91

    Ahhhhh , memories

  20. VilleS

    Alguien traduce letra al español?

  21. Антон Панов

    Damm, it is good

  22. Ayonix Animations

    "He went from causing heartbreak, to causing heartbreak, literally, requiescat in pace." Yup that line felt good.

  23. Dark Rai

    Dan . YOU'RE LATE !!!!!!

  24. RootinTootin Pootin

    Do you recruit Assasins in AC2 like in Brotherhood and Revelations?

  25. Snowy gamer653

    We are assassins

  26. Hiddio

    Requiescat in pace


    Requiescat in pace

  27. freeslayer sk

    This is not great...

    This is perfect!!!

  28. Oliver Bak Svensson

    Nothing is True. Everithing is Permited.

  29. Gabriel Oropeza

    Way better than the actual game!

  30. GeckoSoldier

    The main part of this song should have been the theme for the assassins creed movie

  31. Jonathan McDaniel

    I have listend to this 47 times in a row

  32. Ray Ramon

    Watch dogs 2 please😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  33. gaming with the terminator

    It is so dope

  34. assassin's Arellano

    Long live ezio

  35. Lord Zeeroh

    They need to make another Assassin's Creed game with Ezio again! Seriously he's the face of the franchise!

  36. Jamie Harris

    92 Templars disliked.

  37. Josh Fischer

    Hey man ur really good and talented. Great vids :)

  38. Raccernaut

    Is there a 1 Hour version? I like this and I like playing it in the background whilst I work.

  39. C4Ninja7147

    Looking back at Assassin's Creed 2-Revelations, it's like they took all of the personality from their characters across the entire franchise and dumped them into those games. The new Assassins feel like pieces of paper compared to the book that is Ezio.

  40. Chris Sorensen

    Keep Doing It Dan Bull These Raps Are Perfect

  41. SKRAPE

    Let me tell you the story of Ezigo Auditore

  42. Lo Martin

    Wow 1st seconds

  43. Chris Holmes

    Ezio Auditore da Firenze will always be my favourite character in any video game.
    Assassins Creed 2 and it’s spin offs are the games that I played far too much and I will always have a special place in my heart for them

  44. jakub świstak

    Thank You Dan Bull... IT'S PERFECT *-*

  45. Viperking


  46. Matias Molina

    Epic rap Dan bull, like, siempre me gustaron tus raps.

  47. Wild Beast

    Is the dislikes from borgia


    Dishonored: Death of the Outsider rap!

  49. Gabriel P.G.

    Corvo Attano is still laughing at this guy's skills.

  50. Markthedarkslayer

    You're a monster when it comes to rhymes. You're only weak spot imho are choruses, however in the last months you improved a damn lot! They sound smooth, appropriate, and especially aggressive, which is the style that fits you better it seems. When you have a perfect beat like this, and you mix it with aggressive lyrics and chorus, the song is insane. You're way ahead of most new age rappers out there. Keep it up, you're beast.

  51. Rosli Othman

    History of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze in 74 Seconds in a Nutshell (reduce speed by 2 and count in seconds)

  52. EsZioh Shinobi

    Increíble Rap de Ezio Auditore

  53. Sina


  54. Boardalius Mansfurd

    Untill half way into the song I thought the title was "Assassins Creed 3 Epic Rap" xD.

  55. Kawasaki Norihiro

    The background music mind me to Dishonored 2 Rap ,Well

  56. Ezio Auditorè

    This is awesome

  57. Limbo

    what is that music?

  58. H. Comfy

    i love the chorus on this one

  59. Spectre

    took your time

  60. Aaron Marchelly

    very good

  61. Aaron Marchelly


  62. K.G.A

    Good o'le Assassin's Creed 2, best franchise ive ever seen.

  63. K.G.A

    People that say the Ezio is NOT the best assassin is sooooo wrong. sure the other have like parkour but "irl" he could do all that to.

  64. Limbo

    what is that music?

  65. Ryan Fanstone

    Honestly only really liked him in revelations.

  66. Simon Blackman

    I cried when his family was exucuted

  67. OG Boxing

    Check the rhymes !

  68. Ross Henderson

    you gonna do all assassins?

  69. Skeleton War


  70. Hemmi Hedman

    How come I only see this 2 weeks after it was released and I've subscribed?

  71. The DarkSided Outcast

    dan do a rap for origins

  72. furious beast

    Best rap ever

  73. Andrew Keen

    how is this not a EPIC RAP!

  74. ThirdMonkeyWarrior

    0:12 lol

  75. ItzBASIG Gr

    best lines ever in the series

    *WE* *WORK* *IN* *THE* *DARK* *TO* *SERVE* *THE* *LIGHT*


  76. Cancer


  77. Saksham Thukral

    Please make one on Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag too...!

    Gaming Warriors

    Saksham Ak47 he has made one already

  78. Shelley Feltman

    do a rap of bl2 magnificationers i easily misspelled it easily

  79. Marvelllious

    you know Ezio is the best assassin in those siries.

  80. Action Bob

    Stunning Dan, simply brilliant.

  81. Moath Almasri

    Hyped for Connor's.

  82. Aiden Arkipa

    This is awesome (true rap) ; )

  83. Skyreon

    damn that was p good

  84. hungergames7 fan

    55 ppl are templars

  85. braves


  86. Zuby

    I get it... This is ill. Good to meet you today Dan, all the best!

  87. Noah Heyes

    yo Dan roast Jake Paul with is own instrumental plz, show this knob how its done Dan

  88. Mike Hunt

    Yoooo do Connor Raps AC3 next.

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    i love this rap i'm from argentina

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    It's songs like this that make me watch Dan Bull! Please never turn into JT Machinima