Dan Bull - Volume Lyrics

Oi gisborne
You're in the midst of a big storm
The rich fawn while the poor can't keep the their kids warm
So you can attack me, hack me and block me
But you'll never stop me from following loxley
Just watch me
I'm one in a million merry men and women in your citizenship
Who are seriously sick of it
So we declare your leadership
To be a little bit illegitimate
It's chilling isn't it?
Your men we give them stick
Like it's a piece of cake
Fight for everything at stake
Uniting the three estates
Ay, the smallest of viruses
Can cause the fall of the taullest of tyrants quick
Using the volumes to contradict their intended purpose
Rising up from the underground 'til we enter th surface
We are not asking for a world thatss incredibly perfect
We just want to live in a state that's fair enough to be worth it
For an amateur that's brandashing a camera
Well he's a heavy hammerer
That'll dash up and damage you
Loxley's a kid with big bloody balls
He'll rob from the rich and give to the poor
This is a war
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Dan Bull Volume Comments
  1. Rob B

    I burst out laughing when this started playing in the game.

  2. Meditez

    ahhh man I knew it was you when I played through volume

  3. gferrol118

    It's fucking awesome Dan is in this game

  4. Alexander

    But it is even in the game this song! Awesome!

  5. okay.ahjosu


  6. Michael van Dinteren

    I heard the rap in Volume and instantly knew it was Dan, came here to confirm it!

  7. aprilblenk

    CHARLIE! I haven't see him in years! :D

  8. Apavlakos

    its Locksley.

  9. Taco D. Kitty

    as soon as I saw Charlie I was like: ... O... MY GOD ITS CHARLIE ONGONGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG... ye I love him

  10. Tdrock127

    Beginning sounds like it's gonna be Drop It Like It's Hot ;P

  11. Not a Guitar Hero

    where is this song ingame or am i just reading the title too literally

  12. Kebs Najlepszy

    Wow, i can't believe that.
    Congratulations :D

  13. ImaBabyKraken

    I knew it was you as soon as it played in the game just now! Great respect for you Dan, great job and well done! :)

  14. Tha Guy

    you're amazing

  15. Wulfske

    Lyrics in the description?! Who are you and what did you do to Dan?

  16. get well

    that kid in the beginning looks like he could be Dan's younger brother...

  17. Paolo Petrecca

    But is the game actually good?

  18. 00 1


  19. Brynmore

    I used to live in a town called Gisborne.......

  20. Matthew Traber

    I like that your in the pewdiepie rap song i love that song

  21. Ken Ne

    so short so sad! :<

  22. John Howell

    Interesting. The way loxley is spelt in the video is different to the way loxley is spelt in the game (locksley)

  23. Koreda#5852

    "Like and Subscribe."

  24. Southern & Secular

    We love and support you, 100% Dan! You're an amazing artist and we believe in you! Get better soon <3

  25. Captain rex

    is his ears better

  26. YouKnowYouLike

    this game looks exactly like old metal gear

  27. Andres 234


  28. VoidWaIker

    I just got to the part with Jim sterling so ya three amazing youtubers

  29. DinoDoesStuff

    This is in the game?! Awesome!

  30. port 99

    +Dan Bull create my song pls

  31. Andrew Martin

    where in the game is this?

  32. FazzGlitch

    I love Volume! :D

  33. Shirley Mariano

    Please say hi dan!

  34. Lill Monkey

    Yeah this is a war, its a war... LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE :| most awesome part in the history of ever!!! btw, love u dan keep doin what u do

  35. TheHappy_P0tat0

    Holy shit, Andy Serkis?You met King Kong?!

  36. MrSouls

    dan man you need to look up ark survival its sick

  37. Delanie Moya

    I want to get this game now

  38. loa bean

    Dan Goodayle was paid to make this game by Mike Bithell

    William Thomson

    @loa bean Why didn't Mike just make it himself? No ideas?

    loa bean

    +William Thomson what ? I was saying Mike Bithell paid a person called Dan Goodayle to make this game for him look at a game called Light on steam its made by Dan Goodayle

    William Thomson

    loa bean

    mike didnt make it himself because he didnt want to then

  39. AXZ 96

    The sad fact of being a subscriber is that you can't see how many others have subscribed and if you let curiosity take the better of you, you do that guilty thing known as UNSUBBING to see, then RE-SUBBING.

  40. Kym


  41. Sean Foster

    0:50 Bloody balls? Maybe he should get that checked out...

  42. Midnight Rose182

    Dan when you get better and things would you consider a smite rap?

  43. Angelo Velazquez

    Whats the name of the game?

    William Thomson

    @Angelo Velazquez Volume, it's in the title :P

    Angelo Velazquez

    Hahaha i didnt notice thanks 4 da help

  44. Angelo Velazquez

    Whats the name of the game?

  45. Fabersoul

    lol love the flow in this its catchy

  46. Pan Raphael

    Hey Dan...
    i've been hearing you ever since my youtube identity was born
    I'm merely here to inform
    you got all our hands airborne
    You be the man, charging with the combined force... of a bull and a boar
    Alleviating the mood of the sick-e-ly bored
    by giving your all
    you even got the mic scared of your rhythmical roar
    every MV you make sends yo fans in an uproar
    asking for further encores

    So in case you all don't see... this is a tribute
    To the illest rapper i've ever known - no one dares to refute
    and of those that disagree, all have been rebuked
    Rapping unhindered by the social norms, this guy's flow knows no detour

    Now, to those that you've not listened to this guy's word-spitting
    Don't think i'm over-reacting when i say his mouth is truthfully dissing
    Check out the ''MileySyrus-Rap'' : an example honestly thrilling
    Or the ''UKIP-GANGSTA-RAP'' - perhaps an old one - but equally fulfilling

    Civilazation-RAP: Feel the reality unravelling
    So dope, simply hearing feels as if time-travelling
    First rap i ever heard of Douglby was of the Battlefield
    Wish i had a straitjacket ready - the flow was absolutely maddening!!!

    We talking the level of rapper you couldn't help but want to collaborate
    Even eminem would admit that your rap structure's been elaborate
    Good thing you had subs in THE CREW RAP, or i would've asked you to elaborate
    Assassin's Creed Rap Series is highly aclaimed by even the harshest magistrate

    So i would - at this point - want to express my frustration
    You cultivated your talents, tending closer to perfection
    And allowing us audience of your lyrical demonstrations
    From a safe distance of course - since we'd hate for our C.O.D. to be verbal decapitation

    But you're only human, your rhymes can only be so ill
    Before your ears nigh-explode, due to your lyrical skill
    So take it easy, man, we imagine surgery's taken its toll
    You shouldn't suffer for our sakes, Dan, we'd like to help you stand tall
    So if you feel at any point... that you cannot go on
    There is exactly 0 people that would force on you what you love

    If ever some come about, just give yo fanbase a call
    Our hands will fit to their cheeks, like Douglby-Branded Gloves

    This is yo boy Pan-Rapping from Athens,Greece, speaking as bold
    As the vocal chords
    of any 20-year old
    can afford
    to distort
    to retort
    to the tork
    of any individual attempting to shove a cork
    judging, calling us pigs, while they stuff their mouth with pork
    oblivious to the fact that haters more often act like dorks
    but the freedom of speech does not stay long in the works
    we act like brutes and orks
    when haters act like the trolls

    Arnaldur Ingi

    +Pan Raphael Props and thumbs up all around mate :D

    Pan Raphael

    @The Banter Bus Driver

    thanks mate :)


    Are you trying to get in the hospital bed next to him?

    Cause that was sick.

    Pan Raphael

    @xXx starH2O xXx

    Ooooooooohhhh snap, thanks for the awesome compliment, bro! xD


    no prob.

  47. GalacticNipple

    dan, dude, why keep making new songs and recording them if your condition isn't better. 
    like, i know you've said that you felt uncomfortable being unable to do it or whatever it was you said exactly, but you've got to take a break some time, right?
    and if you don't get better soon....well...that's shit and whatever is causing it can fuck off

  48. Tatsumi

    This is a comment.

    That might be first according to the youtube comment section...(What the fuck is going on with this shit it says all videos have 0 comments)

  49. Metall

    Yo, think you can do a Skyforge Rap? Cause that game has some damn good material for you to turn into a rap.

  50. Stoney Woods

    dan no way u inspired me to rite a rap on games we wrote the exact same lyrics

  51. Stoney Woods

    dan no way u inspired me to rite a rap on games we wrote the exact same lyrics

  52. Pyrobug0

    Oh snap. I was gonna pick up this game, but now I'm gonna pick it up even sooner.

  53. Donald Russell


  54. Tavin's Origami Instructions

    Are you okay again? I really hope so

  55. Yvethomora

    I don't know if it's just me but honestly as much as I love Dan Bulls music I like him as a person the most and I honestly worry about him a bit like it would be pretty cool if he made like a blog or something about how he is or whatever because I like him as a person

  56. Elizabeth Newhouse

    This is an amazing song! And im so happy to see one of your songs in a game! Congratulations!!! You so deserve it!!

  57. loa bean

    my friend made this game :)

  58. TheGamekid01

    +Dan Bull hey dan you don't know me obviously and I doubt you ever will know me properly but I read in a previous comment that your ear condition was worse. Well although I can't speak for others I can still speak for myself. I think it's cool if you take a break from recording. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it meant there was a chance your ear may heal. I know that you most likely won't see this but if you do i just wanted you to know that one of your many fans thinks it's good for you to take a break because of the pain you are in. Hopefully I'm not alone though either way I hope your condition gets better and the pain goes away. Thanks. bye

  59. Succ

    Do a rap on Mario 64 Loved the game when I was young and btw keep up the good work

  60. Jelle Groenendijk

    in this video there in some quite loud singing, and I am sure it wasn't good for your ear/jaw. don't forget if it hurts too much just don't sing too loud.

  61. ?The unknown?

    will that was short


    For the next rap can u do the phantom pain? Metal gear solid the phantom pain

  63. Leonardo Díaz

    okay okay

  64. TheTrainWreckers

    Dan is back , thank god !!!!!!!!!

  65. gamermanj4

    Dan do a Warframe rap soon, game is so dope.

  66. Alex Howe

    I'd seen this game on Steam beforehand, and thought it looked pretty snazzy. Probably gonna give it a try :)

  67. Bahethoven

    what kind of mic is he useing

  68. Bahethoven

    i love how there are no trolls and hate comments i love your videos dan and im sorry about your ear i hope you get better

  69. Kester

    Where was Andy serkis?

  70. Caved Johnson

    You were already in Surgeon Simulator.

    William Thomson

    @Cave Johnson loves ASMR At least you don't have to do an easter egg to listen, all you need to do is play the game and Alan will be like: Oh we've hit x amount of veiwers! And it turns out one of them can rap! (song plays)


    Hope you didn't hurt ye self wit dis,
    And I ope weee git a 40k rap soon,
    Wit enuf DAKKA of course

  72. rogankav

    I got a free key for this game from inthelittlewoods stream! Looking forward to playing it

  73. David Daniels

    i know you have had some ear problems but after a month we get a 59 second song that isnt realy catchy i love you dan but realy (ps keep doin what you are doing man )

    David Daniels

    i realy dont like leaving mean comments sorry to all who liked this song

  74. David Jones

    who else wants a Naruto rap by him

  75. Rebecca Day

    Ear update? Get better soon plz, your a great guy! :)


    Yeah he said it's gotten worse.

  76. Shawn Heatherly

    Congrats! That's awesome, and I really like the song. I'll check out the game.

  77. Accepted Criticism

    Stealthline miami

  78. NekiGamer

    Dan when your ear gets better please do *CS 1.6* . Yeah...

    Caliber Erickson

    The operation made his condition worse.


    @miles erickson :O :(

  79. olieb123

    :O is that charlieissocoollike?!

  80. a i t o r

    1 minute. still awesome. #danbull

  81. Landen

    they also made a old rip off of volume I can't remember what it was called but it was fun when I was little now I have a xbox360.

  82. Neftized

    did you lose weight Dan?

  83. radaempanada


  84. Hasan Zeki YILDIZ

    Best end evah

  85. Ross-Kun

    how are you feeling after all the operations?

    Caliber Erickson

    It made his condition worse.

  86. Michael Pruden

    Check out my mash up of raps of Dan Bull and JT Mashinima in one long video great for studying when you need his songs but don't want to change them. also it was only for fun and non profit. so could everyone CHECK IT OUT, please, that would make my day. :)

  87. Hugh Janus

    Is that Charlie is so cool?

  88. Milfsted

    This is so sick Dan, good work

  89. Kartorian

    I... what?
    My last name is Bithell.

    William Thomson

    @Kartorian Mike Bithell is the creator of the game he's rapping about, volume :P


    @William Thomson I wonder if we're related...

    William Thomson

    @Kartorian why the fu... ?


    @William Thomson We have the same last name. xD

  90. MythicUSA


  91. ddayss 。

    That part with charlie is so cool, like.

  92. H C

    Incoming "SELLOUT!!!!!!!1!!" comments.

    William Thomson

    @Colonel Magoo Dan actually offers companies services on his website (if they want him to rap) so technically, he's just going about his channel as normal. It's why Ubisoft have used him in the past to rap about certain games (AC Syndicate to mention one)

    H C

    @William Thomson I didn't know that.

    William Thomson

    @Colonel Magoo Take a look around is website in the description. :)

  93. Lhuna P.

    nice your finally in a game

    William Thomson

    @Lhuna P. He's in surgeon sim too :P

  94. TheMadsC

    Dude, you should really produce your own music more (unless it's before of the ear thing, and it's causin you pain to do that) cause I think your beats is some of the best, I really loved the instrumentals on Safe, and would LOVE to hear more like that.
    But that's just a fans humble opinion. And if it's causing you pain, don't even think about doing it more!!!

  95. Ronin Callahan

    is there a way to quadruple like?


    @Ronin Callahan Show this to three friends.

    Dan Bull

    @Benny Kolesnikov I can't stress that enough... if you really like my music and want to help out at no cost, then think which of your friends would like it too and make sure you show them :) thanks


    @Dan Bull
    Most of my friends know about you already :3

  96. John Smith


  97. Xtatic

    What part of the game are you in?

    Really makes you 「THINK」

    @Sir Science read the description.

    Isaac GR

    @Beast Lord he is in the game
    he donated music to it


    @footymaddean According to Wikipedia, he voiced Minstrel.


    @joiless REALLY ?! :D


    at one point in the game the AI talks about a great rapper that is a fan of the protagonist and then plays the track