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The 1980s was a time of strife, the Falklands War, the miners' strikes
The poor got poorer, while all of the fat cats had the time of their life
Now Shaun was a troubled lad, who could have had a family, could have had a mum and dad, but his dad
went away and wasn't coming back, and he just wanted someone to understand that fact
And that's exactly what happened one day in a dank underpass
It'd come to pass that some cunts were laughing at his mum's fashion and he'd had enough of that
He come across a couple of lads having a chuckle that asked him what was up? What's the matter?
So he told them the answer and they brightened him right up with their banter
til Gadget come back with a grudge and some cans and demanded "budge or I'll batter you"
So Shaun goes home alone, he knows the ropes of the fuckery that's happening
He roams the lonely roads and knows there's no-one to trust and be happy with
But next day there's a tap on the pane of his glass, it came from the path and it's Gadget
He's asking if Shaun wants to play, but Shaun isn't sure what to say
Woody wants to know would he want to go because he's sorry for the other day
Boys will be boys, buildings destroyed with military toys, the voiceless
Youth amused by noise, abuse, let loose, an excuse to avoid the truth
loosen the noose for a moment til they have to go home to a home that's hopeless
New shoes just won't cut it, if you want to let your hair down, go and cut it
A new suit, boots and braces, new mates to play with, share the pain with
Parents hate it, scared of changes, and letting their little tearaways get away with it
They're at an age where they'll go to parties and be exposed to the harsh things
It's hard being dark seeing as the friends of your friends are incredibly right wing
He can't mean what he says, he's a mate but he's asking you whether you're Jamaican or
English, because your skin's different to his he considers you insidious
Then shit begins to get serious, how did we get here to this?
Giving a talk on the British and forces being killed in the war in the Falklands
Then Shaun took a swing at him all because this was the war where he nearly was orphaned
Awful things happen, you have to draw a line, with a choice to walk away or stay behind
Combo saw what the naked eye couldn't, the pain inside Shaun that made him ripe
for the patriots' fight for the land so he made them shake hands and say goodbye
Sad, but it must be. It was time to take a drive, and travel the country
And after the National Front meet, Sean got moved from the back to the front seat
Truly one of the gang and a thug, see, that's when stuff really began to get ugly
Tagging profanities in backstreets, bashing Pakistanis and black peeps
threatening to slash cheeks, a new flag and a tat on the back of the hand
that's for keeps, our protagonist seems to have forgotten how to ask for sweets
These acts in the past were petty, but who can backchat to a machete?
brandished by an angry fascist heavy, "put that away Meggy, your ass is sweaty"
Gadge and the lads grabbed fags and bevvies, cans of Pepsi, then ran back
through the entry, left the shop totally messy, adrenaline sent Combo in a frenzy
Head red, heart hopeless and empty, it's a headwreck why folks are unfriendly
to people of a different origin, cos what has skin got to do with it, we're all wandering
through the shit, the human condition is truly a mission for a lunatic to live in
So we stick to wishing eachother well as long as we think that they're wishing it as well
that's why they gave the Asian living hell before baking a cake now they're giving it to Smell
Skins have relationship issues aswell, and given the days he's been living in a cell
can you blame Combo for his difficulties now? There isn't much to dwell on for prisoners but how long
until they're coming out. But I tell you this, getting blitzed isn't really gonna help
Sitting in a flat getting fried with a black guy, issues in the back of your mind as he acts like
he's got everything you never had and wish you did, rubbing it in your face, who is this kid
Immigrant from another race taking British priviliges, a nigger, ripping the piss
Gonna give him a kick in the face, a bit of discipline'll stick him in his place, a sickening disgrace
Beat him senseless; he's defenceless, leave your friend bleeding, please just end this
Immediately the grief and regret sets in, left one of your best friends with his head
decked in, you better get checked in to the A and E, lock yourself up, chuck away the
key. When the world's on your shoulders you've got to be a soldier because
Real men don't cry
Real men don't cry

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Dan Bull This Is England Comments
  1. buster117

    Amazing, described the UK in the 80s

  2. LINX

    omfg, this FILM. I rewatched it the other day and it hit me harder than the first time. being older I guess I saw more of the shit going on or the anticipation for what was coming just made me see everything in a different light. easily my favourite film. Shaun didn't deserve to go through that ;-;

    Anyone that hasn't watched it: what you doing with your life?
    10/10 will watch again many times
    Shane Meadows is an amazing director and I recommend you watch more of his films if you liked this one. 'Dead Mans Shoe's' is another powerful one but it WILL make you cry (unless you have no soul lmao), 100x more brutal than 'This is England'.

  3. Ruqiyah Henry


    but LOOOVE the song!!

    Just some Snowy yeti With access to the internet

    Ruqiyah Henry depends where you live and what time


    was like that, it still kinda is in some places. it's just the media and everyone else tries burying this side of England. which is dangerous tbh if you keep burying a movement of people with anti-free-speech laws your gonna have a very large, very angry demographic that might explode one day. or vote tory en masse coz their sick of overly liberal pussy footed leaders lmao

  4. Thomas L

    Just wanna go back to the days man

  5. Lapez

    This is easiestly the most real rap I've ever heard

  6. FANGS

    Fuck the Far-Right

    It's humans against them


    the left is just as racist... we should be fighting extremism in general. but in the movie, he raises some valid points. Immigration was pretty bad then and still is... we accept so many thousands a month into the country and if you look in any city we have an epidemic of homeless white men but the left doesn't care about them, because that's who they're prejudiced against. so, in reality, their hypocrites for hating on the far right and I would argue they are worse. snakes who have no national pride nor any empathy for their fellow countryman. at least the far right cares for their country and their people. a duty the far left utterly reject

    also in the movie most of his anger comes from his personal life it's just the extreamest regime gave him a community that allowed him to direct his anger and frustration at something. behind every extreamest, there is a lot of extreme emotion pushing them to the brink. i mean think of Antifa, they're the current neo-nazis... just a load of people mad at a system that doesn't respect them as people or their ideas, lashing out a specific demographic to cause fear and hatred to force people into their world view.


    God save the Queen like if agree

  8. Duke Cola


  9. Oy Blech

    holy shit you just know your pronunciation is on point and you couldn't rap more distinctly and clearly when even the youtube auto captions are about 85% accurate.
    daniel, you are an absolute phenomenon!

  10. Q Sings

    Hamilton before Hamilton

  11. Horizon

    This is so underrated

  12. ThatGuy

    9 years in and this song still Holds so much meaning and still gives me goose bumps

  13. Vodka Je Život

    Some real skinheads here? ⚒️❤️

  14. moffman87

    I've been regularly listening to this for a very long time. It's one of my favourite rap songs ever. This is one of best story telling pieces ever. It's amazing how you stuck true to the plot of the film whilst making the lyrics flow beautifully. This is England was great, Einaudi is great and you're great. I love your style Dan, but I'd love if you could find some time to make more lyrically heavy pieces like this. I'm a big fan of all your stuff. I've even covered GapRod while playing acoustic guitar (I've not uploaded it) and F*** Everything is literally the perfect song to represent my state of mind daily. Keep it up man. You're so talented and underrated.

  15. Oro

    Everytime i'm sad i listen to this... <3

  16. Kieran Curran

    Anyone know the name of this instrumental?


    its the theme of this is England and they made a beat from it

  17. Jack Henderson

    1:49 love that drop

  18. The sneak

    this hit hard, thanks

  19. Luke Glover

    Brings a fuckingtear to my eye

  20. Floris

    What is the movie called?


    this is england, there are a few series but the movie is the best

  21. Tiny Tina

    Donlad glover better explain himself

  22. odmoore

    It's sad when people miss out on the fact that this was Meadows' commentary on the ludicrousness of ultranationalism and adopt it as an example of their beliefs in action. They are the ones who claim to see, but are truly blinded by their own ignorance.


    Right?? The ending was meant to show that what embracing far-right and ultranationalist ideology will do. Combo beats the fuck out of Milky because his ideology is fundamentally based on resenting him and his jealousy of what Milky has.

    I can't believe someone could watch this and not realize the film's message.

  23. JayLad

    Real men don’t cry? Well this just made me cry.
    This film and series has had such an impact on my life for various reasons and this gave me chills.
    Top work.

  24. DJWoody

    Thanks for giving this one away for free, Dan! Smashing song, would love to see some more political work from you in future.

  25. Steven Hunter

    Greetings from Germany


  26. BlackOracleNeo

    This is Fucking England 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  27. BlackOracleNeo

    I love this movie and series I've seen it hundreds of times

  28. Dan Bull

    Just to let everyone know that YouTube has demonetized this video for not being "advertiser friendly" - I appealed and the appeal was rejected. It just goes to share what YouTube cares about above all else - advertisers, ie, money.

    Yosuru Shi

    Where did the footage come from was it a movie or something


    @Yosuru Shi yes it's from a film called 'this is England'

    Yosuru Shi

    keirsmcq123 ahhh okay when it’s comes to videos like this I really should of caught on by now that the name of the song is the same as the film
    Thanks by the way


    Dan Bull ridiculous its a shame youtube can't be held accountable for doing this to content creators this is a bloody masterpiece


    Meanwhile, YouTube sell the movie on the platform

  29. Dark Master

    2018 anyone?

  30. Cancer

    This is America stole from this

  31. Brittle Bones Nicky

    No this is America

  32. Surfy Player

    This is like English boy

  33. Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury

    Before there was America, This is England

  34. Maniachook 4099

    Love this film

  35. Christian Tomasello

    Are u bashing right wingers? Well f u

  36. WhoAm I

    Only half a million views it should have more.

  37. Call3r

    Interesting take on your usual stuff,I really like it though...

  38. TheGalarix

    Much better than this is america

  39. Rest

    Ruined my favourite film :(


    how could he ruin this? i love this is england and the series and i loved this song when i was younger

  40. Muzzer

    Holy shit this is old

  41. Aeromatic

    Damn this is amazing

  42. Oliver Whittaker

    Nocked my respect for dan up a lot

  43. Max Collier

    I just found this and love it

  44. Forbidden Holy

    Jesus Dan easy there I think the FBI are knocking on the door just after watching 30 seconds into the video!

  45. michael hollran

    Love it should do more movie based raps

  46. SonGoku9850

    dan bulls the kind of rapper who releases hip hop songs and then songs that really strike the heart

  47. Xdeath

    This is America

  48. ĒŁ ÇHÄPØ

    OI! Fackin OI!

  49. Prayut 5069

    This is England don't let you sippin now

  50. mageman71

    I watch then this first then watched the movie its a really nice gem

  51. Jarvis78

    Love all the videos dan. National treasure 🇬🇧

  52. Zeftax

    Dan Bull predicted This is America.

  53. Lucius

    to real mean ..

  54. Juraj Lenc

    in every country in EU its more and more right winged people its not only in england people fear becouse of imigrants and becoming more and more radical

  55. Jordan Mills

    fucking masterpiece

  56. Northout

    if only you knew

  57. writhing mass of organic matter


  58. Vitaeth

    Free Tommy Robinson
    Regards from CR, Central Europe, sixth safest country in the world


    I don't think Free Tommy Robinson was the message you were supposed to take away from this video


    Dylan Adams It’s still the right message


    Knight agreed

    Rex The Younger

    @JayLad The tit is free! what the fuck are you agreeing with?

    Oh and you totally missed the point of this video, you watched this clip to have a pokey bum wank over combo didn't ya!

  59. Aaron gibson

    Soooo a take on kano this is England?

  60. Dutch Doggo

    i cried, holy shit...

  61. Jurgen Klopp

    320 says nigga

  62. locieo

    This is America is a copy of this jk lol

  63. Yatsura Boy

    im so happy this just popped up in my reccomended

  64. Adriann Fahrenheit Tepes

    I thought this is some this is America rap but it seems that dan really started the this is *countryname* trend

  65. Derpy Moon

    im here in 2018 when i saw the title i thought it was a "this is america" joke lol "this is america" copied dan bull

  66. xditsluke 15

    Guys in the lyrics there's the n word no I'm not saying dan said the n word but it's in the lyrics that's all in saying🙌

    B C S

    Luke Stewart It makes sense for the film he’s rapping about. The N word is said quite a bit during the film. (BTW HE IS RAPPING ABOUT A FILM CALLED THIS IS ENGLAND)

  67. Sam202

    Lol this is popular because this is America. Also this song is much better.

  68. The Skullarmi

    This is England 7 years later This is America

  69. J Feldhacker

    This is America

  70. Barmyjemo

    "It seems our protagonist has forgotten how to ask for sweets" I laughed so hard, i spat drink everywhere


    nice radical $uicide pic :)

  71. John Robinson

    I just saw this and I'm blonwn away, jesus Dan

  72. Leilio Lis-Amboyan

    No, this is Patrick.

  73. Kyle Sucks

    oh hey, this video is from 2010, and I thought this was a backlash from "this is america", glad its not though. Great rap Dan.

  74. I DK

    when i clicked this i was expecting a parody of "This is america" and not feels

    Spatial Awareness

    @jonathan friberg and?

    jonathan friberg

    @Spatial Awareness AND? this song came out 8 years ago and this is america came out 1 year ago.. this is america was far from done when this came out.. do u know how time works? Ill let u figure it out urself

    Spatial Awareness

    @jonathan friberg Calm down there, buddy.


    I DK nah this song is based off of a series called this is england

    jonathan friberg

    @Cko ye i literally dont know how he figured it out or that this song is 8 years older than "this is america" so it literally cant be a parody.. he must be retarded imo

  75. Manfromthemoon8


  76. Yason You

    Wow he made this 7 years ago?
    This is amazing. No idea what this film is, but I sure am interested.

    Its Not Me

    Yason You this is England

  77. Ryan Frere

    zucc give me succ

  78. Darkability

    I thought the title was a reference to this is America, Then I realised this came out almost a decade ago.

  79. Barack Obama

    Childish Gambino copied him

    Ash Boylan

    GodFrog Putin no he didnt at all


    This is America talks about everything wrong in America
    This is England talks about everything wrong in England... But yet this is America talks about flaws ALOT worse

  80. Cephalon Hatterson

    This is America?

  81. brotherhoodz97

    Nationalism FTW

  82. Rob B

    By far your best work.

  83. MaxLevel

    I thought this video was going to be a different version of this is America

  84. light


  85. That Guy

    I can’t get over how good and powerful this is

  86. Andrew

    I thought this was gonna be a This is America parody

  87. Jack Panter

    This is deep

  88. stuart lanham

    Jesus but that was heavy. Made me sit up and think. Hits somewhat close to home.

  89. ROARraps

    People don't realize that when they say America isn't great, we actually have the freedom of speech over here. You'd get arrested for saying the wrong thing in Europe. Also, Europe doesn't allow guns but has plenty of knife crime, so when every liberal is sure that crime would go away if we banned guns, they don't know what they're saying.

    TheBeast IsBack

    rather be attacked with a knife than a pump action. plus no one would say crime would disappear without guns merely that events like mass murders(mass shootings) would be a lot less common without them being freely available. also if you want to solve crime the strategy that is most effective is education and employment as well as treating former convicts as humans rather than leaving them for dead to just go back to crime.

    Banter Claus

    RoarOtaku can you elaborate on the being arrested for saying the wrong thing bit? Do keep in mind that people having the right to say *anything* is NEVER a good thing. Take the kkk as an example. I feel like I don't need to explain wha T the kkk is so I'll leave this essay at that.


    RoarOktaku, Yeah as a European, I for one would also like to know what things you can't say in Europe without getting arrested. Also Europe had in 2017 22000 murders and a population of 741 million, USA had 157000 murders and a population of 325 million, so I think it is clear laws on firearms do something positive.


    You don't get arrested in Europe for saying bad things about the government, infact most European countries have freedom of speech laws similar to that of the US. If you think otherwise then you are in a bubble.

  90. GucciSleddyBoi

    Oi mate ur creps is safe fam

  91. I was gaming before you

    Them dodges by combo tho lol

  92. Lizard

    3:23 dan said the n word

  93. Meriç Deliktaş


  94. ngeNGEnge NGEngeNGE

    Could someone please write the lyrics? English's not my first language and I have troubles keeping up with everything Dan says at that pace

    Banter Claus

    ngeNGEnge NGEngeNGE lyrics in the description ☺

    ngeNGEnge NGEngeNGE

    terrible username Thanks a lot!!

  95. DonTNT Games

    This song is about total assholes

  96. Benjedi Agustin Diaz Ferreira

    I am crying man!
    Could someone tell me the name of the movie?

    Banter Claus

    Benjedi Agustin Diaz Ferreira this is england. There is also a tv series on it by channel 4.

  97. Ross TwedDiddler V2

    Excellent dan

  98. GhostyBBX

    The sad part is that there is still this stuff in England today. I feel for combo. I really do.