Dan Bull - The Sinking City Lyrics

Dear Mr Reed
Thank you for taking a few minutes
To read this missive riddled in mystery
Conceived to ease your disbelief
This city's streets are dripping with intrigue
And the stink of conceit
Though dare I say it brings
With it a mystique: a miserable chic
Admittedly I concede
This isn't your standard work
I am aware it sounds absurd
But that's the way the candle burns
'Til dampened by the putrid pusillanimous manner
The ancient propaganda works
But excuse my lack of good manners
Call me Johannes Van Der Berg

Welcome to our town
You look as if you could use a drink
Bring along those sorrows you can't drown
You can swim or you can sink
What do you think?
What do you think?

Welcome to our town
You look as if you could use a drink
Bring along those sorrows you can't drown
You can swim or you can sink
What do you think?

Welcome, welcome, welcome
To the parochial local of Oakmont
Home of the hopeless down and outs
Other towns around us don't want
Resting place of castaways
Forsaken and forgotten
Lost, adrift amidst the rotten bits of flotsam
Which have washed up
It's a sodom for the sodden sods
Whose sullen souls are softened
By the soothing sounds of sirens' sighs
Rising up from rock bottom
The place lies on ley lines
The veins of ancient bloodlines
That flush away the sacred flesh
To make way for the flood times
The antediluvian realm of Cthulu
Is answering to a new axiom
Where anchovies - humans sans sanity - loom into view with clarity
The Pantheon tell terrible parallel parables
And are washing away any arable land
Unbearable and incomparable pain
No normal mortal can even stand

Welcome to our town
You look as if you could use a drink
Bring along those sorrows you can't drown
You can swim or you can sink
What do you think?
What do you think?

Welcome to our town
You look as if you could use a drink
Bring along those sorrows you can't drown
You can swim or you can sink
What do you think?

Welcome to our town
You look as if you could use a drink
Bring along those sorrows you can't drown
You can swim or you can sink
What do you think?

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Dan Bull The Sinking City Comments
  1. Mav Sol

    No matter what Dan, you're fucking amazing. Not the d3 days no more but you're still great

  2. Buddy

    Generally don’t know why this game and song gets more love I think it is quite amazing game! after all these times of micro transactions and fortnite copycats..

  3. Hugo Vasquez

    Srsly thats One of your best Raps dan without a doubt.
    Tbh it reminded me of the talent you got (sry but most of the new tracks dont suit you).

  4. Dreamcast Soup

    This is hard core underappreciated

  5. VileSock

    My god your songs are so criminally underrated!

  6. CC Lewis

    I want HP Lovecraft to cover this

  7. Jacobus Kurnia Kaalapaking A.K.A Lord Promodus

    Oh my god this is so fucking good

  8. Billy Rye The Math Guy

    2:22 is this Loss

  9. TheLangenator

    I think this might be one of my favorite choruses that Dans ever done

  10. Alexander Azarov

    Nice, but JT Music did a better one.

  11. lyadh 101

    Damn this was epic!!!!!

  12. Young Blood Wolf

    "You can swim or You can sink." Erm I don't think I'll get a choice here D:

  13. Nick

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate

  14. Windex

    Why does youtube think this is Assassin's creed?

  15. Silent Rokon

    Can you do an okami hd rap next please

  16. Bread

    1:10 damn those alliterations on point

  17. Granulated Shrimp Is Gud

    This beat be sicker than antivax child on flu season.

  18. Thanatos Reaper

    The way you can switch stiles man... it is awesome. This style of your rapping totally suits this kind of game. You have a talent Dan, that very few people has... Keep it up...

  19. Saber Toothless

    Nice one,well done

  20. Cancer

    This is good

  21. Thanos

    this one is masterpiece and i mean the song <3 <3 danbull my man keep going

  22. Ikhwan Hensem

    Love this so much. Anyone else get vibes from the rap from batman ep 1? :D

  23. amalliar

    Man, I love that smooth chorus! It's so eerie and mysterious... Well done, Dan! Now of to go see what Yahtzee thinks of this game... 😏

    Superkami god

    I bet he didn't like it

  24. minimijo 2

    Dan I love your music and I always have since I was like 5

  25. Bailey Alexis Snow

    I'm getting sunless sea rap vibes, good shit

  26. Misticl124

    This is one of your best raps I’ve heard Dan! I don’t even play this game but I’m so gonna start if this quality content can be made from it, cool video :)

  27. Cona _

    Dan my moms friend I think is your sister in law or sister her name is fiona bull i think and is friends with my mum

  28. Roku

    Dead Chanel Rip

  29. Luna★Dreamer ヽ(´・ω・)ノ

    goddam i like this flow

  30. Laflechette ?

    Really good

  31. WeirdInternet

    You able to do a rap for Prototype?

  32. Tobias Roeuth

    Omg so good

  33. Alexandre Bertone

    So cool and jazzy !

  34. Nortagem

    I fucking love this song!

  35. JohnnyBadboy

    Which game is this? It’s not Syndicate, right?

  36. ashley crawford

    The Call of the Danthulu

  37. Tyklay

    Amazing song, Dan! c:

  38. stealthkillah122

    this was amazing 💗 please do a rap for death stranding when it releases please

  39. Bubbanator

    Great one as always Dan.
    Love how your whole demeanor changes to fit the game the song is about.
    Also we still need a Titan Fall 2 rap

  40. Miss Katonic

    This is incredible and I'm utterly in love!

  41. 0451 Yeti

    Watched six times in a row it's goddamn masterpiece dan !!!

  42. Captain PG

    Do the Pixel gun 3d rap

  43. Hanz

    I can't swim.

  44. Qwertious

    The endcard tho

  45. Darkest Dungeon Skeleton

    I love the Lovecraftian feel that Dan Bull has made in the song. The mysteriousness and the esoteric nature are perfect for this game.

  46. Randomniceplays

    dayummm thats soo dope! Honest great song!!!


    wtf iam24569 vuer in this vidio but the put it rzight now

  48. The Wilhelm Scream

    Clean as usual👌

  49. Kyle Towner

    Is this a new game or something did it just come out? I ask because FunHaus has played it recently and now this and I've never heard of this game up until now

  50. 1inamillion & Co

    God damn the animation on the "welcome to our town" bit is so fucking smooth and nice

  51. Kamyuyon

    this feels like one of your oldschool ones. thats good.

  52. bamannpiderman

    ... D-darkest... Dungeon?

  53. Mad__Kev

    This is pretty rad.

  54. Max


  55. Menno GamesNL


  56. Deliciously Harmful Productions

    there it is, one of my favourite faces of dan bull. the non chalant linguist dan with that british swagger and accent riddled with authentic uk lingo, even reflected in the production. flows on point front to back, gonna be adding this to the playlist! might even possibly have to check the game out, now ;)

  57. TimKovich

    Only rapper I know who can employ the word "antediluvian"

  58. Lucas van B

    Man, the sunless sea one finally got a spiritual sequel, loved that man, love this one

  59. The Real

    Dan'thulhu !

  60. Tinky

    Love it!

  61. Bravooscar Bravooscar

    Fucking fire Dan, fucking dope man you did it again

  62. bobby barnard

    I was really hoping this one would be covered and I’m not disappointed

  63. rpgamer987

    Fucking christ, man. This one goes so far beyond some rhyming thesaurus. It's as if you had to turn to something wholly unholy for inspiration.

  64. Cerberus

    was it just me or did anyone else break their computer mouse from clicking to fast?

  65. kuma

    This video was better than the actual game

  66. Syafiq Razip

    The rhymes are such an ear candy.

  67. Joel Wybrew

    This was so solid man. Another example of your incredible vocabulary and technique to make enjoyable fun rhymes.

  68. S3nce -iwnl-

    Can u make another minecraft song please

  69. Amarok Tezcatlipoca

    You are an ace rapper man, loved what you did as The Ripper for ERB (and Churchill too). But everything I hear from you is fire! I've never even heard of this game "Sinking City," but it had a Cthulhu reference and more importantly, it had damned good bars! Much love from across the pond!

  70. Thyrrin

    Dan bull never fails to impress me, great work!

  71. Project Javelin

    Loved the part with the s alliteration! There’s fast lyrics throughout the whole song, and masterful use of different words.
    In total, great rap!

  72. Michael Figueroa

    I wanna love this game so bad but it's soooo broken lol.

  73. Jammo

    Awesome work as always brother

  74. Mage Rabbit

    It was fire from the start, nice work dan!

  75. Cyrx -GLG-

    That hook is actually awesome!!!

  76. Veylun

    This is SICC. I have a Cthulhu inspired half sleeve, this shit is amazing to hear!!

  77. jimzplace

    Youtube has subbed me to this channel. IM unsubbing. Sorry

  78. Xente Levi

    Your Sunless Sea rap is still one of my favourites and, as you say in the description, this is in the same vein! I love it!

  79. Shirodragoon

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

  80. Joao Vitor Finavaro

    Why i want to play this game whit a good jazz

  81. PROBABLYwhyNot YT:3

    Sinking city

    Cough cough...

    I thought of *BIO SHOCK*

  82. Sir Bruoche Delasaintemie

    my god... good song as always, but... fduck... is there really a GOOD call of cthulhu game some month after i've get my money lost with the BAD "call of cthulhu" ?!

  83. Theo Sherman

    I would love to hear Ab-Soul and Dan Bull on the same track

  84. The Devs

    Most people spit fire, but in this rap, dan spits an entire town!

  85. Boone


  86. sky Moore

    U know how to spit bars i cant wait to see u in a diss war and kick their beats by whrre they came from

  87. Jordan Chaput

    Dan, this is phenomenal!! Your flow on this track really works with the tone of the song.

    Keep it up!! Love your stuff!!

  88. Rajean Douglas

    It's about time Youtube recommends me something good.

  89. Sergey Ten

    As the lead writer of the game I officially declare that this is gold.

    FrostbiteTyrant _

    @Sergey Ten Jt Music have a good Sinking City rap

    Sergey Ten

    @FrostbiteTyrant _ wow, thanks for giving me a hint. It's also really great.


    this song and no the commet makes me wish i had a pile of money the size of everist just to spend on the games i wish i had and a super pc than buy the usa to remove the debt for a few years nd who knows what elts


    Sergey Ten you and your team have created something great in my opinion!
    Truly amazing!

    Pranab Dey

    Sergey Ten ryjolhddsx hmm mxl commercialsin inventory fedn🗻🐼🐼🗻🗻🗻🏭🤔🤔👌

  90. ThePillent

    Been listening to this on spotify before hand. It's so good!

  91. Stuart Howard

    Shame it felt like a ps3 game.. Call of Cthulhu was better imo.

  92. Narutokun11

    Another bangarang banger.

  93. crusader gamer

    Nothing but fire

  94. ObsidianFlight

    i found this on spotify like a day ago i like it

  95. Honest Guy

    That Alliteration is godlike

  96. chrispy kinsley

    Really enjoyed this song, it was dark but gave me some classic dan bull vibes, which is very nice

  97. Japanse_ Samurai

    Nice rap. Can you maby make a rap about ghost recon Breakpoint? The rap about the previous ghost recon went verry wel.

  98. HabitatGer

    another masterpiece!

  99. B I G B O I

    Absolutely Amazing Dan!

  100. Dan Bull

    Thanks to everybody who's been listening on Spotify. My songs appear on Spotify a few days before YouTube so make sure you're following my epic playlist to get all the new tracks first: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7x8UWetW3pfcwDgFEDDru8?si=rxl17-pbThaXAyPLLraHcg

    ivona barbir

    on the end nexst wideo put name Luka on credits plz


    As usual, hauntingly beautiful. You're a goddamn legend.

    Ben's Pet Duck

    TF2 rap when?

    DarthMobian ™


    (I just wanted you to see it)

    "Change the way you write your choruses and have others sing the parts if necessary. This one was a perfect example of what to do.
    You write amazing lyrics, but sometimes when it comes to the chorus they can either come off as campy. This is a song that you can actually listen to repeatedly.
    (I know because I have, for a full day and then only stopped because I needed to sleep) Maybe try to make the further music about games a little less esoteric if you can. Again, this song is a perfect example of what you do when you're at your best. Your song about Destiny is one of the best you've ever written, with Metro last in on the list as well. I would say take inspiration from your deepest, most meaningful tracks and maybe try to write something that the listener can feel even when they aren't listening to the song.. but be careful not to go overboard with the emotion. Thats how you make Machinima music, and we both know how bad their songs are. Another thing I've noticed about your work is that whenever you let another rapper join they usually ruin the song. Their style doesn't always mix well with yours or sometimes even with the song itself, but thats in my personal opinion. I've been a fan of yours for about 8 years, and recently (today) started to check out your older, more original tracks. I hadn't even known about them until now, and I have to say that I love them.

    Ps: You should get more involved in other people's projects... the positions that I believe you should be in are usually filled by Boyinaband. Nothing personal against him, but I believe that you have a much better sense of rhythm and you have a better time keeping up with the tempo of the songs you're in. You would have done the Ricegum diss so much better.. With that being said, I hope you get to see this, and that you get the recognition you deserve. You're the best out there. "

    Love this one in particular. Long time fan. <3

    Lucifer Satan

    Hey, will you ever release batman raps episode 2, after 7 years waiting, need an answer atleast