Dan Bull - Summer Lyrics

Some of the happiest days are when the sun rays cascade
Over your back in the most naturally placid of ways
You don't have to ask whether perhaps it'll rain
And the centigrade never strays past twenty eight
It's fantastically great kicking back with your mates
And knowing no, you don't have to act to your age
You can snack on a Flake or take a basket of cakes
But make sure you've got some factor eight splashed on your face
And the ladies make daisies attached in a chain
While the lads entertain them with a basketball game
And then after we're knackered and the match has been played
Grab a glass of lemonade and relax in the shade
We'll bask and just laze in the grass's green blades
And sit back and just gaze at the paths of the planes
Nothing matters today, you can chatter and play
Playful antics under blankets of immaculate haze

Once upon a summer
The sun plays across the lawn
Once upon a summer
The air is sweet and warm

Once upon a summer
Heavenly and calm
Once upon a summer
It's never been this fun

It's ace when you're tipsy and playing with a frisbee
There ain't been better days in the pages of history
And though your hay fever itches and makes you be sniffly
It's blatantly plain that you'll savour and miss these
Great times when they're gone, days lying in the sun
Bathing, misbehaving and playfighting for fun
They might have been some of the days of your life that you'll always
Be reminded of when your time to pass away finally comes
And as the day becomes night and the sun goes down
The shadows grow slow and cloak round your home town
There's no sound but the bees and the birds
And slowly but certainly the season returns
You turn down to the ground and there's leaves on the earth
Turning brown and allowing the trees to rebirth
There's a breeze in the air and it breathes through your hair
And that's it - summer leaves for the year

Summer's come and gone
The day's no longer young
Summer's come and gone
But the memory lives on

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Dan Bull Summer Comments
  1. Caio Drago

    Let it be known that even if people are not commenting , and even if this isn't Dan's most popular song , this is art , thank you for your contribution to humanity , Dan .

    Keep up the good work , you'll never be forgotten !

  2. MAXTHEMAD Games


  3. Jordan Joestar

    this is horribly underrated, had it on repeat for hours now

    Iron Hawk

    This one, Winter, and Outbound are my favorites from this album, so for some time had them on repeat, but all songs in the album are so good I just put the whole album on repeat

  4. The Sword Art Online Dickriding Association

    lol, you were high af writing this

  5. TwistedLlama

    Dan is just a god. Thank you for your music

  6. Khalifa Al Aseery

    wow! .. just.. wow!

  7. AcousticGamer

    I can't get enough of this song man!!!

  8. 1231Studios

    This guitar riff is clearly stolen from Californication - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, this song is better though

  9. AcousticGamer

    I just found this song and I already love it.


    Iron Hawk geez it's been over a year glad people are still listening to this

    Iron Hawk

    Yea, its great music, my favorite album along with hip hop horray and generation gaming


    Can't believe this comment is a year old.


    Still good though

  10. uranium52

    I'm so upset this album doesn't get enough recognition.

    Iron Hawk

    Same :(

  11. John Smith

    this is the good old shit, I consider it a classic. Play this whenever I am chilling

  12. Gygasnuke

    Memory Lane, anybody?

    Xavian Stormfang

    @Gygasnuke *Raises hand* Yep.

  13. Ash

    Want guitar tabs so baddd

    first last

    +Ash Just work it out by ear.


    +Ash Look up every word by sade tab

  14. Andres .Guzman

    nice Sade sample!

  15. sitford

    Them fucking birds, 

  16. Ash

    Man I love this album

  17. Sownheard

    You need to re upload these songs there good

    Xavian Stormfang

    @freud balemba It's on iTunes.


    Sownheard they're

  18. TheBurkhardt

    makes me sad that these videos dont have many views :/

    Mr. R

    TheBurkhardt yeah 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  19. Krongrah

    I just heard this song for the first time, and I just wanted to close my eyes and and go to sleep. It's incredibly calming. :)

  20. Anton Santos

    i love this

  21. inkeldinky

    sorry for replying after lots of others did, I think you might find it interesting that rap is short for "rythm and poetry"


    inkeldinky really I thought it was short for talking to a beat

  22. CrackFoxJunior

    Finally got study leave. Doing the stuff in this song at the same time as listening to it.

  23. mr0we

    Wow did you just say this is more of a poem than a rap? You must listen to lil Wayne. True hip hop is poetry you noob.

  24. Kyosika

    The first 5 seconds remind me of Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

  25. Zovioh

    First for 2 months

  26. argusvga

    first post in about 4 months

  27. tadam25

    Just bought this album on iTunes while waiting for Face

  28. MrCuddz

    dan how has this album not been recognised yet, or at least this song? The album is like a story its music at its most fundamental brilliance

  29. The Montage

    This is my favourite of your songs. Just makes me sit back and day dream about SUMMER!

  30. Dan Bull

    @GenericPurpleTurtle I obviously NEVER use uncleared samples in my music, but if I did, this track would probably contain a sample of the song "Every Word" by Sade. I don't think she's stupid, she has an amazing voice, it's well worth checking out some of her tracks

  31. GenericPurpleTurtle

    What's the intrumental from? I heard it being played in a cafe and was like, omg id dan bull bull, but then some stupid lady started singing :(

  32. morrybyte

    love it

  33. Ben Williams

    yeah its all about the conscientious and intelligent music, its still a shame that braintax decided to end it, but I'm really enjoying this dan bull bloke!

  34. Kaikara05

    Chilled song.

    I think now Braintax is gone, Dan could fill the void he left very nicely :-)