Dan Bull - Subnautica Lyrics

Diffracted and fractured like young dreams
Lost chances to capture these sunbeams
Splintered and shattered like young dreams
That no longer matter

Among a thousand galaxies, each with a thousand stars
You're bound to find another like ours
Submerged and immersed in a version of earth
From innumerable years before your birth
Crash landed on an aquatic planet, stranded
Surrounded by oceanic expanses and no answers
A load of questions and no language to ask 'em in
But the fact is that I'm fascinated, so fasten in

Dappled, divided like young dreams
Devoured, disunited on sunbeams
Disintegrated like young dreams
Embittered, dismayed

We descended under splentid rolling tides
You could find a hole and hide
Or you can rise, revolt and fight
Seize the day and you control the night

Deep down, down below the waves
Is a foreboding place from which you won't escape, no
On the sea floor of Aurora
We see flora and fauna
We feel awesome in auras
Of all different sorts, colours, warmths
And they're forming an ecosystem
Different pieces mixed into some biomes
Of symbiosis and I notice that
Such new sights can just bring eyes to focus
So slow down a moment and toke this hypnosis
No smoke in this ocean, we're floating
Unroped from the woes of the coast, no emotion but motion
Moving, soaking, soothing
If I can go there, so can you
Is it the moon in a mist or a lunar eclipse?
There's no mutual exclusion, the two can exist

Nobody sees me in here
Yet the water's so clear
I guess that confirms what I had thought
Just me and Aurora in the spot
I feel isolation (isolation)
And fascination
I know it seems grim and I am lost
But I won't give in, ignore the cost
(I, oh, mmh)
So I keep gazing at

Distorted, disjointed like young dreams
Crushed, disappointed, these sunbeams
Fractured, fragmented like young dreams
Left unattended

We descended under splentid rolling tides
You could find a hole and hide
Or you can rise, revolt and fight
Seize the day and you control the night

And you control the night
And you control the night
You control the night

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Dan Bull Subnautica Comments
  1. The Doggo Channel

    Oh my, he sounds like dantdm lol

  2. Kevin Bruins

    Sub zero?

  3. Wall of Fresh

    2:12 Sees leviathan


  4. MidnightLight

    When did this video change?

  5. ih8TrumpTardzz

    whats that sample again? its on the edge of my brain

  6. Ryan Tonkin

    I like that the chick kinda sounds like the artist 'aurora' if that was intentional then your a genius haha

  7. Wildeevee1589

    The real name should be sunbeam

  8. SpitFire Games

    Dan bull try out subnautica now and subnautica below zero

  9. Donkey Kun


  10. The Nonchalant Shallot

    This.... was strangely inspirational o.o

  11. aninsaneostrich

    It took me almost a year to understand that "there's no mutual exclusion, the two can exist" line. very clever Dan.

  12. _SamC5000_

    one of my fav raps yet for my fav game ever.

  13. Timmy Great12

    Ohhhhh so hard to determine whos rap is better....Jt or Dan Bull....


    about subnautica, Dans. in general .... i can't say

  14. Ayonix Animations

    "Deep down down, below the waves is a foreboding place from which you won't escape." I see what you did there Dan, and I love it x'D

  15. LiamK0125

    How does this rap have so few likes

  16. Storm Crow

    you got me for life dude

  17. DarkStoneMiner

    Suprised noone is pointing out the fact that Aurora isn't the name of the planet. "on the seafloor of aurora"

  18. BigYellowButton

    do you make the beats yourself or do you get them from a website? if you get them from a website, which one?

  19. SirLucifer66 lucifer

    Anyone who dislikes must hate subnatica

  20. EPICDOGGY2226 Epic

    1:08 there is a line from the little nightmares rap

  21. Maria Dennis Rodriguez

    Me encanta es bacano

  22. H41R0

    good to sleep. i tried...

    i did it

  23. snaccformatt

    This song can chill out a volcano

  24. KATastrophic 90

    This was amazing! I think yr better than JT music u sing/rap with the beat perfectly! Man this is my fav by far!

  25. [OSS]_Alterra_

    Did you call the planet aurora

  26. Unreal Environments - Speed Level Design

    please make more song with Veela.... you're perfect togheter!

  27. Enjoy Bacon

    Dan bulls chill raps are my favorite

  28. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    The only way this could be more chill is if Morgan free read the lyrics

  29. j n

    Mega scheiße

  30. Scyllaya

    Oh, I really loved this. It really was very chill! And I liked Veela's singing a lot!

  31. BardoGaming

    Damn Dan.... You sold a copy of subnautica

  32. BoboXXL

    i had high expectations for this rap man, and you exceeded it. wp.

  33. BoboXXL


  34. PopcornEgg

    Yes!!!!!!! Subnauctica is getting the attention it deserves even when it's early access!

  35. Malachite Heart

    This has me shook asf....

  36. The DarkLordRunner

    “Seize the day and you control the night”

  37. Anarchy

    did anyone notice that there is a line from little nightmares rap is in this?

  38. Mangle13

    It’s still not on iTunes😭😭 But I really want to buy it. ITS AMAZING!!💚💚💚💚

  39. Starry Stans Al-An

    0:49 yes, the sunbeam was dissintagrated. Like young dreams.

  40. Dank Memes

    merry christmas and happy holiday

  41. SCB

    This is such an awesome rap.
    Listening it in a loop since it came out, please never stop doing what you do. :3
    And Merry Christmas of course! :)

  42. Crimson R

    That sunless sea reference though.

  43. Iota

    Geez, those must be really small galaxies.

  44. Xanis o

    Ya' damn Veela coming in with the surprise, and amazing, vocals. I wouldn't mind a stronger alt-vocal presence if it has that kind of impact.

  45. Dillon Godden

    I live it

  46. Marek Králík

    When im coming from work,its number one song in my car radio #1

  47. Dylan Plays

    Great job one of the best I rate it a A plus you to veela

  48. acrobatic alpaca

    Ugh, yeah it was alright but this game has so much potential for good music that so far not even the devs or Dan have been able to fulfill. It needs something less techno and more like some of the songs Alex Turner did for submarine or bright night flowers by Jon Fratelli or possibly some Florence + the machine but the general gist is piano is good. I did like the more vocal bits in the official game sound tracks.

    CJ G

    acrobatic alpaca ?

    CJ G

    I’ve always liked the calm music

  49. Cris03sora

    This is really awesome. Still loving your work ^^

  50. Jacob Glaze

    0:53 my favorite part of the whole song. just the way he says the words with the beat makes it so good

    Rainbo Hornet

    Jacob Glaze 1:44 is my fav

  51. PeopleCallMeLucifer

    this is just perfect!

  52. THEZOMBOT 04

    I have this game but it runs slow

  53. Knarin

    This rap is so good, it made me buy Subnautica.

  54. Slavko Glamočanin

    Just wow.

  55. Conspicuous Orb

    Veela? Little nightmares throwback? Squarespace??!? The perfect song.

  56. NateBit8

    1:43 outdated footage

  57. NateBit8


  58. B.A.M. The Scrub

    I love this song! So chill. And Veela's voice... just wow.

  59. The Carniverous Cardinal


  60. Scott Donahue

    Deep down, down below the waves. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! The Little Nightmares rap!

  61. RogueGamer907

    Damn her part was awesome then it got better when it became a duet badass job dan

  62. Weiss Galathynius

    Do you self reference your own raps within your raps? Wasn't that deep below the waves forbodeing place line the exact line from your little. Nightmare rap?

  63. Rampage Gaming

    Deep, down down below the waves is a foreboding place from which you wont escape, no those who go there go to stay below the ocean spray who knows your fate

  64. Displaced

    nice use off the sellout backing track during the ad at he end

  65. Ponchovie

    i feel as if you two are dating dan, JUST by the description

  66. ynel

    1:07 Little Nightmare!

  67. Carlos Yanez

    When the fuck are you gonna drop a good song already it's been 3 god damn months.

  68. LankyMcDanky

    i love the speed and tempo of this song keep up the incredible work.

  69. mister person

    subnautica isnt realeased yet

  70. Martyn Kernighan

    I hope not everyone thinks the planet is actually called aurora. it's 4546B

  71. Martyn Kernighan

    Dan, this is fucking amazing. but... the planet is called 4546B... not aurora. aurora is that giant ship that crashed.

  72. Matt

    damn this looks amazing

  73. Tiny Tina

    wait, this isn't the little nightmares rap

  74. Just Defender

    I hope someday IGP or jackscepticeye play this while exploring.

  75. randomvideocommenter

    I had a small freakout on my second time listening to this song when I realized the Sunbeams in the pre-chorus referred to more than one thing... Almost forgot about that...

  76. random vids right now

    1:07 through 1:11 is the lyrics he used for the little nightmares rap

  77. Erubanhron Gaming

    I swear you've used this beat before or something similar and its driving me crazy trying to remember the original video it was in.

  78. The Lowspot

    Oh my mistake mistoke this song for subnatic song thst was cringy but this is good

  79. The Lowspot

    A bit cringy but not bad ok alot cringy

  80. MrBlacksheep98

    Woah, this song has actually made me go and buy the game. I didn't really care before but holy shit it looks nice

  81. Detective Dorian

    I'd almost think this was a Gorillaz song.

  82. orange juice

    Extreme nitpick but why did you say "on the sea floor of aurora" The aurora is the ship that crashed on the planet

  83. zacharie ???

    this song doesnt fit at all to the game in ANY way

  84. Owen Smith

    This low key reminded me of the Gorillaz, Plastic beach

  85. Tannaut Jones

    PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.TOMORROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU'VE STARTED READING THIS. DON'T STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1. say your name 10 times 2. say your mom's name 5 times 3. say your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this to 4 other songs. if you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. SEND THIS TO 5 SONGS IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORK

    Mr. Krabs

    Tannaut Sure....

  86. Ahmad TheLivingMeme

    @dan bull i see in your light nightmares rap you used deep down below the there is a forbidding place form which you won't escape XD any one else notice that?

  87. Joe Bothell

    Noq- I want to say the line "on the sea floor of aurora" is wrong, the planet isn't named Aurora. Aurora is the massive crashed ship


    Joe Bothell he knows, it just rhymes

    Joe Bothell

    Fair enough.

  88. Jiggity Spensoul

    Hollow Knight would be a good rap!

  89. Jiggity Spensoul

    Dude.. come on this shit is underrated... NEED MORE VIEWS THE FUCKK

  90. Manuel Vargas

    PewDiePie is better

  91. Ivory Clegg

    It hurt when I had to force myself to stop listening. This was so great!

  92. InternetFeline

    The last time I heard Veela, she sang "Go Back Home", which was a tribute to Disney's Atlantis. Funny I find her singing for an underwater game after all this time.

  93. Colin Newbury

    You make a song about subnautica but not for titan fall 2

  94. Schnitzeldroid

    Veela!! <3

  95. Dan Bull

    The song will be on Spotify very soon... while you're waiting for it, check out all my other songs on Spotify, there are like 300 of them https://open.spotify.com/user/douglby/playlist/7x8UWetW3pfcwDgFEDDru8

    No Stop it

    Dan Bull where is the destiny 2 rap???

    Rainbo Hornet

    Dan Bull spotify? Yay!

    Lezgo Awsomeness

    wait i thought the songs were on spotify FIRST ok time to drown my spotify account (spotify i paid give me my premium pls)

    The DarkLordRunner

    Dan Bull this is fire. Do a livestream for people to rap or make a discord

    Lord Pindar

    Hey you gonna do a subzero version? Also ever thought about reaching out to NeebsGaming for a collab?