Dan Bull - Steamworld Quest (The Epic Rap Of Gilgamech) Lyrics

Attention, adventurer! Fetch a couple of friends at once
And then come up to the entrance of my den the one with the pretentious front
See my intention is to send you on a journey
Just sign here, here and here, no need to pester your attorney
I can assure you all it's all above board, ensuring your return
It's all insured and after all I'm sure you can all afford a gurney
Right then, who's ready for excitement?
Who's very good at delicately repelling furry pikemen?
Excelling when you fight them, dishing out heroic strikes
No crying either, I require my hires to be the stoic type
And go in like the clappers, arms flailing like some nineties rappers
Hyped up to slap whatever surprise attackers might come at us
Psychopathic type, to grab a tiger by the knackers
Stare him right in the eye and sigh "pff, like it matters"
Crikey, that was quite a tangent, let me wind it back a tad
I'm combining violent acts with grinding knights and baccarat
My new type of battle rap, thrice as nice as past examples
We three are the real deal, you're manufactured plastic samples
I'm basked in candlelight, casting magic from fantastic angles
Like hammers smacking anvils so fast
Your wider family's entire future, present and their past is canceled
I know that has to rankle, but show me that you're thankful
And I might just let you leave the table breathing
Without the need for fatal beatings to alleviate your evil deeds

We are by far the hardest
Of ménage à trois this side of Mars
No need to mine for gold now, we're bringing giant bars
You can't be coming in our town and chucking your cards down
You just interrupted a game, look this is my round
So shut up and be quiet now, before you get sparked out
'Cause every crustacean's just made of mush under that hard shell
We'll fight peasants, knights, kings crying "guards, help"
While we rain fire down and shout "where are your gods now?"

But you know what? There's more to us than all the pain we're dealing
What about the pain we're feeling, too, that pain needs healing
There's only so much strain a lone brain can take and keep in
From the nascent morning's warm rays to evening
Before the walls will break and all the caged frustration seeps in
We're waist deep in freezing water that won't wait to deepen
Each of us believes we're alone in separated pieces
But this way of thinking's way too frequent, so we need to change the sequence
We need to speak to mates that we relate to who may be feeling
Each as isolated and unappreciated and drained of meaning
It's a way to vent and ventilate, the steam you may be breathing
Put together we can overcome our heads and slay the demons
Make a team, cooperate, collaborate cohesively
And we will take on what we face and beat the danger easily
Trivia, you can't spell steam without team
Facts, you can't expect help without saying "help me"
Without being down to help out with the helping
And you can't be down to help out without helping
And you can't help out without helping yourself
Here's a helping of self-help, stop doubting yourself now
'Cause if you can't help doubting I doubt the doubt's helping

But anyway, I digress
This song's about steamworld quest

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Dan Bull Steamworld Quest (The Epic Rap Of Gilgamech) Comments
  1. C L O W N S A N I T Y

    Im still waiting for this game to come to ps4

  2. Ryan Brennan

    I would’ve loved to hear you rap about Darkest Dungeon

  3. Ancient Buns

    Looks good

  4. Anthony Rossiter-Walkes

    This was perfect for today. #MentalHealthAwareness Day

  5. Dashing Fox

    Better than Jt right now

  6. Ava Da Kookie


  7. imagine honor

    Rap about darkest dungeon

  8. The Engineer

    I really hope you're one of the artist on this title like how steam powered giraffe's was.

  9. Jorge Monsalve

    Publicidad de youtube lo hiciste bien esta vez. nice video.

  10. Richard

    I love this song, why isn't it on the google play store?

  11. Chicken Nugget Playz

    This guy makes the best music.

  12. Willie Gordon

    Dan why cant you spit flamez like this on AAA title raps so everyone can find and love your barz too lmao

  13. Fergus James Eric ANDREW

    Holy crap I love every instrumental of all of your videos.

  14. Ske1eton YT

    Danbull pls make a rap about Darkest Dungeon

  15. DRoaster Chicken

    Me: just discovered this channel
    Me: Plays video
    Me: INSTA SUB :3

  16. jackawaka

    nice little twist, thanks for that

  17. Mack Cadarette

    And so, due to the 2nd Great Ad-Pocalypse, poor Ol' Danny Boi had to sell out...again.

  18. Music The Moises

    alguien que la halla escuchado en un anuncio de youtube y que le halla gustado?

    Z4 3W


  19. I want the world to burn.

    Great game, great rapper, better combo!

  20. cleokooky

    The best thing that YouTube did was recommend this

  21. mobile 4 EVER

    The best

  22. iqxela

    I can’t stop signing this bloody tune boom boom

  23. DeathΩMessenger

    Okay, you know what? This video game me an idea! I have a fun challenge for you, Dan!

    This game reminded me of an indie game I played recently: Tesla vs. Lovecraft!
    It also reminded me of another Cosmic Horror-themed game: Cultist Simulator.

    I actually want to see if you can make up rhymes for the weird Lovecraftian names! Or, well, make sense of the Cultist Sim lore to try making a rap out of it (I think you might actually be somewhat familiar, it's from the Endless Sea mythos)! XD

  24. Jose Olivo

    Damn, gotta love the rap, always find a way to give it all to your audience Dan.

  25. Carolyn Vogan

    When will the bendy series get another song?

  26. Bankaioken X9000

    When the rap flow does a complete 180 but sounds just as sick. 💚👌🏾1:40

  27. Nathan Hakes

    Recent sub and happy to be so! Great work on the entirety of this. The last bit here 2:31 sounds like it could be the main part of a seperate hit song if it were a chorus. It's catchy, clever, and meaningful.


    Love your music bro

  29. 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68

    Found this by an ad, awesome song, it convinced me to try the game... I just wish I had a Switch to get it 😅

  30. JTKerry

    Deep line: exsists

    Dan bull: sorry went off track here’s the name of the game

  31. NoxSicarius1

    Would love to see something about a board game. Maybe something like Gloomhaven, Western Legends, or Spirit Island

  32. Optic Axis

    I hope you do more political observation raps like Robocopyright.

  33. Dallas Mann

    Should make another Skyrim rap.

    They made like, 50 versions of skyrim. Seems like at least rap or two more would be fitting.. especially if they manage to make ONE more version of TESV

  34. Reef Castella

    Man I love your music so much aye I basically listen to your raps of Skyrim on loop it's so good. Hey I know it's not a video game but do you rekn You could make a rap about The Uchichas from Naruto I believe your voice is perfect for a rap like that. I hope you will consider it and keep up the good work

  35. Mikail Khoirrozy

    I want to say hello to Patty, Jimmy,Sammy.Hi

  36. TacticalNinjas

    Click read more

    You are now immune to all curse comments in 2019 and 2020

  37. ReZ Nation

    Borderlands 3 trailer rap

  38. wokofson

    dan bull

  39. scandivik

    i really like Your serious and deep songs. dont get me wrong, i like most of Your songs, but i would like more deep and emotional songs, or more powerful, but serious songs.

  40. Jason Drewes

    The change of pace in this song is beautiful

  41. FG RN

    Roast Ned Woodman, a comedian. Also, no swearing.
    A preview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FuEH432lNEo

  42. FG RN

    In fact, RAP ROAST him

  43. FG RN

    Hey, can u do a diss track on donibobes, just for fun

  44. Humphrey J

    Wtf I saw you on a comment section of a limmy vid

  45. Kevin Santiago

    good shit as always mang!

  46. JarReL KoAY

    This is 5000 celcius

  47. Nick Walton

    Great work on this one Dan! It really goes beyond the game, but pulls the game up with it :)

  48. Gary Cromie

    Glad to see someone else who loves this series as much as I do, Dan. Good work.

  49. Whiterun Guard

    Oh shit that's deep

  50. Robin Frommenwiler

    do a war thunder rap

    Robin Frommenwiler

    Great idea!

  51. Niko Gagnon

    Thats bitch slapped the white dragons ass like, she was about to fk it.

  52. Niko Gagnon

    Another shit card game for mobile yay.... back to cod 2, new games are so far off track, but this track is lit. 🔥

    Art of Stormdancing

    This is not for mobile, it is for Switch and Steam. You know literally nothing about the game, you are easily the most ignorant person I have seen online today.

  53. Adam Thy Artix

    Damn, you are as good as It Machinima

  54. Olle Reberg

    Do a rap on the game Magicka! It would be totally BANANERS!

  55. WK2mkl _

    Waiting for Borderlands 3 Rap!!
    Btw good rap as always
    I doubt that, doubt helping.


    Yeah, I'm sure that rap would've been *Epic.*

  56. Tony Proud


    Einheits Brey


  57. Trap Gaming

    You make the only enjoyable ads on this planet thank you. I love the music to

  58. Code Name: Toshi

    The game world looks like it might actually be pretty interesting, too bad it's confined to a shitting card game.

  59. łŁucıϝer Λпυb̶ıs Ħэłł'łÐúмøuɳτ

    No doubts about buying the game when its comes out from the mouth of Dan Bull during a vocal bout.

  60. Nit3Faux

    This man is a goat always drops hard lyrics was worried since it's been awhile since he dropped sumthin

  61. Bonifacius alt

    you've fallen far from the throne

  62. Slippery_

    maaakeee yoouuurr ooowwnn muussiiiccc

    Rovarn 311 Treleven

    Ikr his lyrics are so spicy if he would attack everything with his talents...everything he makes a song about hits so hard

  63. Golden Hat

    2:44 Musics Helps me trough tough times

  64. KEABER The Techradon

    Can you please do a rap on jurassic Park

  65. Pete The Party Panda

    one of the only rappers who can rap about a game while bringing people together and caring about mental health

  66. Connor Quest!

    That got real deep real fast, actually really put perspective on current things for me right now, my god Bull you’ve done it again

  67. Deliciously Harmful Productions

    that was epic, would really love to hear more of this off shoot non game related stuff

  68. GRamers

    I'll never stop being amazed by the quality of your lyrics. Keep up your amazing work,mate.

  69. Mask

    The past steamworld games were super underrated, looking forward to this one. And great song as always Dan.

  70. Stay N’ Play Games

    Dem string instruments. Absolute gold as usual, Dan.
    🔥 🔥

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    Turn on captions with translate, it struggles but what it gets is hilarious :P

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    Dan bull Ghast raaaaapppp

  73. Nathaniel

    Oh, this is the rapping I miss.

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    Cannot wait for your Borderlands 3 rap

  75. Neutral_MichaelC

    What is the beat please

  76. Neutral_MichaelC

    What is the beat please

  77. ZERO

    Mordhau rap!

  78. TheCanadianBubba

    That syncopation threw me

  79. Paige Milner

    Hey Dan, could we get a rap about Animal Crossing just for shits and giggles? Love your content btw, your flow never ceases to amaze


    nice chorus man

  81. Rahtep Bahtu

    I don't understand how these shitty mobile games get all the money to end up with this sponsored video, compared to more decent game titles.

  82. Coriae Ogletree

    9/10 needs steam sounds, kidding

  83. Delta MacK

    I swear, the less I know about the game, the better Dan's raps are

  84. CryoPop

    From epic monster slaying to expressing feelings of loneliness and self doubt. this rap was a roller coaster of emotions and i thoroughly enjoyed every fking part of it. Thank you Dan, Thank you.

  85. FleetAdmiralHalsey

    Dan Bull - When Adverts are better than the game.

  86. Damien Fournier

    Didn't know I needed to hear this powerful message about letting go of doubt until now...thanks Dan you really helped me out

  87. Han K

    Damn, this was good.

  88. Apocrylix

    Woah this was very deep, the video was amazing too and the song on point, great work Dan !

  89. Matthias Groeneveld

    Nice editing at 1:15 . the card selecting in sync with the flow. well done!

  90. Kev Mccullagh

    Very profound stuff Dan.

  91. The UltimateGamer

    As usual brilliant. Always high standerds and they are always met.

  92. Blazingstardude!

    rap is amazing as to be expected from such an amazing artist as you Dan, and the game looks amazing, i found me a new steam wishlist game to move to the high priority for game purchases!

  93. luis c

    As great as ever

  94. Matt

    this got deep

  95. Miles Burnside

    This has made my day
    Thanks Dan

  96. Dan Bull

    Don't forget to add Steamworld Quest to your Steam wishlist on Steam here. Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/804010/SteamWorld_Quest_Hand_of_Gilgamech/

    Tobias Roeuth

    When’s your next (non) gaming album?
    I really liked safe and the garden and would like to see another album by you.

    Andrzej Górski

    I am your big fan, sir. And I consider the possibility of open letters coming back into a repertoire of yours a great magnificence. (Just an idea in case if You by any chance had some problems with inspiration.)


    Do a rap roast on Post Malone. Here is a line you can use
    Hey Post Malone
    Why you choking on that waterMalone
    While spending Christmas alone.

    Inno Oceans

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    Izit bcuz lyrics without sustains is difficult?
    lemme find some time for these things too

    Cruz Anderson

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