Dan Bull - SOPA Cabana Lyrics

I was born way back in 1986
I'm an old man now
But I remember how it used to be
Any now my grandchildren ask me

Grandad they say
Can you tell us what it was like
In the days of the Internet
You know, before SOPA
And I'd tell them

When was that? Hmm, let me see
Some time back in the early 21st century
I remember when the Internet was FREE
Behind my keyboard, people let me be

See, there used to be a thing called Freedom of Speech
We had freedom to teach each other, freedom to preach
Freedom to share culture and circulate ideas
Without the state trying to interfere, enter fear

We lost that freedom, not freedom as in free beer
But the freedom to be free from fear, even here
In the United Kingdom, the fact that I'm from England
Isn't a matter that matters to our new masters and kings

I was a chap who could sing and distribute my music
And like minded citizens could listen to it
I couldn't afford an orchestra, I was a poor performer
In more ways than one so I sought an alternate formula

Reinterpreted the media around me
Satirized the leaders' lies on found beats
Talked shop on top of a sample of a rock band
At least we used to, until rap got banned

At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
The place where SOPA
SOPA can ban ya

We're At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
The place where SOPA
SOPA can ban ya

You didn't have to act twisted to get your ass blacklisted
Just annoy a big business and get fisted
They had a vested interest in Congress
If one messed with them, then there'd be one less
Our representatives never represented shit

So the internet was history, this was the end of it
I remember it like it was yesterday
I guess that day, I was too lazy to investigate
The escapades of another state's government

Now I'm left to pay because the covenant
That they signed that day and ratified in law
Zipped our mouths up and took away our appetite for more!
I can't do much now about the way it is
But if I could go back and change things I'd say this

Truth is beauty
At least it used to be
And if you disagree with my views
Then you can sue me

In the meantime I'll keep using YouTube
Even if it means that I need to find a new medium
IRC, Darknets, so digital's down now?
I'll use pigeons and smoke signals

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Dan Bull SOPA Cabana Comments
  1. rob w

    Loved this song way back when, and still do. Some of the signs are very wrong though.

    Like "you have no right to censor what isnt yours". The only part I agree with is censoring, I think sopa was more geared towards piracy tho. Protecting artists and film companies intellectual properties being shared freely.

    Would u like it or think it ok if somebody could download your paycheck, and in turn u wouldn't get it?

  2. sumbodyshero

    I always rock this beat in my head! Clueless, detached-from-reality politicians will always be looking for new ways to screw us over!

  3. Cody Hutchison

    Can we get a new version called COPPA-cabana

  4. Vultur

    2020: COPPA Cabana

  5. metitusable

    it's still a great tune

  6. Herr Brun

    Let's be honest, we never really fought off SOPA. They just changed name and made it law anyways, think back 7 years what you did differently on the internet. What freedoms did you loose? There's quite a few, we just never noticed.

  7. BattleBear1997art

    Still love this song after 8 years ❤️

  8. MrKaaaarl

    And now we have artikel 13.

  9. Memories

    It's sad that this is relevant again, Article 13 is pretty much SOPA 2 and it passed (they call it Article 17 now but it's the same thing)

  10. How Stuff Work

    SOPA and now Article 13.. What's next..?

  11. mknzm

    EU Copyright Directive has now passed. Train your pigeons.

    Ian Taylor

    We've been pigeonholed.

  12. BingBong Hafu

    Article 13 is SOPA and PIPA all over again

  13. * Harinezumi *

    Is that Echoes?

  14. DmitryN

    Still so relevant.

  15. thepantcoat

    Anyone listening to this gem in 2019?

    FrozzenAxe Gaming

    thepantcoat hell yeah brother

  16. Infinite Freeman

    I admire you.
    I watched this video back in 2011 ...
    And I remember one important thing from a video, maybe here in YouTube, but I can't find it now...

    The person there says: " There is no such thing as copy-protected data/information. It is what computers do ! "
    If someone is able to find this particular video, I'd be very happy. Thanks !

  17. Adam Toumi

    We need you again Dan, articles 11 and 13, do your thing!

    BingBong Hafu

    He did on Grandayy’s Channel

  18. Adam Długosz

    This song is so real after few years... Now European Union wants ban free internet again.

  19. azeller09

    Sopa was basically the first try. Now its the net neutrality bill

  20. BenBjornsen

    We passed a law to protect net neutrality in Norway as soon as it became an issue in the US

  21. Cesar carrllo almazan

    entre a mi vieja cuenta de youtube y encontre esto en los videos que me gustaron. Que nostalgia recordar esto!

  22. fukuuu

    And here we are..

  23. mknzm

    RIP net neutrality

  24. LIMP stick

    Felt like listening to this again before 12 10 2017 FFC will cast vote for net neutrality

  25. Retro Plus

    Well this is becoming relevant again...

  26. markus mrkus

    Remember kids when this song was on the front page of piratebay?

    إيدوقاوا كونان

    يقططططع ام الذكريات هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    Case Cockrell

    Christ yes

    rob w

    I'm an old man now but I remember that and this song is amazong

  27. All Music

    Un saluto a Aaron Swartz... :(

  28. werxeh

    and now I have to put all my traffic through a VPN so it's not logged. That passed almost unnoticed after failing the first time, because the media was all focused on the EU referendum.

  29. somebodyoncetoldmetheworldwasgonnarollme

    We're free.

  30. Heneral Luna

    It's happening again, my dudes.

  31. Dreaming Procrast


  32. Brandon Wright

    2:13 AHHHH A FURRY

  33. will wallace

    I remember seeing this video on the pirate bay website years ago

  34. tribbli

    i was 11 when i listend to this 😂 my brother showed it to me and explained what sopa was and such


    Tribbli I have exactly the same story (except I was 12).

  35. Felipe Magno

    this instrumental remember of echoes by Pink Floyd

  36. Jesus Smith


  37. Jay Mess

    Strangers passing in the street, by chance to separate glances meet and I am you and what I see is me.

  38. hartanto hartanto

    Yay,we win!


    We won this round, but with stuff like TISA it looks like we've got more battles on our hands...

    hartanto hartanto

    @Superdavo0001 good luck have fun all 

  39. Gabriel R P Oliveira

    the best song in the internet

  40. Vultur

    Damn, almost 5 years old already...

  41. Cars of Tallinn

    march 2016 anyone?

    Kyler Radke

    +Cars of Tallinn im in April

    Infinite Freeman

    NOW , Anyone ? x-D

  42. Mechanical Heart

    still listening in 2016

  43. Maroki

    We can't get simply ruled by a state, the internet is by internet for the internet of the future. The internet isn't for states ruling us. Someone needs to change something.

  44. galidroo

    so well written, big props Dan Bull! i remember when this was on the front page of Pirate Bay

  45. Remrau

    3 years has passt, and we may have beaten SOPA, but we lost internet to TPP. We have yet to feel the effects of it, but within a year we surely will.
    I still can't understand how anyone of the "representatives" in senate or other government can sign stuff that will worsen one of the greatest inventions in human history. Do these people not use the internet themselves? Or are they just that confident that they will be able to afford the top-lines and so they don't give a fuck about anyone else?

    EU is now being lobbied by the big Media Mafia to put a price tag on links, and to hold ISP's responsible for all content that can be reached through them.
    It's like holding car companies resposible for any crime that had a car involved in it, or any electric company etc..

    And by some miracle this shit goes through... greed is so deep in the hearts of politicians they only care about themselves and their own wallets it would seem.

    Mr. Blue Sky

    +Remrau What does the TTP do?


    @Mr. Blue Sky Trans Pacific Partnership, on the surface a trading agreement, but they mamanged to bake in some internet control in it. Google it.

  46. Squid Squid

    I may not know what SOPA is, but I agree. The internet is ours. I am against all organizations that try to control the people and the media... especially the FCC, or as I like to call it the Fucking Controlling Committee. Any group that tries to control our rights and freedoms as humans needs to go suck a big wet one. Flag me or report me for this. I don't care. I plan on using the internet the way I want. That is as another way to use my freedom of speech.

  47. MegaFreddy25

    I guess you can say that they: Dropped the SOAP-A!? I'll let myself out... :(

  48. Rob Mech

    TTIP, TPP, TiSA, CETA, this is a full frontal attack now. People this is it. Right now TPP has already been agreed upon, and delegates are in Brussels and will in a few hours be handing over the European Citizens Initiative against TTIP with over 3 million signatures to the European Commission. Stay peaceful but make sure that you say no.

  49. ActFix Gaming

    What is sopa cabana?

  50. Creatr Xerox

    sopa means loser in swedish

  51. Konstantinos Botonis

    Sopa in greek means "Stop talking", Cabana means "Punishment" metaphorically speaking. So true...


    +Konstantinos Botonis SOPA MEANS LOSER IN SWEDISH!

  52. Emre Gelbul

    They are going to stop piracy in Norway now.. when i read the article (that said that) it made me think about this song.. sad old times.. but fck it, we got VPN'S!


    +Gangplank TheSaltwaterScourge I am glad they finally decided to take down piracy in Norway. I have always been strictly against piracy. The problem with SOPA is that they wanted to pretty much censor everything, ruining internet even for those that didn't pirate.

  53. Chase H.

    Yeah dont worry, they arent just going to say, "Oh, okay we'll stop now and forget we ever brought it up." They brought it up for a reason. That reason is because they wanted something, and when they want something they have all the time and money needed to just keep pushing until they ruin another thing in our lives.

    This will come back, it will just be renamed. Dont forget that.

    Lunar Trooper

    It has already come back.

    Lunar Trooper

    Net Neutrality

    Das Furrymedic!

    Lunatic Gamer I’m confused, is that the thing they ruined?


    @Das Furrymedic! Net neutrality is just the tip of the iceberg. Look at the EU Copyright Directive, mainly articles 11 and 13 but also articles 3 and 4, especially viewed in a broader context. It is almost finalised and ratified and the fight is pretty much negligible. They've won, for now.

  54. Dakota Cabana

    Did somebody mention my name? :^)

  55. Mikayla The Boss

    "Don't let the Internet take a SOPA to the knee"
    Really? You managed to get an arrow to the knee joke?

  56. Chris Slot

    Dan, please make a rap against TTP/TTIP <3

  57. Flippanties •

    It's happening again. TPP.


    @Biotic Shoebill again?

    Flippanties •

    Not heard of TPP?

    There's a video on it over at the Vinesauce channel, but I can't be arsed going and getting a link. It's another one of these stupid bills that fucks over YouTubers and other people on the internet so that Hollywood can make money.

  58. monsterhunter883

    the guy on 1:56 looks like eminem O.o

  59. Quack Zero

    I like how you are always including everyone you can and exepting ppl for who they are.!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for showing us what the world can really be

  60. MrFunkyHypnoCat

    *<3 Dan Bull* - Rappin' about things that matter 

  61. KiermaszPL

    I remember that days! Free p2p, lakidvhk (free sat acces), Radioamatours from my country have private satelite on low orbit, now only works only if have sunlight (batts dead)... Now no one does know how to insert satelite on low earth orbit, free technical knowlage... Now everything is created for adverts and peoples with IQ under 120... Real knowlage in succcesfully deleted from our network exchange for medial sh*t...
    This is my opinion wich was created before 2001

  62. Der Kaisertoffel

    sopa means soup in portuguese


    @slendertataGames it means garbage in swedish hehe

    Der Kaisertoffel

    @Sof2vidsTV lel

    Yuri Andrei

    @slendertataGames The whole chorus of this song parodies a Brazilian production (something Copacabana).

    I took some minutes looking at the title to realize that, then felt some mild patriotism and grattitude

    Der Kaisertoffel

    @Yuri Andrei i noticed it as well (im brazilian, if it wasnt clear). since it was referencing something in portuguese, i thought it was relevant to post about sopa

    atrinka rac

    +slendertataGames No, it is not a brazilian production. It's a reference to the Barrry Manilow's song "Copacabana "

  63. jackawaka

    I still want to know how do I get involved in these videos

  64. Alaecantor IX

    I don't believe they got an arrow to the knee joke in here...xD

    Ronin Callahan


    Ashley Ribeiro

    @Ronin Callahan At 3:30 "Don't let the internet take a SOPA to the knee" XD

  65. metitusable

    I know we are all over SOPA now, at least that's what we know, but I love this tune.

    Hollie Day

    They've threatened to come back. Get your microphone ready.

  66. JohnnyTheRaccoonBoi

    The furry in this vid was awesome! 2:15 :P

    Glad to see nobody hated on that guy :P


    @Josh Long NOBODY should be hated on.

    Other races,Gays,furries,bronies nor gamers.

    josh long

    I agree with you completely!


    @Hunter The Orange (Wordawordb) respect for everyone only not that guy i know ...... XD just kidding


    +Wordawordb Pedophiles, racists, sexists... They should not be hated on!


    @BlackMamba .-. Good point.

  67. spooopy spoopy

    i would like this guy to be my granddad, tell us about his past, in a rap...

  68. Chode Master

    Remember when this first came out in 2011. First time i found Dan. On the frontpage of ThePirateBay.


    same oh my god, I completely forgot about that

    Vishrut Upadhyay

    same here m9

    Vishrut Upadhyay

    +UnYin99 is this echoes?

    Fitted Equation

    @Chode Master thats quite rude


    Same, I think it was around xmas 2011

  69. Cory Fisher

    This may be becoming a threat once again.


  70. ' ♥ # Y)=00ßß

    R.I.P in peperoni piratebay

  71. Nasoori

    Gentlemen, it is happening again.


    Internet = kill

  72. Grell Sutcliff


  73. WayneInteressierts21

    The new Shell commercial is pretty cool

  74. 2CloseShave

    "All your internets are belong to us", not many people will get that meme ;/


    You mean that overused joke that's been around for about 10 years? No, you're unique.

  75. DD Gaming

    I hope he does a rap about Net Neutrality.

  76. Its_Epi

    f*ck that sopa and all that oter crap ppl from other countries wont tell us what to do in the internet SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH 


    sopa is dead man, we won that war

    andrew reesman

    @Sof2vidsTV it's back under the name of CISPA http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/2rvmx2/cispa_is_back_because_of_the_sony_hack_which_it/

    Charlie Robinson



    Ginaror stanist,Lastima-n pace1

  78. Chase 2354

    100% agreed

  79. Mikemas28

    Gentleman though we may not alway agree we all agree in freedom to do whatever we please on the internet sopa must be eradicated WE WILL STAND AND FIGHT!!!

  80. Sarah Marie

    As an American, I have to ask: What is this "freedom" you speak of?

    Hollie Day

    Sounds like a mythical land

    Pig Williams

    @humanitydownfall Hello. I'm from Britain. "Freedom" is a magical land full of candy and happiness.

    Doctor X

    @‍ ‍ and america has this "freedom" no wonder


    Freedom Of Speech of Exemple, there's no limit to it in the US (re-stated by the fucking Supreme Court), while in Europe there's hate speech policy, which is a weapon against free speech. Beside that Private entity can put limit on it, and that suck.

  81. The Crimson Fucker

    We're at the Rip-offs, where Pink Floyd can Sue ya'! I jest.

    Though seriously, this screams "Echoes" like a Hells infernal banshies.

    The Crimson Fucker

    @***** Come on. listen to Echoes, TELL ME it doesn't sound anything alike, I dare you to honestly and sincerely tell me this.

    The Crimson Fucker

    @***** Come on, it's the same melody! Well, the opening to echoes, at least. It's just sped up a bit and with a little extra bass and a few extra notes here and there.

    I still love this song, and I don't mind the obvious influence, I was just pointing it out. You gain nothing by ignoring it.

    The Crimson Fucker

    @***** No, that much is to be expected, but the influence is there - and I like that.

    The Crimson Fucker

    @***** I did say "I jest". Implying that I wasn't completely serious.

    No, I like Dan Bull.

    The Crimson Fucker

    @***** "jest" is an archaic term for "joke". To say "I jest" is to mean "I kid".

  82. WHITE4300808

    American should take their government back.

  83. Mack Williams

    3:02 is that Gaijan Goomba

  84. Léandre BG

    pink floyd echoes

  85. Adam D

    This is ridiculous
    As well as this generation, with the NSA, BPI, SOPA.
    we should be able to do whatever we desire on OUR internet. without someone who doesn't own it, censoring all of it


    @gamestop251 Actually shit like SOPA is still trying to be passed, its just being reworded and renamed.

    Adam D

    thank you

    Williom Plays

    @trojan mania It now go by the name CISPA

    Adam D


  86. Chris Herring

    Watching this three years later makes me angry. See, the circle-jerks who run the government want to get paid. And the $250,000 a week that they make. Anonymous have committed some crimes, but some of the things that they've done for freedom of speech is beautiful. So, Anonymous, we're in need of your help, July 16th, 2014 is going to be a day on the internet of porn and spam videos, just so we can have seen that stuff one more time before the Net Neutrality is gone.

  87. Jack Ewan

    Darude - Sandstorm

  88. Robert Jones

    Soap means idiot in swedish

  89. Chibs

    "All your internet are belong to us" That one was funny.

  90. Junohar

    Dan! If you see this! (which I doubt) I would like to tell you, that even though, your whole thing is video games... MAKE MORE OF THESE! They fucking kick ass!! (Your other shit is really dope too though)

  91. lord Cancer


  92. karl prankard

    this is going to sound really stupid but.... whats sopa?

  93. salhal73

    you only 28

  94. Josh Bartlett

    What is sopa

  95. Elia Meyer

    Am i the only one who thinks about the fact that he's an old man the entire song and there's just an old man singing/rapping to a fucking child? xD