Dan Bull - Rockstar (Post Malone Parody) Lyrics

Rhino Tank God
Ayy, ayy

There's a few things that I wanna say
To the game company named Rockstar (-star, ayy)
I've been playing GTA since '98
So I've been down with you lot right from the start (the start)
When running over Hare Krishnas
Was rewarded with the sound "Gouranga!" (-ranga)
I learnt swearing thanks to you, if I hadn't
I'd still be saying "Gosh, darn" (gosh darn, [?], ayy, ayy)

Played the story mode of GTA V
Every day, all summer, got far (got far, ayy)
Then it glitched, I lost my progress, I was pissed
Had a face like a slapped arse (slapped arse, ayy)
Plus quit GTA Online 'cause hackers got free stuff
For which I got charged (got charged, ayy)
Wasted every penny of my money
On a Megalodon shark card (shark card)

There's some more stuff that I wanna say
To the game company named Rockstar (-star, ayy, ayy)
How come you don't bother using the face engine
You used in LA Noire? (-A Noire)
It was such a cool way to incorporate the faces
Of real actors (actors)
Their expressions were as entertaining
As when Jack Thompson got disbarred
He was so annoying, blaming all the violence on games
Saying GTA was the way murderers had been trained
Saying "I want it banned" (ayy, ayy)
Kind of like how you never made a PC Red Dead Redemption
And even despite the undeniable demand
You're disappointing the fans (yeah, ayy)

One final thing that I want to say
To the game company named Rockstar (-star)
Why you never made another Grand Theft Auto
That is set in London? (London)
Now you're based in New York, you forgot your humble roots
In Edinburgh (-burgh)
Or Dundee, I couldn't tell from my research
But definitely in Scotland (Scotland)

Is it bad that I just wanna hear a pedestrian
Shouting "tosser"? (tosser)
Swearing like a British person is at risk
Of becoming a lost art (lost art)
Wouldn't it be fun to hear the word "wanker"
More often in the pop charts? (pop charts)
That's currently the end of the list
Of things I want to say to Rockstar (-star)

I'm singing the same melody as before
But transposed by an octave (-ave)
(Rockstar, Rockstar, Rockstar, Rockstar)

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Dan Bull Rockstar (Post Malone Parody) Comments
  1. JonTheGamerGuru

    Bet you’re happy the comment about Red Dead not being on PC aged the way it did.
    Love ya man.

  2. Robo Wealthy

    Way better than the original.

  3. John Bishop

    Holy shit smashed it mate

  4. Truebornseeker

    Okay, but like... why does this actually look and sound real good tho

  5. stealthkillah122

    still love this rap. we love your content dan never give up 💗💗


    Jajajaja :v

  7. eF HAVoc

    1:34 That relatable moment when ur drawing your sword to kill a bunch of people in suits that also have swords whilst ur high on LSD but forgot you're a fucking idiot

  8. eF HAVoc

    1:34 Mood


    Spanish version please.

  10. Sonny Evans

    I come back to this song every month to pray for GTA 6 🙏

  11. The Garry

    Awesome song dan keep it up

  12. GTA 5


  13. hustlinjustin

    They're waiting for the contraversy in American politics to die down before they make gta6 btw.

  14. Phantom Player



    hahahahahahah omy gad

  16. Gamer With Attitude

    Funny and true ! At last someone who dare to talk about the Rockstar online modes problems ! They simply lie to their customers.
    I was a huge fan from the beggining (yes, in 2D).
    But now the online modes of GTAV and RDR2 are more than disapointing, they are pure scam. Worst, they have become pay-to-win grindy Saints-Row-like sad jokes. You can't even play normally and have fun with friends because of the OPpressor mk2 and other futuristic vehicules used by teenage noob griefers. And you're forced to farm after you buy a building that costs you bills every ingame day. In a result, you can't find anyone for a simple battle or race mode because everyone has to farm the shit out of this "game". The economy is broken. And RDO is following the same path.

    I'm not against MICAHtransactions if it's good for the game and not pay-to-win, like Psyonix and CD-Projekt have done with Rocket League and The Witcher 3. Cosmetic or story based DLC's can be used to reward the good work of developpers that respect their customers.

    I am also shocked to read comments from teenagers as the game is forbidden to minors. But it's true : online I mostly find annoying children playing GTAO and RDO, burping, insulting, listening to rap music or shouting in their microphones. Does those parents offer them porn too ?

    Rockstar should be judged in court for selling games with an online mode that can't be proper used. This is illegal. Period.

  17. Rocio Venegas

    Perfet música in favorite music

  18. Weazla

    I'm singing the same melody as before but transposed by an octave hahahaha perfect

  19. Music of Rezwonrony

    Fuck man

  20. quink gaming 2.9

    Hats off to ur hard work

  21. WhiTe DrAgon

    Awesome 💥💣💢

  22. ZombieDerpster

    Knowing Post Malone, he loved this, if he saw it

  23. Andrea Spadaccini

    *ketchup dispenser*

  24. Luna Wolf


  25. Максим Романович

    Это кароче DK зарубежный

  26. Jesus with a Side of Fries

    Idk I dont really like this one.

  27. The Anti Tim

    *makes a rap about Rockstar*
    *doesnt mention Bully never getting a sequel*

    (Don't get me wrong, I loved this parody! I just... eugh. Rockstar seriously needs to get their stuff together.)

  28. FrancisGT

    All the summer?!, I just finished the game in 2 days

  29. I'm ShurikeN

    Subbed AF, this is gold.

  30. fafnir the dragon

    my friend thought this was the original song

  31. David


  32. David

    It's Dan Bull from Instanbul.

  33. 私は麺が大好き

    what about bully 2?

  34. Prince Toffee

    *T O S S E R*

  35. Sifix

    *Ok so how many ketchup bottles you wasted?*

  36. Saeed Seemba


  37. TheMain LeeSin

    *gta sa <3*

  38. baibhav

    Dope rockstar

  39. AXZ 96


  40. JZP division

    there making a new gta gta6

  41. 17th imperial legion XVII

    I can't be the only one who Thinks post is really over rated

  42. Othniel kouadio

    wtf is the mood of pooring this thing on ur head

  43. Luke Marsh

    this should have soooo many more likes

  44. Luke Marsh

    this is the first time i have heard this WHY lol this is awesome

  45. Winston Xi

    Yo this song was tight like the rap completely fit with the original beat and mix I loved it Rockstar is the best shoutout to Post Malone for making this song Dan Bull killed it hard.

  46. Furkan Cebeci

    Tfw he looks good in a suit

  47. 發問窿窿

    this is good, and funny somehow

  48. Erik Taborec


  49. Thug Thugz

    Here everyday

  50. Jhon Maverick

    i prefer this version any day.


    0:22 that DRIVER game :'(

  52. rekha Haque

    For kids!

  53. Thug Thugz

    Make more tunes like this

  54. Thug Thugz

    He got fat

  55. Eliza the Pyrate

    This is lit

  56. Gary ?


  57. Alfie Spour

    post malone is the only trap artist I like and this is very good

  58. TheLittledidtheyknow

    man, you really wore out your shoehorn on these lyrics lol. still good tho

  59. Everyday Outcast

    This is too dope.

  60. WazzzaaaBroadcasting

    Fucking briljant

  61. MAXKILLER 215

    The reason a gta can't take place in the UK is because you guys don't have guns.

  62. kooper trooper

    Yes, rockstar north is based in Edinburgh, i live not far from the base.

  63. Mykel Thomas

    Rockstar Games have changed so much it's not even funny and not all of it is positive matter of fact the majority of it's negative

  64. MoonBoom v2.0

    Everyday all summer? I finished gta 5 campaign in like 3 days xd

  65. SomeKidNick

    Too many verses, and some and the cocain on the table part is in the wrong place. But pretty good.

  66. Inês Fernandes

    omg he looked like James Corden on the throne

  67. Limit Breaker

    That was awesome!

    Love you Dan you're awesome bro🔥

  68. Joey Galvin

    Yes Gta6 London NOW PLS

  69. Zachary Saffer-Lopez

    Someone needs to tweet this toward Post!! He’d probably approve haha!!

  70. king cat99

    It's a cool song but I can't handle that accent it's so cringy

  71. The C twinss

    Hey kinda looks like corl

  72. Wait What

    ,,Rockstar'' for Nerds xD


    "then it glitched I lost my progress I was pissed had a face like a slapped arse" that bit made me laugh the most

  74. Gunchap Red

    Definitely a lot better than that original.

  75. Banyan

    what is this

  76. Justin Kunz

    chringe my dude

  77. Mohamed Sarheni


  78. supersmashdylan

    You remind me of Weird Al..Who makes parodies that don't take direct shots at the original artist. I respect that Dan, good work

  79. WeaponXGamer

    Rockstar games put their location based on high crime. The UK doesn't have much crime compare to america.

  80. Big Boss

    Rockstar didn't use the facial engine because it's not theirs, they did not develop L.A noire team bondi did. Rockstar only published.

    Sorry to be buzzkill but I hate misinformation.

  81. Fabio Pimentel

    I think Rockstar deserves a little bit more of critcism towards GTA Online. But anyways, nice video as always, Dan!

    none of your business

    Fabio Pimentel moron

  82. Blood Lizard Inc.

    i personally think you couldve done way better, that's not meant as an insult, but as a compliment. like u make such great songs and this one was kinda bad

  83. Adolf Hitler

    Hella fire

  84. EU Meme Police

    Hello Istanbul.

  85. Shellshocked


  86. Dweeb

    minecraft parodie next

  87. CLORX

    Better then original

  88. XiceQ

    Shit! Looks ridiclous 😂

  89. Bucket Feet Supreme


  90. Complexnote

    this is actualy sick:)

  91. DeFHoez

    Post is a gamer...he'll love it!!

  92. fategiver3

    Jesus fuck this was funny as fuck and amazing

  93. Deku

    Lol I love it!

  94. Dan Bull

    Ayy this song is now on Spotify ayy! https://open.spotify.com/album/1iD9Xf2lJAtuUJRo9n38AT


    Dan Bull British swearing isn’t becoming a lost art. Come to Australia. We say it a fair bit


    did you actually cut yourself by accident?


    DAAAAN, did you actually cut yourself at 1:34?

    Gutschopchop TheWolfofWAR

    But why do you have a 12 car garage but only have 6 cars?

    Dawn Smith

    I know this is an extremely random comment but...That suit looks amazing on you! That shade of blue is great for you and really makes your eyes stand out. Also, amazing song; I despise the original but have listened to this one at least 20 times.