Dan Bull - Prelude Lyrics

Candlelight flickers across these hands that write
I sit and ponder the past and life
Just wishing and wanting an answer tonight

And so I am thinking and wondering asking why
Do things go wrong when they have been right
Where we used to frolic and laugh, we cry

Life's past its prime, I wish I could stop the hands of time

The end is nigh, a tick and a tock and the sands of time
Slip from the clock as they pass us by
As I'm sitting and watching the passers by

Stranded high, imprisoned and locked in the land of my mind
The living monotony hanging by
To limit and smother a man this shy

And to describe it's impossible though I can but try

And now as I lie, a shiver runs ominous down my spine
As a vision, a prophecy clouds my sight
I predict an apocalypse happens tonight

Clandestine, Our figurative god has cast the die
Has triggered the goal of his grand design
And the bigger the bomb is the faster we die

Abandon fright, and give up the worry and anger and spite
The difference is none if you stand and fight
So sisters and brothers hold hands, unite

While Dan says hi, and sings you a song as his last goodbye

Bye bye bye

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