Dan Bull - Cut Lyrics

And I don't know what it is but I think I like you
And I think I'd like it if you liked me too
And I don't know what it is but I think I like you
And I think I'd like it if you liked me too
And I don't know what it is but I think I like you
And I think I'd like it if you liked me too

Things are different since that you're there
This must be that thing they call love
My vision shift from grey to colour
This must be that thing they call love
Things are different since that you're there
My vision shift from grey to colour
This must be that thing they call love
This must be that thing they call love

It's been four or five years since we talked now but I
Never thought so high of any girl in all of my life
I thought you were gorgeous, warm and bright
You taught me all sorts and brought me to life
L'amour and more besides
When you spoke to my folks you were always polite
Though you always tried to hide that you were awfully shy
And how you'd always call me gorgeous was nice
I saw in your eyes I was more than just like
Some sort of ordinary guy of the ordinary type
It all just seemed right when you joined me at night
Then lay nattering, chatting and talking 'til light
I was that infatuated I could fall for you twice
We'd take lonely walks in August with Spice
Make phone calls and talk 'til morning sunrise
You were so great I thought you must have fallen from the sky
I couldn't wait for the day I could call you my wife
And gaze at your face through morning and night
Safely sailing away with my glorious bride
It's a shame that my mates didn't warn me in time
You were faithless and fake, it was all just a lie
You gave no warning, or a goodbye
You just stalled me, ignoring my calls and the like
So inform me - were you always unkind
Or did you morph to this poor form, absorbed in your spite
That liked to torture me with scornful calls, taunt me with guys
Flaunt them right by me and causing these fights
You were warping my mind with all of your lies
But I bet your side of the story's forty leagues from mine
Sure, you just sort of got bored of me, right?
Once the source of your light, now a thorn in your side
I'm a cautious guy so it tore me inside
It floored me forlornly cos I thought we were tight
I missed most of sixth form, withdrawn from my life
Spent all my nights smoking draw, drinking wine
When I saw you I'd go maudlin and cry
When I thought of you lying with some poor other guy
I had violent thoughts of all different types
And all through the times you would call me up crying
You didn't even inform me you were poorly or why
So of course I had a reason or a cause to be frightened
I thought I'd be caught in causing your suicide
So I pray for your sake that you sorted your life
But Christ, falling for you was an unfortunate choice
And yeah, I've been a wanker, I've been an arsehole
But leave it at that and the track's only half told
When I'm an old cold man with a hardened soul
I'll look back on the past as that when I had a heart of gold
But in my heart there's a hole
That you made, and it's taken ages to get the heartache controlled
It'd taken a hold, Taken its toll
Making me wholly incapable of attaining my goals
The strain of the whole weight on my shoulders
Is aching, my composure is breaking, I'm going insane, oh god

You were mine
And mine forever
A minor error
You were mine

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Dan Bull Cut Comments
  1. Mai The Bunny

    I am gonna go in a corner and cry now.

  2. Cassandra Perna

    2:28 Does no one realize that someone approaches the window??

  3. Cassandra Perna

    Dan!I just want to say I’ve been through what you have.I was stressed,and I tried to commit suicide 2 times. So this tells a story of me and you!

  4. Salted GemStones

    Knowing that you came out of this dark place still strong honestly... Gives me hope that one day i can finally break through the chains that hold me down :'3

  5. Mamabread Playz

    Sometimes I don’t want to wake up. Just another day of me being the cause of everything that goes wrong... or at least that’s what I’m told.

  6. JustDaUsualTF

    I've fortunately never struggled with self-harm, but "See me overdose on friendly fire" hits me deep every time

  7. Speedruns for charity USA

    Kobe Bryant is dead...to the fans, I can only give my sincere condolences

  8. Cyber Shield

    What do if a friend if self harming?

  9. Kaiju Crusher7

    I wish there was something I could say that would tell you how much I understand this, how I’ve been in the same deep dark place. That I know what it feels like to fall in a hole, hit rock bottom, the fall through the floor and fall some more. But I can’t. But what I can tell you is that everyone deserves to live. Everyone deserves to be happy. You do too.

  10. lentera nusa siregar

    I just happened to finish a therapy session and i got recommended by YouTube for this, thx youtube to reminding me that

  11. Rocket pens

    I wish I had heard this song when I was younger. Back then I was depressed and angry, didnt think anyone felt the same way as I had. So even though this song makes me sad, I cant help but feel like I'm not alone anymore.

  12. Billy Robinson Year 7

    LOVE the song and animation

  13. Billy Robinson Year 7

    LOVE the song and animation

  14. Stinky Gremlin

    I'm in middle school. The amount of stories and scars I've already heard and seen is heartbreaking. So many kids only have abusive parent(s) and a rotting roof over their head when they go home. These are children! They shouldn't be depressed, or on meds, getting therapy, or visiting a hospital so often! But yet they are. It's come to where I don't know what to do when someone says they self harm.

  15. Hashtag_Hailbird™

    I'm actually going through a dark spot as of late and oddly enough this is helping me deal with it. May sound strange in a way but I guess knowing other go through dark times is somewhat comforting? I guess you can say. All in all makes me wanna reach out and say to the next person your not alone

  16. ElioAtmeal.

    a horrid addiction

  17. Jesus Christ

    I legit broke into tears a bit.

  18. Lonely loner entertainment

    This puts into words what I’m going through

  19. akime1991

    I plan on killing myself on new years once the clock strike 12

  20. Miata-Kun

    Being a self-harmer myself, I really wanna thank Dan for this. I discovered this back when I was plunged into a dark world, with "stupid" and "can't do anything right" were ringing in my head. I usually punch a pillow or a wall to calm myself down, but it wasn't long till I began attempts of suicide.

    This song really made me reminisce about my grave situation, and as a healthy guy right now, i'd just laugh that my dumb self-harming days are over.

  21. Yuck* fou

    I’m 15 ...idk what’s wrong with me but I just get sad angry and scared for no reason ,I bang my head on things when I’m angry sometimes I just feel so much self hate that I wanna punch the Mirror but since I’m afraid if Brocken glass I punch the wall instead ...I used to cut my wrists but I stopped when I started losing control of my hands (maybe I struck a nerve)I would start shaking uncontrollably
    My mom doesn’t do anything when she sees my cuts tho and the thing is I know she sees them 💔maybe she just stays away

  22. enjoy stan

    I feel this alot


    I love this song this is how I feel

  24. Speedruns for charity USA

    I used to think that Anger could be solved with anger, but it's not. So i ended up in a psych ward. Tried to strangle my mom, very nearly succeeded, and it broke me. I can relate to this song, the fear and frustration it can cause. And i swore i'd never do it again . Today is Thanksgiving...and i'm thankful for this wonderful community of people. Please heed my story and realize that you are NOT beyond help. God bless you all


    Holy shit

  25. OzeeJ

    he screaming

  26. Battron1234 Gaming

    I was a self harmer 2 years ago, and I still have some outbursts. But I'm getting better. When I discovered this song, I cried, because I came to my senses, I realized what I was doing, and I couldn't believe it. It took me 2 years to confess, but I feel better now that I've done it. If you suffer from selfharm as I have, don't be afraid to tell someone you trust.

  27. Speedruns for charity USA

    to the 740 dislikes, I have this to say.

    Do you have ANY idea of what it is like to be hated? To be told you are shit and trash and beaten into the ground verbally, have your dad leave, have your mom live in a car, stay in a Motel, during a lightning storm and cry because mom isn't there. Or maybe get the SHIT beaten out of you, get bullied and lie in the middle of the street because you are defeated, Lost, Begging god to let you die! IT HAPPENED TO ME! IT HAPPENED TO ME! YEARS AGO! So go ahead, dislike all you want. Kids picked on me, i git kicked in the stomach, beaten to a pulp until i was on the ground crying and sobbing and NO ONE came to my defense. Not my teacher, not my friends, because I HAD NONE! I was the fat fuck, the little guy, the asshole that always wanted attention. My home was overrun by rats, we had no plumbing, we had to sleep in cars, Starving and begging god for one more day, ONE MORE!
    You are worthless, you want to dislike a positive message, i'll tell you what you are:
    You are spineless COWARDS!
    (end rant)

  28. Speedruns for charity USA

    I never had a father to love me. So i can feel Dan's position, and it hurts. So to those that feel like shit, god is nearby. just call and he will answer. I'm no longer afraid and i have since forgiven him, but this song gave me the strength to speak out. He's dead to me...but forgiven.

  29. Speedruns for charity USA

    Oh god, I just want to hug him.

  30. Lil Peeper

    Hi I’d like to tell my story as well
    I’m 15, have server anexity and depression and abondment issues
    I was adopted at 9 months after being fosterd
    My father died 2015 and fucked up my life badly
    I started self harming and 3 sucide attempts even tried hanging my self in front of my mum
    Pls if you need to talk to someone do beofre your dark side takes over
    ❤️ love your songs

  31. Trenton Sheraden

    Im glad to hear that ure doin better you, jt music and mirical of sound, are my favorite music writers this song struck a small cord with myself and
    i am glad u wrote it and im always lookin forwards to the next song

  32. Lukezi

    I legit cried while listening to this, I do bad things to my self too.

  33. Kai

    If anyone's reading this- I love you, please don't give up

  34. NASA Star

    Aww man this hits hard. I did it during 8th grade to 10th I haven't done it for 2 years. I have a permanent scar on my arm and whenever I tell someone my story I make them rub their finger over my arm to feel the indent. Yaaaaaaayy

    2:57 aw shit I'm crying my fucking eyes out right now.

  35. John Bishop

    Theres so much I can say.

  36. Morbid Max

    There are so many different ways of self harm that most doesn't think about. Many types of self harm doesn't leave visible scars. Anything you do to punish yourself or things you do out of guilt or when feeling worthless categorise into self harm. Talking from my own example, there are days when I don't eat anything, the hunger and stomach ache being the pain I inflict myself. I force my body being weak when my mind feels weak. When I was at my worst I went 5 straight days without food. Eventually will of survival kicked in, I meda a big dinner then, first thing the next morning I went to hospital to get a mental help. I'm better, have 2 meetings each month, 3 types of meds I eat daily and my city have kicked in with some social workers checking up on me 3 times a week.

  37. Høpeless Bîtch

    I hurt myself too. But, Only where it'll never be seen.

  38. Michael Luyet

    Love your song, look what you made me do when what we do with what we do only you. Mmfl

  39. Harper Mest.

    Dan, are you okay? like not mentally physically.

  40. WeAreRocketManPro

    True beauty within him.

  41. Emotional Equestrian

    i want to die

  42. M3M3 M4CH1N3

    I know that I’m late but I’m a 14 year old boy and although I know how typical it is and that I was cutting myself a lot about a year ago and it’s scarred my belly area. I couldn’t go swimming or anything for ages but after a while I found out bio oil and used that and it’s helped loads. My scars are almost invisible from a couple of meters away. I’m a bit better now but relapsed a few months ago, I’m slowly recovering.

  43. Ancient Buns

    Hey dan I’m coming back to this song to ask if you can release songs similar to this? Don’t get me wrong i like your VG raps but I love your serious raps more.

  44. Bouka

    Can’t take it anymore....


    Well this song us great for shit days but can someone answer my question i know lots of people i seem to always be treated like shit i think its cause of my height but ive been told that i am overall not scum by a lot of people are they lying for my own feelings cause i just dont get it they say im not scum but im always hated is it cause of my height or that i dont swing at them cause i never feel they brought it that far if someone can give me their thoughts id be grateful id ask my friends but i feel like they are lying to be kind

  46. Ivan Idea

    This brought a tear to my eye. It hits too close to home.

  47. Sugar Skull

    It so honest ..you showed it to where people can see the chaos .the mania the panic your awesome

  48. J.A drew

    I always hurt myself, i cant play the piano

  49. Dylan Anarchy99

    Fuck that was powerful

  50. J Cullitan

    Thank you, can't put it into words alone, never seen a more accurate description

  51. Bradley

    This video, coming from the guy who made rap parodies about people's favourite games over the years, including mine, is insane to think about. You were (and still are, although not as much as you used to be, sorry) credit to the YouTube rapping and parody scene while in fact you were depressed and self-harming. It just shows how everything is not as it seems.

  52. Error Flaw 404

    Such a powerful piece.
    You've inspired me with this.
    ERROR: FLAW 404

  53. Jesse Owens

    I was living in my car less than a year ago. I drink. I woke up and I had taken a razor blade to myself. I had to throw my hoodie away cause it was cracked with blood. I won’t do that to my sister.
    My parents don’t give a fuck, but I would by hurt Ellie. I would rather die in ruthless combat than hurt her.

  54. BurntNoodles

    My whole life, I’ve been bullied, and I constantly self harm at the age of 13 ever since the very beginning for of year 7...

  55. Call kmc

    I just hit my head until I almost passed out, this song has helped me through so much ever since its came out

  56. Buttface Mgeee

    For me I had thoughts of doing this for years

  57. Dee

    I hurt myself and don't know why I wrote this here for some to see but I know I am on my own

  58. titty crissont

    Omg how do I relate to this so much

  59. Kazmi Officiel


  60. tobias giroux

    I'll be honest, I've contemplated cutting every time I did think about I thought about how some people do in fact care about me. It makes me feel bad that I've even thought about it seeing as my life hasn't been that bad so far, I just don't like sitting late at night thinking about just jamming a knife into my chest or slamming my head into one or something messed up like that. It fucks with me.

  61. Lucius

    fucking deep .. good but damn

  62. LongandWeirdName

    "Smashing that like button" feels weird on this. Couldn't not, though.

  63. Hayden Vincent

    I cut my arm and I have scares on my face


    I’ve never been a victim of self harm but I felt like this gets the message across to people who do self harm. Thank you for getting this across.

  65. Noorah Mazin

    Look what u made me do 💔

  66. Ebony Ignot

    I few years ago I started punching the walls whenever I get depressed and/or extremely stressed. Recently things have gotten shittier and harder for me so I started punching the walls more and my family members can hear it so they began giving me shit for it telling me that I can stop if I wanted to and that I'm stupid for doing it and started blaming me every time. They just can't understand that it's not me and I can't help it. Because of my therapist telling me to talk to someone whenever I feel depressed and that it helps I talked to each of my siblings once, one won't even hear me, the other keeps telling me that I'm overreacting and that it's not that bad, the other listened to me once but now says that I'm an attention whore for making things harded than they seem and for punching the walls. Now I started cutting myself since it doesn't make a sound and they can't know. I just wish I could die but I keep thinking about my mother and how she would feel. I hate myself for being like that but I can't help it and no one can help, not even drugs nor "talking to someone".

  67. SoftJeongin

    I hit my head against a wall and with my hairbrush now I have a big lump on my head I carved the word ‘fat’ into my thighs

  68. Stormsta

    _im afraid of blood but never back down from a brawl_
    i know the feeling


    I'm Athena Taylor I self harm and I'm 12


    ive been there. trust me, tell someone. i wish you the best

  70. The fairy Guardian Murray

    Help, please

    Coven Clark

    The fairy Guardian Murray I’m here bro

  71. Dr. Lewcide

    The thing he stabbed was himself sending a really powerful message to me that your biggest enemy is yourself

  72. Kyōma Mabuchi

    2019? For Dan!

  73. Nathan Hicks

    i don't self-harm but I'm a drug abuser

    Coven Clark

    Nathan Hicks hey it will be ok

    Nathan Hicks

    @Coven Clark its temp happiness for a life of pain treats the broken brakes the whole

    Nathan Hicks

    @Coven Clark im drunk right now

  74. Maria Emilia Davila

    Thank you.

  75. Evan Alexander

    this song haunts me in a good way.

  76. Fritz Metzger

    my friend showed me this vid n i knew it was u

  77. harp seal

    The crying at the end of the song hit hard

  78. raineybee

    Im sorry sweetheart 💔

  79. Sarah randompersonn

    A little reminder for people like me that felt like if you didn't tried to kill or harm yourself you didn't needed help. Feeling about not existing anymore and liking it, thinking who would be at your funeral, saying "it's okay" when someone hurts you physically or mentally, over working yourself to not think about you or sadness and thinking that everybody hates you means too that yes you are feeling bad and don't need to be like this all the time 💙

  80. Wolf Tribe

    Hope hope is fire it keeps the cold away why cuz fire is are small hope our island we sale 2 distance land we plan land sweet but we get thorns we land not sweet but we can still steer and for their we are blessed for small ships I still going so therefore don't stop selling hush push the sales

  81. Kyon Inuzuka

    Honestly, this is probably one of the low-key underrated dan bull songs that are actually good.

  82. Forsaken Pumpkin

    Anyone else ever wondered how many suicides this song contributed towards? Everything about it enables fake mental health issues and people who've dealt with it all their life can handle it but someone who hasn't will watch this then all of a sudden attach themselves to the fantasy of being depressed but the thing is they can't handle the reality of sadness so their generally the ones who actually kill themselves sadly. Are you eliminating the weak or just trying to rack up a personal kill count?

    I'm somebody

    You're either fucked in the head, or you are one dedicated troll.

    The Nightingale

    What about this is fake? It seems pretty accurate to the actual experience to me. Also, how is this romanticizing self harm? To me it makes it sound how it is, just so overwhelming and terrifying until you choose to self harm again and it’s the only thing that helps


    this video is not glorifying anything, it shows a harsh reality

    I'm somebody

    @Stormsta exactly

  83. The Desk

    Are crying in that last bit?

  84. Furthersquash

    I coverd my worst scars with a beautiful tattoo telling a story about the passage of time, and the time it takes to heal. It tells the story of my passion and the story of the lowest point in my life and i a'm proud to have it. This song is dark and beautiful, it reminded me of so much pain but also that i'm stronger beacause of that pain. And Dan i wish the best for you and stay strong.

  85. Meriem Allal

    when I get the urge to hurt myself I listen to this song, the lyrics are so deep I find myself in every line, most of the time I think about killing myself because I can't take it anymore I can't handle people's evilness, I can't also quite social life I hate being called a failure so I live my day as it is and night alone I over think about details about what I could've said done or not said ,i hate myself for being this way for being always the weak side, I have trust issues low self esteem and cut marks in my sleeves I feel guilty all the time and I feel I deserve all the pain I've been through because I am a filthy person .

  86. Cormac Games

    Found this song via discovery weekly.... If you change the name the song would be about me. It was really weird to listen to. But a good song mate!

  87. Gaming Gladiator06

    Damn, dan i never knew this about you. If i knew sooner, i would’ve given you a hug.

    The Nightingale

    Gaming Gladiator06 he didn’t cut though, he said in the song that he hit himself and the walls, which is another form of self harm entirely

    Gaming Gladiator06

    I suppose what i was trying to say was that self harm, in any form, is more torture than tharapy and that you need to fight it off than fight yourself.
    But i still wanna give him a hug, because it always makes people feel better.
    More hugs, less harm.

  88. A Wendigo Named Fox

    Hey Noc.

    A Wendigo Named Fox

    The sky.

    A Wendigo Named Fox

    And I'm hungry.

  89. Absolute Freedom

    I've definitely been here too. With an alcoholic mom, a father who abandoned us, and a step father who took pleasure in beating me. I learned something deep down, it may not work for everyone but it did for me.
    Embrace it
    Accept it
    Use it as fuel for a raging fire
    Raise both middle fingers to the world that did you wrong, and say
    that's what worked for me....it may not work for everyone...and it is a lonely way to go about your life...but when you come out of it...you will possess strength so powerful and a will made of iron...and the ability to help up those that aren't strong enough yet

  90. Drake the Chemically Imbalanced Romance

    May as well be part of the fucking crowd, am I right. My name is Drake, I'm fifteen years old, and I fucking hate myself. I cut, burn, and my emotional state is about as good as a fancy house on a cliff face. Looks good on the inside but about to crash all to soon. I don't wanna hurt anymore and yet here I sit slitting wrists. God I'm fucked up

    The Nightingale

    Drake the Chemically Imbalanced Romance I hear you, sometimes if it feels like you’ll never get better, it’s easier to just keep doing it.

  91. Tyle-a2319

    This song was so good

    At least Taylor Swift thought so.

    Cuz she copied it

  92. I'm normal

    its really nice to hear someone who really understands depression and self harm. it feels like I'm not alone. Not to mention this song and video is absolutely amazing.

  93. Flaming Puffball

    Keep fighting you guys.. I'm doing really really bad right now, and I assume a lot of you can relate, but please keep fighting... Just keep fighting..

  94. Carolyn Rafferty

    Sorry for your past self harm is a extreme thing

  95. Dan Bull

    Hey everyone, I wrote this song a few years ago when I was in a very dark place. I am doing pretty well right now, sticking to a routine and trying to work hard on the YouTube stuff and looking after my fam. Thanks for the kind words. If anyone is going through similar stuff you are not alone, there are people who can help you through. I put some links in the video description to get you started.



    Keep it up Dan, your an inspiration to us all and the fact you had the courage to openly tell YouTube about your issues, knowing how toxic it can be and the response you have gotten goes to show that you have a large and supportive community who care about you, if you ever need help ask us my friend.


    Its brilliant. I write but not able to express myself like that. I do in poetry sometimes, but with music it comes out differently.

    Bo Bagwell


    Uriel Grey

    A little to close to comfort, keep strong brother. We fight different shadows but our enemies are the same.

    Speedruns for charity USA

    Thanks man