Damon Albarn - Heavenly Peach Banquet Lyrics

[Flying Fairies:]


Wang mu niang niang
Zhong de pan tao shu
Tao hua duo duo
Wan ru yan zhi
Tao zi ge ge
Yan ru mei ren
Fan ren chi le zhe tao er a
Cheng xian de dao
Ti jian shen qing
Xia ju qi fei
Chang sheng bu lao

La la la la la




[English translation:]

The Queen Mother of Heaven
Has grown a Peach Garden
Charming, full of buds
Rosy, blossoming, intoxicating
Each peach
Looks like a little beauty
Should you eat a peach
A long life you'll lead and The Way you'll understand
Your limbs will grow strong, your body light
Should you eat one of the ripest ones, you can fly
And eternal youth and immortality you'll enjoy

La la la la la

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Damon Albarn Heavenly Peach Banquet Comments
  1. leo

    discover weekly treasuresss

  2. Lapidot 4lyfe

    I love everything about this song. The music has that serene and enchanting yet heavenly chinese sound, the women singing are clearly the fairies from heaven who are preparing the peach banquet and their song is just so hypnotizing. Listing to this makes me feel as if i have seean the heavens and am watching those fairies prepare for the banquet while being serenaded by their heavenly voices.

  3. Jocelin Valencia

    luv this one since always n_n


    It gives me goosebumps everytime.

  4. Chippyzz a

    Welcome back to -Hentai- Heaven

  5. Armand Avila

    Wierd but a good one

  6. juan perez

    I love it!!!!!