Damned, The - New Rose Lyrics

Is she really going out with him?

I got a feeling inside of me
It's kind of strange like a stormy sea
I don't know why I don't know why
I guess these things have got to be

I gotta new rose I got her good
Guess I knew that I always would
I can't stop to mess around
I got a brand new rose in town

See the sun see the sun it shines
Don't get too close or it'll burn your eyes
Don't you run away that way
You can come back another day

I got a new rose I got her good
Guess I knew that I always would
I can't stop to mess around
I got a brand new rose in town

I never thought this could happen to me
This is strange why should it be
I don't deserve somebody this great
I'd better go or it'll be too late

I got a feeling inside of me
It's kind of strange like a stormy sea
I don't know why I don't know why
I guess these things have got to be

I got a new rose I got her good
Guess I knew that I always would
I can't stop to mess around
I got a brand new rose in town

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Damned, The New Rose Comments
  1. Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    I want to be stereotyped, I want to be classified

  2. Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    Toight as a Toiger!

  3. Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    Vocalists can really fuck a band. This is not the case with the Damned...

  4. Sushi Pack FTW Mega Babies FTL

    Punk rock
    Heavy metal
    Hardcore punk

  5. Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    Any song that makes you want to put a tape in your Chevy Nova and take a ride rocks in my book. Good Rock is Good Rock, if it makes your hair rise, it's it

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  7. Big Bass Drum Screen Printing


  8. Joey Whiteside

    Ad's for bloomberg for us president! FUCK OFF! Poor rat scabies....

  9. Sarah Knight

    The BEST punk song ever! Come on!!


    Yes z rose Romo grande sommer whatever .

    This was written before you were born .

    And this is your absolute favorite on this missile of an album..

    Dave , take them home !

  11. SteveRabbits

    This song ranks as having probably my favourite intro of all time, I never tire of listening to it - epic!!!

  12. Claude Foot

    merry christmas https://youtu.be/RlAj3dLXY3U

  13. Edward motocyclism

    Great! Saw half the band supporting eagles of death metal in Liverpool end of tour gig and everyone came on stage to play this at the end. I will enjoy that gig for ever!

  14. Stephen McManus

    I died and went to heaven then New Rose came on.

  15. Maurizio Marcialis

    Old school scene punk... Great the Damned...

  16. Daryl Chambers

    Game changer.

  17. shelley Ganz


  18. antonio berti

    aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. J K

    Aye. She fucking is!

  20. xRxixcxhxtxexrx

    Pop Music

  21. David Dyer

    Beat time to be 15.

  22. Richard Cardone

    This was cool, is cool and will forever be cool 2019!

  23. Gene Clark

    LOve it, but I also miss capt. sensible

  24. GonsalvoDeCordova

    Thank you, Craig Ferguson. I passed on The Damned back in the day, much to my regret. His Craigness lifted the scales from my eyes

  25. Tee Jay

    So glad I was born in the 70s - I pity today's snowflake generation who are exposed to fake, auto-tuned, soul-less, talent-less cack that passes for music today.


    Ok Boomer


    @Sahnepower1 woah so cold XD

  26. Arnold Dalby

    If you men in the 21st century don't know how to fuck a woman to orgasm. Then you better learn. On her back, legs in the air with a rock hard insertion.

  27. John Fairfax

    Used to have this on skydog.Always reminds of Beethovans 5th.....BA BA BA BAM.....all local bands covered the fuck out of it in the 70's...loved my youth...

  28. steve wilson

    my Rose has gone now..but theres load of bloomers out there!

  29. Stefan Slim

    Legendary Intro and I'm no musician but always sounds to me the whole song drops into the wrong key to suit DV and well..should have been a better effort behind that riff.

    John Fairfax

    I just commented ed a second ago Stefan...have a look

  30. Amanda Clark

    Its not loud enough

  31. Amanda Clark

    Turn my volume up please

  32. David ii

    when I have bad grades at school:


  33. Jason Colley

    Why the fuck do Calvin Klien put their boxer shorts adverts at the beginning of one of the best punk rock songs ever???? Let’s show them how those lovely white boxers get covered in shit piss n blood

  34. Mcdonell Douglas

    Better than GNR version I love both The Damned and GNR tho

  35. Marissa Dower-morgan


  36. marie brownlow


  37. Arnold Dalby

    The Damned were genius before their time because they were licking double cream before Greggs were even invented. Yummy. those apple turnovers with CREAM

  38. deeply disillusioned

    oh and "The monochrome Set (I presume)"

  39. Pamela

    Sprinkle my ashes while playing this. I have vinyl; for you, Mr. Matt 'Sledge" <3

  40. METAL

    MITICI !

  41. Stardestroyer 66

    7 ages of Rock


    Guns N Roses did it better

  43. harrymapex

    At the age of 19 when I first heard this....THE punk song of all time.

    Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    My sister let me hear it, I was four🤪🤘

    Big Bass Drum Screen Printing

    It kicks

  44. Pamela

    Best LP cover ever; could listen to this song every day until the day I die

  45. mediastarguest

    Considered to have been t h e "first" punk rock track released as a single in the UK. Maybe, possibly, probably not actually 100% technically correct but who cares ? Gotta be one of the all time finest rock songs of all time ... from The Damned !

  46. Carolyne Triggs

    Oh dear I love it but I think that some irresponsible person has pissed on the guitar amp and then stabbed it a gently slashed it ! Don't try this at home kids become I have and you'll never get that ZOUND.
    By the way Dave vainium stole my girl friend once but I forgive him and hope he got a serious enough dose of penicillin as for phantasmagoria . Serious musicianship

  47. Joe Foxx

    Remember me "Longview" from Green day

  48. foo man 70

    Way to go james....

  49. Claudio Silva

    Mas alla de lo personal DELTA ACUARIDA 2015 NECOCHEA HOTEL 3 REYES 🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇❤❤❤❤❤

  50. Claudio Silva

    Sabes que representa the rose en la camiseta de RUGBY de la seleccion Inglesa...

  51. Sebastian Alvarado Figueroa

    Mi ringtone por siempre!!!! 😎🎶🎵🤘

  52. alexounds75

    THE PUNK!!!

  53. Steve

    For me Punk was a seismic change in music and the echoes of that are still with us today. This is one of the standout moments.....


    it changed the culture for the better. At least today doesn't feel as anxious as before, yet the 1% know how to reverse the change, and we might end up in square one by the next decade, hopefully not, but consumerism is an aggressive means of control.


    No , no shes not.

  55. Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    Rose in a vase by Motorama
    And Human tetris.
    They aren't like The Damned but LISTEN TO THEM IF YOU DONT KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU✌

    Astral Creatures

    got a good taste

  56. Steven Crawtr

    Rat attack


    I never tire of praising his skills.

  57. x_Mau

    Bolan was their fan... who am I to dispute?

    Harrowed Official

    x_Mau so was Lemmy, really goes to show how great these guys are


    @Harrowed Official Lemmy said he personally identified more with punk than heavy metal.

  58. Ocean Drive LTD

    If you have a neighbor with a very loud dog,give them two tablespoons of this one.

  59. Stuart Martin

    First punk band I ever seen changed me forever i fucking love this band kings of punk end off !!!!!!!

  60. Inti Queiroz


  61. Denise Alderton

    Feeling tired and abit down so I put on the damned, that woke me up!

  62. tropicwave1

    Written by: Brian James -- real name:
    Brian Robertson
    Stiff Records
    First Appeared on The Damned – Damned Damned Damned
    01 Feb 1977

    Guns N' Roses ‎– "The Spaghetti Incident?"
    Label: Geffen Records
    Released: 1993

  63. Orbital Level

    I never knew how old this album was until today. It came out in early 77 and I was 9, but was oblivious to it then, but heard it 4 years later in 1981. In 77 I was only in to what was on the USA top 40, which was not the worst thing back then, due to rock music being more prevalent. However, I would have liked to have got my hands on a copy of this masterpiece when it dropped.
    Oh Well, at least I can opt to hear it and appreciate it more in 2019.

  64. Spicy Kiwi

    So this is the shit Leon listens to

  65. steven Wilson

    2019 anyone? Dirt magazine I think 2005? Got me into this amazing reminiscing song!

    flipthunder 4043

    steven Wilson my dad teaching me about the damned and then seeing them live 7 months later 🔥🔥

  66. Claudio Silva

    Hi again how are you how you treat URANO

  67. R.J. Paul

    Whay I love about this song is that it's kind of strange like a stormy sea

  68. Lady snake84

    🌹🌹🌹70s punk rock is REAL punk rock!🌹🌹🌹

  69. Kenny Mac

    One of the greatest Punk Rock anthems I ever heard. My brother bought the single home I think it was on Skydog? I was 13 at the time it just blew me away.

    g man tramp

    Yes the Skydog was a French import with a different pic sleeve than the UK release and with the labels reversed intentionally..

  70. Andy Cunningham

    cristal pioes music suck

  71. mole mole

    Back in 76 (yes I am that old) the first words had me hooked, I've always loved "leader of the pack", and then Rat Scabies hits the drums...


    I can only imagine what it would've been like to listen to it for the first time, I can understand the affect it had, but I was not alive yet (That doesn't make you old, it just makes me very young.

  72. Joshua Stephens

    The first UK punk single

    Stoneage Romeo

    The best band ever. Incorporating many different instruments & sounds to achieve tunes that reach your heart & touch your invisible soul. Just amazing. Melody Lee 💘

    g man tramp

    @Stoneage Romeo Just a shame that they're now a prog rock Goth cabaret/circus act..

  73. General Tso's Walnut Brigade


  74. First Last

    Croydon's finest.

  75. ___Axg96 ___

    I'll admit, I found this band because of Baby Driver, but the more songs I hear the more I like the band

  76. kabeauregardajax

    The damned in 76 sounded like the Lollipop Shoppe-You must be a Witch. I mean.. Everything. It's great.

  77. マソソソマソソソ


  78. Jeff Baker


  79. Knight of the Realm

    Once you discover The Damned and their countless amazing tracks throughout the last 40 years,all other bands become secondary in your life and a bit boring by comparison.

    Knight of the Realm

    @g man tramp the damned have expressed themselves musically in a myriad of styles over the years.the damned gigs around the punk scene were genuinely chaotic in terms of playing,attitude and crowd.surely that riled the establishment?The sex pistols was an act a la x factor.created and manufactured to make money for malcolm mclaren.So in terms of a cabaret act I think the pistols qualify more on that score.The Damned may have come across as not serious with their antics but I just think they were having fun and takin the piss.I think the damned didn't get as much recognition musically at the time coz they didn't have the right people in charge.bit like brook and khan in boxing.everybody knows brook is better and khan is avoiding him,but khan is a bigger name and made more money due to promotion at the start of his career.

    Knight of the Realm

    @g man tramp punk was partly about non conformity,so what could be more punk than not following the so called rules of punk set by mclaren.thats the damned.

    g man tramp

    @Knight of the Realm As much as I love Damned Damned Damned .It doesn't define punk to me as NMTB does ...

    Knight of the Realm

    @g man tramp each to their own pal.too be honest I'm not particularly bothered whether the damned are defined as punk or not.i love musically.there biggest contribution is probably how many bands they influenced back then and to this day.they probably get more plaudits from their peers than the public.

    g man tramp

    @Knight of the Realm Cheers Bro😃👍

  80. Hyper Hybrid

    In comparison with all the punk bands at the time there was nothing like the Damned. The stupid headless crazy Sex pistols, USA freaks New York dolls. KJ The Cure and some of the female lead artists gave a different sound as did the Clash.

    Jeff Baker

    Creative dudes!

  81. Cool Age

    punk is trash.

  82. kolp1098 ujopl875

    Esta sala en Tony Hawks

  83. kolp1098 ujopl875

    Si encuentra el ritmo de lo gebial

  84. Fabrice Lange

    THE punk anthem, so simple it is

    g man tramp

    It's not simple unless you can play guitar really well

    General Tso's Walnut Brigade

    It's simple

  85. Pc Punks Fuck Off

    Sounds a lot like a Guns N’ Roses song

  86. IamwilliamD


  87. With Out

    66 philistines disliked!!

  88. kabeauregardajax

    Listen to Rat go go go.

  89. Isaac Avila

    Una de las mejores canciones en la historia de la humanidad.

  90. Robert Cubinelli

    Sensational power punk !!!!

  91. ken millwall1885

    This is were punk started in 1976
    Blew my mind become a punk there and then .

    John Afella


  92. Ade Shoffa-furqan

    so this is song 1

  93. Hobo Joe

    Why do they have shit on their face