Damien Jurado - Rearview Lyrics

She don't, she don't keep you moving
I know, I know how to move you
Does it every time
You're gonna lose your mind

She don't, she don't keep you in the rearview
She wants presents you can't give her
She does it every time
She's gonna lose her mind
She's talking to herself at night

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Damien Jurado Rearview Comments
  1. RyderFX

    I listen to this song on the boat it’s the best

  2. Ionut Belibrov

    P.s.: how the fwck disliked this song ... fwcking I'd!ots!!!

  3. Derek Carlton Anderson

    In 2009 I met the love of my life. The only bad thing is it has been a few years since we have spoke. She has moved on and married. Sometimes I wonder if life will send me an angel who I can love and will love me back. Even if it doesn't happen for me I am glad for her. Sometimes just knowing the person you loved is happy is all that is enough. Still it has been a long time. I hope one day I can say someone came to love me again.

  4. Liwia Ptak

    Poland 😆❤️

  5. Mason Fitzgerald

    This may be the first comment in a few years but my girlfriend broke up with me today and I'm sad

  6. Molnaida Fjellander

    D’olive t d har $§t <>z

  7. Molnaida Fjellander

    Maa vi mida is buis y

  8. Molnaida Fjellander

    Damieoio well s clean

  9. J. Lopez

    It's been a long time... a really long time...🎼🎻😔🎧✨

  10. TheTex


  11. First Last

    get rid of that base drum

  12. Shawn Pruitt

    Took 3 out of 4 searches

  13. Kai Ulbricht


  14. RJ Gaming

    Omg I never knew about this beautiful song 💕💕(listening to it 2019)

  15. Michael McDaniel

    young Jeezy is here

  16. justin dubbs

    Who said there isn’t a HEAVEN. This song is such a MASTERPIECE!!! That HARMONICA😫😫😫😭😭😭. Give me a bowl and allow me to phase out and let this song take me to another place



  17. Miguel Angel

    My girlfriend made fun that I played this song while driving at night. Broke up with that bitch

    justin dubbs

    Miguel Angel 😂😂😂 I would too

  18. Hayato the Sky Gamer

    Delightful 👌🏼

  19. Joshua Christopher

    The best part is 0:00 through 4:00

  20. Syko White

    my dream is to live in Ohio. Im from Europe.

  21. Felipe Snok

    BRASIL 😍

  22. Jessica Shively

    One word...... AMAZING

  23. feelsgoodman -

    2018 and the song is still good

  24. Neji

    2018? <3

  25. hussain abde

    I like it. Who's he?

  26. Roberto V.

    are you with me

  27. Buddy Kermit

    I think Im allergic to this song - it always makes my eyes water

  28. Joshua Guevara

    This song will forever be for my little sister alley Guevara I love and miss you still

  29. HereWeGo

    I love this song so much,, good job.. <3

  30. DAW0lf

    What genre of music is this?

  31. Laurent Monmorin

    Très bien je suis fane

  32. Paulina Lopeteguie

    this song gives me the best feelings

  33. BallistaTheDeer

    Greetings from Indiana, bitches

  34. Ortega Ortega

    This song reminds me of my ex god knows i didn't want anything more then to have my babe back in my arms when we got separated

  35. Badia Andreu

    My father plays the guitar I play the harmonica and we all sing together, music can be so beautiful.

  36. feelsgoodman -

    So beautiful.. love the American culture
    Greetings from Turkey

  37. Joseph James

    having know a young lady living in Ohio perhaps she will say hello from time to time based on our friendship and money transfers.

  38. man angelo173

    move 2 Florida Ohio ;-)

  39. Stefano Landi

    Amazing music, I remember the fantastic music years 70/80, the pure music, simple , strong, for dreamers....

  40. Sword Art Design

    Damn mom! Iam felling high now...

  41. HowlingTom

    o wow!! this track is fantastic!!

  42. The Hallows

    I actually live in Ohio in Dayton

  43. John Sekulić

    My daughter did a R.Y.E. in Suomi. She sent me this the month before she came home. Her fellow exchange student sent it to her. Suomi is Finland. A very cool year for all of us. This song iced the cake.

  44. Fluff McMuff

    Ohio... HAHAHAAA!!!

  45. Stuff Stuff

    This remix hurts my ears.

  46. cory brearley

    Hey i live in Ohio

  47. Clariss Fomo

    i am here because i find amelie kalla this name was revealed when i was asleep .how can i contact .you suppose to know i am Williams and the other is ?¿ please just text back if this say you something

  48. Yassier Hussain

    نقالين الرجاال من ابيددااهو عشاان ينغز ويظرب النفسية اجل!!

  49. Orange Films

    Jake Paul will see this.

  50. Sample Text

    Piękna sprawa :)

  51. Marcel Radack


  52. Michael Kowalski

    What genre of music is this?

    Sample Text

    Michael Kowalski Something like Chill House/Folk House

  53. John Sekulić

    Love this song for so many reasons.

  54. John Sekulić

    My daughter was an exchange student to Suomi/Finland. She sent me this song at 9 months in to the exchange. We live in The Great State of Ohio. Perfect. I cried for days.

  55. Joseph Mantegna

    If you guys like this song. check out Porch Lights by The Cerny Brothers

  56. CourtneyRenee

    When you're from Ohio 🙋

    Wei Chou

    Ohh, Hi. Oh! :)

  57. BlueSnakeGamer HD


  58. starlord

    if you love her FOLLOW HER TO OHIO

  59. ғaмιlyғrιendlyconтenт

    I've listened to this song so much now it's at the point where sometimes I need it to stay functioning so am I addicted?

  60. Sophie

    I honestly like the remix more like the original song. I'm usually into Metal but this is the only song I like since I've heard it first, even its not my favorite music style.

  61. Mr Gee

    Love this. Love the original. Love the beat up in here as well. DJ fo' life.

  62. UberSniegi

    Naruciooook mmmm ;o

  63. Karolina K

    ktoś od Naruciaka? xd

  64. Will Burkett

    being away from my parents is kinda like this song, the journeys and experience you go through in life in such a short amount of time is amazing. I love you Mom and Dad

  65. Lindsey Wamback

    Love 💖 Repeat for infinity!

  66. impaX_Gaming

    I bet people from ohio love this song just that bit more than others

    S W

    impaX_Gaming .. Yep ☺

  67. dj yan hef-new deep vocal house

    The best channel thk from Jerusalem Israel

  68. Alek Klimov

    I became a gypsy because of Ohio... Ohio's population is in decline...

  69. xpastelix

    everything about this channel is just so perfect, puts me in such a good mood :)

  70. Sankalpani Jayasooriya

    this is dope ..!!! awesome track <3

  71. Serge Dupre

    Nice !!! nous ecoutons ta playliste jusqu a Bali ( Indonesie ) THANKS ;)

  72. Moray Tripney

    ever just let the music float you away?

  73. Rachael Waters

    Such a great song!!!

  74. cestlavie1899

    i love this song

  75. Tue Krebs Roikjer

    It's incredible how badly you can ruin a song like that. Respect.

  76. LonelyGirlGaming

    Wow this is weird I like the original better. My big brother is better by himself. (Damien) and yes, I really am his brother.,

  77. Valeria Link

    this makes me rethink my life choices

  78. David Stefanowicz

    The most pop I've ever heard Damien Jurado sound

  79. Robin Troussier

    Harmonica <3 <3 <3

  80. Kunal Sachdeva

    Walking through the open field of the countryside, breathing in fresh and clean air, taking in the beautiful smells of the open path, looking out in to the vast fields, a nice, pleasant warm sunny spring day.

    white fans

    Kunal Sachdeva If they had a song about ohio then it would be about the 4 seasons in a week

  81. Kraft der Stille

    Hey, just an german comment, dressed as an english one, passing by<3 love you all<3!

  82. Rickey Awale

    this is soo goooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddd

  83. InTheEnd75

    I want be an English comment 😩

  84. Excel

    Anyone listen to this and imagain been in the countryside?❤

  85. McGby128

    terrible remix of a great song

    un tal gato Naranja

    McGby128 ¿?

  86. Noodle

    I really wanna die

    Nick Smith

    shut up

  87. Logan Domino

    I live in Ohio<3

  88. jaja jajjaj


  89. Samuel Ryan

    sick zong