Dalida - He Must Have Been Eighteen (Il Venait D'avoir 18 Ans) Lyrics

I think he must have been eighteen, he was as fragile as a dream
Strong as a man
Seeing the summer in his eyes, I left my autumns as it flies
Like grey of silence

I added make-up to my face as if to color some disgrace
I saw him smiling
Rainbows and colors of the spring, I would have given anything
To win his loving

I think he must have been eighteen, a movie star or any screen
It makes him careless
He never said a word of love, he thought that's speaking about love
Was only worthless

And then as if a lie were new, he simply whispered "I want you
Let's stay together"
We drifted slowly through the night, I never knew a love more right
Not since not ever

I think he must have been eighteen, it makes him vain and almost mean
He's looking abusing
Without a word he slowly dressed, leaving me to my loneliness
My share of losing

I could have try to make him mine, I let him go without a sign
My fake was lying
He said "I am not the kind you thought", love is for grown-ups after all
I felt like crying
I added make-up to my face as if to color some disgrace
I saw him smiling
I had forgotten in a dream that I was almost twice eighteen

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Dalida He Must Have Been Eighteen (Il Venait D'avoir 18 Ans) Comments
  1. Runin 999

    Ciao 🤩 mamy non so se riesco a capire come si fa ho avuto un finale un po'di più chi meno io non ho ancora avuto modo di parlare con te angelo Mio 😘😘 ti invio il mio curriculum vitae in quanto sei iscritto alla trasmissione della dichiarazione dei redditi di lavoro che mi mandi la tua voce interiore di tutto

  2. Adriano Baivè

    diciotto anni versione inglese

  3. Just Breathe

    I love Dalida but I've just realized that I don't like all the versions of her songs, personally I prefer to stick to french and spanish only. The lyrics in english are really harsh, the negative emotions are amplified to the point of almost regreting the encounter while the spanish version is a lot less painful for her to see him go, seeing only the good side of the moment and let's not even talk of the french one (the best in my opinion); there she is lonely but not really desperate.


    you never knew her why should you say something like this?

    Fani Aria

    I know this comment is old, but I recommend checking out the german versions of her songs. I feel like the german language and her strong accent give the songs a totally new addition in emotion, as german sounds very strong.

    Dalida, Yolanda Giglioti

    MrGodsking yes,that!!!

  4. Guy R

    Nee en Egypte mais élevée en Europe. Chanteuse internationale. Born in Egypt but raised in Europe, everybody wins.

    Flávio Adler

    She was not raised in Europe. She lived in Egypt until the age of 21 (almost 22 actually). She even apeared in egyptian films and was Miss Egypt in 1954, before flying to Paris.

  5. Guy R

    Nee en Egypte, grandie en Italie et vécue essentiellement en France. Parlait et chantait en Arabe, Italien et Français (Allemand et Anglais pas trop au point).

  6. stebear58

    yes u can get the Cd from Amazon or off ITunes

  7. izgil82

    Lol whoever wrote English lyrics of this song for her must've had a good sense of humor. Excellent song, though.

  8. stebear58

    Dalida Did 22+ tracks in English and is now out on a 22 cd call Glamorous
    It's just shame Dalida did not make big here in the UK

    Eluisa Riggio

    adorabile Dalila .eri meravigliosa .

  9. stebear58

    Dalida did just over 20+ track in English that now can be found on 22 track cd call Glamorous just a shame she did not make big here in the UK

  10. Sarkooo20008

    @Gonzales1962 The German title is "Er war gerade 18 jhar"

  11. Gonzales Dalidien

    Hi Sarkoo, what is the title of (il venait d'avoir 18 ans) in German? I didn't know that before.

    Hannah Ringel

    Gonzales Dalidien Er war gerade 18 Jahr

  12. 3GiovyandPino3

    Davvero molto bella e rilassante. 5*******

  13. Gonzales Dalidien

    yes, you can see the newly released song (YOU), I posted it here, see it in my channel

  14. Sarkooo20008

    Yes, her life was difficult, but she was always a great person. She sang in 11 languages (only one song in greek)..


    soon she will get the justice she truly deserves

  15. sokrowische

    Thanx! Cool - she was really a great person! Just read her biography on wikipedia, really tragic!


    she was one of the most wonderful people you could ever wish to meet

    Dalida, Yolanda Giglioti

    MrGodsking yes,you are so right!

  16. Sarkooo20008

    Dalida sang this song in 6 languages: Italian, franch, german, english, japonais and spanish ;)

  17. sokrowische

    I knew only the German version - did not even know that that there is an English version, too... just discovered it by chance searching for the Kasatschok-Song :-)

  18. Sarkooo20008

    Yes, but for this moment i haven't. If i find other Dalida's songs in english i'll post them.
    Sorry for my poor english.

  19. normandron

    i just love dalida . its great there is an english version . this song sure makes you know what a cougar must feel like. if you have any more english versions of her songs please post thanks


    Ok. That's a surprise! I'm happy! Dalida of course the best all times. Beautiful and wonderful video I love the final photo.
    Thank you very much Sarkooo and thanks forever Dalida.**********************