Dahlia, Kat - My Shoes Lyrics

Cause you're always on my mind
All the memories of your lies
And even though you did some crimes
I thought your love meant to be kind

And we both made such a mess
And we both caused so much stress
I never thought you'd let it get
To the point of our regrets

And now my feet just move as they think of you
My soles are wearing thin, on my shoes

Now I can't walk around the city
Cause this block is full of memories
Of us acting so damn silly
I can't stop walkin' round this city

Help me
My heart is feeling weak
I'm roaming every corner where we used to meet
Stop me
Can't even feel my feet
They keep on dragging me through every broken street

And the love was like gold
But the bugs always crept into
Your lungs you were so old

Every time you would blow
Out the smoke, from your lips I would kiss
With my heart and my soul

And now my feet just move as they think of you
My soles are wearing thin on my shoes
Now I can't walk around the city

Cause this block is full of memories
Of us actin' so damn silly
I can't stop walkin' round this city


And he's so, mean, mean
Cause when he wants it, he wants it
Its all that he, needs, needs

And the moment he's got it he finally feels
Free, free

And the moment he's got it he's free
And I cry myself to sleep

And now my feet just move as they think of you
My soles are wearing thin on my shoes

Now I can't walk around this city
Cause this block is full of memories
Of us acting so damn silly

I can't walk around this city
I can't walk around this city

Help me
My heart is feeling weak
I'm roaming every corner where we used to meet

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Dahlia, Kat My Shoes Comments
  1. Marie Velasquez

    I feel like I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve nmariev I love this song ~.* just a song I might just fade away...... . ..... .. honestly true song. ;/

  2. travel and see

    She needs more songs like this!! Fucking love it!💋

  3. Bellickeys

    That chorus thooo!😍

  4. Keanna Johnson

    Still love her music 💙

  5. Gabrielle Adger

    💕 2019 💕

  6. I’yanna I’rielle

    I love Kat

  7. Malii E

    2018 ??

  8. Jose Lopez

    I just discovered her about 1 year ago and listening to her again.Kat is so talented for her to blow up,she has to make a song with someone who is popular RN and she will blow up!!! She sings better than lots of female now a days love you Kat.Irma

  9. Sarah Svencner

    Listening still in 2017

  10. february baby43

    I'm so upset that this girl didn't blow up...been listening to her for 4 years now

    Ervin Ellis

    She defies everything they stand for


    Gangsta was big thooo

  11. D. L.

    GOSSSSH .. 👏🙌💚

  12. Onur Eksi

    i listen to this shit since it came out hail the king the king is katt dahlia

  13. Onur Eksi

    i listen to this shit since it came out hail the king the king is katt dahlia

  14. Inarie Anderson


  15. Cassidy Sandstedt

    kat is bae.

  16. Theresa Elibox

    Literally addicted to your voice & lyrics . I can't go a day without listening to you. You inspire , educate & encourage us . #KatFan  

  17. Ricardo Medina

    This women is so talented


    yes, and so not getting the public as she should be. she is fire


    j'adore !!!

  19. alexandr suvorov

    Влюбился на старости в эту девчонку

  20. Stephanie Flores

    this inspires me to write

  21. kayteeelle

    Nah Kat's more of a Hip Hop version of Amy Winehouse. I find Angel Haze to be the female Tupac. While we're at it Miley's the female Vanilla Ice.

  22. CrystalBananas

    lmfaoooo 'rhianna sounds..horny in her songs' i had to go back and listen to a song and yeh..it's kinda true lol

  23. Michael Benoliel

    On point

  24. KayleeStoriez

    Yes Hunny , There's Not Alot Of "Females" Who Can Sing True Shit In There Songs And By True Shit I Mean There Life Storys.. What? You Want Me To Compare Her To Nicki Minaj Etc. Hell Nah ! Now Thats A Bitch


    Love thiis song...her voice...

  26. KayleeStoriez

    I Hope & Pray She Don't Join The Illumanti , She's Like A Female Tupac . She Speaks True Shit , Stay A Gods Baby Kat , Love You Girl <3

  27. Branden Long

    I don't listen to many female artist but I'll listen to anything and everything this woman sings.

  28. janethn21

    Soo deeeep.

  29. Marie

    love her <3

  30. Shadi Yakout

    IIO POTICA's Son ???

  31. Emy Espinoza

    Love her voice

  32. jose lopez

    I cant stop listening to her O M G

  33. MrJay13boy

    follow me on instagram _Cuban_Islander_

  34. MrJay13boy

    my fellow cuban doing Great !

  35. LadyDC2011

    I cant find this album on itunes ... is this album out yet ?

  36. IEatKittiesMEOW

    She Representing Cubans The Right Way ❤❤

  37. Victoria Bonner

    Love ti

  38. WeHerbsIt

    She is pretty dope man. Does any one know if she ha any mixtapes?


    Shes A Legend In The Making!

  40. Red Sin

    Pure awesomeness ! Kat babyyyy

  41. travel and see

    Bad ass bitch ...love her voice ♥

  42. Misana

    Are you interpreting the beginning or something?

  43. Francine A

    She's gonna be so huge in like a year or so, she deserves it. She's amazing.

  44. Danielle Medina


  45. candybaybeeLIVE

    If people think she sounds like Rihanna then they need their ears checked -_-

  46. Jasmine W.

    i like gansta but i cant listen to her over and over.. i thought she was rihanna at first till i saw and heard her tlk (no accent) so it made the song sound differen to me

  47. AbernastyTV

    she should do a song with Snow tha product

  48. makewaypositiveday

    hahaha so true

  49. Kimoni Kidd

    y gf made me listen to dis ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.lol

  50. CaliGirl8686

    YES!! That's exactly what I was thinking! She is amazing. :-)

  51. nuelogic

    I love KAT, but dam she needs to hop off that Elmer Fud shit.

  52. Danny Nelson

    I can feel her every lyric... A girl version of "The Weeknd" ..

  53. MultiAlthani

    heyy u can check it now, its up for sure!

  54. Penny Fotakis

    I can't find the lyrics

  55. zulia raigoza

    instrumental please

  56. MultiAlthani

    i just wrote the lyrics and putting in a vid! should be up my channel soon! ur welcome hhh :P enjoyyy

  57. Penny Fotakis

    Someone has to write the lyrics. PLEASE :-):-)

  58. Monik Gordon

    her beats go so hard. she is so raw

  59. Joel Cruz

    Rihanna sounds like a cat in heat. LOL

  60. А.С

    pleasee i want lyrics too ;((((((((

  61. Magic Within

    She sounds like a carribbean mix of sia and angela McClusky

  62. Jahtu Kanneh

    shes soo good omg

  63. Nadine Dehaibi

    I really had no more hope for the singers these days until Kat <3 Love her!!

  64. LushBlish567

    Love Her!!!! o goshhhhhhhhhhh she has such a unique sound !!

  65. danny ocean

    fuckin love this song

  66. Glenn Ellena

    Lol my new favorite singer doe .

  67. Eli West

    Damn,, ive been waiting for a new and improved artist. Love her.

  68. G R Turner

    I can understand why people think she sounds like Rihanna at first listen, because I thot the same thing, but as I listened more, she's got her own style. Rihanna is a fuckin fake, terrible singer anyway.

  69. 2017 2017

    I love her she has this old school vibe. I hear her voice and I think of a newer version of Billie Holiday. It's like jazz, blues mixed with R&B. Keep it up girl!1 Don't change for no one!

  70. rachel johnson

    I dont know why people say she sound like Rihanna ...... Kat sounds real. Rihanna sounds
    Horny in her songs lol

  71. tuneed1


  72. elitemelbgirl

    she sounds like rihanna

  73. Laiken Marie

    Can't stop listening to this:)

  74. Kayla Marie

    holy shit, goosebumps to the max

  75. muxik84

    Damnn this some good stuff

  76. rahabu mugeta

    dope song

  77. Sofie larsen

    Kat Dahlia is my favorite singer she is so talented!!

  78. tringajakupi

    what does she says in the beginning?

  79. alyssa joyce

    This would sound amazing in my car with the base! love it!!

  80. faith scorpion

    She sounds like Rihanna; /

  81. david stuckey

    she definetly has next a real star no gimmicks no reality show no fat husband record executive

  82. BlueTopazDecemberBay

    I just adore her. And call me hype but this really means something to me, One day I was listening to Kat Dahlia and I took off my silver ring and on the inside its a small flower and it says Dahlia, some how I feel like I'm wearing a little piece of her attitude and strength, it was weird but awesome, your probably like so what? It said Dahlia not Kat Dahlia, true, but what a coincidence lol. Any way the world needs to watch out she's going to TTTKA(White Chicks!)

  83. BlueTopazDecemberBay

    No. We need people like her to overthrow what we call the "music industry", people who's music can fight all evil and make music what it used to be , rich amazing , and positively life changing! I hope she doesn't change, we need her, I love her so freaking much, goodness her music is like Kaboom!! In your face, utterly shocking and breathtaking!

  84. DĖAF ËYËS Productions

    Me too, I've been staying up til' 2 o' clock looking for in amazon, and in iTunes but I can't find it anywhere, I'm thinking maybe some store has it like amoeba, and I send Kat dahlia a message on her Facebook page, asking her about it, I'm hopeful that she will reply, the page looks legit. Oh how I want that CD or downloadable music thingy, so I can listen to it while I fall into a deep sleep, I probably won't sleep because I be singing along even though I don't know all the lyrics, HAHHH!!!

  85. Nina Joyner

    Does anyone know where I can buy her Albumn "Shades of Gray"? I have been looking for a long while.

  86. 907pinkcandy

    Refreshing. Love this chick. She's about to blow up...watch...

  87. Christine Chris


  88. T Byrd

    This chick is da truff...yeah truff! Lmao!

  89. Xavier Kele

    she like amy wine house but latin lots of soul more then some R&B and rappers today nickey rhinna and beyoncea ever had or will have i hope she lives longer then poor amy O.D and died from it kat stay way from drugs and bad people don't want to lose a good artist again like you.

  90. Klaudia Baciók

    I LOVE IT !!!

  91. Pattarajarin Luengsanyaluk

    i dont think enough people understand this song is crazy good Hey use this to get the mp3 of this song >> bit.ly\13Qwa4B

  92. may juin

    she exagerate a lot

  93. Steve S

    Deep bassline an amazing raw beautiful voice it's just..
    ..Kat Dahlicious

  94. Patricia Cristina

    This is the best music in a while! Hope to see her becoming famous like a queen! Love her!!!

  95. May

    you heard dat shit on worldstar too.Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  96. Maree Dib

    Love this girl! Unlike no other

  97. Maree Dib

    I've been waiting so long for real music