DAGames - Take My Breath Away Lyrics

(Now we fight back, 'cause we are free)

Awoken today
One hundred years you lay
A calamity has since drowned the land
With a legend from the dark
This myth has been foretold
And now a hero shall unfold
Take the test of strength because
Hyrule needs your everlasting sword
To slay the beast within
As you sing

You took the breath right out of my heart
You take my home and tear it all apart
Now we fight back cause we are free
Taking over our destiny
I'm lost in the dark
Wishing I could rewind to the start
I can feel you here part of me
Lets take control of our destiny

The corners of this land
Held captive by demand
These beasts need to be tamed
You have the key now carve your name
In a forest far away
Your weapon lays and waits
She calls to you
But the guardians have sounded the alarm

You're chosen
The knight saves the day
We have fallen
Avenge our dismay
One by one
Defeat the decay
Destroy Ganon
Save Hyrule again

To slay the beast within
As you sing

You took the breath right out of my heart
You take my home and tear it all apart
Now we fight back cause we are free
Taking over our destiny
I'm lost in the dark
Wishing I could rewind to the start
I can feel you here part of me

In the heat of the war we are broken (broken)
For the sake of the kingdom you're chosen
To peryl them where they lay
Now claim your prize!

I'm trapped and fallen down
He took my crown
The shining light has gone
The world is in your hands
I'm lost in the dark
(You're chosen)
Wishing I could rewind to the start
(We have fallen)
The calm before the storm (one by one) will disappear

You took the breath right out of my heart
You take my home and tear it all apart
Now we fight back cause we are free
Taking over our destiny
I'm lost in the dark
Wishing I could rewind to the start
I can feel you here part of me
Lets take control of our destiny

You're chosen
The knight saves the day
We have fallen
Avenge our dismay
One by one
Defeat the decay
Destroy Ganon
Save Hyrule again

You're chosen
The knight saves the day
We have fallen
Avenge our dismay
One by one
Defeat the decay...

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DAGames Take My Breath Away Comments
  1. Tomathius

    BOTW 2 Hype

  2. ExplosionMare

    I love this song so much and I don’t even play Zelda

  3. Izabella Flores

    I love the legend of Zelda 💖

  4. Tyla Judd

    This song is so fucking catchy “ you took the breath right out of my heart!!!!”

  5. D4rK4i520TM

    3:28 when i step on a lego

  6. SteveTheMinecraftBoss You fool

    Finally got the game, understand this AMAZING SONG so much better!

  7. Ryan Enigmus

    already done but your where sleeping so you missed it

    Ryan Enigmus

    the person at my house will die enjoying the song though

    Ryan Enigmus

    now awaken my dragon and enjoy your song

    Ryan Enigmus

    you have earned it i am everywhere becuse they are everywhere love your neighbor because they could be mine so says randomfan 29 that is also me

    Ryan Enigmus

    now my dragco love your dragnet she is walking into your home right now

  8. CyiCreations

    Just got the game and whilst playing I just remembered this song <3

  9. Link Zelda

    Echt cool!!!!!!❤


    I’ve been playing this game recently so I’m glad this popped up In my recommended

  11. Jenni Luques

    Nintendo should use this as the opening to a legend of Zelda anime

  12. Bob Jones

    The blood moon section was a brilliant touch

  13. Frank Morales

    imagine if this many guardians runing at you in the actual game 2:48

  14. NinjayajniN /NIN jay UH jay NIN\

    This song is too slept on

  15. DiamondSparklz61


  16. Emma Brunsden

    This song is amazing I played this song 100 times

    Emma Brunsden

    Be link

  17. Bob Newby Superhero

    594 people who disliked:
    Also, f*** you

  18. Larry Pedder Jr

    Song Request
    Can you do a song from persona?

    I only play 4 p4au pq and pq2.

    I love your music wish I could do like you

  19. Jaden Crawford

    What genre is DA? The best I got is Heavy Power Metal. I think. I am not sure what to call his awesome lyric sauce.

  20. Spirit Steel

    What would this even be classified as? (Genre)

  21. Thawkins

    This is literally if Jeff and Casey Lee Williams wrote the Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

  22. LuigiThe3rd

    This took my breath away


    I just realized that technically was a pun

  23. Sean Fakelastname

    Just a question, why is Tattletail linked in the description

  24. Gaming-Life GL

    You're breathtaking!

  25. Emmanuel Perez

    Muy buena cancion te felizito cantas muy bien

  26. Lashon horton

    he went super high

  27. Indiegamedeamon YT

    OMG!!!! Thank you both so much!!!! this song is amazing, and a good way to get all of your friends into Legend of Zelda! <3

  28. Zack the gaming Skunk

    I’m just gonna say this now....they should reach out to you will and put this song and smash ultimate

  29. Joel simms

    More glitches


    note: play this when fighting ganon in hyrule castle

  31. John Oberholz

    I can sing this whole song by memory’s ;)

  32. Hazy_Daydreams xox


  33. Arica Friesen

    Huh.. Navi knew what she was talking about xD

  34. Kamille Willets

    I've listened to this so many times cuz oh my gosh this is amazing. One of the best songs I've heard

  35. Keke Iqbal

    I love this song

  36. Keke Iqbal

    You mean The legend of Zelda song

  37. Theron Baker

    This is awsome you did a good job with this video

  38. Jumble Drops1029

    Time to find my edgy comment...


    this song took my breath away (get it)

  40. Gacha gril

    *wait this isn't anime*

  41. Nathan Sebastian

    Powerful, just powerful... I love this song!!!!

  42. XxMetalhead 05Xx

    I am a huge metalhead and well...thats by far my favourite game, and OMG im speachless!!!
    I cant say anything else...


  43. Cameron Steel

    I've now memorized it 😆

  44. Cameron Steel

    I've listened to it for a little while now I can't get it out of my head

  45. julian arrowood

    This music is the best music ever!

  46. Mickey 1029

    Hyrules theme song

  47. FiveNights Guy

    The world has taken the breath right out of my heart...so I'll take it's rules and tear em all apart

  48. Tre Wilson

    Dad: Stop playing that!
    Me: Why?
    Dad: We have a bigger speaker downstars.


    *Top 5 Coolest Dads ever*

    Emma Brunsden

    PlayerN uuuuuuuuummmm what


    @Emma Brunsden Cool dad because he is gonna play DAGames on bigger speaker

    Ted Scheett

    @PlayerN Me: (fails down the stairs running)

  49. nat2coop

    Love love love this video and song

  50. Lionel Head

    can i get a gears of war song?

  51. SCP-6039 class: euclid

    This has to be one of if not his best songs by far

  52. MinecraftMeteor

    Why do I recognize DAGames so much?
    Edit: Did he, by any chance, make Gospel of Dismay?

  53. Jhonny Lee

    random youtube recomendations back at it again

    awesome work btw

  54. Teo Fox


  55. Crystal Thunderheart

    Link has so much on his shoulders. Not just his friends, family, champions. But all the knights and Hylians who have fallen too.
    But only that, but potentially the entire world.

  56. Thesubscriber Withnothingtodo

    This sounds like the kind of song you would hear on a really kick ass weekend morning cartoon.

  57. KinTGC

    Breath of the wild in one sentence

    Link procrastinates while the world is ending

  58. Gaster Follower 19

    You have such an amazing song, and then you have the bone chilling sounds at the very end. Hell yeah!!

  59. Lily Zilly

    Has anyone noticed how lonely Link must be on this adventure in particular? He can't remember anyone, all the bonds he makes during the adventure are only able to be active at the right time and place. Nobody is partnering with him. He's just all alone and confused... I know he regains some memories but... They're just small bits and pieces, what about family? Maybe even other things, like other friends he used to have, his childhood. There is nothing like that during the memories we find in the game.

    It's just sad to think about, he has nothing left. He just wakes up with no memories of a life he once had. He is told to do something he knows in his heart he has to do but in his mind its just information that can't really be processed. Out in the open, alone and maybe even afraid. Nobody to comfort him or show him that everything will be okay.

    I feel bad for him. As I said, he has nothing left anymore...

    Lily Zilly

    Thanks for that like. Wasn't mine, surprisingly.

  60. 3 Girls Gaming

    Best song ever! I used to listen to this over and over while playing botw and it will always have a place in me. Thanks 😀

  61. The Living Gamer

    I'm just waiting for a Hollow Knight song at this point.

  62. Da Mandarin

    dam! who knew that Zelda plus guitar would be so epic good job

  63. Ruth Colon

    thats what the game did when i played dit took literally ALL MY BREATH AWAY

  64. Anneliese Kuhnhenn

    I love this song, but I love deathly loneliness attacks more ;)

    Both have amazing lyrics I just enjoy the voicing of deathly loneliness more and the animation also adds a lot to it. These are the 2 BotW songs I listen to other than the soundtrack and I love both of them.

  65. Robert McGuire

    Legit more hyped for a sequel to this song. Then BOTW 2

  66. Jakub Stobinski

    You know what this would be the final boss music for BOTW2

  67. ThatDorkInAHoodie

    I can't stop replaying this

  68. Luminee Luma Productions

    This is still my absolute favourite DAGames song and I still think it's severely underrated.

  69. Red Diamond

    So perfect... IT'S AMAZING!!!!

  70. Chara Ender

    awesome song from 2 awesome guys great job boys

  71. The Red Viking

    You can go to war to this

  72. The Red Viking

    Nothing but goosebumps

  73. Sivauna Noelle

    Someone animate is.

  74. Erick Saldana

    Is this an anime intro

    Because this is a good one 👍


    if u read this i love u

    i am not gay

  76. Pachinko

    so fucking epic well done guys

  77. incideus

    WELP, 2019 ANYONE???

  78. Shdow killer192

    The next zelda game will have this opening

  79. Kadimius

    This and an emotional impact on me when I played BOTW
    Awesome song

  80. RaisinPantz

    So good it literally gives me chills

  81. Olaf Allison

    Wait whose that wolf from the legend of Zelda series?

    Manic Panic1

    That's Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.

  82. Aleplayer’s Domain

    This song is breathtaking! 😉.

  83. ALC 3333

    May I ask? What is peryl at 2:46 mean?

  84. XDXD

    Esto es una maldita obra de arte

    TrolliGamer 47

    Me encanta esta canción muchísimo


    @TrolliGamer 47 esque como para no gustarte XD

    TrolliGamer 47

    @XDXD recuerdo que hace unos 2 años la escuchaba todo el día y un día iba con cascos por la calle y casi me atropellan alv


    @TrolliGamer 47 ala mierda que loco XD yo la acabo de descubrir XD

    TrolliGamer 47

    @XDXD alv

  85. Billy Johnson

    This is a botw anime opening... Right?

  86. Byø Kőrā

    This image in the song makes Hyrule Castle look like a giant guardian that would have been a hilarious hidden boss don't you think so lol

    AwesomeSauce Abbie

    Byø Kőrā That’s nightmare fuel 😂😂

  87. nat2coop

    This is so freaking a$$ awesome. If an actual anime was made (instead of the crappy one they have) this song would be great to have as an opening to it

  88. Nick Fraga


  89. Вася Кабан

    cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool yeah

  90. Shafique Kamal

    Gotta make sure to keep this on while smacking Gannon on the face

  91. neil dunham

    why does it feel like this song kinda works with skyrim?

  92. CareHeGerry

    I kinda want to make a little animation on this but idk tho

  93. angel of the shadows

    I still remember the day this song came out

  94. Panikku Lps

    Tbh the Zelda part was my favorite part-I love princess Zelda, but before that those GUARDIANS! LEGIT FEAR LMAO. I HATE when I’m running through minding my own business trying to find shrines to get 13 hearts and hince the Master Sword and then I hear that freaking music and see a red target on Link-I’m surprised I haven’t yeeted something-😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  95. Sebastian De Los Angeles

    Fantastic song

  96. Cuperesitabebe Gutierrez

    Im not really into metal music.....BUT THIS SONG IS THE BEST!!!!YOU DESERVE AN AWARD FROM NINTENDO FOR THIS!!!!!

  97. Bulba 9

    I dont know why this song works as stress relief for me, but I definatly need this right now. 10/10

  98. omegamemesaiyan12 08

    Anyone came here for memories of breath of the wild even though it came out like 2 years ago?

  99. Caleb Hyles

    Such a huge, freaking privilege and honor to be included on this killer track \m/ So many amazing things happening on this channel all at once and I am truly grateful to be a part of it, even in a small way :)

    AJ Hurtado


    Connor Lischak

    @DAGames hey da games you are the best your music changed me and i love your music please make more music like this because i have an idea for a next song you can do it is called who's laughing now please read this. here some of the lyics you think that we are gone but were still here with pain and the sorrow he betrayed us enslave us destroy us and now we fight who's laughing now?

    bonnie and toy chica’s World

    I play this game

    Marcus Spencer

    Dude your awesome