DAGames - Slay For Honor Lyrics

We pray for our protection
From the darkness that engulfs us from outside
They have taken nibelheim
We send our hearts to guide him
Our hero hidden within the unknown tides
They took everything and now our city cries

They claimed your land
Take the heartless demon and fight
In a new born sight
As you claim your rights
Hold back your tears
Fuel the thirst that thrives and slay for honor
For your fire
Comes from the heart

A project bent on disaster
Wreaked havoc from their own masters
Lessons learned
From those who sough
To let it burn

These memories (these memories)
Are not your own (are not your own)
But your relentless hatred
For what they've done and what they've shown
Still scolds

They claimed your land
Take the heartless demon and fight
In a new born sight
As you claim your rights
Hold back your tears
Fuel the thirst that thrives and slay for honor
For your fire
Comes from the heart

Anyone may claim that he will act in the direst times
Yet only a brave man acts in times great and small

I cannot fall back down
Is never
I'll try to stand my ground
We deliver
Forces so profound
Remembering the reason
Of existence
Caused a deity to crumble
This world in his hands
In his hands (in his hands)
Take a stand

They claimed your land
Take the heartless demon and fight
In a new born sight
As you claim your rights
Hold back your tears
Fuel the thirst that thrives and slay for honor
For your fire
Comes from the heart

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DAGames Slay For Honor Comments
  1. awezome082

    I can’t tell if this is a remake or if it’s based on a remake

    None the less I love this song

  2. Gazbear

    2020 anyone?

    Derpy Link

    right here bro

  3. PlagueReaper

    Welp at least the game is coming out in March ツ

  4. shad ded


    havok by the game
    why do we hold
    slay for honor
    heart of an artist
    cold man
    kings and queens
    summon the wave
    omen child
    bloody ether
    override and conquer
    one by one
    as the light go out
    press star to beging
    testyfi the modern eye

  5. kurt Knispel

    SLAY FOR HONOUR!! The Area 51 raid is tomorrow and our brave airmen will defend the base with everything they have!

  6. Lycan Fenris

    I kinda wanna see this remade when the game releases.

  7. Tom Eye The SFM guy

    Captain Marvel

  8. LFVGamer Bro

    2019? Cause I am

  9. kurt Knispel

    What about the god emperor? Or as we chaos players call him, the corpse God.

  10. Allexia Smith

    I know I'm really late, but I love Final Fantasy and I LOVE your music! Keep up the great work!

    Allexia Smith

    I also like Cloud, he is my favorite character

  11. Marcus Fenix

    Anyone watch 2019: this song is awesome this should have 1M viewers by now

  12. Krasue LPG


  13. Jesse Cota

    Best song I've heard all day 😎

  14. Rex Jabez

    Me: *Staring for a entenity*
    Guy: What happened to you boy?
    Me: I watch this so many times
    Guy: How many?
    Me: 14,000,605
    (Find something familiar here and its easier if you watched Infinity war)

    Rex Jabez

    Pls like the comment if u find something familiar

  15. Omarsito Areola

    To be honest I never though he would make this song when i saw the preview i was like he kidding but hey i like it as hell will never disappoint anyone.

  16. lynbaccha

    Not gonna lie. The title makes me think of Angeal.

  17. Sedij

    This is amazing! I've never played Final Fantasy before, but i still give this a solid like!

  18. SeanTEMGlitchy6


  19. Sephiroth Crescent


  20. Aussieroth7

    ... Again, I will pay for an instrumental of this awesome song!

  21. Bionic B

    This sucks so much...

    It took me too long for me to find this ROCKIN’ song!

  22. Josh Ayala

    Sephiroth,JENOVA and Hojo disliked

  23. ureshiiiiii

    This deserves so many more views!! Fucking epic


    I know right? I also would like to hear an instrumental version of this... or hell, an ORCHESTRATED version!

  24. Lycan Fenris

    Should’ve been in Dissidia NT

  25. Luis Castañeda Mofo

    I pooped my pants a little *-*

  26. Shi nigami

    play crisis core with this in the ending and maybe you'll be see if we can save zack.

  27. Michael Atkinson

    I heard the remake was cancelled is that true? :(

    Titanium Salvage

    M A Where did you hear that?

    Michael Atkinson

    from a friend

    Titanium Salvage

    M A I have never heard that. They're taking their sweet time though as it took a year to finish the intro xD

  28. BraveXBlaziken

    If the song says "slay the HEARTLESS demon",you have a heart and he said fire comes out of it,did your heart even burn???!!!!

    Titanium Salvage

    BraveXBlaziken He never says Slay the heartless demon...

  29. Tom Eye The SFM guy

    1:23-1:36 is my favorite part

  30. Tom Eye The SFM guy

    can you feel the edge?

  31. Reina Henriquez

    2:40 that note tho

  32. Farese Pugsley

    I'm going to make a Japanese translation, just in case anyone is still watching in 2017.

  33. Sir Beanhead the 21st

    The dislikes are from sephiroth

  34. Wylgor Jannuzzi

    maior fracasso da Dagames

  35. Jano

    You had to recur to a more melodic power metal, like japanese style. It makes a cheese theme, kinda teeanger screamo rock. In other words, you fucked up this theme.

    Jaxton Cook

    Jano So? That's his favorite genre of music. If he doesn't want to make a calmer song he's not gonna.

    Titanium Salvage

    Jano No he didn't. You do realize the game is a Japanese game at the heart and the music and lyrics fit well with the game. I think you need to learn either the game or music better.

  36. Mercy Angela

    Final Fantasy I haven't played this but my dad has

    FinalFantasyFan 012

    And what Final Fantasy game has your dad played?

  37. Thrasir


  38. Fresh Prince of Memes


  39. Larry Pedder Jr

    I never heard of this song. I knew redemption, longing, and one wing Angel but that it

  40. Storm Reaper VII

    This sounds like something straight out of *Metal Gear Rising: Revengance*. Considering what combat looks like in the new trailer I'd say it fits.

  41. SkylaRoseYT

    Dude, I didn't know about this song till just today! OMG! IT WAS AMAZING! I loved it so much and I even got chills in the beginning. I'm not one for heavy metal or screamo music, but DAGames, you guys are an exception! Nicely done!

  42. Pedro Henrique Monteiro da costa

    You should haves one to FF 5 and 6

  43. Kristen Hendricks

    This song is amazing!!!! It follows ff7 pretty good

  44. SAID M.A.

    ya agan la cancion de esplatoon

  45. BlockTetuel

    Soo this is i like it final fantacy Good job Bro Thanks for Sounds Good luck bro!

  46. MarkCrafty

    This makes me want to play Final Fantasy for some reason. Music can do magical things.
    I guess this just means you should keep up the good work Will!

  47. Trial Øf Dracøs

    Nibelheim......Isn't it Niffleheim?

    Trial Øf Dracøs

    Lel, I'm pretty sure it's Niffleheim cuz all throughout the game they say "Niffs" or "Niff make".

    Trial Øf Dracøs

    Did not mean to post that twice XD


    My reasoning is that there is an ability called "Nibelheim Nightmare".

    Trial Øf Dracøs

    Ah. Well..The. Only FF games I've played are FFRK and FFXV.

    Sephiroth Crescent

    Nibelhiem is from ff7

  48. DavidJGDoyle

    This is a really cool song! Strange request but do you have an instrumental version of this song?

  49. Sage Smith


  50. Dylan G.

    To be honest, I never got a chance to sit down and listen to the full thing.

  51. Diego HG

    2:37 ... momento epico ;:3 <33

  52. Cloud&CorrinDiamond Roy&LucinaPlatinum2020

    This music reminds me of Cloud Strife's Theme. AND IT IS AWESOME SONG I'VE EVER HEARD!

  53. Wing King / Myth Co Team

    Sup, Is it okay for me to do a reaction video about this? If you don't want to just simply say no okay?

  54. Marcus Fenix

    This Is My Favorite Song Will, Slay For Honor

  55. PunkRock Roboid

    That tempo change.



  57. Ronsiterv

    My ears was not ready for this.

  58. Marcus Fenix

    This Is My Favorite Song, Your Awesome DAGames

  59. Aussieroth7

    This song is awesome. Is there an instrumental version of this song? I'd gladly pay for that too!

  60. Omega Sans

    could u make a hour one of this song piz :D

  61. Game&Josu

    Could you do a Giygas song sometime?

  62. ILike Stuff

    Like normal on 60 gallons of red bull and it never fails to make any of its songs great!

  63. The Admiral Berry

    DAGames' music reminds me of Gloryhammer's music.

  64. sam the wild cat jr

    i love this song good job.

  65. The Masondwich


  66. Noche Tenebri

    This is going to take a while to grow on me, but for what it is it's pretty good. Nice work as always. (ovo)b

  67. sasha bradley

    A Kingdom Hearts song would be epic!

  68. Aussieroth7

    Way wicked... Also, is there an instrumental version of this somewhere?

  69. gluppy doggo

    please don't take this as hate comment I have 2kids and a wife

    gluppy doggo

    old don't hurt me

  70. gluppy doggo

    hmm I think they wouldn't do well vocal wise that's my opinion.

  71. Ken


  72. DHK

    why cant i get the song in google play?

  73. Sors

    I know what to listen to if I ever get final Fantasy 7


    You should, it's awesome!

  74. Braveheart Zack

    awesome dude

  75. David Sanders

    can't tell of all the Comme ts are trolling or if I'm the only one who thinks this song is literally a joke

  76. BTS Forever

    This song reminds me of slayer for some reason

  77. LordLocust

    all the song are the same men XD

  78. The Dragoon

    Maybe a Kingdom Hearts 3 song? Just a suggestion.

  79. SAW

    final fantasy 15 song FT:nathan sharp LYRIC VIDEO (fight for...) PLEASE!!!

  80. The Sinful Gamer


  81. Taj Kelsen

    I was never notified about this

  82. KruelKoopa

    Well, one things for sure, the lyric guess for this one was almost 100% accurate. So things are more clear for some previews.


    *Waits for someone to correct the fact he said things instead of thing's.*

  83. Project36

    Congrats Will! This song marks 30 songs!
    Its time to die
    I'm the purple guy
    Not here all night
    Flumptys Jam
    Another Date
    Break my Mind
    Game over
    March Onward
    Dear Brother
    Follow Greet Wait and Repeat
    Path of Genocide
    Until Dawn
    Atomic Renegade
    I Stay Determined
    Summon the Wave
    Im on the Hunt
    I will not be Moved
    Rip em' up
    Layers of Fear
    Here comes the Ladies
    One by One
    Dream on
    Press Start to Begin
    We go Under
    Born Champion
    Left Behind
    Wrath of a Titan
    Memories of the Damned
    Slay for Honor
    Of course there was always Broken and About to explode. But if you dont want to count onyx colony songs then one more song till 30 Will! And if you count all of the onyx colony songs youre way past 30. Keep up the awesomeness!

    Minislymortal Meltdown

    memories of the damned is an onyx colony song too


    he make 109 songs.

    Jonjoe E

    Project36 lol listed 3 of my fav fan songs

  84. this will Hurt

    this sounds like his "metro" song

  85. Premium PackBuster

    I wonder if Will would do a guitar cover of One Winged angel or Dancing Mad

  86. Ryan Williams

    I dig it

  87. Duvallz007 the gamer

    Hey will can you make a destiny rise of iron song pls because my mom has bronchitis and that wood make me happy

  88. Potato Eater

    my new ringtone

  89. Jack Dague

    hey, Will, not sure if you're reading this comment, but could you see about making a song on Terraria or Starbound? I've been playing them recently and it would be cool to get some themed music while I play them!

    Minislymortal Meltdown

    No requests and I don't think he would

  90. Sea Agate

    I love it! 😄

  91. Lo-Fi Hpstr

    This needs way more views, but I think I know it has low views:
    99% of Will's fans are here for FNaF songs and vids only XD

  92. MR. Copper Head

    This is fucking glorious!!!!!

  93. KillingJokeGaming

    Alien isolation song?

  94. Kegeto Inferno

    this is so awesome

  95. Dr Mayday001

    This just is now my favorite song you've made!

  96. BrenGaming01

    I love the way this song just is. It has a different vibe than your other songs, but it is still amazing.

  97. stqrry sky

    1:52 Am I the only one who noticed? XD Slay for 'honour' XD Welp,everybody makes mistakes ;)

    Minislymortal Meltdown

    Will is from England they honor like that

    Minislymortal Meltdown

    +Minisly Games spell honor

    stqrry sky

    +Minisly Games Oh okay thx :D I know Will is from England but i didn't know they write honor as honour :) (I am not from England or anywhere where they talk English :D)

    Minislymortal Meltdown

    +Charlie Ivana okay