DAGames - One By One Lyrics

We are living in unsure times
In a world, savaged by the brutes
We exterminate
God forbid we take their blood
Every day there's another threat
A chaos inflicted, interrogation
There's nothing left to do
Take their lives with annihilation

They serenade a new born age of blood
They shadow the world
They unleash the horde
We have no fear to instigate our madness
We just want to win this war
Take 'em out to the core

One more bullet through the heart
We take this tyranny from the start
Our quest will not finish 'till the deed is done
As we take their whole army down
One by one

They made sure we were cornered with nowhere to run
Killing off each of every mortal man
What can we do
Stand up tall and stand up proud

Reprise your role as a hero immortalized
Returning the flames
Bringing out your game
Deny their access to your genocide
One clan shall claim defeat
The other clan shall rise

The tyrants engage
Colliding with rage
Their blood boils for you and I

One more bullet through the heart
We take this tyranny from the start
Our quest will not finish 'till the deed is done
As we take their whole army down
One by one

Shatter the bond
Between the light and the dark
Breathe it in, sink it in
You're in for a war
They shower our land with dread
Our kingdom has been bled dry
Breathe it in, sink it in
Your in for a war

Killing off the horde
This is your game
It never ends, it all depends
Now let them know your name
Cry it out like no one's ever heard you before
You'll make their death much more

One more bullet through the heart
We take this tyranny from the start
Our quest will not finish 'till the deed is done
As we take their whole army down
One by one

The tyrants engage
Colliding with rage
Their blood boils for you and I
The tyrants engage
Colliding with rage
You make their death much more

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DAGames One By One Comments
  1. LewisDoesYT

    I'm back listening to this, ready for doom eternal

  2. dedpool 33

    please make doom eternal song pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  3. Isaiah Castaneda

    ONE BY ONE!!

  4. marcus milton

    This is fantastic ^^

  5. Isaiah Castaneda


  6. Andreas Lima


  7. Frank the Dank

    Girls in the nether: OMG I FELL IN THE LAVA AAAHHHHH!

    Boys in the the nether:

  8. Skull

    Anyone else listening to this to keep their hype for doom eternal?


    Pls make doom eternal song

  10. Black Darkness

    Amazing Song Master Dagames ☺😱

  11. Jen- Jen

    This could easily be called the song of the Night Sentinels, knowing the lore of Doom Eternal now (if l get the text correctly, that is) :3

  12. Alex KimVideo {Bigbad75}

    RIP this guy's throat

  13. RedRice94

    I've never heard of this one before

  14. Jayden Arellano

    Too much metal talk

  15. spartan 117

    Master chief: dad?
    Doomslayer: son.

    Tanner Bruning

    spartan 117 doomslayer: you’re a disappointment

    spartan 117

    @Tanner Bruning Then please teach me father.

  16. Merchant


  17. Приключения Барбариков

    1.25 speed is good

  18. Blech

    This song feels more like a average song then a video game song! Very good job!

  19. serb

    You'll make their death much more☠️

  20. MR IBLIZ

    Good Song but it does not fit for DOOM. In my opinion

  21. Jose Manuel Chaves Bussi

    *intense heavy metal sounds*

  22. Andrew Evan

    I am 7 I mean 8 I play this game with my for Christmas my brother is going to get p Doom eternal

  23. Nightcore Bendy The Dancing Demon

    Anyone in 2019?

  24. Nickolas D. Wolfwood

    2019 Remaster? Or new song for doom eternal

  25. forkinpluggedtoaster

    When the last Pringle is in the can:
    One by one we will take the awhile army down!

  26. Mark Halus

    This is Awesome

  27. doom slayer1234


  28. Ferdinand aviña



  29. Vlλdimir Ryλn

    Only will can make Fortnite's kids ears bleed.

  30. ツPlasma

    Things I've learnes in the last week:
    Every rock song by DAGames works very well to motivate you while playing PvZ: Garden Warfare

  31. Vermillion Dervish

    Doomguy for smash ult dlc

  32. Roman Minaster

    Virgin Demons Vs. CHAD Doom Slayer

  33. Owen Miller

    I'm confused, is this supposed to be death metal or thrash metal, 'cause i can't tell.

  34. Swaggy D. Alford

    Do one for room eternal

  35. dedpool 33

    that dude is going ham on that guitar

  36. Yoshiblade316 the God Slayer

    Question. U gonna do a DooM Eternal song? If so, youre gonna be praised even more

  37. PVZGamer14

    Omg this is an absolute masterpiece I loved the song

  38. Ezkiez

    That guitar at the beggining is so epic thats the sign of something made just right i know your channel because of fnaf songs but damn i love all of your songs well done.

  39. Lord Tallon

    Bethesda, put this in Doom Eternal.

  40. katherine stirling

    Any doom track with lyrics is trash tbh

  41. Ezkiez

    The guitar at the beggining gives me chills.

  42. Roman Minaster

    When you're eating a box of oreos:
    "We'll take their whole army down, One By One!"


    Comedic Genius.

    The content man

    you have achieved comedy


    Comedy Gold

    Robert Guajardo

    And then suffer on the toilet afterwards 😂

    Delphox _1937

    69th like 😂😏

  43. Roman Minaster

    Man Literally Too Angry To Die

    Rex Jabez

    California man: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

    Roman Minaster

    @Rex Jabez Florida Man : "He is too dangerous to be kept alive!"

  44. DUBSXD

    They serenade a new born age of blood

  45. Nightcore fan

    Some body says can the doom slayer survive( enter here ->): . Better question can enything survive the doom slayer

  46. Spectre 425

    Doom, the horror game where the demons run from you

  47. Nacho Lopez Casas

    40 minutes boyzza for Doom eternal!!!!!!!!

  48. Devin Casebeer

    I can see this song as an opening to an anime.
    I never said that was a bad thing.

  49. Meme Master 341

    Demons: see doom guy try to kill him

    Doom guy:😈😈

  50. Schoko Keks _

    SO NICE !!!🤘🏻

  51. Zachary Ellis

    I can’t wait for a remake of this masterpiece. I want it to level up.

  52. Tyler Adams

    Doom is Eternal

  53. The Scarlet Cultist

    R I P A N D T E A R 🤘🤪🤘

  54. Elfish Boot50

    1 million views!!!

  55. Tinkrr

    I can hear the instrumental when none of yalls can

    Get on my level scrubs

    (My headphones are broken in a way that only allows me to hear background noises

  56. JRBEXPシ

    YouTube is broken
    This video has a copy claim and the song that appears doesn't sound like this one at all

  57. Raptor_Killer 01

    sing the song, until it's done!

  58. Night Slayer45

    Little secret: Its Doomguy chuckling at the beginning

  59. Captain Awesome27

    You know how people are like, oh you play video games and you'll become Satan worshippers OH! Even though in most cases, you're like, oh I don't know, killing them

  60. Crokal

    This sounds more of an UNDERTALE song than a DOOM song. Who else agrees?

    Pikachu Vida Loka

    no one, you use drugs? you are literally saying: Undertale, is a game that you are a BADASS guy that kill demons, explode then, do a violent massacre, Kill more demons brutally with a chainsaw then tear them apart,

    it's like...
    undertale: when you kill a monster, him will be dust
    Doom: When you kill a monster (demon), him will be blood, flesh, and more grotesque body parts

    so, or you are a Fanboy of undertale and for some sobrenatural reason think that, or you do drugs '------------------------'

  61. this is my name 404

    I got a tic tock a.i.d

  62. Scott

    Jesus Christ this song is full of testosterone

  63. DOOTDUDE 22


  64. Jawskill

    Doomslayer is the most badass christian

  65. ItsDoomgirl666

    Why do I get the feeling this is from the point of view of the demons. At certain points anyways.

  66. Raven Bearden

    This song make me want to rip and tear some demons... *One by One*

  67. Bryllie Buxters

    The "cry" word is the saddest part of this song

  68. Bendy The Dancing Demon


  69. valentin romero

    one by one the demons are fallen.

  70. Maciej Kaczorowski

    Who is exited for DOOM ETERNAL

  71. Janice Barton

    Edgy real edgy

  72. Francisco Fernandez

    this guy deserves more subs

  73. Fusebear Entertainment

    7/10 it's good but nothing beats Mick Gordon's soundtrack.

  74. Paws Pause

    Listening to all the songs on autoplay they really are good ^_^

  75. Beeg Yoshi

    Hey, did u recorded drums or programmed?

    Titanium Salvage

    I know this comment is old but he programmed them :3

  76. OriVoicesStuff

    The harmony between the lead and the background vocals is just beautiful.

  77. Chaplain Mihgros The Wrathful

    Am i in the 90s?

  78. Landon Williams

    I get a power/thrash metal vibe. I LOVE IT!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  79. we respawn

    Madness Unleashed

  80. yaboi cookieZ

    *heavy metal intesifies*

  81. kurt Knispel


  82. Deniz Yarkın

    Wow... his screams... just wow... and the drumbeats... this song is ammmmmmazing!

  83. Chaos Raider

    1:06 anyone heard "Angel Blood" instead of "Age Of Blood" or it is just me ?


    (LISTENING INTENSIFIES) Eh, it just sounds like that.

  84. ALEXPlace 1

    The poopy Fnaf video song can make 10000000+ views
    The great DOOM video song can make only 900000 views.

  85. Carolina1

    So they stole the name of a Plasmatics song, then sat at a computer; programming hideous sounding synthetic drums, cheesy computer sample guitars and a session vocalist/voice artist came in and had him do that ridiculous sounding faux heavy metal vocal that only little kids could love.


    Like they all say, eye of the beholder sees things differently. Though what can I say? I can smell a subjective opinion from a mile off ;)

    Might also wanna tell the rest of the bands out there that they’re not allowed to have their songs named what they are as well if we’re talking “plagiarism” ;)

    Chaos Raider

    Carolina1 At least they're doing it right
    Some idiots can't do anything right even with the proper instruments

  86. CrossFire GamerBr

    I wait doom 2019

  87. CrossFire GamerBr

    This music is gotta be in any doom game i want doom 2019

  88. HighFall The Cat

    RIP and tear until it is done 😡

  89. Talon C.

    Top Ten Anime Openings.

  90. Ryan Mcconnell

    Completely genocide

  91. Firewolf12937

    Perfect song to blast while slicing demons in half with a chainsaw and vaporizing them with shotguns and BFGs.

  92. Genocide Crusader

    Turkish lyrics are wrong, please delete.

    Titanium Salvage

    They werent made by him. Random people can add captions.

  93. Blackcreeper B.C.

    I never knew this existed

  94. Endermanpony729

    This is what you call Epicness

  95. Neko Ayaka

    It's a Power Metal ! 😎🎸🎧

  96. The ultimate yeet

    Your all wrong about what a psychopath is its a person who cannot feel not a person who feels like going on a murderous rampage

  97. Just_Wait 390

    Rip and Tear