Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Forgiveness Lyrics

You see the rain, it’s in the sky
You see the pain, it’s in the eyes
Just a man, prone to minimize
At midnight, I can hear the bitter cries
Love and hate is thinner line
I see you swallowing your pride to pretend it’s fine
I wish I would have seen this ahead of time
Then I could avoid all the pain you feel inside
Can’t sleep, odd memories
Crying out to God like, would it ever leave?
Lord remember me, what’s the remedy?
I don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping with the enemy
Man, this whole thing is bittersweet
I should forgive since Christ is forgiving me
At least I know this in my head
But it’s so much easier said

They say forgiveness is a choice
Disappointment and anger give bitterness a voice
But... swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course
Forgiveness is a choice
Disappointment and anger give bitterness a voice
But I gotta swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course

It takes time, the minutes pass
Erase the lines, you finish last
But you keep submitting to what’s in the past
Going through the same cycle like a spinning glass
And I know that it’s a process
Still trying to get past what your pops did
Yeah, now you’re feeling like a monster
Explaining to the counselors everything your mom said
It cuts you, King Sue
God know everything you’ve been through
How you been bruised, he’s in tune
But forgiveness is the healing for them wounds
So you gotta let it go, let it go
It’ll kill you if you let it grow
Unforgiveness is a poison, the choice is yours
I’m just a voice here to let them know that...

They say forgiveness is a choice
Disappointment and anger give bitterness a voice
But I got to swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course
They say forgiveness is a choice
Disappointment and anger give bitterness a voice
But I got to swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course

You say I can’t forgive, I can’t forget
They apologize, you can’t accept
Demand respect, imagine that
When every time you sinned, God cancelled debt
And every time he’s forgiven you
Every time that you ate a piece of forbidden fruit
I know you’ve been abused, I ain’t in your shoes
But I know if you let him dig up the bitter roots
And show them love, you’ll overcome
Loving enemies is part of growing up
Wanna hold a grudge, I know it’s tough
But if Joseph the dreamer forgave his older bros
And Christ forgives, and died for sins
And likes to give life though we ain’t got the right to live
Then we should know how to waive our rights to win
Whether we’re gray or our life ends, gotta show them love

Forgiveness is a choice...
Swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course
Forgiveness is a choice...
Swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course

Swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course
Swallow my pride and follow my God till I finish this course

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Da' T.R.U.T.H. Forgiveness Comments
  1. Lady D Poet

    This song reminds me of what serving God and living righteous should truly be. Love it!!! 💘

  2. B Plus

    Loving enemies is part of growing up! #Amen

  3. Simon Peter

    I am not a fan of rap but from the day I listened to ds album ( d entire tracks) men I 've so fallen in love with Da truth.

  4. TrueKnicksFan25

    Why isn't this whole album on iTunes? I first listened to this album when it first came out and it was one of the deepest and sincere albums I've ever heard when it comes to speaking the truth. It still convicts me to this day. The world needs more of this music.

  5. Sibongile Sbo

    Swallow my pride and follow my God....#Forgiveness

  6. Pérez D

    ❤️❤️love this

  7. Rjean H

    listening to the lyrics.

  8. Geo Geo

    light! gotta get up on this

  9. Jamilla Guischard

    Seek the Holy Spirit to bring revelation about the power of forgiveness despite what you feel. Hear my Story of How the very thing I ran from ..(forgiveness) Was the tool God used to heal and restore me.

  10. Thankyou3403

    Well, you can be silly if you want. It's difficult to have an intellectual conversation with a stupid person. Saying something stupid and then refusing to listen to others just keeps you stupid.

  11. Thankyou3403

    You may want to go on over there to Corinthians. The greatest commandment and the 2nd is like unto it.

  12. Tank The Real Suggs

    by not repenting and changing your heart, will keep you separated from God, Repentance means a change in your life style not just saying you are sorry. If you continuing sinning its not a mistake its call sinning. Forgiveness is a part of Gods nature, not to be taken for granted.

  13. Madie V

    Nice tune. Forgiveness is a choice.

  14. Eric Villarreal

    Jesus said, "let him who has no sin cast the first stone" the fact of the matter is that we are forgiven by God and nothing can separate us from our fathers love, nuff said,

  15. Dan Archer

    God has a plan for all of us.

  16. BOB TV

    bam that is what I am talking about

  17. BOB TV

    You got to do a whole lot more than keep the 10 commandments people have done that served God by works and still bust hell wide open

  18. BOB TV

    hey bro we are under a new covenant where those standards of Old has been marginalized by the blood of Jesus.God will no longer judge us on the 10 commandments he will judge us on serving and accepting his son.NO ONE keeps 100% of the 10 commandments.100% of the time that why God gave us Jesus.And because of Jesus if we break the Law which Jesus said we are no longer under that law but the law of grace.God says repent and sin no more and he hold us justified (Just as if I had) Never commited sin

  19. BOB TV

    Banging 4 God you do not know whats going on behind a album cover bro,.God do not bang like that and we should not either Album cover is all about promotion and selling he probably was instructed by his marketing team that's business to do that,I seen people hell like that praising God lol. You really believe all off sudden someone exercise a demon at an album cover shoot bro.Come on bro.

  20. BOB TV

    And for those who point the finger talking about demons coming out and all that.crap The devil is the accuser of the brethren and followers do like wise.Watch yourself sister or Bro.you are being influenced yourself casting judgment. Read John 3 the whole chapter not 16 verse all of it, Jesus didn't come into this world to condemn but save it

  21. BOB TV

    He who is without sin cast the first stone and as long as God forgives him he is considered forgiven.He do not need us to forgive him and a Christian can not have Chrsit and demons in him but he can be obsessed with a demon we all have satanic demonic influence if not then why do we need the word or the holy spirit we live in a demonic influence controlled world trying to get a hold of our minds and eventually everything else.That is why we need Jesus,the spirit and the word everyday.

  22. Dan Archer

    You are totally right, in fact, without God, we wouldn't exist. Nothing would.

  23. Dan Archer

    I as well believe in God. Everyone should.

  24. James Fizerl

    Then who created us? Don't say we came out of nothing. Do you not believe in miracles either?

  25. Diego Gutierrez

    Amazing love it sexy and real and godly :)

  26. MARIA Boss

    you are rigth that god doesn't exist cause the one i'am serving is God with a captule G

  27. Come Sit Under The Trees

    Killing the repeat button

  28. Nick DiClementi

    wow its you again

  29. PrincessAmandaTV

    or just screaming out of frustration or a yell to hear his story. everything is not demons. take care.

  30. Bangin4God

    The way truth is screaming on the cd cover is the same way people look when they scream when the demons are being cast out. When the demon is about ready to come out the person lets out a big yell/scream and their mouth is opened wide just like that.

  31. Jasmine Greene

    SO happy he is FREE! Praise God!

  32. Darnica Gordon

    search Church B Bonfire

  33. Jordan Schindler

    god is not real

  34. ladysolei

    obviously i sin against God plenty but paul said i die daily meaning we repent over our sins and Jesus's Blood covers them, which is the only thing that has changed from the old testament. The lambs blood was replaced by the Lamb's Blood. i dont get what the heck else everyone seems to think this changes but i hope you reread your previous comment about the old covenant and so forth and realize how ridiculous it sounds. God has never contradicted Himself or left room for loopholes.

  35. ladysolei

    what you have just said constitutes that it is no linger necessary to obey the 10 commandments, indicating that in your mind God would not care if we stole or murdered someone and therefor your argument is deemed void in my eyes.May The LORD Bless you.

  36. ladysolei

    are you even listening to the song??

  37. ladysolei

    all scripture is given by God. the only thing that has changed is the ceremonial law, the bible also says we are not to judge others, not to mention the fact that quite frankly what right do we have to choose which of His Words are and arent important? God Bless All <3

  38. Lavon Key

    well put I couldn't said it better myself.

  39. christopher bradford

    Let the Church say Amen!

  40. christopher bradford

    Amen! Well Said Brotha! I like it when we as believers in Christ can see past the flaws and imperfections of others and dig into the WORD and see Christ and learn to reflect His Image! Keep Reaching and Keep Preaching!

  41. Renewluv

    I remember being about 15 going to Cross Movement Concerts, looking back after all these years, I am very grateful that God is still using these young brothers. Be Bless Truth!!!

  42. 1BsSpecial

    No matter how hard it may appear to be forgiveness is sooooo powerful.... I am enjoying this a lot....

  43. boonk5000

    Words cannot express how much this track blessed me... Speechless... another faith builder--->God showing me he loves me!! This young man inspires me...

  44. PrincessAmandaTV

    @tika427 He didnt slip a verse in. He talks about that situation throught this whole cd on almost every song. He's not hinding anything and you need to worry about you and trusting in your own flesh.

  45. PrincessAmandaTV

    @tika427 That was two years ago when he did that. He repented and God forgave him. Yall dont have to forgive him for anything because he didnt sin against you. The sin was against his wife and God. The rest is not our business. You said he sins while preaching the gospel? The Bible says if you claim you have ot sinned (even since you were saved), youre a liar and the truth is not in you. So worry about your own sin because I know you sin as well.

  46. Jesussing16

    @dannygodfather1 well really u have to think abt how much God loves us, God forgives us if we come to him whole heartedly, the word says a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart he wont despise. If God forgives us then there's no reason we cant forgive ourselves. At a lot of times when we sin or mess up we tend to beat ourselves up but we must remember there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus. I hope this helps....

  47. Jesussing16

    @tika427 Matthew 6:14-15 talks about if we don't forgive then God wont forgive us so its ridiculous not to forgive him especially when your not God, God said "forgive them for they do not know what they do" while he was on the cross and he still died for us even through he knew what sin we were going to participate in! btw and he took a break from ministry to get clean with God. When you repent to God its just like you never did it, he doesn't remember, he throws it in the sea of forgetfulness.

  48. Natural Anjel

    @tika427 For the record, no one should use Google or YouTube as a reliable source of information. I hope no one is gullible enough to use YouTube and Google like they are the gospel truth. There is only one truth, and that's God's Word. No one knows what happened but the parties involved and God Himself. For us not to forgive him would be saying that we refuse to do something mandated in the Lord's Holy Word. God forgave Him. Why shouldn't I? Am I his judge?

    Great song, btw.

  49. christsoldier84

    @tika427 Matthew 6:14, James 4:11, 1 John 1:9, James 5:6, these verses talk about forgiveness, I'm glad that God is the Judge, He is Righteous and Just, only He knows if emanuel is truly sorry and ONLY He is the one to pass judgement. I pray that you don't harden your heart to everyone that does the wrong thing and asks forgiveness. if you choose not to listen to his music, that's your choice but let God be the judge of whether someone is forgiven or not! God bless you!

  50. FD Ross

    @tika427 imagine if God looked at us like that.. should i trust these humans they're always sinning against me should i give them another chance just take a look at there past look at there criminal records etc feel me.. yeah he messed up we all do he's just being super real remember its not even about the messenger but it's about the message.. its past he admitted it why hold it against him? If your gonna look @ it like that honestly your gonna miss out on alot good music..

  51. Nefelibata

    dis is nice i like it .

  52. Abel Kaludzu

    ♫♫...I gotta swallow my pride and follow my God 'til I finish this course...♫♫

  53. Shawn J

    Best track on the cd imo

  54. Lina11ish

    Forgive others! Even if they hurt you, forgive them...!

  55. willis jones

    nice it seems like this album is more about him after what he went through

    Jamere Richardson

    willis jones it is

  56. Rachel Ashubwe

    i should forgive because christ has forgiven me, swallow my pride and follow God till i finish this......

  57. C.H.Y. Productions

    Yes finally somebody finally put this on thank you so much!

  58. L.Switch Gospel Rap

    I love this song... LSwitch