Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Do It For You Lyrics

Put ya top down
Put ya top down
And if you at the show, put your hands up
Put your hands up

Today is a good day
Feel so alive in a new way
Breath life from my dry bones
Pump red blood in my blue veins
Living outta my suitcase
Now I know Him in a new way
Heard about Him in HD
But now I see Him in Blu-ray
Drinking from the living well
Never said I'm rich but I'm living well
Cause I got that [?]
And I got that bread
That's life at the dinner bell
Yeah, tell 'em "welcome to the good life"
Couple days, lot of good nights
Off death row, Suge Knight
Future, look bright

[Chorus - Irving Washington:]
If He did it for me
He can do it for you
If he did it for one
HE can do it for two
You can take my word cause I've been there
I'll tell you the truth
If he did it for me
He can do it for you
Know that he can do it for you...

Tell 'em "welcome to the high life"
God doing big things when he [?]
If you wanna see his highlights...
Just take a look into my life
I'm a walking miracle
Tryna go where the Spirit goes
Got a brand new suit and a fresh black tie
Saying welcome to my burial
Gotta tell 'em my support is high
You part of the reason that I'm mortified
And you part of the reason why I'm fortified
Now I smile when I look into my daughter's eyes
Keep praying that I choose life
Cause I can make a mess like a food fight
But he can turn death into new life
That's why me induced like, ohhh!

[Chorus x2]

Jesus love you so much
And he's no respecter of persons
If he set me free and made me alive
He can do the same for you
I'm just here to tell you
If He did it for my
He can do it for you, ohhhh!

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Da' T.R.U.T.H. Do It For You Comments
  1. John Guillory

    Awesome album!

  2. Amaya Snowden

    This song just encouraged me LIKE CRAZY. I really needed to hear this. I received the words in my Spirit and I feel so much better. Keep writing, this blessed me greatly!!!

  3. Davis Singh

    I'v had this album on repeat 4 the past few hours I think. Its so full of GRACE/JESUS! I feel like Mary sitting @ JESUS' feet n just chilling wit HIM.This smile cant nobody wipe thru CHRIST'S GRACE!!!!


    I agree needs a video one of my favorite song just wish it wasn't so short

  5. BOB TV

    three words & Letters HOT HOT HOT

  6. Westfield

    I used this song for dance :DDDDDD

  7. Jedidabaho

    I am loving this Jam..
    'put yo top down and if u at the show put yo hands up'

    God is no respecter of persons, he is able to do exceeding above...

  8. PrincessAmandaTV


  9. Simphiwe Brian

    lv it, gud life in Christ

  10. offdeathrow

    It's really funny! I've always loved this song, but it wasn't until this morning that a new revelation of this new life in Christ hit me like a ton of bricks! Christ is so awesome... there is newness of life for all who believe and receive Him into their hearts. And he didn't leave us there because we could still turn away even with this knowledge of the new life He has given us. So He left us with Holy Ghost to constantly fill, empower and guide us along our narrow walk. He's awesome!

  11. michelle highsent

    wow loving this , praise the KING!

  12. Darnica Gordon

    search Church B Bonfire

  13. Cleoni Crawford

    I literally fell in love with this song! I've been dancing on the street to this song like crazy. #VirtuousWoman

  14. trifelifekid

    The beat brings that Joy in my heart yo! Praise God!

  15. missymillie

    Thanks for this encouragement, feeling this track...

  16. Tevin Mitchell

    ONe of my favorite songs of this album!!! i bump this alllll the timee!!!

  17. IsRaelMusiq

    @godslittlegurl7 Preciate the love on the Instrumental :) It was originally throughout the entire song but got switched once the album was released. Either way Im glad you enjoying it!

  18. IsRaelMusiq

    @SoulFresh100 My man! Preciate da love mane :) Christ is Life!

  19. Felicia Olaleye

    Jheeze....... Annoited he is so annoited!!!

  20. james Last

    God gave my dawg da truth wings. fly man fly man . we sorry if we hurt anybody but manasseh was forgiving after 55 years of sin. Church body love Da truth and his music real talk. We love you tye, tye God bless you and your family man. lets go forward and make kingdom music Jesus lover for real.

  21. Frank

    BIG UP 2 Da Truth ---- s/n---NEW ARTIST Frank Carter the 3rd---tell friends and enjoy

  22. Joshua Carranza

    Produced by my big bro IsRrael Musiq!..Great Song.God Bless Truth

  23. xKalibur

    his da truth his beasted out

  24. Rachel Ashubwe

    Jesus is not a respecter of persons,,,,, TRUE

  25. Sam Sung

    #truethat - i so luv this song!!!

  26. Bradley Hinton

    This needs a music video! #foreals

  27. Marc Cazley

    NEW CHRISTIAN RAPPER from the Bronx !!

    Check Out ... MC " No In The Middle " on Youtube !! ENJOY and SHARE !

  28. Scott Chiware

    can you plz unload "Cherished" ft. CeCe Winans