Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Cherished Lyrics

I don't see nobody else, I don't want nobody else, don't wanna be by myself
You're cherished, I love you for who you are even though I left some scars
Let's fly off to Mars your cherished
Oh oooo Oh cherished
Oh oooo Oh your cherished

[Verse 1:]
I know I hurt you I don't deserve you
Uncommon in diamond woman of virtue
I recall the day that I approached you, you was killin em' in the first pew... yeah
You was standin with cha hands up singin' all the praise team anthems
And I could feel your passion and man that was attractive
Smooth skin, pretty eyes, hazel brown, I was mesmerized
We exchanged numbers to set aside, time to take walks by the riverside
Back then you was a college girl and you inspired me to go to college girl
To get my bachelors I was a bachelor but you special and I seen a lot of girls
So I went and put a ring on it you see the floor I put a knee on it
Nobody wanna be lonely I wanted you more than just for a brief moment
Now let's spend a lifetime, let's do it til' death do us the right time
Cause right now I'm in my right mind I want you forever to be my lifeline


[Verse 2:]
I know I hurt you I don't deserve you
Uncommon in diamond woman of virtue
It's started good everything was perfect then it went downhill and I desert you
But you forgive me when I apologized it's not always easy to set my pride aside
If I could be honest I was selfish but my heart has been modified
I'm a changed man, my game plan is to love you forever since we exchanged hands
I'm a love you through the ups and the downs thru the scuffles and the frowns and even through all the pain and
Uh... At times it gets difficult but you are my gift Nicole... uh despite the difference in our generals
I'm a love you forever... unconditional


[Cece:] I love you... our love will last forever... it will last forever... CHERISHED

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Da' T.R.U.T.H. Cherished Comments
  1. Salmi Ndinelao

    2013 take me back.....

  2. Zinhle Raindrops

    2018 gang 😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  3. Lisa Holmes

    This song is soooo, nice CeCe vocals in the background really bring the message of this song out. Having great vocal to record a good song maters to the listeners who is fans of people.
    you can learn to become a good vocalist for your record it takes a lot of work .I have always sung different songs throught the year, now a write who has to now book good vocal for any song I write for cd recordings.

  4. Lisa Holmes

    I love this song the rap verse is on point and Cece voical is off the charts.

  5. Lisa Holmes

    Great song of healing

  6. Lisa Holmes

    This is a reason track of her vocals still in tack and have not lost her touch in given her all on putting down for Jesus.
    That what I tell people about her you just do not witch way she going to come out.

    SkyDream Lyrics Production

  7. Lisa Holmes

    Let's chat about how good DA Truth is good for the stage.

    so fare the best in my book gospel hip hop artist.
    A perfect connection to record this track.

    SkyDream Lyrics Production
    survive the storms

  8. Lisa Holmes

    I like this CD CeCe should invite him on TBN so that they can perform this song this song is awesome for the young marriages.

  9. Lisa Holmes

    I am inviting you to ask if DA Truth would like to be apart of my gospel project.
    my foundation that these projects will be supporting is Live God's Gift.

    its for charity to raise funds
    Teen moms
    wounded solider
    cancer research
    Aids research

    The money will be also used for heart patient like myself since a child fighting the odds of never need surgery through the years and spinal cord research
    Brain research to help people like me with seizures.

    I also came up with a device to send a mass of electro to the part of the brain that is trouble by the seizure.
    respiratory failure
    bone decade deases
    to reverse it.

    I want write that it will help people like who is dealing with these condition.

    I pray that the Lord show me mercy to find the cure.

    SkyDream Lyrics Production
    [email protected]

  10. Lisa Holmes

    lol I am over dosing on the lyrics and background

  11. Lisa Holmes

    Every time CeCe killing this back ground He has a nice flow with the notes

  12. Lisa Holmes

    I like this song.

  13. Lisa Holmes

    to support her ministry I think that she should come out with a phone cell phone line he's doing so much for the you today in the young young adults I think she should have a cell phone line called Phase I Pod.
    this cell phone line can I certain percentage can be used for the conference for Hunger so different donations that she feels do the hungry charity require off and those were her fan buy the phone play all of her music her artist music

  14. Trinity Redeemed

    Am so in love with this song...

  15. Isaiah Saulsberry

    This still lit af! CeCe sounds so sexy!

  16. Matheus Sousa

    eu gosto muito desta musica

  17. Nokuthula Gondo

    i am so so much in love with this song

    Kerilenko Farrington

    Nokuthula Gondo YES!!! I agree I love this song and CeCe Winans voice she sings really good

  18. Oteng Ephraim

    plain talk...he is rocking

  19. amy i


  20. tlcSerenityScents

    nice song

  21. amm.a. princex

    omG!!!! i love this muzik #cheRisheDatruth#

  22. Tania Destiny Monggae

    woooow.shared this!

  23. Minista Whisper

    Love this joint...Soundcloud Minista Whisper

  24. Alicia B

    This is beautiful

  25. Arnold Konde

    Great song

  26. ben kunle

    oh goosssssh! Merciful father.......i rest on u

  27. keitumetse mere

    this song reminds me of my bf.... he dedicated it to me.... goshhhhh i love him

  28. James Mutero

    Number One !

  29. Michael owusu

    Cece should have sang more.. What a song though. Gods gift

  30. Grace Daniels

    This should b played at the weddings instead of all the secular songs, seriously

  31. Derrell Dais

    great song!!!

  32. myron perkins

    awesome song

  33. The10dai

    Wow, this song brings peace to the mind!!!

  34. The10dai

    Cece just spices everything. Love her

  35. Oluwabunmi Oluwatosin

    Wow almost in tears just thinking God feel's exactly this way bout me.



  37. Micah Rice

    @ann459 she sure does

  38. Micah Rice

    @MrJeanrobert70 I feel the same way

  39. Micah Rice

    @oa2dtop I think the same thing too

  40. Afolabi Olawale

    classic songs but Cece should have been allowed to sing the chorus alone.

  41. OfficialTonyTyson

    Luv it, Luv, Luv it!

  42. SETFREE21

    @TheC2Project AMEN! Love how you said that

  43. TheC2Project

    Wow! We are reminded about the times we hurt God and he woos us back simply because he cherishes us. Our prayers are with you Nicole and Da TRUTH as you stand even and especially after the storm. How you handled that trial was and is and will continue to be an encouraging blessings to other. Thank you for sharing your life with us. God bless you

  44. Sean Dmarco

    the best make up song ever

  45. Shanice Jones

    Nice video by the way:-)

  46. Shanice Jones

    I love this song and CeCe just takes this song to another level.