Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Applying The Big Picture Lyrics

[Kirk Franklin:]
Ok, so you may be wondering: what does all of this have to do with me?
How does this story really impact my life?
See, seeing the big picture will always change the way you live, because it shapes the way you think about this life and the life to come.
So if you’re seeing the big picture when you are experiencing pain, you’ll think of Joseph, who endured so much hardship in order that the generations of Israel might be preserved.
See, if you’re seeing the big picture, while living in a world full of prejudice and bias, you can always be reminded that God’s intention has always been for us to love our brother, and embrace each other’s differences, as long as our differences submit themselves to God and his Word.
The big picture even addresses the internal struggle between our desires and the will of God.
In all things, God wants us to see the big picture.

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Da' T.R.U.T.H. Applying The Big Picture Comments
  1. Bianca Ashe

    I remember when my baby brother was listening to the Da Truth I'm Ready I was Dancing and Learning How to sing this song. I'm Ready To Fly You Ready To Flow Amen KINGDOM BUSINESSES

  2. supermanin10

    ive looked all over for lyrics to this song and i still can't find any

  3. Moayyed Salah

    lyrics please ??

  4. d low

    Da TRUTH speakin the truth

  5. Marc Cazley

    NEW CHRISTIAN RAPPER from the Bronx !!

    Check Out ... MC " No In The Middle " on Youtube !! ENJOY !

  6. Beast Lee

    I love this joint but Truth's best song is Satisfied

  7. Audrey Richardson


  8. Audrey Richardson


  9. Joshua Storm K.

    I'm ready let's go

  10. SepUh NyNe

    you are most definantly the truth, my friend just put me on to you, your not in this alone you got The lords soldiers b ehind, wash Pa da squad stay reppin glory stay up Truth stay positive imma pray for you

  11. realreemix Halfcaste

    real positiv music

  12. sailentshadow

    "Ever since I was 5 on the big wheel.. I knew God was kind of a Big Deal. And 'since He gave me life, it's hard for me to keep this concealed. Now I'm saved by Christ,(?) and pop-culture's my Mission Field. That's why I sing and rap, 'wanna get these teens back! And save them from the SMOKE! Like a Nicotine Patch!!"


  13. Teflon General

    "...but I'm still a Pilgrim, stranger, alien//..think and 'talk different' like I sucked on the helium..." (((this is Kingdom Music)))...album's a classic...

  14. knowmehuh

    i wish he is gona say from the moment of truth to da faith, n open book , then the big picture THEN his new album after restoring. I pray that he again b an artist am so sad that he took sabatical. God bless him

  15. Willie Stimage Media

    DaTruth is the TRUTH and thats wassup....

  16. DocSkribblez

    Da T.R.U.T.H. still got my support and anything he says in this song represents God and that's no L.I.E.

  17. Vimbainesu

    don't judge him or hip hop music like that. doesn't the Bible also say :: let he who is without sin cast the first stone. and it also says :: do not point out the speck in your brother's eye if you cannot see the plank in your own.

  18. LOJETE85

    @ddamos00 Contd part 3

    And guess what that is pride.

  19. LOJETE85

    @ddamos00 Contd.

    Ill say, "This dude is hot wit his rhymes or this beat is hot." But is it really about that in the kingdom of God? No, it isnt. And i guarantee you that anyone that has listened to the mainstream Christian artists have some pride when listening to the music...b/c they probably think to themselves, "Ha, we just as hot if not hotter than these secular artists,"

  20. LOJETE85

    @ddamos00 Lets not forget Ambassador and tye tribbet. Its weird how it is so prevalent. What could be occuring? I def believe that the hip hop culture carries a spirit of pride. I admit even when I listen to some of the beats and rhymes of Christian rappers...Ill say...

  21. Daniel Espinoza Navarrete

    u Bible man (ddamos00), look the life of King David, he did sin, but God lift him up while people like u push him down. Tell me what do u think that people wants to know that "Da TRUTH" sinned?, I dont care, its not my bussiness, its God bussiness, and he knows everything, so u dont hv to tell HIM nothing, worry about u and how u use the Bible. Stop ur gossips and dont hurt the church of Jesus !!

  22. scm222

    I see where u coming from...but his situation is for people to see that anybody can fall into sin..no one is exempt so u constantly have to be in relationship with God!! No one in this world is perfect or good..only God is and am sure u know that already and God is purifying the church! Da Truth is anointed but he still has parts of his heart that may not have been right with God so God is cleaning him out. We should learn from this and not point fingers!! It's all about Jesus anyway! b blessed.

  23. DavidTheRapture

    Christian Rap my channel, check me out. God bless you. -David

  24. Verna Stepp

    i really like this song

  25. Copeland231

    All Hail To King Jesus!!!!!!

  26. Ntobeko Mjijwa

    i Looooooooooove it from South Africa Glory to Jesus our Lord nd Savior for you Lord we Go HARD halla!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. JUANquintanaGENESIS


  28. Tash

    love the fact that he uses his music to glorify God and not drugs guns and sex. I introduced his music to a couple of young ones in church who do not believe Christian music has any place in their life
    Beautiful work

  29. Latoya Fort

    july 14th 2009

  30. adekz89