Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Ain't Goin' Back Lyrics

Hey world, you know I gotta be glad to be back
Feel good to be alive, I got my family back
Because he holds it all together and got my family intact
Don't get it twisted, if the consequences would tragedy last
Yeah, I know you see the flights to Miami and back
Because he holds it all together
But y'all didn't see when I was broken and financially strapped
When I couldn't pay my mortgage and I was sleeping on the floor
In my momma's house homie, practically stripped
Y'all see me right now, I'm on records on shelves
Put a mic in the stage how I'm protecting myself
But y'all didn't see how that sin was affecting my health
And how the mess that I was in was infecting my cells
And that affected my wealth
Trying eat like a mouse in a cup and trying to stay warm heating the house with the oven
When the devil was speaking through me like the mouth of a puppet
And all the guilt that I carried when I'm out in the public

[Hook – Da' T.R.U.T.H.:]
Don't do it, 'cause we did it and God spared us
Don't do it, 'cause we did it and God spared us
Yeah, 'cause you reap what you sow
And I know that by the power of God's spirit that...

[Chorus – Da' T.R.U.T.H. & Malski:]
I ain't goin' back, back, back
I ain't goin' back, back, back
Back to the pain, back to the same, back to the shame, back to the lame
I ain't goin' back, back, back
I ain't goin' back, back, back
Back to the streets, back to the beef, back to the grief, back to the sleep
I ain't goin' back

Shhh... I was about to lose it, snoozin'
Dude and I got the bruises to prove it
Whole lot of confusion brewin'
Should I be honest and tell the truth in this music?
I think so, so this so not for amusement
Because every man is a product of what he chooses
Yeah, I think I got that from the blueprint
So don't get it confused if I'm hoppin' off of a cruise ship
I hear the whispers like "I can't lie"
"If you did it and got away with it, then why cant I?"
This sin is pressing and depressing with my hands high
Smiling in all the pictures like I'm that guy
Yeah, but y'all ain't see when the pen was signing divorce papers
Support payments, our sin was botching the Lord's name up
Yeah, but I'm a product of his grace
A product of his grace and the Lord's favor, and...

[Chorus – Da' T.R.U.T.H. & Malski]

I said goodbye to the money chasing, goodbye to the game
Goodbye to desires or be tires on the Range
Chuck a deuce to pursuits of fittin' in with y'all man
A bunch of Leroys chasing the fame
You can call me J-A-M-A-Left y'all
Left all then went right, crossed over less bar
B.C. was more Pierce and less Paul
Used to chase the green but I was 3 and appeared small
Nate Rob hops on the track like post up
And point you up to the King like Shaq might
Act right if you're the one to get your team act right, get your back right
Lead 'em out the night like a flashlight
But in Christ I stay so quick
They say my spit got a neo cough, it's so sick
I'm on my Drew Brees with the Saints as my clique
Screaming two words in my past...

[Hook – Malski]

[Chorus – Da' T.R.U.T.H. & Malski]

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Da' T.R.U.T.H. Ain't Goin' Back Comments
  1. Olu Ekinni

    Don't do it, cos we did it, and God spared us...cos you reap what you sow...and I know by the power of God, I aint goin back!

  2. yamont'e

    thank god.. he is good... better than good.. hes an awesome god 

  3. mr smith

    finaly a song that actualy has a good messgae :)

    Tyler Jesusking

    There's a whole stack of these songs,it's Christan hip hop my brotha💯

  4. Michael Beimer

    I'm not going back! Throw all you got at me Devil, because I got the Lord on my side and you will never win. No matter what you do.

  5. Sammy Rivera -DJ SamR-

    Never going back!! this track is FIYAAH

  6. Captain Quagmire

    G/M= God over Money.

  7. Jasmine Greene


  8. Bpoetry


  9. Marquis McLamore

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My Iridescent Family

    why isn't this CD on spotify???

  11. Ashjanae Fordyce

    L.O.V.E this song and the album best one yet

  12. robert banuelos

    Ugh this is whats up!!!

  13. Jared Heck

    Best cd. Easily contends with Rehab and The Good Life. I dont even own the cd :D sssshhhhh

  14. ArrowFit7

    God is good and forgiving... i feel bad for hppnd... i mean like people he worked with were Christians and rap about how God is forgivin.... they shoulnt have thorwn him out tht way... but prolly it was Gods plan.... so truth could compose these lyrics..... GOd bless keep rockin for JESUS

  15. FreedomThroughChrist

    I was thinking 1 Peter 2:9 and other scripture about being separate from the world would imply that we shoudn't cuss.

  16. Ferman Jackson Jr

    I Love this track play it at home love the cd also

  17. GraceInFlorida


  18. justjoe116

    @loveGodloveothers245 @freedomthroughchrist that's on point. good to see like minded people standing up for the Truth and righteousness. From a spiritual warfare perspective, satan and his ministers often use curse words, and there are particular "cursing demons" as well... feels great to live a life of love free from curses

  19. Clint Hatch

    @FreedomThroughChrist I checked it out. Great video! Praise God for the truth we find in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  20. FreedomThroughChrist

    @loveGodloveothers245 I will.I'll read those verses.This about reflecting Christ with your actions.I have a video called, "Who do you reflect?" where I talked about that.

  21. Clint Hatch

    @FreedomThroughChrist Hey! I definitely agree with you. There are several verses in the Bible that support the need for Christ-followers to watch what they say. Here are some: Colossians 3:8, Ephesians 4:29 and 5:4, James 3:10, 2 Timothy 2:16, and Psalm 19:14. Keep standing up for the faith!

  22. FreedomThroughChrist

    I like that sign at 3:05 that says, "No prophanity allowed".I believe cussing is of the devil.Yet I seen "christians" who don't see anything wrong with it.They justify it by saying that the Bible don't preach against it.I don't need a verse that says, "Thou shall not cuss" to know Jesus wouldn't stand for it.Christians are called to be different than the world.

  23. Sugabear1976

    love Da Truth!..grace & mercy shall follow u allllll the days of ur life ;D

  24. SonyaSofya


  25. mightieone

    dat beat is da truth

  26. Renji KO

    i thought drake was gonna sing this in the beginning


    To be honest with you its good to see my brother back...God does hold and uphold sinners Oswell accountable. For our sins...oh well God restores and builds up warriors for his kingdom...keep pushing my brother because everyone sins and your or he's not the only one who ever committed a sin.....love ya and keep the ministry going

  28. TClark777

    This brother is speaking so much truth!!! My God!!

  29. EliYahu Chosen Elect Remnant

    This is a banger!



  31. Anthony James

    my anthem right here!!

  32. knoqmusictv

    I 2nd that

  33. SpeakLife73

    @Togey16 Amen.