Da Band - We Here (Intro) Lyrics

[Babs] We love this Diddy, you know what I'm saying, you you worked the shit out of us dog, I
ain't gon fuck', no I'm tried as hell
[Chopper & Dylan] C.h.o.p....p.e.rrrraa
[Babs] Shoutouts...Shoutouts to MTV baby, shoutouts to MTV
[Dylan] MTV top of respect
[Babs] Yo, we stood on long ass lines, ya'll
[Dylan] And big up the otha forty thousand that didn't make it, ya'll
[Babs] Long ass lines
[Fred] We meant to be here
[Babs] Big up Mysterious baby
[Ness] Holla at cha' boy
[Babs] Big up Walter, big up Jonessa
[Fred] Alright, ya'll are in this motherfucker, wit Da Band, tryin' to keep this thing right
here gutter, we trying not to curse at you motherfuckers, but cha'll don't been living in our
lives, and ya'll don't watch the show, so this is how it goes down wit Da Band...

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Da Band We Here (Intro) Comments
  1. Kevin Hussey

    Can you do some Zach Bryan lessons

  2. Seyer Reyes


  3. dale hockin

    I like your singing , helps me keep rhythm a bit and it’s funny

  4. Fredrik Barland

    This was the first song i learnt, thanks to this video. One year ago from today, still my favorite song to play

  5. Jet Kelso-Smith

    What’s the strumming pattern for the chord sequence

  6. Chubby Greyhound

    I hope that guitar wasn't expensive.

  7. Recon Scout Medic

    My first song thanx ....Marty

  8. Sifu Strider

    thank you....

  9. chaz 3021


  10. Ron Matingly

    "I Will Survive" Yes cheesey but i like

  11. Brewed

    Im so stoked,, This is one of my all time favorites and today I got it!! Even put it through an effects pedal (blues) and kinda added my own sound too it.

  12. Raghav Singhal

    For my refernece: Solo ends 10:50 and chord progression starts

  13. Syner _

    Honestly this is the best video on all of youtube that teaches you the beginning this guy takes it slow instead of playing out the entire song and having a camera on the frets and strings for me to figure out if you aren't already sub to this guy if you're a beginner like me

  14. Cory Roufosse

    Could you do a lesson on incubus pardon me and please on electric

  15. Yumnam Nongshaba

    Thank you👍

  16. altstiff

    Great tutorial Marty, I see it was more difficult for you to play slower than faster. Also, I find it funny that the advert before your excellent tutorial says you can't learn guitar from youtube! WRONG! Good stuff Marty.

  17. wwhelan90

    fair play Marty , love the lessons, even as an experienced guitarist i till find myself coming back, legend

  18. Mason Bull

    This is one of my favorite songs

  19. Michal Brys

    Do you think you could G ?

  20. Bob Greenhouse

    I climaxed listening too uncle Marty simply beautiful

  21. Brayden Cohick

    A real man of the people. Some may say Marty is the true Guitar Hero.

  22. Jon Dough

    You the man Marty!

  23. Stephen Davies

    5 days ago my knowledge of guitar was zero, now I'm playing Pink Floyd's Wish You Where Here. What the hell! Marty, thanks man!

  24. Evan Arden

    Oh god the G, Em7, and Am7sus4 are bringing back harsh memories of wonderwall

  25. Fernando Toro

    great tutorial, thank you so much!

  26. Charles Giannotti

    Awesome lesson thankyou

  27. Ben Ville

    Tu es super bon. Est-ce possible d'avoir les tablatures?Thank you very muchBonne journée!Ben Vil

  28. Thomas Craigdallie

    Your the best Marty ,
    Thank you very much

  29. Sam Armstrong

    1st proper song I learned to play on guitar,after skip to my Lou, my mum really loved hearing me play that....😖

  30. tony gelder

    hello marty can you do a travis pick dan fogelburgs leader of the band please

  31. Scotty Paulick

    Do you think you can G?

  32. Etheden

    9:47 what does hold on g strum mean I’m stupid

  33. Robbie Simpson

    I’m at 10:31

  34. Nathaniel Simmons

    Am I the only one playing on electric?

  35. Phil Payton

    Full time busker of 6 and a half years here only just clicked subscribe but been watching your vids for years. wanted to thank you for helping me learn and/or polish a good 60% of my repertoire. Hope you're doing good and had a nice Christmas buddy.

  36. zachary mizic

    Thank you so much Marty! Great song

  37. smoguli

    Thank you so much, I have only a couple of months of experience on a guitar and with you excellent video I was able to play my favorite song! I'm so stoked, I never thought I could play this!

  38. Constantine

    Anyone know what guitar hes using here?

  39. Tristen Bright

    I love your lessons man! I’ve tried to learn guitar several times before and given up but I’ve been going for 8ish months now and it’s all thanks to these videos!

  40. Mr. Noodles

    I think I can G

  41. JDub

    I really enjoy the way you instruct! I just started playing about a month ago and i am already hearing songs play from my guitar! I am stationed in Japan and this really helps to pass the time and helped me to learn a new skill. Thank you for what you do!

  42. Earth Spirit

    Thank you, been wanting to learn this song, well done. Have a lot if problems cuz my pinky finger has arthritis

  43. Biochemical Botanist

    My dad taught me this today

  44. Sparkles_2k5

    i LOVE this guy omg as soon as he talks i’m like AAAAAY MARTY

  45. Austin Akins

    1 to3 so you think you can d chord

  46. Austin Akins

    I’m 11 years old and I’m gonna play this at my first concert in six months

    Torsten Kloeppner

    It's an amazing piece and you'll OWN the audience! Thumbs up!


    good luck!

    Murad Magerramoff

    Good luck , kid :)

    TSwag tracks

    Best of luck man

    Cody Last Name

    Austin Akins Rock it bro!! Don’t let anything stop you!!

  47. Daniel Akin

    Love when Marty starts singing the chords, seriously helpful

  48. Valentine

    I use G, D, C, E minor

  49. Aaron Lennox

    Within 1 hr I could basically play it all perfect, iv only been playing guitar for 4 days

  50. Mexa ccoon

    Thank you

  51. Andrew Fletcher

    thanx marty i learn a new song every couple of nights,,i have the ryhthem and all that jazz but ususally play by ear ,, i thank you very much marty for simplicity of how you show things and am so greatfull ,,good onya mate ,,thanx again

  52. Carolyn V

    Does anyone have any tips on how to play the E minor chord? Every time I play it it sounds muted 😓

    Mehdi Elguider

    Maybe you need to curl your fingers more ! Make sure that you press the strings with your fingertips, try an angle of 90° between your fingers and the fretboard (I know it's hard to do, you only do this at first to get the chors rings out , and then after some time you don't need to do the 90°)

    Carolyn V

    Mehdi Elguider thank you ! I appreciate it

    Mehdi Elguider

    @Carolyn V welcome , did it work ?

    Carolyn V

    Mehdi Elguider yeah! I’ve actually gotten better at it. It doesn’t sound muted.

  53. sutterismine

    I went to my first guitar lesson two days ago, and they taught me this song exactly like you!

  54. Leland F

    You are a hero and literally taught me guitar thank you

  55. ramzi fadhlewi

    Hey what's up you guys Marty Schwartz here

  56. Tyler Detgen

    Is there another guitar on the intro? Sounds like a progression high to low maybe f or d maybe? On the real song from :50 to 1:10 before he sings.

    Nvm found your other vid.

  57. John M

    well done..... made simple

  58. FishHead

    At 10:35 hammer on the A then open A to G sounds better in my ear...

  59. INDO The Artist

    dude, your funny! singing the lyrics with the cords. made me laugh - been watching your videos for years - Thank you for the inspiration.
    have a great day - bless you man!

  60. La Bestia

    hey please, How to Play "Lost For Words" Pink Floyd

  61. aiden f

    You should do Roundabout by YES

  62. Alena

    Would it really be a Marty Music video without him showing off even just a little

  63. Sam Wilkins

    C D Am G then D C Am G

  64. Gerri Lima

    Man, you´re a wizard. And I am so thankful for your classes. Keep it up.

  65. Jonathan Chaintrier

    Thanks Marty. Very helpful video. I was able to play the intro within a few hours. No let's try the solo!

  66. rob coffin

    alright , something i need to practice..thank you Marty.

  67. Thomas Pellett

    Can you teach the good life by weezer

  68. Keshawanonda Tamuli

    Why don't you teach us fire and rain?

  69. England is my city

    Remember Marty from mafia 2


  70. P D


  71. P D

    "oh how I C to D"

  72. Gary Mackridge

    Boss man ting thanks

  73. Brendan F

    Marty - could you break down Russia by Ramona Falls? Great acoustic song

  74. Mike Rhinehart

    why don't you and some bands come play in greenville SC

  75. Brian Sheppard

    Hey Marty, can’t give you enough thumbs up!! 36 years old and finally bought a guitar. Always wanted to play!! Absolutely love your videos. I have a request that no one has nailed on YouTube yet. Can you teach me how to play Trooper, were here for a good time?? I will be forever greatful. Thanks

  76. procrastinator547

    Super beginner. Can’t hold my fingers on the b or low e for very long before that hurts so I guess playing this is a long ways off but it’s a cool goal to have

  77. Ernst 22

    If listening is fun, you also like to learn. You do not talk to much about it, you show playing and that motivates.Thank you !!!

  78. Zachary Kariotis

    your strumming in the beginning, sounds a little bit different from the song... maybe it's more aggressive idk. still a great tutorial tho! once i get good enough at guitar to start playing this song, I'm coming back to this video!

  79. Ben B

    Never realized those are almost the same chords as wonderwall without the capo

  80. jedi guitarist

    Ok were the chords again

  81. Nikolas Bloomfield

    Learning stuff here. I don't know any chords but your teaching style has taught me a couple already. WHOOP!WHOOP!

  82. BlueStarInn Where soul meets the Beloved

    Bravo! Such a sweet sound. Thanks Marty!

  83. Darren Jeremiah

    Hey Marty thanks for these lessons. Whenever I forget how to play a song I just check out your videos. Helps a lot

  84. nur muhtaroglu

    that was really helpful thank you so much!

  85. Michela Consiglio

    I love your tutorials, but I wish you could put the chords and tabs showing in the video while you play. for a total beginner it helps a lot. :-)

  86. Vladimir Gaucan

    Hmm I've seen those chords somewhere evil...

  87. Mr. Sneaky

    When people dislike this I don't understand why

  88. Jonathan Ratcliff

    Omg how is he doing the strumming I’m watching over and over but it seems like it’s 2 down and up but then the next looks like 2 down and 2 up

    Jonathan Ratcliff

    Nvm I think I got it

    Rohan M

    @Jonathan Ratcliff HOW.PLEASE.HELP

  89. Mr Xylax


  90. DaRoyale vesta

    Cool hat

  91. vikeca hadzhiyski

    Marty you had me laughing out loud when you went to the chords and started singing. Much love to you man!

  92. Wayne Schmidt

    Marty love your lessons, could you please just play through the whole song with us ….

  93. T.J. Oxley

    Marty this is the first song I ever learned and I waited until age 43 for you to teach it. I grew up in a house with a guitar my entire life and until I stumbled upon this video I had no desire to play. You have me hooked now! Thanks for all the great videos!

  94. mwsc

    I guess there are some thumb downers who can’t figure this out. Great job Marty, always wanted to learn this song.