Da Band - I Like Your Style Lyrics

This That Sexy Right Here
Da Band Baby
Bad Boy
To Hot For T.V.

I like your style boy i really need to know do u wanna chill wit me [Babs]
we can chill girl lets stop playin you need to come home wit me

so whatz tha deal boy i gotta little time i really wanna piece of you [Babs]
you know tha deal girl im down for whateva whateva u wanna do [Dylan]

[Verse 1 (Babs)]
Hot damn boy whatz tha plan
i gotta whole day free i done dumped my man
wassup got tha truck rimmed up last weekend
tha haze that i blow got my interior stinkin
yea so whatz tha deal boy
im tryna chill wit u i like your style
baby dont get it twisted i dont want your child
and i dont make prank calls you can press redial

[Verse 2 (Young City/Chopper)]
I guess you like my sudden draw
i stay down no matter tha cause
my attitudes like fuck them all
feel me im on my game i aint got no flaws
and so jealous so dont make me have 2 touch nobody or cut nobody
you like it when i tell you shit like that
and when im on my ass i flip right back
like dat real nigga that i am so if u need me you can call on slim fuckin right girl

[Hook (Sara):]
Baby how you doin it
off the scene for a minute but right back into it
tell me can you feel it while the looks that your giving me are feeling that your feeling me
i can keep a secret boo just to be alone and get next to you
i like your style beautiful smile you kinda wild

I like your style boy i really need to know do u wanna chill wit me [Babs]
we can chill girl lets stop playin you need to come home wit me
so whatz tha deal boy i gotta little time i really wanna piece of you [Babs]
you know tha deal girl im down for whateva whateva u wanna do [Dylan]

[Verse 3 (Ness)]
She pretty in pink
damn what they put in my drink
itz either im color blind or to pissy to think
straight take it slow wait for a minute
chill fall back we can date for a
im written out wit an option to buy
she blow weed till her nose bleed top of tha sky
female wit an attitude as cocky as mine
when i ride she right there in tha passenger side

[Verse 4 (Fred/Miami)]
This week i made plans tha was set in advance
lost tha inship to sivilla then we jettin' to France
under tha stars sippin chrissy laid back in tha sand
tellin me wayz how you act when you was back wit ya fam
how your mother was smoking crack and your father was dead
see thatz tha type of stuff dat get in my head
and you very emotional
you make a real thug wanna get close to you
wit tha permission you give your lotion letz get ghost girl

[Hook (Sara)]

I like your style boy i really need to know do u wanna chill wit me [Babs]
we can chill girl lets stop playin you need to come home wit me
so whatz tha deal boy i gotta little time i really wanna piece of you [Babs]
you know tha deal girl im down for whateva whateva u wanna do [Dylan]

[Young City/Chopper]
Yea Chopper City
It'z Tha Band Ya Heard Me
Tha Next Generation
Bad Boy

[Hook (Sara)]

I like your style boy i really need to know do u wanna chill wit me [Babs]
we can chill girl lets stop playin you need to come home wit me
so whatz tha deal boy i gotta little time i really wanna piece of you [Babs]
you know tha deal girl im down for whateva whateva u wanna do [Dylan]

[Dylan Rappin Until Fade.....]

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Da Band I Like Your Style Comments
  1. Jay Lewis

    This will ALWAYS be my shit! My banga. My joint. My go to. My groover.

  2. Tyrell Coon


  3. Cas82958

    This was my shit as a kid. Still sounds good. Such a great beat.

  4. Aligned Kingdom

    Joint is hard

  5. Bobby Bell

    Classic🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥dam why the broke up smh

  6. K B

    2020 anyone????


    K B lol

  7. Jasmine Chardai

    Favorite song on album. So chill

  8. Jay Smith

    This shit hard tho

  9. MachineGunKen iOS Gameplay

    2019 playjng....

  10. shellae shorter

    Sarah fucked the song up

  11. dontgetittwizted !!!

    still listening in 2019

  12. Musane Dollaz

    This should've been there 3 single with a video and good promotion that album would of went Platinum

  13. Tyrus Johnson

    I still rocks with this mad hard.

  14. Gold Hoops & Diamonds

    Fuck it up Dylan!!!!! lol aye i been binge watching their episodes hahaahaha I loooove DA BAND!

  15. LaTosha Timmons

    Love this album, still!! 2019 baby!!

  16. Christene Waldon

    2019 still here all love this way for guys where they at now i hope they i still bang this joint...PERIOD

  17. Sheisty


  18. jerseyboym5

    2019 yall in here?

  19. The Unique Playground

    The TV show actually took away from the album. The album is underrated.


    James E. Williams For all their issues, they were a talented group. Their music was at the very least listenable.

  20. Erika Murray

    #2019 This beat tho 😏😏

    Kameron Owens

    Erika Murray fuego 🔥🔥🔥 this shit forever a vibe

  21. Dustin Motley

    Sarah killed that. Baby how u doin off the scene for a minute but rite back into it.

  22. Prince Ace

    Dylon could not hit the hook for shit. But this is still a banger

  23. Jasmine Matthews

    2019....still listening ijs 🔥

    Kameron Owens

    Jasmine Matthews stg

  24. 187onYaAs

    Someone plz chopp n screw this

  25. Gabrielle Elliott

    This song so hot

  26. Semaj Noxid


    “...Baby how you doin’?.....”

  27. Semaj Noxid

    I love this song WAAAAAAAAYYYY too much!

  28. joaquim holmes

    Still my shit

  29. Lucky Lefty

    This was they best 1...

  30. Healthy Craig

    i remember when they came too norfolk

  31. Bionca Cloud


  32. Corey elAYE

    this song was cold

  33. Anthony Chu

    Tony Dofat is such an underappreciated producer. He shows his talents here

  34. Troy Moore Jr

    That beat still fire!!!!

  35. cha cha nigga


  36. cha cha nigga


  37. Justin Taylor

    That piano and concept blends in perfect

    Justin Michael

    They created the melody from the piano in the beat, that shits dope.

  38. 04avani

    I fucks with this

  39. Trey winn7n

    When you think about it now
    All six of them were a mixture of different rap styles

    Babs - straight east coast , brooklyn content (hood talk)

    Ness - best rhyme pattern, cadence and bars ( best RAPPER)

    Fred - Southern street lyrics , tales all from the aspect of the streets in the south

    Chopper - Flashy lifestyle , rims , hoes , gold , Bottles

    Sara - the sexy r&b artist who can collab with rappers and still be attractive

    Dylan - Rude boy ..im in the game cuz i have talent but ima do wtf i wanna do and wont change up to go corporate


    Trey winn7n Dylan died and came back as Tory lanez


    Trey winn7n yea ness gave us those gutter Philly Barz he was my fave

  40. Unique08

    I really liked dylan’s parts on all the songs tbh.

  41. Dupre' Bushnell

    Dylan's outro is so fucking flame

  42. dontgetittwizted !!!

    this song should of been a single!

  43. MrPac3000

    coldest song on da album!!! still bang dis!! 2K17

    941FLA Lowe

    MrPac3000 my life

  44. Lamont Roman

    Why did they change the beat? On the show it was a different beat

    dontgetittwizted !!!

    Lamont Roman this is the final version that diddy fucked about with when he was mixing it

  45. Cutie pie


  46. Marquis Reed

    This could have been single number three.


    Marquis Reed I think it was supposed to be but Diddy canceled the video if I remember correct


    To fuck songs would of sent wrong message for hood group

  47. mike arch

    She said "I just ducked my man" 😂😂😂 she cold.

  48. Moni Awe

    too underrated

  49. Iceberg Slim

    this beat is SO SMOOTH. it bangs in the whip!

    Zane Finizio

    They killed this

  50. Dee Eagle

    the love these guys get from yall is amazing. Esp considering this was "reality rap" but the music is dope so we gotta mess with it

  51. Colin Jones

    Me n my dad used to slap this album everyday in his car when I was younger. Especially when I would go to football practice

    Brock Nichols

    Your pops is the man....

  52. Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

    This beat was too dope for this group.

    Jay Gold

    Veego von DOOM- Reviews! lol beat fire!

    Kameron Owens

    Hating ass wanna be white boy.. FOH

  53. MattyChamp

    I remember the episode when dylan was singing the hook to this , and diddy was not impressed

    Trey winn7n

    Maatchu Upstairz i watch it again some months bac
    It made me think tho
    Was it jus for TV ..cuz he did the same shit every making the band with somebody




    Me too but now it sounds fire 🤣

    Lamont Roman

    The beat was different too

    Aarrian Darrian

    Def sounds good 🔥🔥

  54. busterthe2

    thanks i loved this underrated album

  55. Nina Sosa

    Still goes hard

  56. Thulsa Doom

    Hot lava brought me here.


    apparently hot lava brought u here day after my birthday



  57. 1lifestyle

    this was my favorite on the album

  58. Beep TV

    Hot Fire

  59. Pammy

    This was my Jam!!! still listening in 2015!!!

  60. show kase




    Desrick Halls

    hell yeah!!!

  61. Ro Kaine

    This was a banga tho

    Gabrielle Elliott

    Ro Kaine hell yeah

    The Unique Playground

    Word up.

  62. NellyBelle

    ''Yah know the deal galllll...''' Love DYLAN!!!! Still love this song!


    i love Dylan...sux that diddy cut him out of 80% of the album


    wow! Yeah Dylan was fire!!

  63. Michael Lindsey

    I still ride to this song lol

  64. Cortney Williams

    im 25 now I was 15 when this came out wow time really flys I miss shit like this tho!

    Zookie 42

    No we’re 30 😩🤣😒


    i was in 6-7 grade then i just turned 27 on the 14th ... im an old man now smh 😫

    Eli Jay

    This was for every age, I was 20 when this came out and riding summertime with the windows down blasting this.


    i was 27 yrs old

  65. jonathan walker


  66. jbentley8383

    yeah just lookup on google shopping...or just checkout amazon...I'm pretty sure it's out there for real cheap..maybe even 99 cent...but shipping might be like 2.99 or something stupid.

  67. mslena baby

    i need to get me one i use to have it when it first came out i still love it

  68. jbentley8383

    i got this cd about 3 years ago...on amazon for like 2.99....still got it.

  69. dajuane jones

    yeah buddy i was looking for this song

  70. LaConteau

    this was my fav song they did

  71. Buddah The Singer


  72. imnosey21

    i dont know what made me think of this song but i had to listen to it

  73. Nu Theory Productions


  74. Chanell Williams

    i love this damn song!!!!!!

  75. Deim

    dis used 2 be ma shit!

  76. pompeyjman

    da band was the shit bak in the day cud of been 1 of the hottest around but they was all 2 hard headed

  77. Mizzbabyblue12

    wow this was mad long ago lol!! i member when disz was on t.v!!

  78. Janaye w

    they were all crazy
    but they mad good music together
    they album was fire i cant
    and want front

  79. Tyshaun Anderson

    they had potential

  80. island_grl

    dis song wicked. real bad man tune. i love it. i like dylan. big up al west indians

  81. TheyCallMeMalimal

    I remember dis dey should made dis a single DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN and DYLAN

  82. SlaybyJay

    damn y did dey have to break up dey were fucking ill

  83. JamaicanHunni15

    this was (is) my shyt

  84. PoeticSongstress

    i've never listened to their music b/c i'm not really into rap like that, but i like this song.

  85. lilreesemusix

    dey shoulda acted rite. they prolly woulda blew up fureal by now

  86. MrE985


  87. Random Clips

    Da Band... don't u remember how fans went crazy all for C-H-O-P lol

  88. videodude23

    ...made who famous?

  89. Random Clips

    he fucked up by choosing only baps & ness cuz we all know chopper is da one who made em famous!

  90. bksooky

    sara does have a song out. it's called "you"

  91. Dave Salley

    naw im not immature n i love the song its type hot period if u dont like it thats cool,,, dont talk obut people that do aight

  92. lalee33

    fuck this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the motherfuckin beat

  93. videodude23

    Does Anybody know what happend to Baps & Ness?...the one Puffy "kept" at the end?

  94. AntiqueDollz

    couple a beats I really liked on this set...this is 1 of them.

  95. jksn008

    da band was shit i dont care what nobody say diddy was stiup for brokeing this group up

  96. jushoops16

    Damn this song was one of tha best songs off they album. They were good but they jus got into fight's too much, I still got they C.D. from when it first came out.

    Cutie pie

    jushoops16 Hey

  97. Noah Douglas

    tat was the most pointless comment in youtube history

  98. stan rich

    diddy should have push this album more,these are some nice songs