Da Band - How U Like Me Now Lyrics

Oo ma how you like me now
Now that you know that im blingin
Oo you coulda took me there
Now you sittin reminescin about my time you wasted
You seen me spending faces
Coulda done something
But you did nothing
You was just a waste of my time

Girlfriend never take you out to eat with me
She threw her hand on my crach
Started teasin me
Told me "Imagine how good we could be" [Ness]

When i was walkin you aint had no raps
Now im ballin look whos talkin bitch imagine that
You tried to play me cause your ass was fat
Think you look cute cause your hair is done?
I got a deal now here you come
All of a sudden wanna speak to me
Re-sently wanna peice of me
Re-spect your self have some desceny
Im in the top five no you cant creep wit me
Girl friend you nothing but a freak to me
Girlfriend never take you out to eat with me
She threw her hands on my crach started teasin me
And said "Just think of how good we could be"
I told her "I dont give in that easily"
Hip to the bull shit she was feedin me
DAMN she got a body but shes a flea
Gold digga all she wanted was some cheese from me
Come on



Just got out from the club wylin out
Yall know me Lord Chopper
Donkey eggin actin a ass yall cant stop us
Throwin bows cratchin ya noes rubbin on hoes
Checkin two-ways
Liting or smokin on optomos
On the real
If yo club be bumpin we be present
V.I.P. sessions
Hot girls im down to undress them
Fuck it Chellys lets do it in the back of a truck
We can get down n dirty Whats up?
Cause i dont give a Uh Unh
Crissy poppa, Mix it with the hen n vodka
See im the king and my jungle call me Mufasa
Pull up in a big body Benz sittin on brawlas
Young and ballin doing my thing
Im shot calling holla
Gangsta nigga Ex scrilla i pop you up
Roll with a team of hard heads that'll box you up
We go to any club from that Whispers to thay Tunel
Cause we the niggas from that jungle ya herd me?



I want it so bad i can taste (HUH?)
Betta move do something cause im gettin impatient
I want it so bad i cant taste
With the gun up on my waste..
Im losing patients


Whats wrong with you
You know its only one of me
This crazy bitch done went an got a gun for me
I know time aint stop for me
I aint asked you to get in the six n come back to the block for me
I don't need no win on mine
Cause Freddy be gon til November
Long gone in the winter
Playing pong in Hong Kong
With me n Renard my little cousin from over town
The life of a don
When i aint writin im home
When i strike like lighting i hit like thunder through thongs women callin me Rome
Im slingin the thing in this bitch
The king ding a ling
In the hood they call me tha Paul Bunyon hunny
A heart breaker they call me a human on my own
But you can call me from the Grand Canyon
Im doin great eating grapes in the tan mansion
Im so handsome
Ya grandm wanna call me grandson holla back son

[Chorus x2]

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Da Band How U Like Me Now Comments
  1. SwaDaGentleman

    This song was on mind. I had this album at the start of my senior year of high school. This song is a whole mood.

  2. Ray 245

    "When I was walking you aint have no rap, now I'm balling look who talkin bitch imagine that, you tried to play me bc yo ass was fat, thought you was cute bc your nails was done I got a deal now here you come"

  3. Kiera F

    2019 still riding to this

  4. Ang Jo

    This was the best song on the album to me. I wore this damn song out lol.

  5. Andrea Macias

    THIS was a great album i loved all the songs

  6. Terrance Thomas

    Mysterious's Verse Was Hot Garbage

  7. Apollo Smith

    What's wrong with you, you know it's only One Of Me this crazy bitch done went & gotta Gun For Me🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 Fred Rip This Shit

  8. Raider Nation101

    FIRE 🔥🔥Choppa kilt everything!!

  9. TheOldschoolkat03

    I wanna hear a 2003 Freddy p and Cadillac Tah song! Haha! Crazy voices! Wonder what that would sound like! 🔥

  10. Prince K

    Choppa had the best verse

  11. Prince K

    Mysterious 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ where she came from😂

  12. J Carlos

    this beat is flamez..who got the instrumental?

  13. Darrick Smith

    Fred had the best verse in this song

  14. ant dog

    The beats were horrible

  15. Play On Playa

    I love the band.Ness couldn't rap imo.

  16. Makaveli Thadon

    Fred and Choppa did their thing,Sarah slayed the vocals.

    941FLA Lowe

    Makaveli Thadon I agree chop was riding

  17. Cristian Cardenes

    fred big fred......rap city freestyle

  18. Kevin Walker

    I like this shit

  19. Oakland warriors

    sarahs voice damn i miss her

  20. Joseph Gibbs

    sorry choppa

  21. Joseph Gibbs

    Ness killed it

    Phil Adelphian

    Joseph Gibbs damn right

    John Jones

    I Love Ness

    Ray 245

    Straight about a bitch being a waste of his time...

  22. datdudedre

    Fred went the hardest on this

  23. Harry Pinchinat

    2016 still checking in with this album. Fred was going off the whole album.

    enitan hunter

    yep his verse was my favorite

  24. NellyBelle

    ''You see me spending Faces...'' My shit!! HS days!!


    you should

    Míchele Cobré

    @NellyBelle​ what other LPs you suggest 


    hmmm what genre?

    Míchele Cobré

    @NellyBelle whatever you familiar with


    @Mechacelzi ok

  25. Cortney Williams


  26. Omari Jenkins


  27. shey burton

    Freddie had the hardest verse tho

  28. tee millies

    lol @skibop3x

  29. kjntop

    Sara All DAY!

  30. Lou Morton

    Chopper's lyrics didn't even go along wit the song's subject lol


    But since Diddy liked him, he let him do whatever. <_<


    And his bars were the worst/weakest too.

    Peter Wong

    Did yall not watch the first season.. he told them he had a tracks for them to rap on.. all he said was come to the studio ready... It was before the group was picked.. They had like 3 groups.. luckily all the ones who ended up making it was on this track.. All besides Mysterious..But he kept one bar from her verses on this...

    Raider Nation101

    And still his energy and wordplay is still the best on this record!!

    Ray 245

    U krazy

  31. Jason Hyman

    This my shit, but yo....those lyrics are WAAAAAAAY off...smh

  32. henndizawgz

    so puff just dismantled their asses ... and kept Chopper (badboy south).. and Ness is doing his thing underground/independet in philly ... babs is still in bklyn gettin free dutchies from the corner store.... Diddy is gonna fuck with people that want to work and want to grind .. if your lazy and expect him to do everything he aint gonna fuck with you .... Watch making the band and listen to him talk to these dudes ... hes about his money and if you aint .. he wont fuck with you ... period

  33. henndizawgz

    what are you guys talkin about.... these guys didnt want to work ... ok .. Da Band was an ok cd.... i but if you put a group together and a few members dont get along and you have a few members that dont want to show up for anything... this is danity kane b4 danity kane was danity kane... Fred didnt want to be there... dylan .. thought he was bigger than the group... sarah husband thought he was in the group... the only ones that was really grinding and hustling was Ness and Chopper...

  34. TheRealDJSoulja

    This song is old school too bad what happened to them I only liked like 4 songs for the album

  35. Eddy tha Don

    i meant b5

  36. Eddy tha Don

    he didnt dismantle the group diddy is just creep as fuck he gets what he wants from ppl and he tries to screw them over look at all the pppl he has used n the past made money off them n said fuck em thats y fred left cuz of how diddy was u didnt c the episode when he was like fuck diddy and what not, he creep! b2k prime example

  37. Steve Dawes

    oh my god this is pathetic! hmmmm real music played by real musicians vs recycled crap played on a synthesizer over the top of a bunch of wannabe convicts who talk over someone elses work. rap is missing a letter off the beginning "C" toby keith f***ing rules with real singing "homies"

  38. Minerva Oranje

    Nah, im not with the nigga music..

  39. dtownboi81

    lmao right she came in all deep "got da gun on mah waste im losin patience" lol

  40. Y2Kyle10

    On the Finale though he dropped Chopper, after a year or so, he picked him back up.

  41. christianaayodele

    sara's really shit

  42. Stephen Mims

    wer did mysterious cum 4rm lol "i want it so bad i could taste it"

  43. Rell's corner

    Diddy dropped Dylan & Sara..and befor that Fred quit.
    he kept Babs Ness & Chopper


    He did not keep Chopper. He got dropped and went to Cash Money. Diddy only kept Ness and Babs and they never dropped a song.

  44. LilWar19

    dis my joint right here

  45. Kianna Wilson