D Smoke - Last Supper Lyrics

Keep it one hundred, I be feelin' like who? Who? Nobody (Nobody)
These niggas finally understand
When I land, I'm the man, fuck you thought this was?
Nigga from Japan to the land, suckers know what's up, nigga
I'm praying they over-stand me (Yeah)
Every kid need a hero, I'm trynna be uncle Stan Lee
RIP, all I see is concrete
Burned rubber, glass scattered on the concrete
I heard lover lives matter so when hearts leak
Blood drippin' live patterns
So my ink write in red when it splatter
Don't flatter me, nigga

Save your compliments
Already know that my flow is bomb as shit
We can toast to our old accomplishments
But I'd rather coast, move forward and talk my shit
They told me

Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
It's one queen and a few brothers, the last supper

Keep it one hundred, I be feeling like
Campbell's Soup over white rice
Baked chicken with the skin on
Lawry's with black pepper, I'm fully seasoned
With half the effort, ask my nigga Mash, boy, I been on
I'm a pit' with a bunch of labs in the kennel
Papa Sticks used to pour it back 'til he went on
Drop a fifth and reach in the bag
A nigga pull out a sack to relax and pass the blunt like communion
I know we friends, but nigga, Jesus was homies with Judas
Don't be the nigga lookin' at your homeboy like, "How could you do this?"
Smile in your face, then as soon as you walk away, wishin' you ruined
Now you lookin' foolish, but still you say

Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long dinner
Eat, Smoke, take your time, it's a long, yeah

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D Smoke Last Supper Comments
  1. polo team

    T.i looking like ima sacrifice this kidd

  2. taylor hawkins

    This is for that dreamer in that class shoes underachieving

    That hit home hard

  3. Liz R


  4. Amil DollaMade

    My all time live rap performance ever! Next to chance the rapper chritmas at the whitehouse I believe it was ima watch that next now that I think of it

  5. Jacobina Uushona

    I think we all knew he won even before this performance 🌠🎯

  6. Celine Marcus

    You could tell he's a perfectionist

  7. Celine Marcus

    The hardest song I've heard in a minute!

  8. Cienna Giago

    By the first verse I could tell, homie was gonna take it all the way home. Can't wait to see this man's come up!

  9. Alen Alano

    LEGEND 🔥

  10. LATNG

    Inb4 "ay he's going crazy yo, this prime television right here" becomes a DSmoke sample.

  11. Maya Mohoasa

    Still can’t get over this

  12. Alesha zumba

    This dude is like fresh water. I can't wait to see him blow up

  13. Mia Herrod

    I love how all his family members have dreads😍

  14. Blackjak26

    Still get chills when I watch this

  15. Kerwin Mallari

    Remember when he said that he's gonna win it because everyone else is battling for the 250 grand while he's here to show that he's an artist. WELL DAMN.

  16. Kings Last

    Asap Rocky build with Kendrick Lamar voice

  17. L A

    Litera the best

  18. Amanda genus

    DSmoke is all that and more. I love how he weaves together the personal and political culture of music. He’s brilliant!

  19. Mar Wth

    This is raw talent right here

  20. Keira Lewis

    Don't know how they're gonna follow up with another season. D Smoke really deserved that win.

  21. Ava J


  22. Jason Johnson

    Is that malcom x as a judge?

  23. Shadia Kansha

    I watch this video too many times now and I can't stop, send help

  24. Erykah B

    I always get chills when I watch this performance and listen to this song. Legit CHILLS. Every single time.

    I love when it shows his dad bouncin and having the biggest smile on his face in the stands.

  25. michael50694

    Way too short

  26. Gianflavio

    Goosebumps every time. I love Chance's reactions lol

  27. Shurvella Williams

    Every-time I watch this video I get the same chills when I first was watched this performance on Netflix. I love this song D Smoke🥰

  28. Kuda95 M

    Epic performance....had to come back

  29. Julian Lopez

    Anybody know the piano chord progressions for the intro?

  30. Adam

    That switch up was so Chance - esque and I'm digging it

  31. Kamonia Crawford


  32. 72GiaGia

    This is majestic !! Like it hit different but in a beautiful way! Bravo 👏🏽

  33. Jordan Daboss

    You can release it on Spotify soon

  34. Kareem Jamal

    Came and took that top 10 slot of the decade in 2 tunes and a friendly battle - all one show

  35. Abhishek Iyer

    Anyone else here for the backup dancers?

  36. Samuel Amador

    I was all about Flawless Real Talk early on. I expected and wanted Flawless to take it...but this performance turned me around COMPLETELY on Smoke. My jaw was dropped the whole way and I was vibin' and feeling it. He showed his true artistry in this performance.

  37. 22:22

    L'attacco e la parte quasi finale in cui fuma

  38. Aronn Laurel

    Kinda reminds me of Kendrick

  39. Liza C

    This made me cry pure artistry

  40. Palace

    He won when he acted like he held the smoke in

  41. Sincerely, Alexis

    This is pure LYRICAL ARTISTRY... he’s a genius and the world needs to know this.

  42. Matimba Ntimane


  43. Okcnation446 Good guy

    Imagine going to school and your teacher won 250k big rap contest like wtf

  44. Faye Faye

    I’m so glad he won!! He deserved it!

  45. Etronic —

    “D smoke moves”
    Audience 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👌👌👌😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯🤯

    They clap for no reason: like when he starts slowly crouching down

  46. Magdalena Ann

    He is beyond talented and intelligent

  47. Tristan Bell

    dude is easily better than all three judges combined kind of laughable

  48. Plus Size Goddess

    I can't stop watching this.

  49. Barajas Orozco Andres

    he cold bro well won

  50. FSF

    He reminds me of Kendrick Lamar

  51. Taylor Dates

    When he started singing 🤧I felt everything he was saying 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉

  52. Roblox Gaming

    GOAT! 🐐🐐

  53. Packman Guapo

    I have a gut feeling this song and video is blasphemous

  54. Johnny Darko

    "I know we friends but n!gga Jesus was homies with Judas!" Damn...that was 🔥!!!

  55. QueenBrie01

    I loved this soooo much !!!!

  56. Sunni Smilez

    He’s sooooo talented.

  57. Lientho Barclay

    I love the three layers of this song and I'd like an extended version on spotify including the piano part. I hope d smoke never loses his swag and takes the last supper approach to all his future songs, if not he'll be like every other contestant show artist we've seen in the last 5 years

  58. iTz AkeyNo

    gaadamn homie killed that. the bars tho.. hip hop needs this. big ups to D Smoke

  59. Lemuel Tannor

    when’s a season 2 coming out

  60. F OWENS

    Tired of streaming him...wondering why artist that aren't half as good as him get radio play, but he doesn't? I hear Cardi & Chance getting air time so why not D Smoke? He is f***ing dope af!

  61. Mia Dollz

    Lmfaoo DSmoke had Chance goin crazy 💀😭😭

  62. Lady Thomas16


  63. bentouta5

    D Smoke is a dope artist. The song has creative bars but I can't help but compare it to The Heart 4. No need to say who the artist is. I won't say he's definitely an industry plant but D Smoke is always with his brother. There's no doubt he has a connection with TDE. Shit him and Kenny might write together. Knowing of his connection to a well established label makes me feel like Troyman got robbed.🤷‍♂️

  64. RaZe Ghost

    Bruh he the nex Kendrick Lamar

  65. Amira Brown

    i wish the first part was apart of the song .

  66. John Medina

    IF YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD, check out his...

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>HONEY JACK<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>BY D SMOKE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  67. Teri Madi

    Who's here after his genuis interview

  68. Chelsea McNeil

    He deserved it ❤️

  69. bbq chicken nuggets

    Me : EAT SMOKE TAKE YA TIME ITS A LONG DINNER * while doin the Lil dance he did at 2:06 *

  70. K dot AfroClan

    This man better make the Freshman list next year.

  71. None of Ur biz

    He is better then the judges🙃

  72. Luke Pk Run

    The Guy

  73. C’est le plus mieux

    eAt sMoKe tAkE yOuR TimE iTs a LonG dInnEr

  74. Ky Taylor

    if him and flawless could win together ill be happy be happy asf

  75. ntokozo mtshali

    The part when he moves back with the backup dancers in V formation while repeating chorus 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  76. Tuna_Fish05 2114

    No matter how many times I watch this, I get chills everytime

  77. Zach Van Harris JR

    *"it's safe to say that growth is an uncomfortable process/ and pain is a necessary investment for progress" - D. Smoke*

  78. Nosignal

    if DMX and Kendrick Lamar had a baby

  79. Katalyst552

    Well deserving

  80. babyfacexjackie

    i keep coming back to this b/c it’s just sooo cold , the concept ..just EVERYTHING about it! he’s so vaaaalid🦋

  81. Jonathan Maynard

    This shit is so clean

  82. Big Mac productions

    That piano hit me in my soul😭

  83. DesireeTV

    I didn’t know that all you had to do to win this show is bite Kendrick Lamar’s flow 🤷🏻‍♀️

  84. Black Hammer

    Yo... Ima let you finish but Troyman been lyrical since umbilicals 🤷🏾‍♂️

  85. Weird Math

    "I already know my flow is bomb and shit"

    I felt that.

  86. Elove Xx


  87. Jeff Otieno

    absurdly talented and looks like he put in every single possible ounce of work

  88. angelica conn

    duh I will be in a little late to the game tonight and I will be in the office today and tomorrow so I won't be able to make it to the game tonight at work today

  89. Presli Davidson

    Litteraly gave me chills

  90. April Long

    I wish chance would shut up so he can rap🤣

  91. deeznutsfety1 _games

    How is cardi b judging music if she trash.

    Detective Hawk

    deeznutsfety1 _games she still knows the industry and what sells. Plus you don’t need to be good to judge music. I like Cardi personally

    Tiwa Ayodele

    Cardi B isn't trash

    deeznutsfety1 _games

    @Tiwa Ayodele you must be sped then

  92. Evansaurus 9

    D Smoke isn’t a rapper

    Hes a Artist

  93. Shana Garza

    I love this guy!!!! He is blessed with so much talent!!!!

  94. Diamond LeShay

    Like could he please open an awards show with this please 😭🙌🏼

  95. Poppa's -N- Mommy Family Erwin

    mic dropped!

  96. ChillaxTraxx

    Is that Arsenal in the background D.J-ing on episode 4?

  97. Dima Jonblat

    I knew he was going to win from the first audition♥️

  98. Jackie boy fan

    I’m on it