D-Side - Unbroken Lyrics

The pieces of my life were blown in the wind
You caught them in your hands and blew them back again
Now I’m falling to place
Where I see your face

I’m unbroken, you put me back together
You took what you found and turned me around
And made me again
I’m unbroken, I hope that its forever
I don’t cry any more, cause you walk through the door
Finally I’m alright

You found me down in a doubt
Staring in a wishing well, oh, yeah yeah
Gave me the strength to call out
from-under need my shell
And now I walk in the sun
cross the world I’ve become.


You turn the keys set me free from myself
I fall apart each time that we said good bye
But when I’m by your side

I’m unbroken...
I’m unbroken...


Finally I’m alright... [3x]

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D-Side Unbroken Comments
  1. Kelly Murphy

    This video is awfully confusing to me. They look miserable as sin, but are seemingly singing about how the person in their life has made them happy? It's not matching up to me, neither is the melody which is also a bit sad.

  2. Martina Byrne

    Derek !

  3. Sus Anna

    DSide very good, I miss you soo much

  4. paradiseaflame

    Love their songs <3

  5. Kerrie Derbyshire

    they did @ mine too...thanx to metro radio

  6. Jay Raser

    Dane from D-Side is back, but this time it's solo!
    /daneofficial his myspace

  7. HappinessDlight

    hahah, thanks, to each their own, right? ^^ Technically, all of them are pretty.

  8. Justė Kislauskaitė

    actually, hottest is ryan (:
    but that blondy is derek.

  9. Justė Kislauskaitė

    Derek !

  10. Marissa Scott

    they came to my skl and sang for every year:D:D xxxxxxxx

  11. HappinessDlight

    The hottest one of them, in my opinion, is the blondest one; what's his name? lol

  12. Stephanie Hyman

    I cant find this song anywhere to download!!!! =[!!!

    ANY IDEAS?!?!

  13. Ana María Caso

    THANX EVERYONE FOR keeping d-side alive, you will know m soon so I hope everyone of you go on feeding their d-side'feelings

  14. Justė Kislauskaitė

    i know, that Ryan born 1983, so he is now 25???

  15. coolieos1790

    he's 23 years old!!!

  16. brun3tt3bab387

    there are 2 members missing, Dane and Damien. When did they release this song?

  17. Justė Kislauskaitė

    i love ryan...he realy cute....how old are he now? or when he did born?

  18. Justė Kislauskaitė

    i love ryan ....how old is he now?

  19. Justė Kislauskaitė


  20. nicko02000

    i want this song! d-side rocks! can any1 send me a copy of this song?

  21. nicko02000

    is there anyway u can send me a copy of this song?

  22. kasiatys

    can anybody send me words to "Unbroken"??

  23. Kerrie Derbyshire

    these guy's played at my school when they first started out but after real world i never heard of them again. this song's gr8 tho and there still hot!!!

  24. SweetGeorgine

    I got their songs and 2 CD. I'll send them to you, if you like)

  25. SweetGeorgine

    Derek is the sexiest!!!

  26. Cassandra Pernia

    what happened to the other two? Sorry ive been behind on d side

  27. Symon Lee

    actually Clay Aiken covered their song "Invisible"
    D-Side Rocks!!!

  28. Ana María Caso

    I like it very much :) It's simply GREAT

  29. Jakeshot

    any1 got this mp3 ?

  30. Laura McAleese

    nope clay aiken covered d-side's verson as d-sides was released way before his verson!

  31. pelleluling

    No. It's D-side's song, you know.. =)

  32. kelly2315

    OMG!!! AMAZING!!

  33. Jennnyfer

    they are so pretty, but they are only ~165cm long :DD

  34. Jennnyfer

    addeley, yes they did.. :P

  35. shellzbeth

    amazing <3 should be allowed to release in the UK and Ireland...they are talented so they should have the chance to show it!