D-Side - Then You Kissed Me Lyrics

I was walking through a life without surprise
As love was happening to somebody else
I was waking up but while my heart was sleeping out
And never make a fool of myself
The series pass me by
Another day to wonder why
A better of alone and staying free

And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
I thought I never feel a love so real
And then you kissed me
Then you kissed me

I was walking round circles when you found me all
Scaring out and chasing my tell
Always running out and giving out a signal
That the only love I knew have to feel
Another day will pass me by
A time alone to wonder why
But solitude and never set me free

And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
Now I'm head over hills I get half of feels

I've been wasting all this time suffocating of what I feel inside
I've been breaking hearts by making our love
And giving it to foolish bride

And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
I'm head over
I'm head over
I'm head over hills, yeah

And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
And then you kissed me
Now I'm head over hills I get half of feels
And then you kissed me

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D-Side Then You Kissed Me Comments
  1. rgcarrasco1

    Steve Patridge...I love you always...Rene Carrasco. ❤️❤️


    Great voice , good song always nr 1 Shania Twain Greating from Romania.

  3. Carlos Bacelar


  4. Radek Smetana

    Shania Super ! Good Lucky Forever🤗🤗Radek

  5. Ahphu Ngwa

    Well... she’s pretty darn fine looking

  6. Geoffrey mwaniki

    How many are we in Mid Feb 2020?
    Thanks for the words sooo sweet..#Shania

  7. Pumpkin Pie

    I'm gonna sing this song to my future husband on our wedding day

  8. blaise daphne

    Good old Music

  9. Jemmy Lyn

    Hello everyone one nice song

  10. РУСАЛена Леля

    That's wonderful!

  11. King TravisSearles

    I didn't even know who #ShaniaTwain was up until about 18 months ago and i've never liked country music until listening to her! She's absolutely beautiful in so many many different ways!❤❤❤

  12. Jason Alton

    She made me fall in love with her and country music in 1995 any man of mine

  13. Jany Kashika

    Who else’s still listening 2020? one of my favs

  14. michelle m

    "I can see you with me when I'm older."💞

  15. H. Rivas

    She's beautiful on the outside and so humble inside, makes her even more beautiful .

  16. Adok Buchem

    Shania Twain really like/or love the song

  17. Shanique Ferguson

    Definitely on my playlist for my wedding ❤️

  18. yasmin Samy

    I love this loving song since I was 15 and now I am 30 🥰

  19. Rickey Engle

    who am i going too be,,Kiss

  20. michelle m

    Shania is so beautiful !

  21. Kirana Siah Daniel

    I came to hear Shania's love song on this very valentine's day

  22. Kay Cee

    Just a word of encouragement:
    Remember that Jesus loves you and He's coming soon.

    If you have not made a decision to follow Him, don't wait because tomorrow is
    promised to no one.
    Satan wants us to believe we have all the time in the world, when we actually don't.
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    When it is *enforced*, and people accept Sunday worship INSTEAD of accepting the Seventh Day Sabbath (Saturday) as the Lord's Day and only true day of worship, they will receive the mark of the Beast.
    The system seeks to promote false worship.
    So while Sunday sacredness is their mark of power; God's seal is found only one place, and it's in His 10 commandments, specifically the 4th (see Exodus 20:8-11; Revelation 14:7; Revelation 7:1-4)

    It tells us the Name, the Title and Territory.
    Name: Lord thy God
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    By God's grace, let us be ready for the time that is just before us.

  23. jesca shija

    i love you nicky🥰

  24. Tara P

    One of the most beautiful and underrated lovesongs. Wish I could write a song with Shania. Miss her songs when she used to get lost in the the words, emotions, messages. Time for another masterpiece!!

  25. Ginette Zingbe

    Je traverse une période très difficile en amour en ce moment et cette chanson me donne de l'espoir. J'espère que je connaîtrai le vrai amour un jour.

  26. Lionheart Roar

    Damn good reason this has 46 mil views. It's on the best love songs ever written and Shania is the icing on the cake!

  27. Vinicius Santos

    Shania will always be one of my favorite singers in this whole World. She and Céline ❤❤

  28. Winny Chelangat

    What am I doing here😂..ths song just crossed my mind

  29. Hendrikj FRONEMANSNR

    A A A A****

  30. rose oris

    In her prime time. This lady. Is the most beautiful woman on the planet.!

  31. Abeer Mitchell

    Beautiful song

  32. Marco Antonio Rodriguez Château


  33. Glaire Anne

    moving on😭😭

  34. li li

    05/Feb/20 💜

  35. Олег

    Beautiful song and beautiful singer!!!
    From Russia with love!!!

  36. Tia Azza

    4 february 2020

  37. Radek Smetana

    Shania Love Song Super! Radek Josef Smetana

  38. Ireno Ribeiro

    Que musica linda Shania Twain
    Como eu queria um dia ver vc cantar pessoalmente

  39. Daughter of the Horn

    City of Angels (Las Vegas)😘

  40. Brandon Kiganda

    My favourite from this beautiful lady

  41. BADASS brain cancer survivor85

    This is my husband and mine wedding song ❤❤❤ going on 13 years in May

  42. Jill Campbell

    Praying you are finally joyful again. Singing again, married to a new man— new love.❤️
    ✝️ God bless you, Shania.

  43. Ali Bouaddis


  44. Selayahay Aniga

    I will kiss you when you are ready i love you baby shania twain ok

  45. Attilla Banfi

    Kisses are so under estimated !!!💙💙💙

  46. Cantor Felipe Luiz


  47. ousmaila Sago


  48. DAVE B

    one of her Best songs.
    i wish that special girl was still around.

  49. Hoster Vero

    Wonderful 😗😗😗😗

  50. Sunburst75

    I love Shania's voice and songs. She's also beautiful which helps lol.

  51. Enrique Parra

    She has the cutest smile. Love it.

  52. Magezi Hamim

    She just one of a kind,I really like her

  53. King TravisSearles

    #ShaniaTwain made this city boy who absolutely hated country music up until about 18 months ago start listening to it on occasion & actually liking it! Much love!❤❤❤

  54. watmon stephen okema

    old is gold indeed

  55. Amr Rahma

    Oh god. So touchable .

  56. welsh girl

    2020 and still listening to this ❤ shes amazing x

  57. Queeny Almeyra

    Suka bgt sma lagu ini...😘😘

  58. Benedict Morkli

    This was my wedding reception entry song. Brings back fond memories.

  59. Billy Mitchell

    Love her smile

  60. Mohamedzakymohamed Zanaty

    شوفى لاتسمعى غير مااسمع ولا تقولى غير الذى تراة عينيك فى عيونى

  61. Amanda Marie

    2020 anyone? 💞💗shes am amazing

  62. NormanJ. Gomez

    Divina 💙

  63. Ngayaishang Chahongnao

    How beautiful she was during that time ❤️


    Romantic song..

  65. Tony Salazar Donjuan

    Shania with a tongue ring. Bad girl lol


    happy and free💜😉

  67. Cher Jeff Librada

    Listening this in 2020

  68. Hassane Charafeddine

    Anyone 2020?

  69. Rickey Engle

    i would love too,,,Sweetheart

  70. j money

    comments on every song not still on the billboard top 50, "its __insert year__..... still listening" no shit

  71. Cantora Eliane OLIVEIRA

    Sou super fã sua gosto de mais ver e ouvir as suas músicas continua muito muito muito linda kkkkkkkkk

  72. Antonieta Saenz


  73. faith Baby

    2020 am here😀😀,,😘😘much love 4rm Kibomet💋

  74. Richard Rappa

    I don't know why, i always crying when i'm hear this song😭#2020

  75. Richard Rappa

    JANUARY 2020 🤗

  76. Catherine Ndiwaita

    2020 anyone😍

  77. Victoria Trambley

    Jan 11, 2020: I dedicate this song to Sgt Manuel R. Martinez, 23, who was killed on Friday, Aug 22, 1975 south of Santa Fe. Manuel rolled his 240Z Datsun while returning to Albuquerque following a long work week at the Farmington mines. Having misplaced his keys, he was speeding to make up for lost time. Manuel was a gentle Marine with a shy grin, warm heart, kind nature and strong work ethic. (He trained at Camp Pendleton, served a year in Okinawa, and was a member of both the Carpenters Union and VFW. We exchanged letters and I grew to love him.) Manuel was a bit of a rebel and we were both insecure, as our parents had troubled marriages. (Prior to the accident, his mother Corine remarried and moved to a new home.) Manuel, I never told you that I had a miscarriage while at the Presidio. I wish we had made love more often and eloped, because my heart still belongs to you. KATRINA


    Still listening 2020. I can't get tired of Shania's songs.

  79. Karen Mckay

    Hi babe I miss you💫

  80. James Grundy

    and it was work

  81. Victoria John

    Hi shania I love you

  82. arthur mukalazi

    listening 2020

  83. Nurwijayanto Jaya

    Romantic song :)

  84. Somanath joe

    Any one else listening 2020

    Radek Smetana

    Radek Smetana

    Rusty rabillad

    Feb 15 2020


    Yes dear me

  85. Ren Casium

    January 2020🥰

  86. Paschal Uzoma

    I'm here lol

  87. Dorothy Chilombo

    2020 🥰😍

  88. Idaten Jump

    Osm 😍😍😘😊

  89. Dora Nunes

    Linda música Linda Mulher

  90. Jack Daniels

    💋KISS 💋 KISS 💋 BABE 💋
    💙LOVE YOU BABE 💜💋💋😘😎

    Butterfly Wings

    Love ya back babe 💋❤🤟♾😎🧚‍♀️

  91. Pematah Hati


  92. Bret Rekcah

    She's gorgeous in this video. I'm not the only one right?

    Mr Forexample

    Of course

    ytgamerbtw scott

    Love a person with this song will never forget him as long as I live xx