D-Side - My Saving Grace Lyrics

Here I am just like before
We had it over still I want it more
You took my hand look to the floor
You seem to understand am
Who I am and nothing more

And mistakes I’ve made a few
And in past I know I disappointed you
Let you see
Until your angel comes alone
I’ll be the place where you belong

Ya, love your soul to refuge genuine
The place you find yourself
When you were lost
And you don’t know where begin
More from all your doubt
Believe when your faith through out
When the last stand has been played
I’ll be your saving grace
Your saving grace

I remember all of those wasted days
You’re right here and I keep drifting away
I regret all those unspoken words
I won’t forget
It was your strength that gave us love
Until your angel comes alone
I’ll be the place where you belong


And I’ll catch you in a fall
And hear your every call
Until the time to you ranged
I’ll be your saving grace


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D-Side My Saving Grace Comments
  1. Leonice Pereira

    2:33 fuuuuuaark
    #Brasil 😄

  2. My Format

    Киев 2009 ✌️😜🤘 АТВ Respect!!!

  3. Лапша Иванов

    На трассе только ATB 😎🤘☝️️🃏

  4. Сергей Васильняк

    2019 🇺🇦

  5. Tore Foncello

    Ti sei guardata alo specchio che ochi ai occhio

  6. 珂曼苏

    2020 still

  7. За границей дивана

    Я в атб постоянно тарюсь

  8. Александр Чирков

    Andre tanne berger-atb))

  9. Koji Sever

    Куражившим в клубах конца 90х, начала 00 пламенный привет! Всем ДОБРА!)))

  10. Владимир Дьячковский

    She best,sad eyes,very nice

  11. Mahdi Mazandarani

    ATB 💓🤘 2019 ✌

  12. Линенко Алексей

    Музыка другого мира. Музыка сфер.

  13. Juliosuriel Juli

    Atb lo máximo desde Ecuador

  14. bruno hecheberria

    Gareht emery mamasita te amo f.bruno

  15. LarryDon Kirkeby

    Mrs YouTube my wife woke up in a good mood this morning and it's Monday. I think we are winning😁

  16. Назар Сейлханов

    ATB Это лучшее, 2000г блин круто

  17. Михаил Александрович

    Песня классная, но самая лучшая это Ecstasy.

  18. Oxana M

    the best!

  19. Мария Бондаренко

    Такая лёгкая и приятная 😍

  20. Василь Гетцко


  21. christian acosta

    Anyone 2019?


    still love this song...reminds me of fking great nights.....

  22. anna kossakowska


  23. Martin

    Timeless track

  24. Алексей Репин

    Вот времена были😭

    L P

    Алексей Репин сейчас тоже неплохо)

    Лапша Иванов

    L P идём дальше

  25. Александр Демченко


  26. Media Procast

    2019 😍😍😍

  27. saramations

    The lyrics are so good

  28. lifeonmaldives

    Best track from Future Memories

  29. Toni Schmidt

    Love this song( atb best Forever 💕👌)

  30. Yana Kaliuzhna

    Amazing ❤

  31. what the hell

    This track and ectacy is even more remarkable if supported by a large professional sound system and the right location at night on the beach for example

  32. nostressannie

    Very beautiful music and voice ...thank you

  33. sit n relax

    the photo so beautiful

  34. Sergey Kalinin

    Современные школьники не знают что такое ATB. Они максимум что потянут - это олю бузову ))

    Артём Жуковский

    Я современный школьник, 16 лет. Слушаю Trance, в том числе ATB. Так что не все современные школьники слушают попсу всякую и этот реп.

    Юрий Беляев

    Я просто обожаю музыку ATB, слушаю уже с 2000 х годов !!!!

    Владимир Дьячковский

    ATB это не школа это убийца2000


    А бониэма?))

    Bernie Bernie

    Я немецкий предприниматель, и я честен с моими коллегами-предпринимателями. и Слава и Джури находят меня ок!!!

  35. Eli Ashuri

    All the years I live in this world I will listen to this beautiful songs and words ...thank you ATB that you present in my life

  36. Richie Dandrades

    Trances n Freestyle music will live 4ever

  37. MozecieMiNaskoczyc

    Still listening, It's realny nice back to that time, from few years back. Music right now is different. Everything is not the same, as it it was that time. We all growing


    Growing, no. Changing, yes. For the better? Not necessarily...

  38. Dawid Dąbrowski

    Fenomenalny kawałek 😘

  39. Dawid Dąbrowski

    Fenomenalny kawałek 😘

  40. Leva Zhumagaliev

    Без слов было-бы лутше!

  41. Radek Kolaty

    Coś pięknego kocham kocham trens

  42. Dawid Dąbrowski

    Zajebista nuta !!!😍😍

  43. Edwin Diaz

    2019 😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩

  44. Soul Heart

    Beautiful and sad music

  45. igar perevoz

    2019 :P

  46. Kiuura

    Wow this reminds me of my boyfriend. For 8 years I was in the UNI, I was 18, and him nearly 20. he lived in the same floor as me in the student residence. We meet each other when he carried my heavy luggage in the stairs. Then we noticed that he lived next to me.

    We talked a lot, at the time we had not lot of things in common but we understand each other so much. I felt attracted to him (he was the french guy, very gentleman but rebel at the same time, with a 70s look playing piano) I felt that it was the same for him, but I was with someone else (this relationship was toxic, my first boyfriend who I broke up 4 years ago). I was twisted because I gave so much on my first relationship to make it work and I felt guilty leaving my ex for this boy. So to make this boy hating me we had a fight because I said to him "stop flirting with me" (lol I was so immature that time)
    I realized that I made a mistake I remember we talked during one week and I discovered this song and liked it so much. Even the day I listen to this song, i was thinking of him, making stories in my head about how it would be to be with him, ect (young girl stories in her head)

    My ex at the time was controlling, I couldnt get out of this relationship. So this man stopped his study and left the residence. We never see each other again till 7 years later I was at his city, thinking about him and I really think I saw him, then I used this opportunity to sent him a message. He replied right after saying it was not him, asked for a drink then we see we have grown up as adult.

    I was with another man but I was planning to break up because I didnt worked(toxic relationship but in different way then before lol I was so done) . We talked a lot like friends, then we kissed days after I broke with my ex. He said to me that I was the only girl he felt so himself, and I was so inteesting (at that time I thought I was superficial lol)

    Now we are together since 1 years and half and He is the love of my life we have so much in common, and we are planning to buy a house, and maybe later marrying :))))

    Sad he doesnt like that kind of music :(

    Sorry I speak french :p Je t'aime R. <3

  47. beata pienkos


  48. zaqi harris

    2019 jan 5

  49. Aleksandra Rzeszutek

    Z Tobą kojarzy się:**

  50. Marcus Thorne

    Such a beautiful song!

  51. Remus Hanachiuc

    LOVE this song ....forever🥰🥰🥰

  52. Everest Mountain

    The best !!

  53. Sarah Wilson

    My favorite song by far 💜

  54. Goswami Amit

    Awesome 💞

  55. Johnangel Zabaleta

    Perfection track. 2018

  56. Henning Haschenburger

    Hammer, Mega...

  57. Redcrown 06

    Close your eye...3:00 is truly ATB.

  58. Mark Krolak

    I love this music ,one of the top

  59. Edyta xxx

    Jeden z moich ulubionych moc poweer to jest to I Love ATB✌😍

  60. LionheArt82

    2018 and still going strong ATB #1 DJ staying true to classical trance.

  61. Ynixred

    Brasil 2018

  62. Grzegorz Biernadski

    Is reach into the heart of you
    Is as simple and true as the love you inspire in me
    So let me fall
    If I go, would you wait? Would you wonder
    Would you know what I'm thinking and why I'm ashamed
    Of the girl I am and the stranger that I became
    Hold tight to the heart of an angel you'll never know
    'Cause her face looks a little like mine
    And it keeps you going just knowing I'm here tonight
    So let me fall, let me love you
    Let me free your inner child
    Let me sit inside your silence
    Let me ease the hurt you hide
    'Cause I'm alive, I'm unlucky
    I'm a line too fine to trace
    But I could be your consolation
    If you'd be my saving grace
    My wild world is the shape of a sound that can't be heard
    But it rings when I'm unraveled by you
    There's a quiet storm and my skin gets torn and I wake brand new
    Higher and brighter than yesterday
    But I'm still a dark, mysterious night
    When the sun descends and the moon leads you to my side
    So let me fall, let me love you
    Let me free your inner child
    Let me sit inside your silence
    Let me ease the hurt you hide
    'Cause I'm alive, I'm unlucky
    I'm a line too fine to trace
    But I could be your consolation
    If you'd be my saving grace
    Is reach into the heart of you
    Is as simple and true as the love you inspire in me
    So let me fall
    Is reach into the heart of you
    Is as simple and true as the love you inspire in me
    So let me fall, let me fall

  63. quickkid90


  64. Hamilton Hideyoshi Mizukawa

    Essa música é linda

  65. Royal Wolf


  66. Jack Nichols

    Divine! Andre can never disappoint. He is the best😃

  67. evilphoenix 007

    The lyrics really get you...

  68. Вячеслав Чижов

    ...мечтательная штука...

  69. Benji Owen

    I love this song

  70. Grzegorz Miszewski

    sounds of the transformer :-D

  71. csk roland

    Annyira szeretem az atb örökké ...nekem csak ez van igaz fenn vagyok 3 napja ..

  72. Anna Anna

    Only atb ❤❤❤❤❤

  73. Ephémère

    So beautiful perfect song 💜💜💜💜💜

  74. RogerOlic Carneiro

    ATB - All the best!

  75. HARRY B

    nieśmiertelny od 1998

  76. Brando Short


  77. Matthew Powell


  78. Mark Krolak

    Zawsze na topic,no 1.Pozdro

  79. arunas B

    the best song!!!

  80. curtain2222

    Is this available on spotify??

  81. Nada Komelj

    Amazing ♥️Thanks df♥️

  82. Jose Perez Diaz


  83. Blue Hawk23

    it goes very deep under the skin....

    evilphoenix 007

    It goes straight through the heart

  84. Aj Green

    atb аагонь!!!

  85. влад губа

    Andre T.B. - genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mastermind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Bogdan G

    The 1st half of the chorus was a roller coaster of emotions, when I observe them at first.
    ATB really knows what the perfect lady should be like.

  87. Grzegorz Kozuch

    Cannot stop listen to this...

  88. Matthias Schulte

    Great work...love it

  89. Sebastian M

    This is what inspiring me everyday

  90. Udai Shankar

    Yea...i am still banging this!

  91. Nada Komelj

    Amazing song 💝 Thanks my df.💝👉💝😘🙋