D-Side - Fragile Heart Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder of what you're thinking
Or you look so far away
Trying so hard to show you our love is
You keep pushing me away
You’re all I want
You’re all I need
You’re all I breathe
Girl, I never make you hurt

I won’t break you fragile heart
I make this promise to you from the start
Oh, baby I’m
Never hurt you, I’ll walk away no, no, no
I won’t break your fragile heart

You know we’ve both gotta defence
Make our home of our hearts
But let me banish them forever
Forget your pain and it love please pot


You’re the air that I breath
The stars that I touch
Yeah, you’re all that I need
And I will never ask for much

I want break your fragile heart
I make this promise to you from the start


No I never
I won’t break your fragile heart

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D-Side Fragile Heart Comments
  1. Diana Hayse

    I believe in us!!!! To the moon and back!!! God lead it...we cannot escape it. I want it very much!!! I love you so much. I want you in my life!!! Beautiful song with a beautiful message. Great singer too.

  2. Al Ayubi

    so sad that this version of gig was actually a lip-sync

  3. Sri Retno

    I miss you .

  4. Jeric Concepcion

    2020? Best BoyBand Forever 🙂

  5. Danny Meyer

    Yes fragile heart.💗 It's been broken.

  6. Tendai Mashingaidze

    and if l could choose the world around me..
    the world l choose will all revolve you
    so help me complete the game inside of me
    and help me to mend this fragile heart

  7. Wendy De Jong

    Ik houw van jouw nicky mark shane kian brian

  8. Wendy De Jong

    Voor jouw lieve brian nicky shane kian kian

  9. Wendy De Jong


  10. Wendy De Jong

    Westlife Fragile heart ik kan ook mooie zingen mee 💚💛💞💖❤

  11. Wendy De Jong

    Happy day 2020

  12. Wendy De Jong

    💜💛💚💞💖💝liefje bent brian nicky shane kian

  13. Hiêm Ma

    Nam 2020 van con nghe vnam điem danh đê!!!!

  14. Anabel Bautista


  15. Maria Rosialda

    Thank you my bae for sharing thïs soNg

  16. Mysh Rivera

    Did you know?

    Brian wrote this song to Kerry Katona. Awww!!! 😌😔

  17. Ace geinzel Gaffuy

    2020 still love westlife band❣❣ Godblessed to this band 😍😍

  18. AbuBakr

    Who’s here 2020?

  19. samantha reast

    I love westlife

  20. Zahora Zahora


  21. Dineo Sebako

    Who is here with me in
    Hands up

    Brian Ramz

    A u from Botswana or South Africa?
    um from Bw

  22. Joanna Jess

    2020 ❤💙

  23. Nansubuga Suzan

    Gorrillas giving birth

  24. Rahela Monjur

    Every day i am listening their song
    What a look Mark Feehily ❤️

  25. imsurenla longchar

    Jan 1 ,2020 🥰

  26. Winoto Winoto

    Im forget how old when i was that time. Hahhahahahhahaha.

  27. Janet Ilaguha

    It's hard to give out this fragile heart again ..I dnt think it can endure another pain ..it cannot endure for sure

  28. Prasad desai

    Amazing .

  29. Cynthia Chioma Onwumere

    2019? Anyone?

  30. Zab Mamaluba

    From Philippines with love since 90's❤

  31. Petrustonata Tonata

    Wow .... i like westlife song....its soo very nice .

  32. Dineo Sebako

    December 20,2019


    Dont go and break my fragile heart....#farajemima #rfj

  34. Olan Simon

    Still watching this December 2019 #much love from uganda

  35. Yuli Poluan Yuli

    E gree🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍👍👍

  36. Sharon Dickinson

    I love u Shane Mark Nicky Mark Brian Kian Sharon Dickison x x x x x

  37. Bester Ndlovu

    its still as if it was recorded just recently

  38. itsokaytobewrongsometimes

    real voices no autotune, what a band !

  39. Henrietta Laundreaux

    They harmonize so well

  40. roland rasek

    Głos Marka najpiękniejszy

  41. Billy john Mcbt

    I will always have one of these

  42. Rambo Tan

    December 2019?

  43. Nekthek Eung

    Kids these day won't see this masterpieces again....

  44. Fridah Kamau

    always my favourite song

  45. Damian Rogalski

    Damian Rogalski

  46. Rose anne Gamitin


  47. Dineo Sebako

    November 2019 !!! to November 2020!!!

  48. Di Bn

    God..!...Love, love ,love you so much....

  49. ayat heaven

    um missing brian mcfadden

  50. Chris Knight

    Shane 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 My love💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  51. Alpha Lokilipi

    November 2019

  52. Chongo Hantumbe

    2019 November who is listening????

  53. Sang Nguyen

    brian, come bạck, westlife will be great again

  54. Rahma Fathia

    Love brian’s voice in this song!

  55. Claudine Villena

    November 18,2019 still watching and listening westlife songs .💕💕💕

  56. Chonky Seal

    Nicky and Kian rarely got solo part.

  57. mlokoloko akpos

    Who's here 2019/11/13

  58. rechelle marie Vivar

    November 2019 but still in love with this band..😊😊

  59. Ruth Esther Malacatus Vásconez


  60. Sheela Fernandes

    He's the good but he played dirty. U cld see Kian hiding his tears at the press conference

  61. Damian Rogalski

    Damian Rogalski

  62. Eliaser Johanna

    Shane with a lovely voice 💖🤣👅🤟🤝

  63. Xuma Mdaka

    Mark's voice>>>>>>>>>>

  64. Gallery ph

    November2 2019✋✋✋

  65. Grace Tudzi

    This part kills my soul

  66. oyingbemisola

    Baby in you I found affection... I'm so obsessed with WESTLIFE 💞

  67. Jonathan Mnale

    who's listening in October 2019?

  68. Jordan Sheridan

    It would be a dream come true if Brian McFadden was in Westlife again please

  69. Caroline Lim

    Westlife - Swear It Again 😊👌

  70. Bernadette Huckfield-Butler

    This relates to me

  71. Kharl Villamanca

    Bihira lng my gnyan na boses hahaha

  72. Kharl Villamanca

    Wafu ni bryan jan,idealistic tlga voice nya

  73. Pascaline Ngole

    October 2019👌

  74. Ehimika Frank

    Memories! @morelife_clothingml

  75. Wholes Indo

    anybody from the country of +62 🥰🥰 ? ... big fans of westlife

  76. soona1710


  77. علا علي

    love love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  78. علا علي

    love you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  79. علا علي

    love love love love love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  80. علا علي

    love you

  81. علا علي

    love you

  82. علا علي

    يمه اموت 😍😍😍love you

  83. Catherine Gitau

    Still there 2019 October...........plis don't go and broke this frigel heart

    Ehimika Frank

    Catherine Gitau 😭😭😭

  84. Atole Keyho

    Can't stop watching this boys especially shane😍😍😘😘

  85. Jakarta Black

    I love mark feehily dan westlife

  86. Dineo Sebako


  87. Bianca Nabilla

    Shane...lead vocal,still listening in 2019..indonesia mana suaranya>_<

  88. Azubuike Anadi

    I see a moment when Bryan will be greater than Westlife. Yes he made a mistake which he regretted and he even sought to come back even before Westlife separated the last time, But they refused and now they wanted to make 20 years anniversary he still showed interest, they still refused. To me Westlife is greedy and unforgiving. Today I declare my support for Bryan now.

  89. Caroline Mahler

    I like your group and I have a boyfriend and I am happy. Caroline Mahler

  90. Bridget Atoba

    The Best out of Best

  91. Emelia Zulu


  92. Bell18 Martina

    Love the song you rock

  93. علا علي

    love you

  94. علا علي


  95. علا علي


  96. علا علي


  97. Nipaporn Puanguaongsa

    Love you weslife

  98. Liyana Enosley

    Ilove westlife specially mark love u mark September 16 2019