D Savage - Ridin Lyrics

Riding w no-
In that 2 door smash (ridin' with no roof)
29 39 hunnit
Riding with no roof
Smash, dash
Riding with no roof

Too many hoes I cannot choose ouu
Riding with no roof
What is that smell?
Somebody burning on boof
Riding with no roof
Sake my gang, that's what I bang that's my crew
Riding with no roof (yeah)
Hoes wanna fuck me, they wanna steal all my juice
Riding with no roof

Aye no you can't hang with me rob with me bang with me
Pussy boy you do not shoot
You sleeping boy why you on snooze
You have no clue DSavage up in the booth
Plotting on making a mil
Signing them deals, no talking, this shit is real
Competition wanna lurk, I know it hurt
DSavage busy with work
Check it out, but I'm riding with no roof
Skrt skrt bitch I'm gone did me wrong so bitch we thru

You are not cool you are not bool
Momma got mad cause I'm ditching school
I hang w them goons I hang with gorillas
Heavy drug dealers, and hang with the killers
I had to leave, the block was too hot
Thick lil momma she giving out top
I had to change, switch up my ways
Look at me now, young nigga get paid
These bitches they flirt (1, 2)
They pull up my shirt, I treat them like dirt
The kush make me burp (1, 2)
Ok, Uh you want a verse then send me the beat and pay first

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D Savage Ridin Comments
  1. Young Meteorologist

    If anybody wanted to know what the sample was, it's Macintosh Plus - 420.

  2. Travis Rogers

    Used to listen to this off the wake up !!!2017

  3. Destene Locke

    w. no. roof???!

  4. Dorian Mcintosh

    Dsavage is honestly the future if he would just take this shit seriously bruh🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. KillemLike Ebola

    Shit so fire make a grown man wanna make a tik tok

  6. Gavin Briones

    Shit slaps

  7. Yoga Flame

    Show kkkjkjkjkhk

  8. wockstar

    in that 2 door smash !

  9. Gluwp

    Pass me the aux

  10. outrunn da boy

    He sound like desie frost

  11. Braxton Clermont

    This shit is hard

  12. alondra

    I’m late asf wtf

  13. Masoka Lehani

    Found this of SoundCloud 😂

  14. Masoka Lehani


  15. nostalgia arists

    Been awhile Savage😉

  16. El McClain

    Ridin w no roof

  17. oceann rose

    More fire than sweats

  18. java snip


  19. Moses Tapia

    Why am I barely finding out about this?😅🔥🔥

    Baker Steez

    You listen to trash that's why

    Baker Steez

    But a real nigga I bet showed you this gem 😂😂

    Moses Tapia

    @Baker Steez smd

  20. fRisky GrinGo

    This beats harder than my mom's hard boiled eggs!

    Cpt Curt


  21. Thugga! Skreeem

    ridin in her culo!-[-'-'

  22. quianell model

    Smokin on BOOOF

  23. Michael Lane

    Riding with no roof

  24. HeyitsJay

    This beat hits harder than my dads belt

    Simeon Spence

    HeyitsJay 2004 😂😂omm


    HeyitsJay 2004 instrumental on my channel

  25. Kay

    Constant repeat 🔥 banger fr fr

  26. djsynfly


  27. Dee Major

    This nigga is ass an it's obvious he paying for these views

    Yung Reaper

    niggas stay hatin smd

  28. TheBurningChicken1



    @ちょっwちゃん that's not it..


    @LeoTheGoat ah yeah, its exactly from it they sped it up and add trap shit



    ghetto uptown

    The original is diana ross -it's your move


    On my channel

  29. The Reason Is...


    young boner

    Just Call Me, M1 not to be mean but that shit ain’t that hard at 1.25 speed lmao

    The Reason Is...

    youngboner ! Man it’s cool, it’s just personal taste thats all😂


    Bro for real 😳

  30. JaymfnDuce

    Riding wit no roof

  31. Van Gon

    macitoch is sample for song

    Brian Anthony

    Van Gon what’s the name of the sample

    Wild Animat1on

    Thank you 😂

    Young Meteorologist

    Macintosh Plus - 420

  32. Jay Edwards

    Love it

  33. danny bizarro

    Wtfffff shit bangzzzz

    David Nieto

    danny bizarro correct

  34. Glo219

    Ridin wit no roof

  35. keph

    This nigga

  36. Uniy5

    This hor slap