D Savage - Out On Bail Lyrics

[D Savage:]
Bitch I'm out on bail
Bitch I'm out on bail
Bitch I'm out on bail
Fuck it give 'em hell
(Yuh yuh yuh yuh)

Bitch I'm out on bail
Fuck it give 'em hell
Niggas ain't know shit
Tryna pick up my shelf

Lil boy you's a bitch
Cause you rock with 12s

[Yung Weej:]
[?] Boy you a rookie
Always gotta keep on sippin' the cookie
Think you're flexin' but you just look goofy
Pull up here I can spray with the Uzi

When you was snitchin' I was in jubi
I got ashes on my ksubis
Pourin' 4s and pourin' 8s
Sake World we been doing this shit

[D Savage:]
And we run this shit
And we killin' shit
We be flexin' at the top
Lil bitch take a pic

Of course haters gonna talk
Cause they love my dick
Pull up with my gang
Sippin' dirty Fanta

Got locked up for terrigation
I don't know none
Shots fired man down
I don't know none

What's happenin' what's braggin'
I pull up with the action
I pull up with a ratchet
Well fuck it let 'em have it

[Yung Weej:]
Me and savage made 5 bands serving rerock

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D Savage Out On Bail Comments
  1. AgustinEvil

    when u was snitchin I was in juvi💯☔️💞

  2. Pullupthabag

    falto a parte do weej

  3. X Xano