D Savage - Money Lyrics

Icey I'm so sick of you

18 with 6 figures, taking care of business, signing contracts at the dealer
Moved up out my mamas crib because I was a drug dealer
Pouring drop and I can't stop, CuttThroat Boys, we them niggas
Thought you was down but you niggas is lost
Go to the bank just to look in my vault
Pushing that white moving that sauce
You look so clean but yo lyrics is dirty
3900, don't fuck with no 30's
Bitches be choosin', they actin' all flirty
I do not trust em', they are not worthy
Woah, Woah, Jesus stone froze
Thick bad bitch, go head and touch them toes

Money, Money, I only move for that money
CuttThroat be chasin' that bread, wrap it up like a mummy
Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money
Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money
Finesse a pack then ship it off, for my gang, I do it all

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D Savage Money Comments
  1. M.J. Beatz

    Trapped in love with all d savage songs🔥🤩🚀

  2. Lil Charles Official

    Thing 1 and thing 2 looking ass

  3. Official Kenomo TV

    the flow at the beginning remind me of Z-money lol

  4. The Geek Channel

    this man had so potential shit makes me sad i hope he revives his career :(

  5. OthyJaySmitty

    Bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. OthyJaySmitty

    D savage bro this is 🔥🔥🔥

  7. 1300 Shon

    Beat ??

  8. Zann Consortium

    Pushing that White, Moving that Soft.

  9. Sebastian Monterrubio

    Early before blows up 🔥

  10. Joseph Thompson

    Awesome beat.

  11. nothing 0

    You look so clean but yo lyrics is dirty, 3900 don’t fuck with no 30s

  12. Brian Anthony

    Who else needs the instrumental ASAP

  13. Will

    D Sassy in the cut.

  14. carlito way

    Str8 banger 🔫 🔥 💰 💰 💰

  15. IsabellaR

    Do you have a girlfriend? Prolly just have friends that are girls. I don't have friends I don't like those. I only really talk to you if I'm tryna fuck or I need 1$.


    IsabellaR ty for that

  16. thefuckisyou-Rap-Plug

    Comethazine and D savage gotta drop something dope, yous would both kill a track both styles would go well. They'd do better than Thouxanband fuani and Unoactivist anyyy dayyy. like if you agree

    Chinese African

    Kyle Bownds agreed

  17. L I N C O L N

    Guys D Savage is dope I like him but I really don’t like the fact that if random ass George put this same song out, the whole comment section would be “trash”, “wtf is this”, with a way more balanced looking like-dislike ratio.
    Fauni. I literally hear SoundCloud unknowns rap EXACTLY like Fauni but they get called trash by his fans, it’s rather sad.


    Coz motherfuckers dont know how to be original fucking wack

  18. Matthew 2700

    this shit goes hard

  19. CaseyNeistat’s Shoota

    lookin like a Dr Seuss character in the pic

  20. Nefta ramirez

    Where the lyrics to this 🔥🔥🔥ass shit tho🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Juan Barron

    That my brother’s picture from the Dallas show

  22. SlCKL0VE

    the beat tho

  23. wavy

    The beat is amazing

  24. LVSkinny

    Reaction video uploading !

  25. tupapi

    Sake world bitch ! ✈️✈️

  26. UpNextMedia

    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/finesseegod2/d-savage-money-18-with-6-figures

  27. Taliban Figueroa

    Pushing that white movin dat soft

  28. polar bear la flare

    Screaming fuck a deal nigga I'm the dealer he should of said that smh

  29. Vlone VvultureVs

    I was first but I forgot to post wen I was here .. gang

  30. James Turn

    Beat sounds like spitta

  31. YungBoyKrazy

    D savage always coming out with fire

  32. jonathan rojas

    Not 1 bad song yet all his shit slaps

  33. Masculine Frame

    Do this nigga got some makeup on his face ?


    King Draco piru blood gangsta nahhh 😂😂😂😂

    Seanna Stowers

    Norbert Schmid Nigga that's sweat on his face.

  34. Javon Washington

    This hard af

  35. Noel Boomin

    I don't want to like D savage but he makes bangers

    Cornerstore Living

    why bro smh that's some hoe shit lol

    Noel Boomin

    He's corny


    Red Beam T R AP he don't know how to act he still young and those were like his first two interviews

    Alex Diaz

    King Gio he was drunk

  36. Armando Burciaga

    Yooo sum1 put me on sum Dsavage. Sum melodic shiit or sum like this plz

    Perfect Plug

    hit my channel for more d savage

    Godz Ricky

    Mando k listen to "Oh honey" its fye


    How i got it

    Da GloBoi

    DSavage- I know part 1

  37. 59 Briminal

    Dsav > karti straight like that

    Jalen Carlton

    Fauni way more consistent

    Michael Rodriguez

    AllStar Diego money did but you know...

    Diorr .2x

    He good but not like dat


    nohxxrt ひ false

    電电 Lofi da BrokeBoi

    ur dumb

  38. SirChic IMVU

    D Savage did say he was go shit on Carti, so far we can pronounce what he's saying so aye I think he on his way


    And look where he is now :))

    電电 Lofi da BrokeBoi

    @Tyrone Dinkleberg lmao what happened

    Listen to Autumn

    電电 Lofi da BrokeBoi lmao Fr

    電电 Lofi da BrokeBoi

    @Listen to Autumn the audacity of some of these fans😧😧

    Listen to Autumn

    電电 Lofi da BrokeBoi lmao

  39. Trev Lone

    Here under 1k

  40. Quincy juGGin

    🔥🔥this shit slaps

    Javon Washington

    Jinx X facts lol


    clout fiend


    no 1 want ur second channl link nigga i want d sav sc links fool

    Perfect Plug

    how am i gonna post more d savage if my channel get deleted?

    Christian Rosales

    Wow this song is awesomeness

  42. hudson17

    this beatttt

  43. Perfect Plug

    Prod. by YUNG ICEY

    1300 Shon

    Perfect Plug beat ????