D Savage - Migo Lyrics

D, uh, motherfucking Phoenix
Fail, I can never fail (bitch)
I can never fail (loud pack smells good as hell)
Yeah, yeah
Got the code
Yeah, yeah (bitch)
Yeah (what's bracking)

I know these niggas that's running (yeah)
I know the niggas that's running (yeah)
I know you niggas that's gunning (yeah)
I know the nigga that's (bitch)
Aye, aye, uh (let's go)

Hit a migo for the kilo (yeah)
We gon' bring it down for the people (uh)
We gon' make bands in a rental (uh)
We gon' stunt hard in a Benzo (yeah)
I do this shit for my family (yeah)
Do this shit for my kinfolk (yeah)
I ride around with a 20 piece (20 piece)
I make it all look simple (yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I can hear the perkys calling (perkys)
Calling (perkys), these perkys stalling (yeah)
Calling, calling

Chase the money, get a bag (okay)
Why you live like that (why you live like)
You so broke and you so mad (broke and you so)
Tell the DJ run it back (aye)
I got racks on top of racks (yeah)
My momma going through my stash (I love you)
You don't hang out (hang out)
I brought the gang out (I brought my gang out, what on blood)
Dylvinci got the code
Got my 40, with my homies, finna bang out (finna bang out)
You know Uno talking, pull up and we barking (bow bow bah)
Two door coupe, valeting, no parking (haha, yeah)
Shooting out the roof, look what you done started (aye, let's get it, yeah)

Hit a migo for the kilo (yeah)
We gon' bring it down for the people (uh)
We gon' make bands in a rental (yeah)
We gon' stunt hard in a Benzo (yeah)
I do this shit for my family (yeah)
Do this shit for my kinfolk (yeah)
I be riding around with a 20 piece (20 piece)
I make it all look simple (yeah)

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D Savage Migo Comments
  1. Seth #traplife#sodmg

    I remember the days when I had to bump the snippet 😭 now we lit

  2. jack bart

    this shits a simp pho me 🥺😭💔💔💔💔

  3. Jud225

    Dylvinci + D Savage = MASTERPIECE

  4. Kev

    Forgot how hard this mf go

  5. YoFabz

    D savage too underrated!

  6. drainjunkie



    Group photo of everyone who asked:

  7. YoungKenshinXO

    Still bump twice a day

  8. Tokyo Rich


  9. Matheus Paulino

    chase the money get a bag

  10. slick dreams

    This is hella fire asf sheesh so underrated song and rapper fr I fucks with d savage

  11. Zero catch'em

    Concert in my head

    szn osiris

    Zero catch'em surprised people found this one







  12. yoon

    The meme of the chicken wearing cloths brought me here. This song is so fire!!!

  13. Rigoberto Mora

    Its Christmas time

  14. High School LBJ

    D savage got to many classics

  15. High School LBJ

    D savage got to many classics

  16. Tobi Abidoye


    Kenny Torres

    Tobi Abidoye chicken with da AK

  17. Matt

    veramente raga questa è troppo special shit

  18. taliban

    still here


    •favni same🔥🔥😁

  19. Isaiah Hall

    I was listening to this before it was a full song I love diss nigga

  20. Nellie Poo

    Why isn't this song longer? This is nice.🔥🔥🔥

  21. Micah World

    Shooting up the roof look what you den started...

  22. Eric.

    “ 2X i know the niggas thas running “

  23. Adam Vasquez

    Have d savage songs on repeat 🔥

    Nellie Poo

    I do too cuz they too short.lol.


    Nellie Poo exactly🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. David Veano



    David Veano 🔥🔥😁

  25. Christian

    the og version sounds rushed asf😂

    szn osiris

    Christian this song is old asf

    Spiritual-Noah ‘

    coup d’etat so fire tho

  26. chill music

    Both versions fire

  27. skull lil killer 301

    Sake world forever👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😈😈😈😈😈😈💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💫💫💫👼😇😇😇😇😇😇😇👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍💖💖💖💖💖😎😎😎😎😎👸😈😎slatt

  28. Walter Orozco

    Smoked some good gas before listening to this and mannn this shit so melodic

  29. Miguel Nava

    A lil less auto tune other than that Good shit 👌🔥

  30. Diego Miranda

    Shit slaps !!! 🔥

  31. Micah World

    Do this shit for my family ..do this shit for my kinfolk..ride around with a 20 piece to make it all look simple....😔

  32. SOUSCÔTÉ H36

    his best song imo

  33. jeremy rivers

    This shit dump on mom

  34. D Patterson

    16 ppl dont kno good cranking ass music

    Abdullah Nibir

    you high asf lmao

  35. Fred Sellers

    This Shit Should’ve been on D Phoenix he literally says D MF Phoenix in the beginning 😩😭

  36. Israel

    love it when i’m high

  37. Glo Navy Glitta

    Failll i can never faillll i can neverr faaaiill 💗💎💗

    Fred Sellers

    Glitta Shotz Aye 🤟🏿🔥

  38. Cierra Bulau

    Gang shit still bang

  39. armando aguilar

    This is fire get high & sip to this. Dam this what you call rare music 🔥🔥🔥☁☁☁☁🎶

    Greyscale Sound

    on gang


    armando aguilar I keep finding all these beautiful songs he has

  40. Apastron Gaming

    Bum asses looking for the og version lmaooo this is fire right here

    Sly Blu

    Apastron Gaming lmao 😂 exactly. I don’t even kno what the “OG” one sound like but this right his got me vibin hard 🔥

    Marcus Pena

    Apastron Gaming your dumbass prolly ain’t hear the OG version lmao, you sleep


    @Marcus Pena Dumb ass niggas mad cause they aint hear the OG version, fucking Bums

  41. Hi how are ya

    The og version and this version sounds the same

  42. Behold A Pale Horse


    Sly Blu

    colton polansky sounds good to me lol the adlibs sounds like it’s the other “layer” tho

    Uh Der

    D savage is washed now so

    Zero catch'em

    Sounds good like this

  43. Kevxnkvto

    I been waiting for this for a year and some change

    Funnyahboii aye

    Kevxnkvto it’s been out since 2016

  44. bonglord boy

    Both version sounds dope. D savage wit the heat

  45. Brandon Munoz

    This is not the orginal go to Dylvinci sound cloud and it's there


    well it aint there anymore


    gloss visuals 😂😂

  46. sevi.


  47. 2300

    This was by far my most anticipated track from him what the fuck is this shit same with anti social and gardenas finest nigga added the wrong shit to all of em and ruined the vibe

  48. 03 Rugrat

    People always comment on his songs “the OG version better” ok then go listen to that bootleg ass og version bum

    donovan .4

    03 Rugrat LOL

    Nostalgic Station

    @Freeband Justo and who r u?

    Freeband Justo

    youll see one day

    Nostalgic Station

    @Freeband Justo I just wanted to listen to your music I ain't on no hot shit

    Sly Blu

    Lmao the version wit people talkin in the background 😂😂😂

  49. l l Topnotch l l

    Sad....this had so much potential. That OG version is somewhere out there 😭

    Finesse Heaven Radio 10.5

    i got og fuck that nigga check channel

    l l Topnotch l l

    finesse heaven bro you’re the fucking GOAT💯

    Music changes just enjoy it

    Where the link at

    Hoop Ninja

    Bra it’s on the producer SoundCloud

    Jcxst Sûpręmé

    Finesse Heaven Radio 10.5 you’re not a real fan if you think that’s the og version lmao

  50. IlluzionOnTheBeat

    dis finally dropped


    IlluzionOnTheBeat been leaked

  51. Muur

    Bruh.. is this forreal the final version haha


    No. They still needed to edit the song.

    Zero catch'em

    Good Guy nah this need to be

  52. Yung Fanta

    Damn the OG version was lowkey better


    Zashimi X the version that he deleted, he sang a little different.


    Yung Fanta they were gonna make the vocals like the OG but it leaked


    palm They just mixed the vocals

    Haha Matteo

    its getting uploaded tomo.

    Finesse Heaven Radio 10.5

    i got og on channel df yall on