D Savage - JOKER Lyrics

[Sample from The Dark Knight movie:]
My father was a drinker, and a fiend
And one night, he goes off crazier than usual
Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself
He doesn't like that, not one bit
So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it
He turns to me and he says "Why so serious?"

[D Savage:]
We smoke up like everyday
I got Ian with my K
Need the packs, I need the bricks
Running fast, ándale
Making money is the race, first place, on relay
Made lil mama count that cash, cause she know I do not play
And if homie move around, shooters gon' light up the place
Known killer in your town, blowin' up, face no case
I'm off the reefer, pop a pill, a geeker
Jumpman on my sneaker, a Sake World believer

Oh that's yo mans
We almost shot that nigga
We almost dropped that nigga
SD get that nigga
D gon' rip that nigga
This that gang shit, you better love my gang bitch
Fake fuckin' with me gon' get me paranoid

I had to cut off these scrubs, cut off these little boys
I pulled up in a Maybach, don't make a lot of noise
I been playing with rugers and Glocks like they some toys
You flex like a hot boy
Showin too much get you shot boy
40 with a mop boy
You could never kick it on my block boy
This that 39 shit
ATL 29 shit
Thot bitch get me right quick
You don't want no beef bitch
Thick bitch a keeper
Hot like a uh
Hot like a fever
Hoes off the molly, they lookin' like a tweaker
I'm tweakin' off a perc, lookin' like a lemur

[D Savage 3900 and movie's sample:]
Cut Throat, gang
Sake world, gang
Cut throat
Cut throat, gang
Sake world, gang
Sake world, 29
Let's put a smile on that face

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D Savage JOKER Comments
  1. Nicholas Powell

    Somebody should make a joker amv with this song

  2. she4k


  3. gabriela



    Had to come back after watching joker 2019




    I watched that shit off a xan, played this song the whole ride home. Got me geekin bro.


    GrizzlyElement6 😂🤟🏽

  5. Lau Antolin


  6. margarita molina

    We smoke up like everyday
    I got in with my K
    Need the packs, I need the bricks
    Runnin' fast, ándale
    Makin' money is the race, first place, on relay
    Made lil mama count that cash, 'cause she know I do not play

  7. Sir Cartier

    Miss this d savage

  8. Michael Jessica lolol

    Thick bitch a keeepper hot like uh , hot like a feever . Hoes of the maally looking like some tweeakers 😈

  9. Jayylenn

    That ending go dum hard

  10. Joshua Wacker

    oh thats yo mans?

  11. nostalgia arists

    Yo it would be cool if he type rap and sang on this jawn , without auto tune. Showing more talent is ideal.

  12. Baby Bentley

    D savage is Gang weed?!??? Bitch time to rise up

  13. NOEL 4L

    Thot hoe get me right quick you don’t want no beef b**ch #primedsavage

  14. Mxll lx4

    Hop out da coupe, hot like da feverr🔥🔥🔥🔥💸💸💰


    Hoes off the Molly they looking like a tweeakerr 🔥

  15. Glen orris Alvin

    Mar47k sent me here 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Louay Abou Hamdan

    Gang weed...

  17. Kaiden Mitchell

    i miss this song classic

  18. lil Jay

    https://youtu.be/Fu1LlwA05XU tryna bring that d savage vibe back! Give me feedback

  19. a a

    I’ve listened to this so many times and it never gets old.

  20. Leo Davis

    Yuhh yuhh ⚡

  21. thouxan


  22. acı hayat 123


  23. CEO. N

    and one night

  24. Sosaaxo

    Fake fuckin w me gone get me paranoid

  25. Mckylan

    D savage 29/39 was the best.

  26. BOSSA N0VA

    Oh thats yo mans...?!


    BOSSA N0VA we almost shot that nigga 😯

  27. Lilroshi


  28. Pullupthabag

    Still listening 💖🇧🇷

  29. Ghetto Nim

    forever goat

  30. Taseem Davis

    This song odee lit

  31. Usgiarmy

    Free aflacko

  32. Usgiarmy

    Guapo did two wit Susean , better go to the video

  33. JayGuapo

    the beat is a masterpiece

  34. Adam Pulido

    1 year and still bagging when u faded

  35. Tr L

    This beat goes so hard, lit🔥🔥

  36. Matt Iniguez

    Eat eat eat

  37. Marcus Pena

    This and Tendencies are his best songs

  38. MARS 222

    top 3 dsavage songs no doubt

  39. IsabellaR


  40. deron

    Song starts at 0:34

  41. TopCodet Tracy

    joker2cold did it first but an ok song at most

  42. Purple Filth

    here before he went on XXL smfd

  43. Kain Kenzo

    Trapgodslash brought my goofy ass here 🔥🔥 shit is fire

    maida gil

    Kouta Tsuchiya I saw you in trapgodslashes comments

    Kain Kenzo

    maida gil Nice!!

    Larry Robinson III

    On god bruh, on one of his naruto vids XD

  44. D Spectro

    This beat go

  45. Atp 10tp

    dis shit ass

  46. SheepEatingDuck

    You can tell how good autotunes works when you see a pic you'd know he would sound nothing like this.

    Trap Lord

    SheepEatingDuck I saw him live 2 days ago and he kinda do sound like this

    Ant Reacts

    He is a pretty cool guy. Sounds like how he rap

  47. Jenna Howard

    My soul feeds from da sampled song in every beat i hear....imma cry

  48. YungBoyKrazy

    Thick bitch a keeper

  49. Micah World

    Fake fucking wit me gon get me paranoid ..

  50. Lynch Beast



    Lynch Beast yep I just realized

  51. BROLY

    His best song high fuccing key

  52. Molly Bwoy

    Aye 🔥🔥

  53. Charles Owusuansah

    i like joker

  54. mAPLE

    what beat is this? Its hella fire

    based jesus.

    lmaooo the beat is by capsule corp´s MilanMakesBeats

    Trap Lord

    XJDLX 😂😂😂😭😭😭💀💀


    @Geometer Ent. lmfao still relevant


    Geometer Ent. a year later this still funny as fuck


    Geometer Ent. Lol

  55. NFCxRenegade

    why for the longest I thought he said 3 stack gang shit Cuz of 3900 but he just said this that gang shit oh well still lit thoe

  56. devon watkins

    scary got em

  57. Bxndits_Secret

    That intro is nicee

  58. LusidRisk667

    gli.che gaming is better you suck

  59. WittyStooge42069


  60. Rangerr

    sake world🔥

  61. Steven Tejada

    Thought this was sosa

    Wassam G

    Steven Tejada Sounds nothing alike tho....


    Elias Muludiki Jr. right this nigga trippin

    ✰ VT ✡︎ sh¥neboivt ☪︎

    nigga what?

  62. Yunglavi

    Here before the million

  63. sox

    this shit is so fire...

  64. Trevor Allen

    Make my momma count that cash cuz she know I don't play 🤘

    GMS Ireland Spiritual Warfare


    Fresh Banks

    Lmfaooo bra its lil mama 😂


    Trevor Allen Nigga you think he gon make his mom count his money? She gon smack tf outta the back of his head 💀💀💀💀

  65. Geunna Mack


  66. Camron Hamilton


  67. Primitive Era

    Later on, this gon be a classic d savage song and gonna have a million views

    Sir Cartier

    Trap The Rapper facts man d savage never unlocked his full potential

    Vaylen Avazian

    Primitive Era well this ain’t age well😂


    Primitive Era classic indeed 🤝

    Yurhomi 24

    Vaylen Avazian this still is a classic and has millions on soundcloud

  68. Vorta

    Not Juan Bit

  69. Finky



    Finky oh that's your mans? we almost shot that nigga

    GMS Ireland Spiritual Warfare

    We almost dropped that nigga

  70. Natacha Jouonang

    FIREEE I was here at 10k! this a mf hit!!

    Adam Holmkvist

    he a soundcloud rapper bruh this song got a million plays over there

  71. ABxDES Gaming

    fucking heat🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Winner Laowai in China idk why everyone dick rides someone on autotune lol

    Killian Tyler

    why r you hating bitch nigga

  72. Diego Gonzalez

    Pew pew

  73. Aaron Cash

    Finally !! Man U just made my friday


    Aaron Cash gang gang

    alex lsclls

    Aaron Cash 😂😂 read ur comment, this is a friday, and you made that comment 8 months ago! I feel special