D Savage - I Don't See A Thing Lyrics

They're schemers
Schemers trying to control their little worlds

Walk him down, up the pole
Nigga, I don't see a thing, thing, yeah, uh
Brand new Glock, what it hold?
Got 16 I'm with 16, yeah, yeah
Walk him down, up the pole
Nigga, I don't see a thing, thing, yeah, uh
Brand new Glock, what it hold?
Got 16 I'm with 16, yeah, yeah, ay

50 round drum for my ammo
Young nigga push up in a Lambo
Bitch, I'm the GOAT, I'm the greatest
I know that one day, I'ma make it
"D Savage, you gotta be patient"
I never signed up for the waiting
All of this money I'm making
I only pull up if you payin'
"D Savage ain't getting no bands"
Boy, what the fuck is you saying
Off of the lean, I am Satan
Your money is not an equation
Bussin', bussin'
Off of the molly, she crushin'
Burning the blue strip, it's nothing
We only move for the money
Dummies, dummies
Wrapping it up like a mummy
Way back then, she didn't want me
Now I pull up in a foreign
Everywhere I go, a nigga stuntin'
All this lean got me snorin'
Damn, I feel so important
Hop out, niggas start recordin'
Give me that, murdered the beat
Count it up, count it up, beep
Niggas is not in the streets
Off of the boot, I'm a beast
Bitch, I'm a dog with no leash

Walk him down, up the pole
Nigga, I don't see a thing, thing, yeah, uh
Brand new Glock, what it hold?
Got 16 I'm with 16, yeah, yeah, ay
Walk him down, up the pole
Nigga, I don't see a thing, yeah, yeah, uh
Brand new Glock, what it hold?
Got 16 I'm with 16, yeah, yeah, ay

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D Savage I Don't See A Thing Comments
  1. daddy mack

    I really wish we could comment on advertisements

  2. slick dreams

    🔥Sheesh this was a dope ass collab

  3. Circus Employee EBZ

    Errwhere I go a nigga stunting, all this lean got me snoring, damn I feel so important, hop out niggas start recording. HE WENT CRAZY

  4. Usgiarmy

    You gotta do a song wit guap

  5. MortongroveTv

    Dsavage a legend fashoo

  6. grey

    Scary shit when u high af 🤦‍♂️😂

  7. therealbluwes

    400kviews only gained 700 subs damn...

  8. SHINE

    16 a beast i swear

  9. Black Cartier

    D savage ft back would be 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  10. soulpowrr

    hard collab.

  11. NewBreed 2.0

    The way " way back then sheon want me" sounds goes hard as fuck

  12. MortongroveTv

    Damn good memories lol

  13. west west


  14. Olivia Searchwell

    Drop this shit bro we sick of waiting on this

  15. Sebastian Trillo

    Drop this on fucking soundcloud

  16. JRose PayRoll TB

    👿👿👿👿👿 FIRE check my channel out

  17. Alejandro Bullock


  18. Yunkkam

    high headphone users be aware

    very euphoric :)

  19. grayson carter


  20. NewBreed 2.0

    BaBy I dOn'T sEe A tHiNg😉😈

  21. Matthew Jones

    This shit makes me reminisce about being 16... 5yrs already would go back in a heartbeat life was a lot simpler...

    yung danzeys

    @joker sike my 20s finna be the best decade of my life


    yung danzeys i dont see thing !

    yung danzeys

    @لمعان what's up bro. Nice seeing you around here lol


    yung danzeys likewise my g . hope u good

    yung danzeys

    @لمعان ik we doing greater than ever bro. one love 🙏

  22. slick dreams

    So underrated

  23. Matthew Rodriguez

    16 did that

  24. iiiheartless

    Omg weak at r yu serious...

  25. Chester Cheetoh

    Why is this the only video on this page

  26. Eugene Melancon

    Damn he went in on beat

  27. Martin Ulsano

    Why isn’t this on soundcloud?

  28. Ivxn

    Someone pls put this on soundcloud

  29. nostalgia arists

    Bro R.I.P d Savage yo 😰

  30. ligers

    Got 16 I’m with 16! he deleted it cus all the beef Lol

    adom anane

    Explain I heard but don’t know details

  31. Javi

    Someone upload this on SoundCloud under another name and drop the link


    atonía got it aha bitch

    Edmond Livoreka

    Javi send it to me pls); my insta @sinseeka

  32. capone Dibello

    This nigga went to millions to 300k views thats tuff

  33. Jenni Fugiwara

    a classic from d savage 🥰

  34. IC Flows

    this song still banging

  35. ogclue

    Fav song from dsavage anticipation

  36. LiL juuL manE

    why does 16yrsold look like a 16 year old ethan klein

  37. Lanzeloth


  38. Chill Vibes

    D savage the mufukin goat

  39. Y҉ung Death

    Sick ass pic on me

  40. shane benson

    Fuck I hate new fans

  41. shane pegram

    dude how hasn't he blown up yet

    rodney jackson

    is he gone sell is soul or not is the question

  42. Yody Daye

    I turn into a demon when I'm high to this song

    BM PM

    Yody Daye congratulations

  43. blow jobbington

    16yr old a hoe for taking this off SoundCloud

  44. Mike Hawk

    Beat melody/loop sounds like Playboi Carti foreign


    sounds like, but it aint

  45. Henry Jarnigan

    man whyd 16yrold take it down

    yuh ok

    Henry Jarnigan fr

    Aaron Baggest

    Cuz him and d savage got beef lol 16 and young boi trap switched up on d savage a few months ago lmao


    Aaron Baggest what happened with him & trap? Lol

    zac hernandez

    darkwolf7 he was selling “ leaked “ songs of dsavage to fans when it would really just be an old snippet

  46. the Fall

    the beat soundin like foreign playboicarti

  47. EdinOnThaBlock

    yoooooooo this is pretty fye nigga

  48. Mohamed Savane

    Am I the only one that can’t find this anywhere

  49. Mr.Slickback23

    Savage murdered the whole song..... Like Always 🙌 #NewRepeat🔥🔥🔥

  50. Daemon Smiley

    Shit hard

  51. Streetism

    Why does this sound like a playboi carti sampled song 😯


    Eat his dicky


    Lame niggas like you get no recognition

  52. High School LBJ

    Brand new glock what it hold got 16 I'm wit 16


    odd seeing you here

    High School LBJ

    jeremy I been fw D savage lmao

  53. High School LBJ

    I wish this was one sc

    Carson Hill

    Mckylan it was, but 16yrold deleted the song off his soundcloud

    High School LBJ

    @Carson Hill I know... Been bumping this since it came out. It was at like 5m

  54. Patrick Mcnamara

    you're here if you know

  55. Eric.

    Walk’em down with the pump nigga i didn’t see a thing

  56. Hippi Bruh

    Is the gang homie


    Looking for serious artist to rap on my beats 🧨🧐

  58. JakobsWrld

    d savage would be at the top if he remakes a album with all his songs like emotionless hwp how i got it and types of songs like that fr fr

  59. Br9k

    Any1 got this on SoundCloud I can only find the slowed version

    Stickin moves'

    Br9k I think 16 deleted it 😕

    blow jobbington

    16 a hoe

  60. davinchi

    This was my song all 2018...

  61. Daniel Gbenro

    This his best song


    Why this mfa make me wanna hit the woah 🙅🏾‍♂️🕺🏽

  63. glasstorso

    'I never signed up for the waiting' I felt that

  64. Wigbe.

    Game pissing me off now, dsavage deserved the light for years

    High School LBJ

    He did it to Himself tbh he has such star potential


    @High School LBJ what he do?


    @High School LBJ nah. This his year. He not under his old label anymore hence all the music videos and music dropping this year

    Mohau Mokhethi

    He’s independent now so he’s releasing more music and videos and plus he’s helping engineer for others artists now

  65. kel givenchy

    Dissa head bussa

  66. Guap Green

    Hardest song evr

  67. Joey Mo

    Why’d they remove this off SoundCloud You can’t find it anywhere now smh😪


    Because D Savage has beef with 16yrold

  68. lilplannedparenthood

    Put it on soundcloud it got taken off soundcloud :(

    Devin Asuncion

    Lilplannedparenthood heard they beefin


    @Devin Asuncion they are beefing shit sucks they made bangers now I have to listen to this shit on YouTube only smh


    Kidd Galaxy go hard too https://youtu.be/gmwNhWu55aI , D'savage x Kidd Galaxy NEEDS to happenn 🔥😣

  70. Dallas Harlem

    I am baffled on how blueface pass cuhh😒😒😒😒

    Iccy MTK

    Dallas Harlem they both fye

    Dallas Harlem

    @Iccy MTK yea bruh but bluface jus came out the cut d savage been current since 2015

    Iccy MTK

    Dallas Harlem tru but if you rlly look at it d savage limits himself because he doesn’t drop songs when the hype is the greatest so many of his songs go under the radar

    Dallas Harlem

    @Iccy MTK yea true he be bullshittin

  71. D Patterson

    This song is truly beautiful and deep even tho it seems like a simple rap song

    nothing 0

    Dominic Patterson facts, the melody in the beat is entrancing

    D Patterson

    t749 o oh my god yea it really is that shits crazy bruh

  72. D Patterson

    One eye symbolism 🤣by the way i heard this high ash i was in space bruh

    BlackSaiyanPrince Cooper

    @BardockThaRawest the reason I even clicked on it! Lol I was like, "These niggas think they slick" lmao

    D Patterson

    Correct Lee yea they all with it

    D Patterson

    meffy yea they do drugs and get possessed there depresses so they do heavy drugs thinking it’s gonna help but it puts them in a deeper hole


    meffy there ain’t no real satan lmfao the industry makes u do sick shit but it’s real vile people making them do it . it be the gatekeepers and labels who are evil. d savage was prolly jus talking bout his inner problems

    D Patterson

    @cxmi tru but think this world is the devils kingdom as is says in the bible which means you have to protect ur eyes and ears and spirit or ur gonna go through hell on earth and the only thing that can save u is god rappers promote a gangster lifestyle to seem cool and lead many lost souls as they are lost as well because we are born into a world full of sin...song goes hard as shit tho

  73. sinkorswim

    This fire idc 🥵

  74. Matthew 2700

    These niggas were close af and already beefing lmao

  75. Slatt _2900

    Now they beefing smh


    Slatt _2900 y

    High School LBJ

    @cozy cuz 16 starting fuvking with carti n d savage don't like that nigga


    Mckylan 16 gave carti the red on red beat which d sav and 16 had worked on together

    Joe Blow

    Sol bruhhhh imagine d savage on the red on red beat shit be crazy

  76. SOUSCÔTÉ H36

    d savage underrated af

  77. James Samsun

    fire forever a banger

  78. Ernesto Prieto

    Fire 🤟🏼 drop more music

  79. John Vining

    This gonna blow up lol

  80. Mike smith

    Dis go hard af

  81. Wigbe.

    why this getting recommended to me now when i was bumping this a year ago

    The Vault

    Wigbe. Cause it’s still fire

  82. khush films

    This beat made my popcorn without me starting the microwave

    Nabeel Ahmed


  83. Otakuvro

    Trash ass nigga

  84. KillerDinoPanda

    16 lit tho 🔥🔥

  85. parry yungSmokey


    16 i need you

  86. LPS hepo LPS vide

    Just open your eyes

  87. Chandon Ward

    Y dis still hard

  88. Enrique Rangel

    wheres d Phoenix Lmao

  89. Shack Abass

    d savage you got to be patient

  90. prod. vlonely_



    Fuck blowing it really aint about tht gg its about spreading fire and energy

  92. FattNoll

    not even 100k...

  93. Issho

    16 the goat



  95. rabii nafizi

    this shit slaps fr