D Savage - Gardena's Finest Lyrics

Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger
Real trap shit
Aye, yeah, aye, yeah, aye, yeah
Aye, woah, woo, aye, yeah, woo
Aye, uh, uh, uh
This is a certified hood classic
What, aye, yeah, aye, what
Aye, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hit 'em with the stick, hit 'em with the pump
Watch his body flip, we don't give a shit
You know how I rock, loadin' up the clip
Pull up on your block, we don't give a fuck
We gon' shoot it up, snuck into the club
You know I'm toolie'd up
Somebody please point out the pussy niggas who tough
I want all the smoke, I don't give a fuck

Oh shit, goddamn
I'm a real nigga, ain't nothing like them
Know what's up, no, we not friends
Pull off in the fast car, pull off in the Benz
Does she love me? Does she love me?
Your hoe love to scream my name when she fuck me
Bust down diamond's on my chain, lookin' lovely
If you lookin' for the kid, come find me
I ain't runnin' 'round, lil boy, I ain't hidin'
Throw a deuce, no peace, love the violence
I'm Gardena's best, I'm the finest
Your bitch tryna give me neck, she see them diamonds

Hit 'em with the stick, hit 'em with the pump
Watch his body flip, we don't give a shit
You know how I rock, loadin' up the clip
Pull up on your block, we don't give a fuck
We gon' shoot it up, snuck into the club
You know I'm toolie'd up
Somebody please point out the pussy niggas who tough
I want all the smoke, I don't give a fuck

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D Savage Gardena's Finest Comments
  1. FlyingButterKnives 3523

    Still bumping 2020-forever

  2. Catina Graham

    I’m still here in 2020🤟🏽


    Catina Graham real shii

  3. nico darden

    You not from Gardena cuh on shotgun but this shit slap

  4. Young Verr

    Damn shit heat

  5. D Patterson

    Triple jacked

  6. SSGPercy

    slept on smh

  7. SSGPercy

    slept on smh

  8. MR plumbus

    Listen to this in 0.75X playback speed

  9. Sam Abraham

    this is his best song

  10. Pain9500 !!!

    Oh shit god damn

  11. joel franco

    Still remember being on acid and that intro hit

    D Patterson


    joel franco

    D Patterson take a tab and find out when that bass hits

    D Patterson

    @joel franco I will when I get outta the army

    joel franco

    D Patterson when you do make sure u got the speaker system throbbing bass

    D Patterson

    @joel franco ofcc

  12. MIguel MArtinez

    i fckn love this master piece

  13. enfermo

    is this copyright?

  14. lxzs

    can d savage just blow up, he’s been deserving it since 2016

  15. Not Noah

    most underrated song i've ever heard

  16. SHINE

    a fuckin masterpiece

  17. taliban

    dsavage is just.. out of this world man..

  18. Alexis Esparza

    Imagine d savage would've had a strong label to help him really pop off during this era in his career.. he'd probably be in a way different position than he is today.. its a shame to see because he has so much potential.

    D Patterson

    Nah he saving his shit

  19. Woo 9k

    Niggas say the weirdest shit ever in comments.

  20. RIPrvidxrklvn

    That joker line tho bruhhh🔥


    paco right 🔥

  21. Giorgio cartier

    Hit him wit the stick

  22. Lil Kirby

    High af listening to this and the song fire af 🔥




    On jah shit go off

  23. MALCQ

    Underrated ✨

  24. Henry Harutunyan

    this song is so beautiful that i tear up every time the beat drops ;(

  25. Yo Bitch Fav

    d savage a whole ass god

  26. EMITPVN_

    this song brought my grands back to life

  27. ziggy 101

    Too hard

  28. Jonah Segura

    Ppl sleep on d savage i swea

  29. esdras garcia

    Pillz in this bitch


    durarara sample gang sta as fuck

  31. Crys Kayla

    Listen to shes ready by D 🔥🔥🔥

  32. slick dreams

    Does she love me? Does she love me?
    Yo ho love to scream my name when she fuck me

  33. tickingfrog 01

    on god this is a fuckin master piece


    1821 W 146th street Gardena, CA. Shoutout D Savage for this 😁

  35. black hippy

    Shit whatever doesnt kill you simply makes you dangerous 🔥#dontfuckwitstrangers

  36. Jade

    shoutouts disco inferno and viceroy

  37. Ruben Sk8s


  38. Trey Orr

    I listen to this everyday


    Me 2 dude

  39. Messer

    When did this drop?


    Messer cuddy u late late 😴


    Aerliz better late than never

  40. Brian Caffee

    throw a deuce, no peace love the violence 🔥🔥

  41. Otx 1man01

    This classic really slept on🥺💆🏽‍♂️


    Otx 1man01 Thats ok, bro. We can put people on 😈

  42. veryvlonely

    Hit em w tha stick hit em w tha pump


    Yessir on repeat🔥🔥🔥

  44. 279 ft

    Top 5 Dsavage songs

  45. truflanka


  46. Luis Delatorre

    Your fried if you don’t fuck with d savage 🔥

  47. Eddiegrammer209

    Lit as fuck summer 2019💯💯

  48. Fred Williams

    “This is a certified hood classic” 💣💥

    Vilkens Louis

    Fred Williams I think u spell hood blassic wrong 🤧

    H Baidmaan

    What an era of music it was hearing that all over music on soundcloud

    Ryan Petula

    He’s not wrong? Ig


    @Vilkens Louis u mean hood blassib? Foh ahh nigga

  49. Uaint Shytho

    This nigga gay

  50. Aidan Rosello

    this song gave me an out of body experience

    xDirector BM /Ghxst G3

    Aidan Rosello nah dead ass!

    D Patterson

    Yea I be high asf listening to this.. outta this world bro

  51. Daniel Velsor

    I was smacked in a hot tub on vaca in Florida after not being high for days and me and my friends were trying to figure out this one song. My friend remembered the name and we started bumpin one of the best nights

    Nick Ghur

    Lmao you aint had no bitches there? Just a cock fest hu


    @Nick Ghur thats the wave now uhurd

    John E

    Was this even the song u talking bout' ?? 😂


    John E lmaooo


    why tf yall in a hot tub smacked together

  52. Whizzbang

    D Savage over Lil Mosey fasho


    @BardockThaRawest sphagetti man no put his pasta sauce on flying meatball ever again, cuz he nice and good and just one time killing everybody no bad.

    Icy Vice

    @Whizzbang you know listentonoah?

    Dani Kiyoko! GoonnCity

    @bapejess LMFAOOOOOO

    Jacob Reed

    Duh wtf is this

  53. l l Topnotch l l

    Imagine D savage was around the time when Chief Keef blew up.....he would of took over the new gen. This type of music underrated now a days. This track deserve millions of views.

    Leila Loven

    uleelovesweed fr


    @Leila Loven no. Not fr. He was inspired by the drill scene and especially Fredo. They're wouldnt be a dsavage if they're was never a chief keef. Still a good song and artist. Comments like these are just irrelevant

    Leila Loven

    uleelovesweed i know i was agreeing w u


    how the fuck is this type of music underrated it's literally the opposite lmaoo


    Yall ain't even heard summrs

  54. Weather Park

    2019 anyone ??

    Otx 1man01


  55. phinie

    Hit em with the stick hit em with the pump watch his body flip


    We don give a shi uk how i rock loadin up tha clip pull up on ya block

    Clorox Bleach

    we don’t give a fuck, we gon shoot it up, snuck into the club, now i’m tooled up

  56. Diego Fuego

    illz in the cut

  57. Glen orris Alvin

    This fire 🔥🔥🔥

  58. ok- Genji

    I love how this banger has like 50 comments keep sleeping 😴😈

  59. OsheaDaGod

    i want all da smoke idgaf🔥

  60. jamon cage

    fuck , oh shit guidedamn

  61. Micah World

    Does she love me..Does she love me ..yo hoe love to scream my name when she fuck me..bust down diamonds in my chain looking lovely..

  62. king dre


  63. TrapHouse Jutsu

    Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you *stranger*



    rikudou sasuke

    Ithought it said stronger at first but then when yoh replay it it do say STRANGER ,

  64. Juan Vergara

    We don’t give a fuck we gon shoot it up

  65. YoungShonen

    We gon shoot it up


    This might be D savages best track


    WYTD hard tho

    Fresh Banks

    @Thouxanbih wytd is goin back to his old ways which we have all been wanting the old d sav back and that track is nice D sav dont make bad songs period..


    Chill ... Tendencies ... Gelato ...

    279 ft

    Top 5 Dsavages song

    The Mando

    Thouxanbih facts

  67. Slim shady

    Underrated track and artist 😒😒

    YungCap Killa

    Slim shady fr 🐐

  68. Malcsta

    we dont give a shit

  69. GL0 UP


  70. Ignacio

    Me n my homie drinking Bacardi bumpin this🔥

    fat boy plays guitar

    @Darko 🤣🤣


    @Quany Mack you the one that made it weird witcho chomo headahh prolly wish them kids was gay so u could get off to it


    Ferment it’s "sippin Henny while you niggas still stuck on bacardi" from Xans in my body

    D Patterson

    @Darko how...u gay nigga?

    D Patterson

    Niggas in the comments be straight dumbasses like you guys really will amount to nothing in life

  71. renegade

    came here since the other video got deleted

    bape tha hood ape

    Yeah i was searching for it

    Lil Stencil

    renegade ong


    Didnt the other one have 300 or 400k?

  72. Luis Cardona

    Since day 1 straight banger

  73. Frozen OG

    ill body this track

  74. Liam Kehoe

    Dis shit heat 🚑🚑🚨🚨

  75. Donte Brathwaite

    Any know this beat ?

    Snot's Grandson

    @Will Khalifa if you don't know shit about beats don't speak on it

    Joseph Daniele

    @Snot's Grandson beef my knigga

    Snot's Grandson

    @Joseph Daniele what about it

    Just davee

    Nigga this is the fuckin beat boi u dumber den a bitch


    Digital nas

  76. Ali Part II

    We dropped our version of Gardena's Finest. Check us out and let us know what you think.

  77. Ahmad Crittindon


  78. daivon perry

    This shit smacks🖐💯💯

  79. Instaburst

    Hooo hooo hooo hooo hooo


    Instaburst hoo hoo hoo hoo

    Russell Ramirez

    yuh yuh yuh
    hit em with the stick
    hit em with the pump

    Russell Ramirez

    Instaburst this is a certified hood classic 🙏🙏