D-Pryde - Mr. Prizzy Lyrics

They call me Mister Mister Prizzy getting iffy with yo chicky
Ask her do you like my body body body? Anna Nikki
I'm Leonardo Davincci turn you rappers into minced meat
And balling like a Hornet when I say my lyrics krispy
Bass still bumpin' you can bring on up your best rhymes
Spitting like a threat I just rip out your intestines
I be I be I be starting drama
Popping proper and your girlfriend choosing fast
She a rama-dama mama
My music gives you the pleasure and got you in amazement (oh my god)
Wanna really beat your ass as doma dominatrix
You showed up to the party but I got way hotter mommies
Wait you left home empty handed?
Well we just rocked the same-ish
Thang is I'm never rockin' over priced clothes
I stay lower budget clothed from my dome to my toes
Maybe it's my snazzy-ness it's super nice amaze-able
Maybe it's my geeky-ness or maybe it's the way I talk
Think about it this dear you think it's weird
I may an all asian the two thing this year (asian)
And yeah I might be sick in it
Maybe you can play me if your little future kids are mixed
You got a light skin thick thighs
Your baby gon' be eating rice all chink eyed
Oh that's your girl? I address that girl as Ms. Pryde
Pull her ten feet closer I'm gonna start to yell out IT'S MINE!
Transformin' on beats you can call me Optimis Prime
Squeaky clean lyrics got my sick lines spit shined
Homie is my tick time
Walking like something's wrong
Twenty dollar outfit with a Louie belt buttoned on (on)
I met ya'll brag they be like why you do that?
I'm like that's my swag
My style ain't generic I'm too good and I cold
I'm the reason why your girlfriend wanna put you on hold (on hold)
I don't play girls that ain't what I'm really like
I just take 'em if their men don't treat 'em right
So if she never calls you can blame my personality
She about to the one (one) comin' home with me tonight
Play around and said it
At this moment I be relishing
To get you pissed I'll waste a couple bars for the hell of it
Bammer Bammer Bammer Bammer Bammer
Woo Woo
Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga
Choo Choo
The Far East Movement all you dudes are hardly hittin
Mister D to the Prizzy
I'm the Asian Barney Simpson (huh huh)
I think I'm Neil Harris
You got a weak appearance
Flow is so evil you can run and tell the people that I'm

Mr. Mr. Prizzy, hello hello (hello)
I've been doing this thing since the get go, get go (get go)
I'm coolest if you didn't get the memo memo (memo)
And If you didn't hear me
My name is Mr. Prizzy Prizzy
Mr. Mr. Prizzy hello hello hello
I've been doing this thing since the get go, get go (get go)
I'm the coolest if you didn't get the Memo memo (memo)
And if you didn't hear me my name is Mr. Prizzy, yeah
Yeah Mars music
I love the fans too
I'm the reason yo girl pick me
Cause when I send her home she'll be yelling Mr. Prizzy, Yeah

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D-Pryde Mr. Prizzy Comments

    This beat still go hard. Who was the producer?

    John Paul Hernandez

    Jahlil Beats

  2. Jasmine Aviette

    I FORGOT ABOUT THIS SONG!!! Still a bop

  3. themurdo21

    Too bad Mr pRyde went full retard shortly after this. It’s a shame..

  4. BoriKua787

    He was better here then now, he has his own look and style. Now he look and sounds like everybody else. Even got a face tattoo like what the fuck bro

  5. Andradé

    Russell is def at his best now but he had his shining moments back then too. Wish he had more of his old vids up

    Combs TV

    Andradé on god !!

  6. Crystaal Calixxx

    no fucking way
    i was watching some lil skies video
    and they mentioned d pryde
    it sounded so fucking familiar
    i found this and when i was like 9 i was obsessed w this shit i had it downloaded on my computer and i started rapping cause of him damn holy

  7. Chris Carter

    I just woke up needing to hear this song!


    Its summer 2018 and they ar still cleaning up all that glitter. Lol. FUCK GLITTER!

  9. Caabooose

    he went from making stuff that we could feel he loved, to just being another gear in the rap machine, pumping out auto-tuned jank :/ RIP Mr. Prizzy


    Listen to the russell album. It might change your opinion.

  10. mojosico

    I WISH ... d pryde would still make songs like this . the crud he makes now sounds like he's tryin to be drake...

  11. Tyler Calinisan

    2017 bitches 😂😂😂

  12. Donovan rody

    where can i find his wu tang forever track

  13. irishswag101

    Why'd he get rid of half of the content on his channel? Went to Pryde's channel looking for this song and couldn't find anything past a year ago.

    Combs TV

    +irishswag101 right??! Tory Lanez did the same shit.. I had to go on river band nation to listen to his old mixtapes

    Galaxy Fiend

    irishswag101 right !!! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME!

    Jason Montgomery

    SCORPZGCA dont mean you gotta erase the past and where you came from. those songs gave him his come up


    I was wondering the same thing. Dude needs another song with the same catch as this one. 😞

  14. Matt Shipstone

    in all seriousness I like this stuff all of his music is good

  15. TSkillzX

    I liked his look and his sound all the years before... the stuff hes making now just seems off to me O.o

    Cracks Ware

    Agreed, other than a few of his new tracks I prefer his old stuff. Flagship and Mars

    Inactive user

    We all grow up. Not that means anything but it means something to him. Having your mother go through Cancer and let alone losing her. As long as he believes this is the real him then its fine.

  16. Nathan Cady

    +MAupGAMES- - lol

  17. MAupGAMES

    4 years later

  18. MrJoey125


  19. blanca medrano

    Where can i buy one of his shirt???
    I really want it

  20. blanca medrano

    Where can i buy a shirt??

  21. kate fletcher

    Yeahr boii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. AhriseAh

    Ya buddy :D