D-Pryde - Moment 4 Life Lyrics

This is for radio station that hated my songs
They say "yo Russell never try, you're a try hard"
This is for you guys, knockin' my loose pride
Open your eyes, but you can't cause they're too wide
You just a poor asian, you'll never make cake
You a swagger jacker, you a fake Drake
For those dude who beat me up, thinkin they're tough
So all you people sayin "dude get your haircut"
In this moment #1 is my goal
The moon is my brain and the sun is my soul
So I'm a keep grindin till the day I see heaven
Till then I'm a just makin' songs and go gold, maybe platinum
In this game in this sport
It's me, Phili, Dj Suss and Baby J on the court
Against every other labels tryna clash cause they're enemies
So basically it's Mars Music versus the industry
Shout to my friends back home right beside me
If I change cause of the industry, remind me
Cause you know me, so please keep mind
Because in theses lines it's Russel then D-Pryde
Momma's really proud on the what we're all about
I love you momma dukes, I promise you a house
And know that ain't a joke, I'm rhyming till I drop
Mount Everest high and I'm still climbing to the top
This time I'll never stop, I'm playin' this right
I remember what J said that really changed my life
He said "you gotta find a job that absolutely love and when you'll find it,
you'll never work a day in your life"
And that's true J, true say
Since then I look at music in a new way
Haters hate me like the day before tuesday
Reppin Canada like Blue Jays and Bublé... uhh
The kid callin' me the new Drake
Haters flyin in the air like a bouquet
Right above the one but I'm never at a zero
Man I'm reppin for the asian cause we never had a hero
Put your glass up, I'm up and higher
Still drinkin' Arizona like I'm sponsored by them
This is for my family, growing like an apple tree
For my mother that had to witness my daddy leave
Like I had to be, but I'm a keep movin'
Shout out to all of my fans who loved my sweet music
And how I speak thru it, who think I'm kinda tight
Peanut butter ain't an ingredient to this dynamite

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D-Pryde Moment 4 Life Comments
  1. Ryan McCord

    You are D Pryde i don't understand why you changed your name too russel. Like a person who is not stable. Weak individual

  2. Cory K


  3. Michael Nguyen

    1/1/20 Fresh Start For New Year

  4. Haring Sining King

    2019 anyone?

  5. Chula 90s

    Damn. 9 years ago.


    Chula 90s tf i didnt event realise it's been 9 years wow

  6. Jimofey Unboxings

    I thought I was your hero :P OVO !

  7. ssuupergodeng

    Its sad cos pryde dont recognize his roots.

  8. Tino Simi

    i can’t believe how long it’s been since I used to watch the asian rap community and used to scream mars music at the top of my lungs haha. miss all of it 💙

  9. sypher

    lowkey miss it when people dressed like this


    rapped like this too

  10. Mystery Me

    I miss pryde in these days

  11. Boom Shacka Lacka

    This was so motivational growing up

  12. Darren

    I'm angry this guy isn't on every day radio and as big as Drake, at least I can always listen to his bangers on here

  13. Primal Lionheart

    I miss this Pryde

  14. Calvin Foureign

    anyone listening in 2018?


    Calvin Foureign 2019 💪🏼 , got some old D Pryde songs on my channel

    Anna Lin

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKEtuj3YEno i cwalked to this hgahaha

    Haring Sining King

    screw that, 2019 here bruh

  15. Abzzay Gomez

    Nostalgia strong af

  16. hi there

    Pretty great actually

  17. Juicy Osman

    damn thrrooowwwbaackkk

  18. Kakarot

    Damn Pryde going in!

  19. KidTheKingMusic

    6 years ago holy fuck. I met him not to long ago time flys..

  20. Nick Martin

    🔥💯 D pryde

  21. Isatmplx

    Wow 4 years ago

  22. Jerome Sy

    D prizzy forever

  23. Ed Brian Babor

    Way better than the original

  24. Eman Climaco

    does he play league? lol he mentioned tryhard and platinum 

    Whack VA

    fellow league player hello

    Eman Climaco

    Hey bud

    Whack VA

    silver 1 here hbu?

  25. Twisted Angel

    sweet cover boo! nice!

  26. Tonkz0r1337

    Thank you for this. :)

  27. Eric No name

    awesome, that's all I can write!

  28. Faye Tagle

    I remember what D Pryde say, that really changed up my life, "You gotta find a job that absolutely love, and when you find it you'll never work a day in your life"

  29. windheart

    Gives me goose bumps such amazing and meaningful music

  30. Hunter C

    every race is good at everything. god made no specific color to provide the world with music. mr. llantino is dope as hell, but its picking a fight to say asians are better.

  31. papazv15

    You're awesome at everything. F*ck you.

  32. Camilo Manrique

    lol im mexican but enjoy hangin with my crew who are practically all ASIAN bcuz we know how to have fun other than smokin weed and tryin act hard by startin stupid shit up and gettin shot over some bitch who wasnt worth it

  33. pinkcloud3221

    daaaaayyyyyyymmmmmmnnn! THAT WAS AMAZING

  34. Max Million

    dude, its ok if he took at least some lyrics, every rapper does that, and he only took like two so calm down

  35. LUNAtik951

    uhhh Dumbfounded, Traphik, Jin, Kixxie, Nak, etc

  36. Mario perez

    alot of asians also say "we" when its only really dpryde.

  37. Trent Pace

    Bro this is awesome!

  38. kalib martin

    i thought asias <3 lil kim i dont mea for this racistly but yeah diss guy good

  39. Chris Chong

    awesomest hat ever

  40. Roland brennan

    Dear Pryde , You are a brilliant young man , You dont need degree to show your smarts , So what if the haters are going to hate , They are just jealous of your success , I just wanted to Say that I love your music and Its not that crap you hear on the radio about sex and drug , Its a story about your life that helps me get through my Day Keep being yourself don't let anyone tell you other wise - Your inspired Fan .

  41. Roland brennan

    He Still does .

  42. Paul

    MAN. i miss it when he was still rapping these stuffs.

  43. Max Million

    d pryde is so funny

  44. imsoundmaker


  45. Andy Mac

    check out my version of this :)

  46. Max Million

    videos starts at 0:26 u welcome

  47. cdz4eva218

    I like when D-pryde sings :-D

  48. sportagus3

    Back under the bridge you go

  49. jesse timmons

    If you dont like his music, then dont listen to it, idiot

  50. Brian Pham

    This is the first song I've heard you sing in (just started listening to you). Your verses are real, your flow is on point, and your voice is amazing. Keep it up bro. You'll definitely be doing bigger and better things later in life.

  51. akillabeast

    it doesnt even say freestyle lol

  52. Tamara A

    Love this song <3 dypryde just keep doing what you doing.

  53. Jovi Hartley

    the lyrics are so inspiring

  54. Ph3nnominal

    @cimorellitheband I just noticed you guys on the video :-) yall and D-Pryde should totally make a song together

  55. Jed The Ned

    Seriously why do so many people hate the rapping Asians? Then all the haters get mad because they get signed by a company. Its so stupid.

  56. Nathyn auth

    Everyone makes fun of Asians but we are awesome at rapping.

  57. anthony777herd

    vvvvv Hater !

  58. oxSmoothxo

    Jin was the first...yall had a Hero...lol

  59. Parker Williams

    ahahahahahha you're a fucking dumbass... He went on tour with J-cole and Tyga...what are you doing?


    And ask Jreyez nd dfd nd traphik if they can come


    yo bro can u come to my school nd perform i go to West Valley HS next year nd i go to DVMS this year i live in Hemet California

  62. Lini Luigi

    omqq just know i love drake , soo if you got ppl calling you the next drake foreal then ii diqq youu (; your voice is beautiful ... <3 if you need any promotions , i know acouple ppl that can get at you on that for the low (; email me : [email protected] .

  63. A Persaud


  64. Cassiee Uribe

    DPrizzy <33

  65. miketheshizzLS

    play 3:20 without sound. and see what happens

  66. TeriyakiRiceBowll

    Not hatin
    Sick song
    but i believe Goku was my hero as a child :D
    yes i am asian

  67. Cameron Davis

    Your moms pretty, Just sayin

  68. The Araujo Family

    i cryed when i listen to this its so true i love you no homo

  69. Yasvier Bhikhie

    asians had bruce lee as a hero :O

  70. Turtles Horizon

    go d-pryde keep it up u make me want to start to rap

  71. Lilmanlui721

    Awesome and some weird comments down there v and up there ^

  72. Lilmanlui721

    Awsome... And some weird comments down thare v and maybe up there ^

  73. Ana r

    @divineaxel I'm a girl

  74. Jordan Fluent

    Damn ur racist hey first of all if u dont like him...... CUT no1 wants to hear ur comments if u got nothing to say dont say anything every1 has a different opinion and + if hes so shit how did he get signed -_-

  75. CrAzYjAy19961

    @ddnn9494 Your an idiot. He is already signed.

  76. madnessmaker369

    @ddnn9494 all i wanna know it... umad? LOLOLOL

  77. laosboy75

    @ddnn9494 lolol.....

  78. CJxGAMER

    @ddnn9494 dont u feel like a dumbass

  79. Erik Simonsen

    I'm Asian...AND D-PYRDE'S MY HERO

  80. stonenap62

    @ddnn9494 I'd like to see you do better.

  81. Ana r

    @ddnn9494 First of off that is not even me dumbass. He is signed with a label so obviously he is doing something right to begin with.

  82. Eddie Swanson

    Damn From What Im Hearin He Been Thruogh Alot...

  83. Dave Sukharan

    Yuppp. I definitely want this Music 4 Life
    So I just keep hitting replay ~ ~ ~

  84. Joe Dillard


  85. Killian Jayde

    love the nh8 sign at 2:29

  86. dave chichioco

    hes having sexx at 3:18 XD

  87. Kenny B Da Great

    soo better then the original

  88. Kyana Imari Hubbard

    i dont understand why justin beiber is famous and he isnt!!!!! i like better than the original <3 will u marry me?????? <3 <3

  89. tawan naepnian

    epic <3

  90. benwhen12

    dude , get your haircut ^_^

  91. Angelika Amor

    This is my moment
    Listen Up.
    Thanks. REPLY SUM! x_x

  92. Icky

    i don't even listin ta nicki minaj's version anymore. its all abou this

  93. ilovetruthdrumzzz

    Does Prizzy like tuned hondas?first he had an s2k(stock,though) in a video and now he has a prelude.