D-Pryde - MARS Lyrics

I asked this one girl if she can promise me
The fame would be apart of me
She didn't, know I'm hoping,
But the future is way to far to see
Had a couple friends and I would give them all the heart in me
Now they say I changed all they do want to start a beef
I'm getting stuff like that, everyday
Man those friends wasn't my friends anyway
Saving up my cash, tryna have every penny saved
Rap is what I love, I feel it just toke my breath away
My little sister hugs me everytime something bad happens
I'm tryna be a better brother I'll be bad it
And when my moneys going all up on the meter
I'm a buy my bro cause I promised him a beamer
And I ain't giving up so my career won't have a sudden end
Cause I'm a make sure momma and dad don't have to work again
When I blast off and put my life into a full start
I'm planning to walk the valley cause the stars are

Cause I've been waiting my whole life for this chance
Been working for awhile now I understand
That I was born to blast off, to mars
Even when they told me that I wouldn't make it
My brand keep my board on to this spaceship
And I'm a bout to blast off, to mars
Ohh, Ohh, Ohhhh

I be hanging with friends, just behaving like the man
Cause the same great friends, came to make me who I am
I'm the kid who would be way to loud to keep talkin
Lyrically these rappers just had to proceed caution
Momma said says I'm gifted and the struggles we may go down
I'm just tryna brush the cold away baby snow clouds
The fans say my style is always like some original sounds
You know I'm here to prove what I can do I can make amazing music
Now I'm ready just to sacrivice me
Turning to back to my old self?

Still got the same friends, Still ripping this game out

Cause I've been waiting my whole life for this chance
Been working for awhile now I understand
That I was born to blast off, to mars
Even when they told me that I wouldn't make it
My brand keep my board on to this spaceship
And I'm a bout to blast off, to mars
Ohh, Ohh, Ohhhh

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D-Pryde MARS Comments
  1. T44CGI

    Fuck I remember this. Good times.

  2. mxsmsmike

    nostalgic af

  3. Carrico$

    I luv this shit honestly

  4. Kenosis

    chills when the chorus drop

  5. iColdBlooded

    i can hear clearly

  6. Cannabis Use Only

    Anybody else can't hear shit?

  7. Chris Taveras

    "Cuz imma make sure my mom and dad won't have to work again"...
    But in Start Again.
    He claimed he never had a dad...
    I'm still a fan, just wanted to point that out.-.

    No1s Perfxct

    Well he never had his biological father.


    He’s talking about his Step dad buddy his real dad wasn’t around

  8. Brandon Jasengnou

    YaY this song got feelings!

  9. Kishan Patel


  10. Fame Cabahug

    It's been a long time, but, i've never cried with a song.

  11. Die'Mond YHMENT04

    Ayye Can Someone Do An Instrumental To This Song.??

  12. kythenobody

    His real father walked out on his family, he's talking about his step-dad here.

  13. Jacob Starsbaugh

    Why do people always have to compare people? It is dumb. Move on with your lives children.

  14. MrZaytova

    i agree wit wazzupz123

  15. Justin Aguas

    @gogriz32 if you compare him to the rappers on the radio, he IS amazing.

  16. gogriz32

    yo there some wack dudes in here real talk. dpryde good but not like amazing chill out

  17. chris storti

    some1 make an insturmental plzz

  18. Neon Triste

    i can imagine bruno mars singing the chorus ..
    then you rapping is damn! ...like new music era

  19. Marko

    Fuck Mac Miller

  20. JoeBreeeeezy17

    I agree D-Pryde is alright in rapping but PLEASE don't say he's the best rapper ever cos that's just unrealistic. His lyrics aren't all that but he does talk about emotion and problems in his life which is how rapping is supposed to be. But I assure you that he isn't the best. That is all.


    The one dislike doesn't even show up its just abit of white at the end good shit lol

  22. MrZaytova

    D-pryde is better than have these "famous" rappers out here he needs to be a true artist known by the world!

  23. Reck

    He Is Not The Best Rapper Ever

  24. Samantha D

    D-pryde your an inspiration. Lots of people are inspired to rap/sing because of you. Your the best rapper ever! ASIAN PRIDE !!

  25. Baklau G

    D-pryde just reply to my comment ...just say HI!!!plzzz !!!:)

  26. Sebastian Palencia

    D-pryde is just amazing!

  27. NicholasRutherfordTV


    best day ever is way better no effense man hah

  28. Lizard King

    This is beautiful

  29. Hossam Hussein

    Yo D-pryde if you read this so you got to know that u have gone half way already. You and Mars Music Group are really blasting off everybody's mind with your awesome work, lyrics, and music. You guys are blasting off to Mars so never give up on your dream bruh. Forget haters and keep up the great work. You guys are almost there =)

  30. Zipporah Morrisette

    i cant belive this dude is asian

  31. Jr Othello

    i wanna calab with you d-pryde man i love your music we are in the same mind state

  32. OfficialJPhu

    There's a reason why this is the 1st song on the mixtape...

  33. Reshail Sohail

    Wtf is people getting influenced by mac millers weed head bullshit i say DPryde is the sickest rapper ever .

  34. titotyre

    D-PRYDE u changed my life man u got my ryhming/rapping mind going itz a whole new life for me now thnx

  35. Natural Harmonia Gropius

    @IIVIIerk I'm hatin' on Mac cuz he fuckin' sucks. Plain and simple. I know that it's not gonna affect him. I'm just voicing my opinion.

  36. Natural Harmonia Gropius

    Mac Miller is a fucking queer.

  37. FabreezeFlow21

    i downloaded mac millers best day ever tape... and i heard some songs before that too... i cant stay with it.. Donald trump was the longest song i bumped.. 6 plays:) lmao mac miller is garbage, d-pryde all day.

  38. tony noble

    why r people comparing pryde to miller?? they r nothing alike! pryde be beast! ha:D

  39. nicothechilleno

    check my unoffical music video of this song

  40. Sydney Richardson

    @RVdaBomb noooooooooooooooooooo lol no he isnt

  41. RVdaBomb

    @Sydneydior13 mac miller is garbage

  42. Jackson Adams

    :O Omg!

  43. InfumusMusicRecords

    I like da way dis dude raps n sings hes got talent. Check out our channel if u guys want we have music similiar to dprydes well not as good haha

  44. Steve TheMAN

    240p? Still DOPE! Sounds like 1080p :D

  45. Rey La Touche

    At the beginning i was thinking wtf is wrong with this beat... lol
    then im like ughhhh dis is bod! swag!

  46. D-Pryde Fan

    anyone can tell-me where can i found every lyric's of the mixtape songs cuse they are amazing

  47. A Lenzi

    This mixtape is frickin incredible and the cover art is awesome.

  48. Michael thao

    Thanks for posting the songs on youtube. I downloaded the mixtape but i cant get it on my ipod nano, i can only play it on itunes :(

  49. Sydney Richardson

    rap has taken a all new level of greatness we have D-PRYDE AND MAC MILLER but u cant compare Dprizzy to anybody its a waste of tiime. Headed off to Mars!! Never forget it..