D-Pryde - Love Don't Stop Lyrics

Time passes by,
For more then a lifetime,
I wanna be yours girl,
I would give up my life,
To spend just one night with you,
Couse my love don't stop

I can't lie,
You bring out the best in me,
I gotta be yours girl,
I would give up my life,
There's nothin that I won't do,
Couse my love don't stop

Who's the one that's always keepin me fly,
Sayin 'hi' like the big blue sky, (oh my)
She keep me up and runnin'
While the day go,
When I hear my pay roll, she ain't ever say 'no'
With tight shorts, your legs beyond
You make me shake, when you got somethin' sexy on
And your voice always carry that sexy tone
When he get up in the room,
You got that sexy moan.

Let's be gone, jump out and be alone.
Couse everytime I be with you,
It feels like home.
And when you're mad I wanna eat you up,
Lay you down, kiss you, repeat my love.

Let's say 'bye' to them haters
'Hi' to them lime lights.
You're my inspiration baby,
Girl you make my rhymes tight.
And when we dash out,
Baby girl we flashed out
We stealin dudes ice,
So I guess we doin' crimes, right?


She the only girl I can have late past eight,
A late fast rate, she can turn a gay man straight.
If anythin, I would have your back for life
Relationships tend to pass,
And they may have hate.
Now the fellas say I'm soft,
But I seize to agree,
Couse I'll always have this rider chick bein with me.

The G's can agree,
The other dudes frontin' the bus,
The red octagonal thing,
Ain't nothin' to us
Back to my last subject,
Shit, you really beautiful,
Shit, If I was older,
You don't know what I would do to you.

But please ma'
Don't ever get stressin,
But I kinda need some help,
Could you give me French lessons?
Get it, don't sweat it
You know what I'm about
I really love you baby girl,
Now I got something to shout,
To the world baby girl,
You ain't done in this rout,
But for this race baby boo,
I will run till' I'm out, no doubt.


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