D-Pryde - In My Mind (Interlude) Lyrics

[DJ Suss One:]
Ladies and Gentlemen
Boys and Girls
Welcome to the show
Come on in
We got a lotta surprises for you
I'm your ringleader
Mr. Suss One
The man with the deadliest verses
Mr. D-Pryde
And the show is called:

Welcome to the circus of my mind
Pull aside the curtains that protect it
Opens up into my mind
A little of the opposite
Is something so confined
I'm nothing sorta fine
I am far from relaxed
I'm kinda normal
That's really sad apart from the fact
I've passed struggles
But something that is actually wrong
Is talk about em
I've done that in the past couple songs
So instead, I talk about the little fact that I be cuckoo
Or the fact I got screws loose
I'm different from you dudes
I chop your favorite rapper like nananana poo poo
And dress em up in a tutu
Upload that on Youtube
So ou ou
That ain't even nothing I be thinkin bout
I'm twisted nuff to try to rip your kidneys out with censors/sensors now
I beat em and [?] and that depends
Maybe I can features too on my imaginary friends
That are sitting right beside me
And chilling
Oh did I startle you?
Please take a visit to my carnival
So please get ready for the show tonight
As long as you're with me
Everything is alright
Some things may be graphic for your itty bitty minds so
Welcome to the circus of my mind
Don't be scared everything will be just fine
This will be a crazy little sight for your eyes
So please get ready for a grand old time
Welcome to the circus of my mind

[DJ Suss One:]
The show's not over, children.
You think we'd let the show end here?
Wait til the full version of the show

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