D-Pryde - Girl Tonight Lyrics

For that chick that be staying with me alot
I love you ma
Check it

[Verse 1:]
At times I think it's over
Like the world is on my shoulders
My confidence is lower there's no hope for a soldier
His world gets colder
Sometimes I need to get me out
They stress me out
But you the only person that could help me out
No other chick can understand how I feel
Cause you real
Got some sort of appeal that could heal
All the problems that I deal with and that's a fact
Cause when we fight I always feel that I could never get you back girl
You the angel of my life a girl that could stand me
Thick body, nice lips, when you kiss me I feel happy
And you never high mantainence
Those girl lame and shit
You understand that I suck at spitting game a chicks
I come home tired out of my mind
But when you stop by and give me what you got then I'm fine
And I don't know you just make me think the world is right
I'm wondering can you come and be my girl tonight?

Shawty will come and be my girl tonight?
When things get a little rough and I know you make it right
I know you be loving me and I be loving you so shawty will you come and be my girl tonight?

[Verse 2:]
It always hectic through life but baby you so amazing
Through the fire girl I know we put it out through any situation
I got my girl now and I never look for a wish
She like a spanish martha stewart when she cook me a dish shit
She so complete classy with my mom's attitude
I work for her, grind for her shit she shows me gratitude
Haters just be mad at you but just pay no attention
But when I blow up they shut up and then they learn they lesson
I know I run around pissed off about how life treats me
Through any situation you always there to come and please me yes
Anyway I got you and anyway
Everyday let me say that I got you
Get me baby


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D-Pryde Girl Tonight Comments
  1. Elisa Fuentes

    This is definately one of my fave songs.